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Why not run out and buy a new car to represent your new-found freedom?

14 ways to make your divorce as painless as possible, according to a therapist

New cars, new homes and new faces may impact your financial situation negatively. You may have easily been able to afford that luxury ride in the past. However, you may find that payment onerous now that all the bills fall onto you. You can always put the money back once the divorce is final. Maybe, maybe not. The receiving spouse would be the one who was stuck the taxes on that income.

Under the Trump tax plan, the person paying alimony no longer gets that tax break. That is for divorces finalized after December 31 st , In most cases, the spouse paying alimony is in a higher tax bracket than the recipient. Higher taxes mean there is less money to go around.

Not really a great thing for divorcing couples. Money can be really tight during a divorce. With attorney bills, new home costs and that aforementioned new car payment, your k may seem like a big pot of money that will solve all of your short-term money woes. Taking it all as cash now could place you in a much higher tax bracket and cause you to owe more taxes.

Or, he'll amass more assets than she's aware of. Either way, the divorce will take longer if the wife isn't in the loop. Open up those letters from the bank and find out what's really going on. Not having enough money to get started. If you've been financially dependent on your husband, you can request what's called "temporary maintenance" to cover your expenses until your divorce is finalized. But you'll still need some cash for the initial legal fees and for your own day-to-day expenses before the court awards that maintenance. You need money to put a lawyer on retainer.

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Neglecting to use a lawyer. And when I later tell her that no, you're entitled to more than that, he gets angry and that makes it harder to negotiate down the road, even in mediation. It's fine to settle issues like pickup times for the kids between the two of you.

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But if your husband wants to discuss details in your divorce case, Zung urges women to firmly say, "Please speak with my lawyer about that. Reacting emotionally. But they'll usually regret giving in too soon.

Dr. Phil Explains the Biggest Divorce Mistakes That Impact Kids -- Dr. Phil

Zung says those clients tell her, "'I don't care how long it takes or how much it costs, I just want to make him suffer. It's not just the women, though. Zung saw one husband get so angry he punched a hole into a wall during a meeting. She's also seen people storm out of proceedings.

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Confusing divorce justice with divorce law. It may come as a surprise that prenuptial agreements are not just for wealthy parties but can be of benefit to you and your soon-to-be-spouse. These documents help couples consider what could or should happen if the marriage breaks up. Prenups certainly handle asset division but may also articulate rules for how long one party could remain in the marital house if they are asked to leave, or how long-term care expenses would be covered. With second marriage divorce rates topping 60 percent, we suggest that anyone contemplating remarriage consult with an attorney to discuss potential prenuptial agreements, as well as consider making changes to their existing estate plan.

Facing Divorce? 7 Common Costly Financial Mistakes To Avoid

One of the reasons these common mistakes occur during a divorce is that many women and men lack even a fundamental financial education. Basic financial literacy is normally learned through experience often mistakes rather than in an educational setting, like high school or college.

If you do attempt to gain financial education through the vast number of internet resources, the sheer volume of data can result in confusion on exactly where to start.

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Another challenge is that some financial advice assumes traditional gender roles. Many retirement strategies assume a couple is married and aging together which may make the advice inappropriate for a divorcee who ages alone. Advice also may ignore the very real challenges that women breadwinners face, particularly those posed by the wage gap. Our suggestion to counteract these barriers to financial education is to start with one important task — create your personal balance sheet. This task can be as simple as handwriting a list of all your assets and liabilities or a more sophisticated project that uses electronic resources to link all your accounts to analyze your asset allocation and other metrics for insight into your finances.

Divorce Advice for Women - Divorce Tips

Those who take these steps while they are still happily married will have a big advantage if they ever find themselves in divorce negotiations. Having a solid understanding of your present financial situation and a reasonable outlook and goals for your future is the best way to avoid financial mistakes now and to be prepared should your circumstances change. All Rights Reserved. This website is not intended for users located within the European Economic Area.

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