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Mediumship is a practice where, the Medium will use their intuitive abilities to facilitate communication with those in the Spirit realm, delivering messages, guidance, or other validations to you. The Medium may also use their psychic abilities to tune into the energy around you, bringing through other information such as past, present or future events that may be relevant to your healing process or overall wellbeing. Art classes are as therapeutic, as they are fun!

Art classes utilize the creative process which allows you to gently express emotions, thoughts and feelings, facilitating healing on a deep level. Art classes can even. Reiki Ray-key is a multi-faceted spiritual energy, or Universal energy that is channeled through the practitioner in a very gentle way, to you. It can activate self healing on many levels and has been shown to be a very effective treatment used in conjunction with other medical or therapeutic techniques, to relieve side effects and promote recovery.

Bars - Access Consciousness is a set of tools and processes developed to help you achieve higher awareness, in a non-judgmental way. Energy healing is at work as 32 points on the head are lightly touched, old ideas and beliefs that no longer serve you begin to fall away, all the while opening you up to more possibility, more choice Meditation is a practice where an individual, or group uses focused activity, or thought to achieve a peaceful and centered state of consciousness. Meditation has many benefits including, but certainly not limited to: mental clarity, self awareness, increased self esteem, reduced stress, reduced anxiety and depression, increased relaxation, boosts the immune system, improves social skills, increases sense of purpose and meaning and slows the aging process.

There are a multitude of benefits linked to meditation, when practiced regularly. Hypnosis is a state of highly focused attention and heightened suggestibility that brings about positive and personal change. Hypnosis can be used to resolve many issues, release you from potentially harmful habits, and it can also assist you in better performance with a sport, activity, as well as in many other aspects of life.

Our Happiness Coaching services are nurturing, empowering and confidential. We work together to resolve any issue, or challenge that may be standing in your way of realizing your fullest potential. As your practitioner holds space and asks the appropriate questions, you are able to deepen your connection to your own internal compass, accessing the guidance, information and truth that is needed to facilitate healing and growth, opening your life up to more happiness.

Your guests will have so much fun, with, or without any prior art experience. Each participant creates a beautiful, one of a kind painting, that represents their own unique self expression. Once paintings are complete, all guests will be provided with an intuitive energy reading of their finished artwork!

You decide the date and time of your event, and we'll take care of the rest! Suzi will be offering mini colour analysis sessions, lipstick colour matching services. Suzi will also be recruiting new consultants and will be happy to advise on new business opportunities full or part-time.

This gentle and highly effective technique is incredibly helpful in reducing stress, managing anxiety, aiding relaxation and re-boosting energy. Reiki works holistically on all levels of physical, emotional and spiritual health. Based in Somerset. Tania Woodward of Hair Sparkles and Feathers will make your hair stand out from the crowd by putting beautiful, shiny and sparkly hair strands and feathers in your hair. Each strand ties to an individual hair, lasting for a day, a week, a month or even a year. Emma is a trainer as well as a practitioner of Lava Shells treatments and will be offering Lava Shells massage taster sessions at the Festival.

A unique innovation in warming spa therapies that relaxes whilst easing muscle and joint aches and pains. Offering the benefits of a hot stone massage but with an added bonus of being eco-friendly, the Lava Shells massage therapy uses a patented combination of natural minerals and water which allows the shells to heat up internally for up to an hour. This will last approx. Jacki has been reading cards for over 41 years. Joy Vernon will be selling a beautiful selection of Cornish crafted spiritual gifts including jewellery, artwork and crystals.

Juice Plus is made with ripened fruits, berries and vegetables and is the most researched product of its kind — simply bridging the gap between what we DO eat and what we SHOULD eat. Krystina has a passion for the Native American Culture and at the Festival she will be selling her own unique and hand-made Native American style crafts which will include drums, rattles, smudging feathers, bags, jewellery. Karen is unique in that she works by connecting with the spirit world, she freely allows that communication to be delivered in a professional and her clairvoyant readings are always very popular.

