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More than 10, miles away and at an elevation where any Red River Valley native would demand an oxygen tank, her main calling is with Elevated Honey Co. To Klett, bees are a part of her family. Her family loses approximately 30 percent of their bees every year. The killers are elusive. She points to pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, but also to Asian parasites brought over from Korea in and most importantly, a lack of conservation lands, rich in diversity.

It is a plan that will soon be adopted in 43 states. In North Dakota, sometimes the prairies are covered as far as the eye can see with only one crop. Nutrition in North Dakota is the biggest issue, Goehring said. Colonies of bees are up across the state, Goehring said, from , colonies to , colonies. Colonies may have increased, but the bees are still disappearing, Klett said. Few such killers exist in China, Klett said. High up in the mountains, most farms are family owned, smaller and diverse in scale, offering bees a kaleidoscope of nectars and pollens. Additionally, restrictions for the Conservation Reserve Program were relaxed by the U.

Department of Agriculture in The Conservation Reserve Program offers federal money to farmers to remove environmentally sensitive land from agricultural production and plant species that will improve environmental health and quality. Pollinators, including bats and birds, are crucial to the survival of more than just honey.

The combination of a lack of nutrition, diversity, and Asian parasites, is lethal, and weaken bees, leaving them highly susceptible to chemicals used by farmers, Klett said. The company has also sent out free seed packets, a move many find to be controversial and doing little to help the crisis. The main herbicidal producer in America, the Monsanto Company, declares itself as a farmer-empowering agricultural company and a producer of seed brands like corn, cotton, oilseeds, fruits, and vegetables. Monsanto also manufactures Roundup-branded herbicides for farmers and lawns, according to its website.

Roundup products are a known stressor of bees, according to media outlet Natural News. Additionally, the same herbicide is known to have negative effects on vertebrates and invertebrates, including earthworms, reproduction cycles of freshwater snails, according to The Journal of Experimental Biology. A study made public by the U. Other chemicals known as carcinogenic to humans are: tetrachlorvinphos, used on livestock and pet flea collars; parathion, now illegal in the USA; malathion, used in agriculture, public health, and residential insect control, and diazinon, current restricted.

Colony Collapse Disorder Bee losses hit Losses are heaviest during the spring and summer months, the time of year farmers spray pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and use artificial fertilizers on their fields. Bees hit with fungicide are three times more prone to infection, according to the U. In , researchers collected pollen samples from honey bees pollinating apples, watermelons, cucumbers, blueberries, and other fruits and found most samples contained insecticides, herbicides, and that all samples contained fungicide.

The epidemic began slowly after World War II, and more recently noted as isolated incidents when beekeepers reported losses of up to 90 percent of their hives. Department of Agriculture stated. More than 87 million acres of corn and 17 million acres of alfalfa are planted in the continental United States each year, and both crops are highly attractive to bees, according to the U.

Gary Hart, director of the Center for Rural Health, said he lives in the countryside. Pesticides blown by winds are a concern for him and his family. The cuts are a Republican effort to deplete federal authority and push local management back on to cash-strapped states, according to Hirsh. William Becker said. Maybe we will experience a few cuts, but most cuts are directed toward the big monster that the EPA is in size.

Cyanobacteria are microscopic organisms that bloom in slow-moving water, such as ponds and lakes, and can be toxic for animals and humans, according to the North Dakota Game and Fish Department. If such toxins are ingested, there is no cure, and very few laboratories that can test for cyanobacteria. Much of the poisons come from brine, or saltwater used in frakking, and is non-biodegradable. In a move some call wise, state legislators passed Senate Bill shortly before the end of the legislative session. The council is to consist of nine members appointed by the governor, including four people in the healthcare field and five people representing consumer interests, according to Senate Bill Communication and location are the keys Beekeepers need to look for locations with plenty of diversity and water, Goehring said.

Look to soil health, especially for vegetables and flowering plants. Phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium, as well as other minerals are needed for plant virility and diversity, and the more diverse an area is, the faster bees will thrive. Klett added that the federal government should assist more with communication incentives, and the tightening of regulations on Conservation Reserve Programs. You have to have someone who really understands bees. There are just 1, or so families providing most of the pollination services and to an extent, they are largely invisible.

Commodity prices are down, this would be a great time to do that. The leading spot comes with a 28 percent increase from the preceding year, Forty-seven people died while on the job in North Dakota in , and 43 of the cases were investigated by Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA, according to the report.

