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The letters begin in November and end in August Someone saved and returned them to Randy. I tried to reproduce the letters as they are written and not change things I consider errors. Drawings are described, not drawn, as they are in the hand written letters. The Dutch Goose is still in business 73 years after opening at Southwest 10th Av. Topeka Kansas Reading them triggered many buried memories of my year in Viet Nam, that pictures have not.

Below are scans of 2 letters to serve as samples letters written by Randy.

A Letter From a Marine in Vietnam 1969 Mike Cupp Tom Willett

I recommend them! Sample 1 Sample 2.

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You can listen to the audio letters as you continue to read other letters or view different sections of my web site. Her mission was to write for soldiers in their own language. Bryan gave him his start. Long before blogs and social media offered a platform for alternative voices, the tabloid covered issues faced by the grunts, including salacious reports about courts-martial in sex cases.

This, along with the use of pinups of semi-clad women on the front pages, earned it the nickname Oversexed Weekly. It was popular among troops, but not the brass.

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The paper earned its muckraking reputation — and the ire of the Pentagon — by printing articles on racism, drug abuse, the military justice system, and the sex-reassignment surgery of a transgender World War II veteran. With the publication of the forgotten archives, a new generation of civilians and service members now has access to a valuable record of a war that killed one million Vietnamese and over 58, Americans, a toll that still resonates nearly half a century later.

Greenspon wrote in his essay. I am both excited at seeing some of my lost photos and, at the same time, troubled by the memories they spark. Follow him on Instagram.

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