The most beautiful, pure, ethically sourced essential oils you will find on this planet! My business is educating families about natural health, reducing the toxic load in the home, and empowering other women to build business that rock. I partnered with doTerra as their oils changed my world. Two years ago, at an extremely low point in my life they found their way into my hands, and I kind of never looked back! I home educate my 3 young children, aged 9, 8 and 5.

Alex, Madeleine and William. She will be offering reflexology taster treatments on the feet, hands or face. Liz is an experience psychic medium with over twenty years-experience. Liz will be offering minute reading communicating with the spirit world, bridging the gap between her clients and their loved ones. To pre-book a reading with Liz please log on to www. Linda Joyce is a qualified and experienced therapist operating from Plymouth. Linda works with the water element mixed with that of sound, by mixing the energy of seashells with that of various sound instruments she is able to feed the body with all that it needs to enhance wellbeing.

Ocean Energy Sound Healing [aka Mer Healing] is a unique therapy that offers the body a chance of improving health. The therapy is relaxing as well as energising. Alabaster is a high vibrational stone, used for thousands of years as a holistic healing material, and sourced from one of the main power centres on the planet.

One of the few translucent stones, it offers a calm and positive energy when lit with candles and provides us with a beautiful channel to the light. Samantha also offers email, phone, skype readings as well as a range of bespoke healing meditations, past life healing, cord cutting and healing meditations and Spiritual Counselling in her treatment room in Langtree or via Skype.

Facebook: www. Meditation is a great way to escape life in the fast lane, rid yourself of racing thoughts and lower your stress levels. International artist, Celia Lancaster, will be selling beautifully meditative inspired depictions of Zen nature scenes, tranquil pattern and peaceful designs. Celia believes that everyone should be able to afford their own beautifully-crafted and unique piece of art and this will be reflected in each of the creative items on sale — perfect for bringing peace to your yoga studio, bedroom, office or anywhere else you would like to create a peaceful and calm environment.

Josie is a Complementary Therapist and will be offering Calm Living Now coaching programs for Healing, Happiness and Intentional living, helping people go from stress to serenity, discovering their inner purpose and calm to create their ideal life. Josie also offers talks and group workshops and runs meditation classes. She is a complementary therapist with Reflexology, Reiki and Energy Field Healing and massage at events and in the workplace. Josie has travelled nationally and offers her therapies and talks in the corporate environment, at events and online.

Discover the hidden mind-based cause of physical, emotional and life problems. Marie will be offering a range of relaxing holistic therapies including reflexology, Indian head massage and Hopi ear candling; all of these therapies can help to relax, refresh and revitalise. Emma Stannard of Moon Hare Healing is an experienced therapist who will be offering Tarot Readings, Reiki and Massage as well as selling an array of crystals goods and crafts, jewellery and Mosaic Art. Nicky is an experienced clairvoyant who uses her intuition, clairvoyance and Tarot and Medicine cards to provide guidance in a deep and philosophical way to help you understand your life pathway — past, present and future.

Tui Na is a Chinese massage which re-balances the body and can be down with cloths on so no need for oils. Paul will be offering Tui Na massages guaranteed to leave his clients fully relaxed. Neshla provides psychic readings using the tarot as a guide and works with the tree of life. She is also the Founder Elect of Rahanni Celestial Healing and this comes through in her readings where needed. Rahanni Celestial Healing is a 5D healing modality which opens up the heart centre, allowing us to release fear and negativity so we can be our true selves.

It is a high vibrational healing which works very quickly and is gentle, yet so powerful. My doctor diagnosed me with bi polar and schitzophrenia. Tried to turn me into a zombue with lithium. All I ever heard all my life was that I was Krazy. Since 3 yrs old. I have literally found my purpose in life, which I truly never thought would ever happen. I was pulled into the nonsense thru guides. Something or someone was telling guiding me to each step of knowledge. My experience was a lil scary because I felt like I was torn between 2 choices, Illuminati and God. I was so confused, and going thru so much I felt like I wanted the easy way out.