The number of fatalities is numerically lower than other states, but is reflective of the ratio of workers to residents. North Dakota had a total of , employees in the state in , with 32, establishments. A total of four deaths were the result of assault and violent acts, 28 stemmed from transportation accidents, three came from fires and explosions, and seven deaths from contact with objects and equipment, according to the report. In , 4, workers were killed on the job within the United States, which equates to 3. An estimated 50, to 60, died for occupational diseases, workers died each day from hazardous working conditions, and approximately up to In North Dakota, Wyoming took second spot for 12 per , workers and Montana third place, with 7.

The lowest state fatality rate belongs to Rhode Island with 1. The fatality rate for is the not highest yet, which reported 65 workers killed in , and 56 workers killed in President Trump has moved aggressively on his deregulatory agenda, repealing and delaying worker safety and other rules and proposing deep cuts in the budget, and the elimination of worker safety and health training and other programs.

The increased rate of deaths on the job is attributed primarily to the oil and gas industry, where Latino workers are the hardest hit across the nation. Since , Latino workers have died performing oil and gas work. In , 11 out of the 12 Latino workers who died in North Dakota were immigrant workers, according to the report. Up until , there were no Latino or Hispanic worker fatalities in the state, according to the report.

Since then, however, 27 Latinos have been killed in North Dakota. A total of 25 foreign-born workers were killed in North Dakota since , with an addition of four more in Many workers along oil extraction sites are exposed to chemical inhalation injuries and benzene — a known carcinogen — exposure. Silica dust exposure has also been identified as a major health hazard in hydraulic frakking operations, according to the report. In , North Dakota had one worker fatality who was involved in metal and nonmetal mining. A total of workplace safety and health citations were issued in , according to the report.

Hagen FARGO — Working from inside a taffy shop in Medora a little-known conservative nonprofit quickly rose to the national frontline by infiltrating statehouses with trained and like minded journalists. Today, the Franklin Center, a nonprofit, helps deliver news free to local newspapers in more than 40 states, including North Dakota , and claims to be the source of 10 percent of all state news in the United States. According to IRS tax filings, the Franklin Center assigned letters or numbers to each contributor to protect anonymity.

Stverak did not reply to requests for comment. Port is the founder of Say Anything Blog, and was formerly a Watchdog. Port sees the conservative responses to a predominantly liberal media as an attempt at balance. Nearly half the nation votes Republican, and the media has underrepresented them, Port said. Currently, the Franklin Center has 14 listed reporters with Watchdog. Furthermore, the Walton family has employed prison labor to grow produce, and though it operates 4, stores across the USA, its employees must rely on public programs for health care coverage, Schneider reported.

George Soros funded it, so what? Agencies like the Franklin Center and Watchdog. Hanson, professor of communication and journalism at Minnesota State University Moorhead. So we only tune in or we only read publications that fit our mindset, which is a natural thing. You look for information that confirms your beliefs and values and you shy away from the things that seem contrary to what you believe or value.

My model is not similar to theirs. Unfortunately, more times than not neither none of those things happen. The controversy created difficulties, and he later started the North Dakota Watchdog Network. Gawrylow, of Bismarck, is not a Trump fan, nor did he climb onto the Obama bandwagon. He is frequently interviewed on radio and television news stations.

As a conservative, he rarely sees a conversation including both sides to an issue in any publication in North Dakota. Media outlets belonging to the Fargo Communications Company pay homage to the establishment on both sides, but not to those outside the aisle, Gawrylow said, and the result is a media war further polarizing the differences between conservatives and liberals, and between intellectuals and anti-intellectuals.

The Fargo Communications Company owns 30 newspapers, one monthly magazine, 20 shopping and three agricultural publications, radio station WDAY-AM, and four television stations all affiliated with the ABC Network, according to its website. Gawrylow and a listed officer of the North Dakota Watchdog Network, Duane Sand, who has frequently run for government office in North Dakota, are also listed in as registered lobbyists for Independent Water Providers, water pumping services sold to oil frakking companies, according to the Secretary of State of North Dakota.

Sand is also listed as a lobbyist in , and Gawrylow is listed as a registered lobbyist for the North Dakota Watchdog Network in Most of the people who worked there were people who worked in journalism, but absolutely, there was an ideology present, they felt they were right of center at the very least. Port started blogging in , and began writing as a type of journal. Port frequently publishes articles from Gawrylow on Say Anything Blog. Between Watchdog. The fact that he is right leaning is a bonus. Our stable of columnists are not conservative. In my position I find it interesting that when a person reads their paper they search out what they believe.

Liberals like to tell themselves and me the the paper is conservative. The exact opposite for conservatives. Honestly, I would love to have some more conservative columnists. In November, , Cramer announced intentions to call for hearings pertaining to media bias. The left side of the political aisle is not blameless, and claims its own share of manipulating the news since the s. Online news organizations such as ProPublica and Democracy Now! Other issues the Tides Foundation rallies behind are gun control, abolition of the death penalty, and anti-war movements, and it is funded in part by the Open Society Institute, the Ford Foundation, the Gates Foundation, and the W.

