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The planning process is very much consultation focused and we as the developer will provide more information on the Project and plans for its development to then allow you time to comment on our preliminary plans. Your views and input on Hornsea Four are important to us and will help us to identify key areas of concern for the Project which can then be incorporated into the final design where possible.

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Hornsea Project Four timeline. September October Winter Summer Q4 An evening of broadway show tunes that remind us of the power of our hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

Spend the evening with Vox Musica as they celebrate their last concert of the season, Bernstein to Sondheim! Originally showcasing Shakespearian plays and operas, musicals quickly took center stage, causing ticket sales to skyrocket and elevating Broadway to its current status as one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world.

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Broadway musicals have the unique ability to share the pulse of a nation, containing strong messages of conflict, change, and possibility, and leaving the audience with hope for a better tomorrow. Actress Meryl Hathaway will be our guide as we take a stroll through the music filled theaters of New York.

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  7. This final concert offering from Vox Musica will have you humming along and smiling the whole evening through. We hope you enjoy as we bring New York to Sacramento!