My daughter said how?? It just puts you right back and the start line. I got numbness. As I started chanting then the symptoms reduced. Please guide and help me Gratitude to you. Lots of times when we are half in and half out of body in dream state or in meditative state it can feel this way — I suggest always to breathe deeply and ground and protect yourself when this happens — extend the bubble of protection throughout your space and command that which is only for you HIGHEST and BEST GOOD is allowed to stay — nothing else.

Boom, fear dissolved and i drifted off to sleep as the figures came close and soften as if that statement disarmed them and myself…. But it blasted my world apart, I experienced a full kundalini awakening followed by weeks of indescribable bliss while I watched the world around me radiating light from everything living, everything.

Everything is love and light. Be curious, be yourself and I know you will find the answers you so desperately seek. Hello Susan I am very glad I found your article because 3 times now I have woken up in a trance like state 3 am feeling numbness all over my body, when I tried moving my arms it felt like I was swimming and I heard that loud noise inside my ears and the louder it got the better the experience was.

I woke up feeling like a breeze blew all over my body. Last time it was accompanied by a very realistic yet disturbing and frightening dream and I consciously snapped out of the trance to check if my doors were locked lol. I am an athlete and a professional, never was the mumbo jumbo guy, these experiences were as real as the air I am breathing. It sounds like you go out of body super easy and are indeed probably experiencing alternate realities and also dream state at the same time.

Also do better at grounding and bubbling your body if you choose — that seems to help! I am in process that has seen countless undiagnosable medical issues my entire life. The answer to those issues found me three years ago. With that energy signature it is allowed me to for timelines and as energy flows endlessly and timelessly throughout the Universe if you can see an energy signature within a person after a very short time you can see there truth in the past and have some knowledge towards their future that they may even not be aware of. The powerful vibrations that run through my body and have my entire life I now realize are spirits.

This has proved to record predictions that have now come to fruition. My question now is how does a psychic know their psychic? Is there anybody that can answer my question? Our chakra system and suric body is designed to be that. Now that said — yes we can all SING but maybe at very different levels and there are some that use that skill and hone it and present it and work it…and others just do it in the shower…if you get the drift.

I think it is great you have found yours and are honing it! After a very long time of thinking I feel I understand I really do like the idea of all of this and this all still happens to me in fact I read over everything again and pretty much all of these things happen to me. Thank you so much. This was so profound and helpful. Especially, the wanting to go back home part. Thank you. You can either email me or depending on what you are addressing you can also book a session — all of that is on my site and available. I feel through the comments many are far behind on the spiritual awakening.

I usually look up my numbers in sunsigns. Flu symptoms. Channeling music. That is our mission to make non believers, believers so that all mankind is equal. And full of peace and all loving to one another. But I love to hear about others experiences. And my tongue looks horrid. Thank you for sharing. By the way my names Michael. And next year. Thanks for your opinion Michael — I respectfully disagree with a couple of statements however in that we are only responsible for our own unique and individual ascension and awakening, not for us to make non-believers a believer because everyone has free will to do this journey as they choose.

Juts got back into mediating and when i did it i reached this point where i my head started to have an intense tingle like how it use to do but this time was different. To me, it feels like my spirit had more of an experience then i did. Does that mean anything? I dont even know what to call or where to start, just please. Again I say this so often — learn to help your self before yearning to work to help others, learn about your gifts for you first.

What do you need to do to release any fear and beliefs that no longer serve you — clean your own container before you worry about helping another — it is not selfish it is critical for the energy exchange we have with others. I have been through every single one almost. A part of me is not sure about anything I see lights reflecting of off me and wierd Dreams.

As long as lights every were sensitivity to everything. But I feel lost. Can you help me? I always suggest before worrying about helping others one needs to help themselves in terms of learning how to stay grounded and protected in their own auric field of energy and do your best to release all fear based belief systems. This will ultimatley assist in releiving Ascension symptoms overall. There is a free meditation on my home page of my site to assist. Hello everyone does anyone ever get really anxious that that, i have to bite my mouth and my lips in the inside of my mouth is hurting.