What Happens to the U.S. Midwest When the Water's Gone?

Kellogg Foundation, according to its website. The Tides Foundation was registered in Bismarck on March 27, as a foreign nonprofit corporation, according to the Secretary of State North Dakota. Its principal office is in San Francisco, and its business scope is listed as grant making. One way to reverse the polarization in the media is to offer better salaries to reporters, Gawrylow said.

You get what you pay for, Gawrylow said, and North Dakota rarely retains its talented writers. Port never expected anyone to initially read his blog, he said. Social media, Port believes, is one of the main reasons for the widening gap between left and right in the press. Facebook algorithms allow the user to see what they want to see, not opposing ideologies. North Dakota Democrats have fallen for that snare, he said. He also believes that social media is exacerbating the polarization of political reporting. Anderson, the chief compliance officer for the North Dakota Board of Pharmacy, said.

Despite what other media sources have reported, most people in the state were under the assumption that because CBD had a THC level less than 0. Mark Buschena said. We sent officers to these businesses, identified themselves as police officers, bought the products from the shelf, and then they were sent for testing. All three items purchased at the Food Co-op came back positive for Cannabinol.

Since being informed of the lab results both stores have willingly turned over all Cannabinol products to the Bismarck Police Department for disposal. No charges will be pursued at this time, Pat Renz, crime prevention and community services officer for the Bismarck Police Department, reported. Public knowledge pertaining to the illegality of CBD hemp oil in North Dakota was lacking, as every online medical directory checked reported that CBD is legal to purchase and to use for adults in North Dakota.

Bushcena said news reports have blown the situation out of proportion, however, the U. In other words, North Dakota was one of two states not included in a list denying federal government intervention with its medical marijuana programs. Former United States Attorney for the District of North Dakota Timothy Purdon said the omission is a possible loophole the federal government could exploit. North Dakota is one of 13 states that has commercial industrial hemp programs, according to legal directory KightLaw.

Laws pertaining to hemp products are two-pronged whereas the state may have legalized medical marijuana or hemp products, but the federal government has not, and may actively hunt distributors or users. Since , federal spending bills have banned the Justice Department from going after state legal marijuana programs through a shield known as the Rohrabacher-Farr amendment.

The Obama Administration also issued the Cole Memo in , which empowers states to regulate their own cannabis laws. Recently, however, U. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has declared that he wants to bring back the war on drugs — all drugs, which would mean he would pit himself and the Department of Justice, the Drug Enforcement Agency, and other drug-enforcement agencies, against more than half of the nation. Senator John Hoeven R-ND, who is on the Senate Appropriations Committee, which is responsible for including North Dakota on the federal list, said North Dakota was not included because medical marijuana will not become available for another 12 to 18 months.

In the future, people will be allowed to produce and sell CBD products, but they must be licensed, he said. I have never heard before that it was legal. Hundreds of reputable companies carry these products. Hemp based CBD oil is an amazing dietary supplement with an endless amount of health benefits. Zacher plans to fight to get CBD products legally back on her shelves, just as the original owner, Terry Hagen, fought federal regulations in the s, she said. The law began as an initiated measure and was passed by all state voting districts in The road to becoming law was bumpy, as it was postponed, and then immediately drafted into self-defeating Senate Bill after the legislative body received pressure from advocates and the media saying government was dragging its feet.

The new bill, SB , was then proposed, passing both House and Senate, and health officials promise the state will have medical marijuana on the market within a year. On a scale of one to 10, some proponents gave the new law 7. What the Senate sent over to the House was a bad bill, we amended it and and got it to 80 percent of the original measure.

Allowed : plant flower — up to 2. Clear legal protections are now given to patients, caregivers, and medical marijuana businesses and staff. Users will need authorization by a doctor or a nurse practitioner and be certified by the state. Illegal : edibles, concentrates, and home growing. Seriously ill patients who live 40 or more miles away from a dispensary will have to travel.

Written certifications by medical professionals still remain a problem. Minors, who are defined as anyone under the age of 19, will be limited to the use of pediatric medical marijuana oil, according to the Marijuana Policy Project. The law resembles half of what the original Measure 5 wanted, Jason Spiess, longtime researcher and writer on cannabis issues, said. This experience taught me that the people of North Dakota really have no power at all. Spiess gave the new law five points — out of ten — and is concerned about the future price per ounce of medical marijuana.

