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Short Answer. Labels: Ancient History , High School. Make note of the devastating revolution against the Roman Catholic Church led by Martin Luther, but also the consequences of that revolution --the secularization of Western society. Finish the outline: I.

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Note the beginning of the religious revolution and how and why it took place. Fill in the outline with your notes. Background to the Religious Rebellion-why did it happen? The four major themes of his writings. Read Praise of Folly. External Political Conditions. Complete the following outline with your notes. Desiderius Erasmus II. Machiavelli vs. High School Ancient History, Exam 3. Essay Questions What were the causes for the decline of the feudal system?

Comment on the open expanding frontier as being one of the most characteristic aspects of the Middle Ages. Include in your discussion the external and internal areas of expansion, the effect on the medieval society with the opening of the medieval frontier and the closing of the medieval frontier.

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Trace the conflict between the church and the state in the Middle Ages. Comment on the development of the church in the Middle Ages, including the positive effect Saint Augustine and the other Church Father's had upon the Church and the final end with the supremacy of the Roman Church.

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Note the emergence of the modern ideal with the concentration on the individual as the determinant factor in his life. Complete the following outline using your notes. Lower Class -popolo minuto II. Hans Baron -civic humanism III. The Renaissance View of History V. Sistine Chapel VI.

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Summary: The Renaissance was the beginning of the Modern Era. Note the unique developments that were to take place that led to the decline of the Medieval Era and the rise of the Modern Era. Political Effects. Note that with the abuses within the Roman Catholic Church that there began a gradual decline of Church power and prestige and the beginning of the questioning of the authority of the Church. Watch David Macaulay: Cathedral. Beauvais II.

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High School Physical Science, Test 2. A box weighing 50N is picked up from the ground and placed on a shelf. What additional information do you need to calculate how much work was done to move the object? What do we call a quantity that indicates how warm or how cold something is relative to the standard? What is the measurement of the average kinetic energy of the molecules that make up a substance? Short Answer A basketball is released at a point exactly halfway between the moon and the earth.

Draw the moon, earth and basketball and indicate the forces on the ball, using vectors. Explain your drawing using Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation. Short Answer Explain what specific heat capacity is. Use an example from everyday life to show that different materials have different specific heat capacities. You decide to paint the front holding the can one meter from the fence, and to paint the back, you hold the can two meters from the fence. How will the thickness of the paint on the two sides of the fence compare?

Be as specific as possible. What type of law enabled you to find the answer? Your cat knocks the vase off the shelf, and it falls to the ground. How much potential energy does the vase have when it is halfway to the ground? Paragraph Answer Your aunt is staying for the weekend and complains every morning that the tile floor in the bathroom is so much colder than the wood floor in the hallway. Explain why she is technically wrong, being sure to discuss the Second Law of Thermodynamics and include the terms thermal equilibrium and conduction in your answer.

Include at least one equation and the terms impulse and momentum in your answer.

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Explain the physics behind the demonstration. Note that with the need for security, the Roman Catholic Church became so powerful and dominant that no monarch dared to question it's authority. Complete the outline using your notes. The power of Salvation. Read The Petrine Theory.

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