And with my knuckles I have to bang the outside of my chin and it is so sore right now, it is an uncontrollable thing I have to do I just have to do it!! I can relate — I also have a ton of mouth issues — I feel like my fillings are hurting alot and when I get a check up all is fine.

Same here. I would rather be blind to the world and go about my days as everone esles. It could be overwhelming. You obviously get to feel any way you choose but my take is that you signed up for this Earth at this very special time in a meat-body and that means we are here to DO something to assist in thei Ascension and it all begins with the individual. That said, there is no right nor wrong on how to choose to traverse this life…. You know my name is Valerie and my birthday is on July 13th. Me too. Look up morgellions. This is what I thought was happening to me.

Would much rather this. So alone. There are a million sites with a ton of different DISeases out there — my take is do your best to take away the FEAR of any label — feel what is YOUR truth — do your dilligence with western medicine if you choose but try to find what truly resonates as your truth when it comes to your own individual body. It definitely is difficult to process. I was lucky to find someone whom has move through the process already. I try to understand. But at times hard to grasp.

Many blessings and luck to you. I feel the same as you because I dont know what it means. Because regardless if I choose to dismiss it or not, it is what it is. I felt like this too and on some days I feel like I wish it never started but even on my rough days I strive to see the beauty in this. I have felt crazy at times. All the number syncronicities , , I even woke up at a few times.

Then my body aches and I have these surges of energy that feel like electrical shocks. When I stay positive I can manifest very quickly. If I think it, its here. Just try to embrace it even on your down days. Its rough at times, trust me I know but knowledge is power! Dont freak out, dont try so hard to understand it. I have been seeing , , , and Crazy prophetic dreams and visions tbat are so real i dont to go back to reality. Whats happening is exactly what Jesus preached about the end of days.

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Its okay. Weather people want to realize it or not we are in the middle of Gods war with Satan. So trust Jesus to save you, and ask Him what it all means for you specifically. Or simply trust your SELF that there are many benevolents there for you and thesse are simply messages of help. Ii have felt the same way quite often it can be overwhelming or scary even but it is also a gift that is beautiful and to be honest can be a fault depending on gow you focus your energies…focus yourself in a possitive direction and u will be just fine …dint feed into negitive energies or you will draw even more negitive energies..

I slewp. Do the work and the fear will go away. You can hold on to that fear and not ascend. As I have stated before everyone gets to do this their own way — that is part of the free will — there is no right or wrong, no get to make it or not, it is all seem and done through individual lenses of reality.

That is amazing. I have waited so long because scared and belief system. Actually, I was terrified and zoned it out and I got zoned out. Now I except it and want it this time fully heart and soul and happening. We are ALL going through this but some feel it and experience it deeper and there is no special reason why. Many are not even aware this is happening but it is not only on individual basis but global and cosmic as well.

That is personal choice.

Deep Sleep Guided Meditation for Unlocking Your Sacred Spirit Wisdom (Voice & Music Dream Ascension)

These cycles of ascension are approximately 26, year cycles…. All of these things been happening but is heightened as of lately I have wild lucid dreams at one point I had a dream of owls that shape shifted to humans and woke up terrified at in the morning it was disturbing. Well i can tell you that i experience strangle tingling and muscle spasms all over my face. I hate to think weird but it feel like someone put a spell on me.

The tingling and jerks feel like im slowly losing weight. Idk what it is.

Heal and find mental clarity with Reiki

I tell you once i smell a weird dead flesh smell while this happen. I have try to contact black magician to dertermine if someone have put a demon spell on me. My life is miserable im scared to go to sleep. Im always on my toes anybody can help me i would love it. I need help. Something pushed through me on and BOOM it went from these.

But we signed up for this before coming. Email me teripatterson gmail. Ive been going through a rocky transition in life which started about a year ago, the craziest part is I had this deep craving to educate myself, I felt my inner self changing rapidly. My interests, my senses my whole attitude on life.

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At times I felt crazy, like nothing made since.. It gets overwhelming sometimes. I definitely realize that I pick up on vibes instantly i feel what people are going thru. I can literally feel my energy drained around low vibrAtional people and feel my energy spike around high vibrAtional people. Ive learned to cleanse myself try to sheild myself and stay positive to keep my balance.