The poor cannot afford it and the rich will continue to use their black market sources they have had for years. As an owner of The Crude Life Media Network, and weekly energy columnist for the Bismarck Tribune , Spiess is also wondering who and how authorized growers will be selected. Paul Armentano, deputy director for the NORML Foundation, a nonprofit organization seeking to eliminate penalties and legalize marijuana, said North Dakota is not alone with its issues passing the Compassionate Care Act.

High dispensary fees, cracking down on home growing, and limiting the number of dispensaries will send marijuana prices skyrocketing, Armentano said. Bullinger works out of a department of one, with no budget yet, he said. Some Department of Health employees thought the measure would not pass, but they prepared for it, Bullinger said. Why not give the people who have suffered a little bit of hope and relief? We thought it might not pass, but the people have spoken and we are going to listen.

Some of the stipulation and mandates will include: plans for growing without using chemicals, indoor growing, alarm systems, background checks for employees, and financial stability. We will get it done as quickly and efficiently as possible and make sure the product that gets on the market is safe. We got a lot of work to do. Black people are also 3. Political hysteria about drugs led to draconian penalties, which have filled prisons across the nation.

In , nonviolent drug offenders numbered 50, nationwide, and jumped to , in As the drug war began running out of steam, George W. Bush threw more money into the programs, which ended in more than 40, paramilitary-style SWAT raids on Americans every year, according to the Drug Policy Institute. Countries including Portugal, Mexico, and Colombia, have decriminalized all types of drugs including weed, cocaine, even heroine, which are technically illegal, but those who are caught receive no jail time.

Today, Portugal has one of the lowest overdose percentages in Europe, with three drug overdose deaths for every one million adult citizens, compared to In alone, the United States had more than 52, drug overdose deaths, according to the American Society of Addiction Medicine.

Opioids claimed 13 lives in Fargo in , according to the Fargo Police Department. Food and Drug Administration, predicted. In the USA, as of March , 28 states and the District of Columbia have passed laws legalizing marijuana, according to nonprofit debate organization ProCon. Eight states, including Washington DC, have adopted recreational use, according to media outlet the Cannabist.

Some states, including California, allow adults 21 and older to possess up to one ounce of marijuana and grow six plants in their homes. California was the first state to legalize marijuana in , with Alaska, Oregon, Washington, and Maine following soon after. North Dakota is the latest of three states to join more than half the nation in decriminalizing or legalizing cannabis. While more than half of the 50 states have decriminalized or legalized marijuana, the federal government is reluctant to take a stance despite presidential announcements of support. Federal monies have not been shifted into funding health-based approaches, and the war on drugs continues, although to a lesser degree.

Each year, more than , people are arrested for marijuana offenses, according to the Drug Policy Institute. While the days lengthen and the sun thaws the prairie grasses, Lissa Yellow Bird-Chase enters what she calls panic mode. Ponds flood, potentially covering evidence.

Prairie grasses can grow up to seven feet tall. There are cadaver dogs to arrange, volunteers to enlist. Preparations take money, which comes in the form of donations and from her own pocket book. On the Dakota plains, snakes stir, looking for warmth. Coyotes grow brave from from lean winter months and begin to scavenge. Most summer weekends she spends searching for corpses in the North Dakota plains.

Adds character, my son told me. Lissa Yellow Bird-Chase taking video of suspected burial area — photo by C. The dead leave clues, sometimes hidden within juniper bushes or a few feet under disturbed topsoil in the Bakken oil patch. Clues point to trails — linked piece by seemingly inconsequential piece — sometimes hundreds of miles long. She is a Fargoan, and the founder of the nonprofit group Sahnish Scouts of North Dakota , a citizen-led organization dedicated since to finding missing people for their families.

Her group started as a recovery team in the Bakken oil fields, and over time built a reputation. Soon, the cries for help began pouring in. Deer, pheasants, and mountain bluebirds stop to watch. She calls to them. Lissa Yellow Bird-Chase investigating a bone — photo by C. She began combing a part of the Badlands near Theodore Roosevelt National Park nearly two years before police caught the killers and obtained confessions.

Before police solved the case, she said she was threatened and her car wheel fell off on the interstate near Valley City. The murderers were trying to get rid of her, another on their growing hit list, she said. During the weekdays she works from her Fargo apartment, papers piled from dining room to office, an organized mess, she says, but still knows where everything is.

Clarke working in the oil fields and he went missing. Native American communities fall under a combination of tribal, state, and federal laws. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is primarily responsible for investigating and prosecuting federal crimes such as murder and rape; misdemeanor cases are mostly prosecuted by tribal law enforcement, or the Bureau of Indian Affairs, who are typically first on any crime scene.

