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2. Generation of the signals

Chapters on data analysis present it in detail, from general concepts and assumptions to analysis of evoked responses and oscillatory background activity.

Magnetoencephalography: Basic principles

Chapters on solutions propose potential solutions to the inverse problem using techniques such as minimum norm estimates, spatial filters and beamformers. Chapters on combinations elucidate how MEG can be used to complement other neuroimaging techniques. Chapters on applications provide practical examples of how to use MEG to study sensory processing and cognitive tasks, and how MEG can be used in a clinical setting.

These chapters form a complete basic reference source for those interested in exploring or already using MEG that will hopefully inspire them to try to develop new, exciting approaches to designing and analyzing their own studies. This book will be a valuable resource for researchers from diverse fields, including neuroimaging, cognitive neuroscience, medical imaging, computer modelling, as well as for clinical practitioners.

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Publications MEG. An introduction to methods. Keywords Medical. Interested in Psychiatry? Mark Stokes: "There's a lot more to neuroscience!

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