I just feel weird trying to explain to people im no longer as out going as I once was because I feel weird when i feel the energy shift and nobody else does.. It is all about doing more work on feelings of judgment and holding your own truths. I am experiencing mozt of the symptoms given here by Suzanne.

Thank you for this article. It is very helpful. Many blessings! WOW, so much of this has been happening to me. The strongest one of all though is the desire to go home. I find too that animals, birds, and insects, seem to be communicating with me. I hear their energies and I respond with thought. And yet my love and gratitude to Spirit has grown hugely. I am all of you. Anything right now will really assist. Many thanks Karina. I feel that not only have I changed mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I feel like changing physically has been the most challenging. Teasing mean entities are always harassing me and trying to jump me. The want to destroy need in every way bit are more set on destroying my physical appearance. I have never felt so Incredibly insecure in all my life. M y body is totally different. I see a stranger staring back ate in the mirror.

I can see it. I have also tried to commit suicide and I dont know what the future holds unless I get help. The pain is to great here. But not all. Any healers who are kind enough to help or work out a plan of payment? First Brandie there is a ton of free info online and even on my site. Not even a healer for a discount price. Honor your body as it is the vehicle you create from and with. Do affirmations daily. Only focus on the positive. Do your best to see yourself as love and light. Stop focusing on the negative because you are the one drawing it in and if you believe that dark entities are harming you then they will.

Command light around you and they will no longer be there…it is all about raising your vibration. And BTW, if you DO choose to leave planet suicide all of this fear and angst will go right along with you I hope you realize and you will karmically still need to resolve what you do not do on this plane of existence. So in my opinion, it behooves you to do the work now, here, and find love and joy as it is your birthright. This world is a beautiful place is you choose to see it that way. No one can take that from you and no one can do it FOR you.

Do you guys think the other side needs unblocking? Dear Sister, There is no evil, demons, or dark spirits.

Psychic Readers - Mind Body Spirit Festival

Darkness is only the absence of light. Go into a dark room and turn on the light there is no battle darkness is transmuted by the light. There is no power on this Earth stronger than you as you are God creating your own reality. What you see and feel is you protecting out your fear. Darkness, Evil, Demons are all mans projected fear. Let go of fear, judgment, anxiety, blame guilt, fear is only a thought and I thought can be changed.

Change the way you look at things and the the things you look at will change. This is what I have been looking for yet I did not know I was looking for it until this morning. The angels have been trying to get my attention for a while but yet I guess for the urgency now they really need my attention.

The most holy loving things is I know it is happening! That is number one reason for me to go to church if they hear the Angels Sing! And they sing beautifully I suggest everyone go to church the right Church of singing and all of that and listen to the angels. I am learning the Angels tell you what church to go to so they can have a good time! What does this mean? Lots of times it is just spirit saying hello. I am having problems in a different way and I keep seeing the numbers …I keep calculating random numbers like bus 54 and making it 9 in my head…I feel like I am empty and my spirit animal, wolf.

Is howling for me to come to it. Our job is to work with the earth — gratify and return the love exhange. Give and receive. I think you are doing the work of whats next in terms of gratifying NATURE and making sure to connect and respect Gaia — but make sure you are personally and individually staying protected, grounded and bubbled so that you do not empath others and also the collective sadness. And find JOY whenever and however possible helps overall! With this look of wonder? Simple story be extremely rewarding for me. Absolutely followed this with a connection of enlightenment.

Excellent in continuing my journey in the third eye opening! I am anticipating the next Blog! I laughed out loud reading this because so much of it rings true! Last week, I felt like someone was stepping on my chest for days. I appreciate you, Suzanne! Thanks for reading and commenting — just know that I TOO am dealing many of these symptoms!

I was really thinking about that when posting this last BLOG — and wanted to share that I believe part of the reason that our bodies are doing all this pain and angst is to get out attention. Our actual cells are changing at such a rapid rate from carbon based to crystal based in light, and it is a tough process.