Cattle, flaring, and oil on Fort Berthold Reservation- photo by C. The law also differentiates Native American from the non-native, meaning BIA cannot investigate a crime committed by someone not belonging to the reservation, and federal or state police typically have legal troubles investigating a crime committed by a native who is on the reservation. As a Native American and private citizen, Yellow Bird-Chase could help investigate both worlds, she said.

Yellow Bird-Chase agreed, but said the young man also had problems, like everyone else. He worked hour-shifts, showered, and went out on another hour shift repeatedly. He lived out of his pickup truck, and was not happy about it, Jones said. Clarke decided to jump the fence for Running Horse Trucking, a competitor of Blackstone due to the mistreatment.

Clarke was killed — photo by C. After Clarke placed a new handgun back into his pickup truck, Henrikson distracted Clarke with a new motorcycle while Suckow snuck up behind him and smashed him in the head with a floor jack, a tire-changing tool used for semi trucks. Clarke was put into a toilet box and buried in the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. His handgun, a. Carlile was shot seven times in his Washington home over a plot of land supposedly rich with oil. Yellow Bird-Chase said she learned about ill intentions toward Carlile and warned him twice.

Both times, Carlile was more worried about his investments than to take the threat seriously. Other Blackstone investors and a former business partner were targeted by Henrikson, according to court documents. The entire ordeal began with rights to work on Native American lands. Henrikson is currently serving two life sentences plus thirty years in a high-security penitentiary in Florence, Colorado, according to the Bureau of Prisons. His right-hand hitman, Suckow has found religion and is serving a total of 30 years for both murders. Others involved are also serving time behind bars.

Not long from her release from prison, Yellow Bird-Chase said her initial involvement in hunting the missing and the dead changed her life. Lissa Yellow Bird-Chase comparing maps — photo by C. Okay, I just got to wait until Im off parole, okay, I just got to wait until I am off probation. My head was clear, but there were so many things. I felt guilty for what I did: helping people with their addictions, so I wanted to find a way to give back. I had to acclimate myself to this whole situation. In those days, law enforcement rarely helped her, she said. If someone has a missing family member, I will find them.

I know what to do. If the police have a problem with that, how are you going to deny a family their loved one? She has distracted police while her volunteers fan out to search, once finding a body that had evaded police for hours within thirty minutes, she said. Rarely do families report missing people immediately, and police sometimes fail to file a report, which is crucial in order for discovering information on national databases on any potential victim. Many of the missing are victims of crime, but many more fall prey to human trafficking.

Reports of human trafficking in North Dakota have been on the rise since , according to the Human Trafficking Hotline Center. In , a total of 66 calls were made, resulting in 19 active cases, compared to a total of six human trafficking cases in A total of 66 victims were involved in sex trafficking, while 26 victims were children.

Among those arrested, five were from Fargo, one was from Bismarck, one from Grand Forks, and another from Halstad, Minnesota. Senator Heidi Heitkamp D-N. Senate website. She highlighted a website called Backpage, reportedly a major facilitator of human trafficking. A report released to the U. Although Backpage CEO Carl Ferrer refused to comment during the hearing, the website shut down its adult section of its website, according to the U. Picture taken during a search — photo provided by Lissa Yellow Bird-Chase. She loves her job as a welder, but her true calling always beckons.

She is searching for a grant writer, and volunteers help with raising funds. Most are young, female; some are children. All missing people should be reported immediately, and family or friends should obtain a report number, she said. Once you get that report number, call me. In her 20s she overdosed three times, carried an overdose reversal drug in her purse, which saved her life.

Her plunge into the underworld began as a teenager, started with a little marijuana and a prescription. She never meant to become addicted to opioids, but the prescriptions for Xanax and Klonopin, an anti-epileptic medication also used to treat panic disorders, helped ease her into street drugs.

At first she dabbled, shot heroin only on the weekends, but availability became easier from friends who called themselves bums sitting outside grocery stores waiting to sell or trade. Smart dealers and buyers hide in plain sight, she said, making drug transactions in daylight. She turned to heroin, snorted it, and eventually began shooting it into her arm. The synthetic opioid pain killer can be times more powerful than heroin, and is used in hospitals to treat extreme pain. Fentanyl was found once digging through trash bins at a retirement home.

She heard it was sometimes stolen from family or off delivery trucks, and her friend ordered the drug from China off the dark web. Trust, in an untrusting world, is hard to come by, and drug dealers in Fargo mix opiates with brown sugar, baking soda, baking powder. We would do as much as we could handle, which is eyeballing it. You really just come up with excuses. Tens of thousands of people in the USA die from opioid overdoses every year, a fact Jackie says does not work as a deterrent for users, rather an incentive. Nationally, overdose deaths have surpassed traffic incidents and firearm-related accidents to become the leading cause for accidental deaths, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Synthetic opioids have also sparked American government and drug enforcement pleas to China for stricter regulations. China has heard the cries for help, but some question if the recent crisis in Fargo and other cities in the USA are not reprisals for the 19th century Opium Wars. Under the imperial auspices of free trade, Western powers instigated the Opium Wars in China more than a century ago.

It was also the tight lipped secret behind why U. Now Fargo, incorporated a decade after the Second Opium War, is fighting desperately to stay one step ahead of the dealers. Nationally in opioid overdoses have taken the number one spot for accidental deaths with a total of 52, lethal drug overdoses in , according to the American Society of Addiction Medicine.

The epidemic has been driven by opioid addiction through the prescription of pain relievers, and the importation of the synthetic opioids from abroad. In , more than 33, Americans died from opiate overdoses, which is nearly quadruple from the year It is a schedule II drug, and while meticulously weighed when prescribed by pharmacists, a minuscule mistake by street dealers could mean death. Picture a raisin cut into pieces. One microscopic sliver is the maximum dose of China White a person can ingest without overdosing, Fargo Police Lt.

Shannon Ruziska said. First Step Recovery Agency Director Michael Kaspari show the tip of a pen, any more could be a lethal dose for fentanyl abusers — photo by C. The opiate phenomenon in Fargo is now a crisis, Ruziska said, and the drug primarily comes from China and Mexico, he said. The drug has torn apart families, friends, and life, according to local statistics.

Out of the 69 overdose calls Fargo Police responded to in , 15 died. Only two overdose deaths were not related to China White, according to Ruziska. You sit down to veg out on the couch, and you go to dead. And being dead is not the worst thing that can happen. Although Fargo Police responded to 69 overdose calls in , many more addicts, fearing criminal charges, were never called in, Ruziska said. Such as one instance where people administered Narcan — twice — before calling Narcan is a nasal spray used for emergency treatment of known or suspected opioid overdoses.

FM Ambulance and Fargo Fire Department carry Narcan on calls; police officers do not carry the nasal spray with them, but it is available in the evidence processing area, according to Fargo Police Crime Prevention Officer Jessica Schindeldecker. The user who took Narcan twice survived, but the stigma relating to criminal charges for reporting dangerous drug abuse is something the police department wants the public to know has changed. In many cases, reporting an overdose will not lead to an arrest. Protected under the Overdose Prevention Immunity Law are those who report and cooperate with officials when an overdose occurs, according to the North Dakota Century Code.

Up to three people are eligible for immunity for any one occurrence. In order to be immune, however, the reporting person must remain on scene, must cooperate with emergency medical services and law enforcement, and the overdosed individual must be in need of emergency medical services.

Matt Christianson, head of the narcotics division for the Fargo Police Department. Other investigations occurred in a public place or police received permission to search premises. The Fargo Police Department wants to save lives, and arrest drug dealers, Christianson said. It is very important for us to get in there and get these dealers off the streets. Jackie said the fear from getting arrested in an overdose situation has not been alleviated in Fargo.

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People have said that within the last few months that people have called for help from an overdose, but days later they were raided. Incarceration costs society more than rehabilitation. Why are we arresting people when they call for because of an overdose? Dealers primarily come in from outside North Dakota, Christianson said.

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Dealers are also hard to pin down. They move from place to place and sell to every layer of society, the poor and the rich. You really are immune, except for those delivering the drug. The Free Asian Radio Mandarin, a government media outlet, reports China has known of the fentanyl problem, and began restrictions on the sale of fentanyl and the even more potent carfentanil throughout drugstores and websites nationwide less than a year ago. Many companies in China manufacture the ingredients and the actual drug. One company that distributes fentanyl in China is the Hotai Pharmacy Co.

The company has sales offices in Guangdong, Shanghai, Henan, Jiangxi, and Shandong, and is listed by the Hubei Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce as a limited liability company owned solely by Wang Jinyu. A company called Kinbester Trading Co. The Sinopharm Group is riddled with red flags and corruption allegations including the and arrests on bribery charges of former vice president Shi Jinming, and Zhao Chuanyao, a former general manager for a subsidiary of the group.

A Chinese chemical reagent laboratory — photo provided by online sources. John Lesher. Lyn Matsuda-Norton. Luca Kouimelis. Kathryn Galberth. Nicole Morales. Justin George. Olwen Turtle. Timothy Shuler. Jon Crush. Chad Nini. Richard Carl. Shane Reeves. Justin Brown. Brinton Bryan. Matt Miller. Carey Field. Jaime Neely. Michael Frayeh. Jennifer Scott. Krystal Mathiesen. Julie Bernards. Kelli Gillam.