Our meat bodies are not used to this new vibration so we need to have knowledge, patience and self care. Got a great massage for my B-day the other day! I was going to go through these and explain the areas I am dealing with but after going through half the list and realized I am dealing with almost everything here. There were a couple in most of the section but very few. The only section I am not feeling almost anything in is the section of Love.

I find the entire thing interesting and hopeful because I was so lost and I feel like there are reasons for this now. Hope to figure things out soon! Looking forward to your next post! Suzanne, this is all great stuff. The last time I came to see you, you told me I was not going crazy! I felt alone and exhausted.. I went vegetarian, now am vegan. My eyes have been opened to a new reality! How could I have been blind so long that the flesh I was eating did not want to die just so I could eat them. Work, politics, food, health, vaccinations, corporations, spirituality, the universe, everything OMG sometimes it is over load.

Constantly learning and seeing things in new perspectives…. LOL thank you for doing this! I look forward to the next blog! How to take a break? Can i take a break and then enter this state again? I am getting overwhelmed and not comfortable going in crowd. I try to tell others that WE are in charge of the knobs on turning in — up and down. Yes I takes breaks often also. The energy is always there, we need to take care of US.

SO grateful I was able to come across this! What is the best way to express these particular breaks when it gets to overwhelming? I work hard to go with the FLOW in this world of energy right now — meaning there is ALWAYS going to be ups and downs and being able to know that without fear is important — embracing change. This was very helpful as I have so many of these symptoms — particularly the disconnection and exhaustion — happily the love an gratitude ones as well.

Looking forward to your next blog and seeing you soon! WOW Yes I have a grocery list of medical conditions in which limit a lot of my life to the couch. I have been constantly changing things in life to hopefully help heal myself so I no longer have to take over 10 different medications. I can happily say I now only take 1 medication and that is for my anxiety something I cannot for the life of me pass. So may tests, injections, topical etc that you can think of I probably have tried it. Nothing seems to help. I can have minor satisfaction but not enough for me to want to continue any purchases.

This is a struggle I live on a daily basis. Hello Katie, Your story is interesting and I emphasize with you. I am wondering if you have tried Tapping to ease your anxiety. I have been have sessions with a local Tapping practitioner, and it is making such a difference in my life, in many areas. Hi, my children notice more and more about these changes in me. Please help me. Biggest thing is to now think you are going crazy with this stuff and taht it IS real and that the traditional medical community will oftentimes NOT find anything wrong — and not to allow yourself to get even more scared with that answer.

Keep it up Katie — yo uare rocking this girl! In my opinion this is the one you have to taper off gradually. I am right there with you. Lots of doctors. No diagnosis. But all or most of the symptoms above fit. Sickness is the exact reason may begin and do their personal spiritual journey. I am currently going through a Spiritual Awakening, and have been for the past year and a half. This Article is very well written, and organized, and perhaps the most clear and informative article I have seen pertaining to Spiritual Awakening symptoms.

This information helped me immensely! Thank you Suzanne! Thanks Carter — but have to admit for the LIST, I took lots of info from MANY different sites and resources for to combine into one place to get the info, plus added a lot of my own experiences. My BLOG offers a lot of my personal insights on how to handle these as well because it is super important to know these signs. Many of us experience them daily and are not aware that it is indeed energetically based. Thanks for checking it out!

Thanks for your comments and input Claude, it is appreciated you made the time to share your thoughts. I would like to add however, that each of us has our own version of truths, combined with free will choice. Every human works on his or her own Akashic Record timeline. All bodies of creation carry their own Records; meaning Gaia and Universe; that is influenced by our vibration sent forth via thought forms and emotions; transmitted in fear or love. There are numerous lightworkers myself included currently working and reversing timelines and grids in the 13th Plane of Existence to positively shift and anchor Multi-Universal Patterns of Ascension on behalf of the ALL — the collective.