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Peter Lowe. Mario R. Brekke Lowe. Winston Wingfield. Dorian Alvarez. Henry R. Ochel Jr. Patsy Williams. Saul Sanchez. Dannon Walters III. Guillermo Oseguera. The Williams Brothers. Don Williams. Robert Huizenga. Paula Schoen. Mindy Podolsky. Elida Cerda. Rachel Carlson. Cheryl Miller. James Beidler. Gary Davidson. Michael Antoniazzi. Beth Unger Stallkamp.

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Vision Communications. Sundance Helicopters, Inc. Era Helicopters, LLC. Evergreen Helicopters. Southcoast Helicopters. Cheyenne Studios, LLC. Reel Security Corp. DeWitt Stern Group. Christie Mattull. Business Affairs, Inc. Steve Monas. Julia Scott. Nicole Papincak. Film Finances, Inc. Kurt Woolner. Susan Muir. New Act Travel. Donna Piumetti. Patrick J. Doug Seus. Chuck Waters. Mark McDaniels. Marlow Long. Gary Wayton. Stephen Hart. Cole McKay. Jeff Danoff. Cliff Fleming. Rick Shuster.

Tom Schaus. Company 3. Stefan Sonnenfeld. Adrian DeLude. Jim Eberle. Nick Monton. Missy Papageorge. Jackie Lee. Mike Chiado. Marilyn Sommer. Chris Regan. Jon Krakauer. Frantz, Jr. Hammer, courtesy of Capitol Records, Inc. Jerry Hannan. Kelly Peterson. Corin Tucker. Henry D. Alan Wilson. David Baerwald. Adventure drama [] [ unreliable source?

Return to Treasure Island. Tab Hunter , Dawn Addams. Dany Robin , Amedeo Nazzari. Robinson Crusoe. The Saracen Blade. John Bentley , Martha Hyer. Secret of the Incas. Jack Palance , Jeff Chandler. Sombra verde. Ricardo Montalban , Ariadna Welter. Jean Sacha. Star of India.

Tam tam nell'oltre Giuba. Carlo Sandri. Van Heflin , Ruth Roman. They Were So Young. Trader Tom of the China Seas. Serial , sea adventure []. Fantasy adventure , sea adventure [] []. Valley of the Kings. Gary Cooper , Burt Lancaster. Western [] [] [ failed verification ]. Le Vicomte de Bragelonne. West of Zanzibar. Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy. The Adventures of Captain Africa. The Adventures of Quentin Durward. The Americano. Le avventure di Giacomo Casanova.

John Wayne , Lauren Bacall. Bomba Lord of the Jungle. Caroline and the Rebels. The Coyote. Western [] [ unreliable source? Cross Channel. Wayne Morris , Yvonne Furneaux. Ralph Meeker , Marla English , J.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017) - Saving Jumanji Scene (10/10) - Movieclips

Carrol Naish , John Carradine. Duel on the Mississippi. Lex Barker , Patricia Medina. John Payne , Mary Murphy. Los Hermanos corsos. Heroes and Sinners. Charles S. El Juramento de Lagardere. Carlos Cores , Elsa Daniel. The King's Thief. Musical, romantic adventure [] []. Kiss of Fire.

Lady Godiva of Coventry. The Left Hand of God. The Looters. Il mantello rosso. Giuseppe Maria Scotese. Many Rivers to Cross. Moana, Virgin of the Amazon. Elia Marcelli. Barbara Laage , Renato Baldini. Panther Girl of the Kongo. Phyllis Coates , Myron Healey. Pearl of the South Pacific. Pirates of Tripoli. Il principe della maschera rossa.

Richard Widmark , Mai Zetterling. Rommel's Treasure. War adventure, sea adventure []. Seven Cities of Gold. Soldier of Fortune. Cyr , Mari Blanchard. The Spoilers. Storm Over the Nile. Terence Young , Zoltan Korda. Tangier Assignment. Tarzan's Hidden Jungle. Romantic adventure [] [ unreliable source? Top of the World. The Treasure of Pancho Villa. The Virgin Queen. Alexander the Great. Around the World in Eighty Days.

Michael Anderson. Romantic adventure, adventure comedy []. Back from Eternity. Robert Mitchum , Gilbert Roland. Western [] [] []. Bhowani Junction. Ava Gardner , Stewart Granger. The Conqueror. Melvin Frank , Norman Panama. Curucu, Beast of the Amazon. John Bromfield , Beverly Garland. Horror adventure [] []. Dark Venture. Davy Crockett and the River Pirates. Death in the Garden. Fernandel , Carmen Sevilla , Fernando Rey. Escape in the Sun. John Bentley , Vera Fusek. Flame of the Islands. Flight to Hong Kong. Rory Calhoun , Barbara Rush. The Great Locomotive Chase. Helen of Troy. George Montgomery , Mona Freeman.

Ilya Muromets. The Knight of the Black Sword. Marina Berti , Steve Barclay. The Lebanese Mission. Liane, Jungle Goddess. Magnificent Roughnecks. Sherman A. Jack Carson , Mickey Rooney. Horror adventure , mountaineering adventure [] [] [ unreliable source? John Bromfield , Lon Chaney Jr. Sea adventure [] []. Michel Strogoff. The Mole People. Horror adventure , science fiction adventure [] [ unreliable source? The Mountain. Rhonda Fleming , Macdonald Carey. On the Threshold of Space. Rik Battaglia , Rosanna Schiaffino. Victor Mature , Janet Leigh. Secret of Treasure Mountain. Lo spadaccino misterioso.

The Violent Patriot. Walk Into Paradise. Lee Robinson , Marcello Pagliero. Lloyd Bridges , Nancy Gates. The Women of Pitcairn Island. The Abominable Snowman. Peter Cushing , Forrest Tucker. Action of the Tiger. Sea adventure [] [] [] [ unreliable source? The Admirable Crichton. Adventure comedy, sea adventure [].

Barnacle Bill. The Black Devil. Sea adventure, romantic adventure [] [ unreliable source? The Bridge on the River Kwai. Campbell's Kingdom. Cape Horn. Jorge Mistral , Silvia Pinal. China Gate. The Deerslayer. Desert Warrior. Don Quixote. Nikolay Cherkasov , Yuri Tolubeyev.

The Dragon's Blood. Fantasy adventure [] [] []. East of Kilimanjaro. Arnold Belgard , Edoardo Capolino. Fire Down Below. Flucht in die Tropennacht. James Craig , Audrey Totter. Heaven Knows, Mr. Robert Mitchum , Deborah Kerr. War adventure [] []. Lee Sholem , Elmo Williams. The Incredible Petrified World. Errol Flynn , Cornell Borchers. John Wayne , Janet Leigh. Jock Mahoney , Shirley Patterson. Fantasy adventure [] []. Legend of the Lost. Love Slaves of the Amazons. Don Taylor , Gianna Segale. Sea adventure, romantic adventure []. Monster from Green Hell. Kenneth G. Horror adventure.

The New World. The One That Got Away. Pharaoh's Curse. Pirate of the Half Moon. The Pride and the Passion. Robbery Under Arms. Sabu and the Magic Ring. Sea adventure, fantasy adventure []. Sail Into Danger. Dennis O'Keefe , Kathleen Ryan. Something of Value. The Spirit of St. Tarzan and the Lost Safari.

Three and a Half Musketeers. Adventure comedy [] []. Tip on a Dead Jockey. Undersea Girl. John Peyser. Mara Corday , Pat Conway. Horror adventure []. Woman and the Hunter. Ann Sheridan , David Farrar. Zombies of Mora Tau. Gregg Palmer , Allison Hayes. The 7th Voyage of Sinbad. Fantasy adventure , sea adventure []. The Amorous Corporal. The Buccaneer. Pirate film [] []. Captain Falcon. Il Conte di Matera. Sea adventure [] [] []. Brian Keith , Barbara Hale.

Diamond Safari. Gerald Mayer. Enchanted Island.

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The Fabulous World of Jules Verne. Science fiction adventure []. From the Earth to the Moon. Ghost of the China Sea. The Hidden Fortress. Marie Windsor , Vince Edwards. The Terror from Beyond Space. La Tour, prends garde! Legion of the Doomed. Manhunt in the Jungle. Cornel Wilde , Jean Wallace. Me and the Colonel. War adventure, adventure comedy [].

The Mighty Crusaders. Missile to the Moon. Nor the Moon by Night. The Old Man and the Sea. Adventure drama, sea adventure [] []. Pierre Schoendoerffer , Jacques Dupont. Docudrama []. Peter Voss, Thief of Millions. Fischer , Ingrid Andree , Walter Giller. Jacques Sernas , Bella Darvi. Pirate of the Black Hawk. Queen of Outer Space. Space adventure [] [].

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  5. Romantic adventure, sea adventure []. The Roots of Heaven. Der Schinderhannes. Sea of Sand. She Gods of Shark Reef. The Son of Robin Hood.