Thanks for your work and for sharing your perspectives. To reiterate: please use absolute discretion when sharing opinions and when listening to another, take within only that which rings true for you. Very interesting comment thread. Whether that statement is true or not is another question. Hello, I would like to talk with you, if that is ok? My email is scriptwriter10 gmail. That is what is cool about individual expression. I have been having several symptoms that are on this list.

The latest is light sensitivity. If with sun glasses on the sunshine is so bright that I have to keep closing my eyes just to see. If I leave my eyes open my sight is enveloped in the brightness. I have exactly the same thing as you describe regarding my eyes in the bright sunshine, so cloudy, dull days are a Godsend for me. But it would explain a lot to people suffering from this awful symptom which limits your lifestyle quite considerably.

I would be very interested what Suzanne feels about this. And I will send her this question. I think LIGHT itself is changing and it is very difficult to allow our human bodies including the eyes to adjust. I am trying my best to also navigate this stuff and it is not easy. I have a question. I have light sensitivity, and also strange light coming from behind my eyes. I can see it coming from me into my peripheral vision. Any thoughts? Not sure on the light from behind the eyes — always good to medically get checked out — but I do know that I have had — and continue to have lots of weird eye experiences and I believe it is because I am traversing the Planes and Dimensions differently.

All other stuff you mentioned for me too is pretty typical, so yo uare not alone! I have pretty much every symptom on this list. I have found awakenimgvto be beautiful but also brutal. My health has suffered considerably and I go from feeling amazing to very ill!

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I would love to connect with your community. Yes the electric stuff sucks — I crash many things and it gets old. I am very electric alien energy — not little green men but starseed vibe so it is imperative for me to stay in this human meat body as best I can and if I am doing a good job of that I find myself NOT experiencing as much yuck…. Also, I seriously check solar flares and gamma rays and monitor that consistently is I am having troubles. Hope that helps some at least. I have almost every symptom. Some over the past few years but now they are becoming more intense. I have a few ideas and luckily I have a partner in this journey.

Reading this made me feel so much better.

I thought I was losing my mind or getting very sick. Glad to know what it really is, now I need to figure out how to use this. If anyone has any advice, let me know. I usually do ritual when I am in that state of mind — like burning, drumming, danging and chimes. It allows the energies to move outward easier into the ether and I can then let me physical Suzanne release as well.

Service to Self — Service to Others. Hope this helps some. Suzanne, you talk an absolute load of shit. Why not do it at work? You make this nightmare sound positively delightful, when the reality is a huge increase in suicides. I mean, what can you do when you are no longer comfortable in your own skin. What do you do when your body becomes a torture chamber? Wow Paul, I am not here to change your mind or anyones for that fact but it is pretty obvious why you are still in the state of struggle that you are in your physical body as well as emotional, mental and spirital ones and running a ot of victim programming and usually this is because one has not chosen to do the work to release the fear and YES for many including myself the ritual of burning and drumming can ideed help — maybe you should try it!

All of that fear anger and negativity will simply transcend with you and that Paul is called karma. So gain, you obviously get to choose to believe what ever you want to, as we all do. But many on planet are a living testament to the fact that doing the hard work to release fear and regain balance in empowered love DOES work, even if we find it through a drum! Also feel free to sharing your website YouTube channel I am interested in learning more thank you.

Footsteps can mean several things, it might mean an actual guide, a loved one, an entity, or more. OR it also might mean residual energy — meaning energy that runs in a loop pattern from previous energy running through that space. Me and my husband have both been experiencing many of these symptoms in ALL of the categories. It has been making him think that he was either dying waking up out of a dead sleep or crazy. We are going to start reading through this and absorbing what it could mean for us.

One of the coolest things so far that has happened to us was this past Sunday morning when Sena whom you work with in Bump was coming to do a reading for us and my husbands mother and step-father, i woke up to a completely dead cell phone even though it was plugged into the outlet by my bed and I walked down stairs and noticed one out of five of the battery operated tea lights was turned on in a candelabra in our living room and no one in the house had turned it on.

We later it was confirmed by Sena which one was lit and the spirit who lit it. She must have known that Sena was coming and wanted to be heard as she had messages to deliver for my husbands step father.