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Hi - what a wonderful place this is!!! I've been looking for a book that I read about 5 years ago. The main character is a writer of historical romances and her main character comes to life along with his footman. Together they solve a mystery. Her main character is a bit of a rogue, a count??? His footman is oafish and funny. Thanks so much for your help. Hi, Could please someone help me in finding a mills and boon novel of a greek tycoon arranged marriage with a girl who does charity works.

The heroine loves the guy but he is not sure that his husband loves her. The marriage was arranged by heroine grandmother and hero grandfather. They are passionate in bed and married for 3 years. Then comes a lady who was hero ex lover and trying to create problems in there marriage but at last hero tells her wife that he loves her and he is not interested in anyone else. I cant remember the name of the novel. Could anyone please help. Regards, Aditi. So excited I found this site. I have been looking for a book that I read over ten years ago, but it was probably from the 80's. It's a historical romance about an orphaned woman who takes over her dads fishing boat and dresses like a man so she gets left alone.

They think she is a man at first but then somehow they realize she is a woman and then the crew is unhappy she is there, they keep calling her a Jonah and she was going to bring bad luck to them. They were getting followed by a pirate captain who was mad at the other captain for some reason and one day in port he sees the woman and tries to kidnap her or he does. I don't remember much after that. Hopefully someone can help me!! Please help I want to read this book again but I cant remember the title or author. The story was about a woman who slept with this hunk rancher then while she was in the city she lost her memory and cant remember him.

Here's the catch she's pregnant with his baby and has lots of money she either will or has inherited. I think she worked in a law office I remember some horrible man she couldn't believe she would even think about sleeping with trying to convince her the baby was his to get his hands on the money and I seem to remember the name Tucker for the Ranch hunk.

I could be wrong. Please help with the title of this book! I believe it was one of a series and this one was about one of four English sisters and very funny. The story is told from the perspective of the sister who is getting married to an engineer and she is embarrassed to be thinking to herself that he has rescued her from a crazy life with her family.

I remember that she and her mother rode the Tube under the Thames - which she found very exciting and her mother found terrifying. Before the wedding, the sisters and their mother go to some ritzy restaurant for tea but discover they have almost no money but the mother deals with the head waiter with honesty and class. One of the married sisters is wealthy and arranged it but never pays for anything. Once married, they take a honeymoon cruise to Australia where the husband has taken a job for a year or so.

One of the bride's younger sisters is also on the ship relocating to Australia - either to work or live with another relative. The bride and the sister are sitting in deck chairs behind the husband and his friend and the bride observes her sister just gazing adoringly at the back of the guy's head. That's all I remember but always wanted to read the other books by this author - whoever she is. I remember the cover was solid red with the only the title on it. Forgive me if I do this wrong, I am new at this.

I read a book about a year or so ago unfortunately, I cannot remember if it is one I got at the library or what. I cannot remember the title or author and can only remember a couple of scenes. I want to say it was in an anthology but I am not sure. Here Goes: It starts off with the heroine sneaking into a guy's house to return something or maybe retrieve something as a favor to a friend.

Her friend is the mistress of the guy who owns the house. She is caught by a different guy hero who is staying there I believe he is the guy's brother or something and I believe she convinces him that she is the mistress because he was drunk. Next, she runs into him and is introduced to him at a party. He recognizes her and she recognizes him and they end up in a discussion and kissing in a dark room.

She is daring and willful. I have been trying to figure out this book for over a year now. He is now a famous businessman. He came to buy a product. The heroine also wants to buy that product. She is known as a ruthless CEO and her career depends on that product. The hero is the heroine's sister's friend. They meet at the sister's engagement. When the hero was here he used to be a rouge. The heroine always had a crush on him. So when she was in college she created such a situation that they had to spend the night in a hut and she had previously planned that she'll lose her virginity to him.

Later like always the hero plans not to call her but when she doesn't call he does. He calls for a week she never picks up. He thinks she ditched him because he is poor and she doesn't pick up because she knows he'll break her heart This thought drives him to the top. I can't remember the name but it's kind of bugging me right now. I posted in the other thread a while back but did not get a response so I thought I would try again.

I read this book years ago it was about a French heroine she's living in France and she happens to meet the hero by chance they spend a night together and she finds out that she is pregnant. The hero has already left at this point I think he was in the military? He was British though. Her father finds out and sends her to a convent where she gives birth to a daughter that she names Emma.

A few years pass and she somehow ends up in England and becomes the governess? The hero had thought that she abandoned their child this whole time so he hates the heroine for her actions but they end up making up by the end of the book I think she might be blind??? I clearly remember that she was a French aristocrat though but she becomes broke after the French revolution. I really really hope someone recognizes this book I am almost convinced that I've just imagined the whole thing. Glad to find you all and looking forward to recommendations and help.

Unknown title and author. Book published before I believe it was set in Scotland. He may have plotted with her brother to sleep with her in order to get he pregnant and pass the child off as his son's. If anyone could help, I'd greatly appreciate it. Second book: Another one set in Scotland. The only thing that I can remember is that it runs into Christmas. The h is at her birth father's house for the first time.

Enjoying this site emmincely! I'm also new to this site, but I'm so happy I've found it! I have spent the last few hours jotting down all the books i had forgotten about reading the previous thread : sooo, down to business, I read a book maybe 5 years ago, but it was bought from a car boot sale, so i have no idea when it was published etc. Also, i dont remember anything about it really other than begging. Man and woman get married i cant remember how it came about - it was arranged and the girl doesn't know anything about sex, other than what she had seen in her farm?

I do remember her thinking that his willy looked more like a babies arm than a mushroom a maid or someone told her this I haven't described it very well, but this book is one of the funniest historical romance books i have read, and would love to read it again! WadcbNo, unfortunately that's not it, but I am now going to have to read it lol.

Another Newbie here : I read a historical romance in the 's which I know I loved but have barely any memory of! The only clear memory I have is of the beginning: a girl is being hunted down by two men, in a forest, who have intentions of raping her. I think she ends up hiding in a tree trunk? The girl has red hair and green eyes?? I feel like she's been living with a nasty old uncle or something due to the death of her parents.

That's all I have! Any help is much appreciated :. It came out in Thank you but I actually found it on Google! Thanks anyway :. Ok, I'm driving myself insane and asking all of you for help please! The plot: Woman marries a man out west in the 's - 's. She grows up on the East cost and marries a man whom owns a ranch in Utah or Nevada.

She travels by train and is from money. She arrives in her hoop skirt but is quickly told by her husband to wear pants. She had trouble adjusting to this new life where she rides horses and wears pants instead of being the lady she should be. She then learns how to garden in the dry west part of the country. After months of ranching with her husband. Her husband eventually falls ill from a sickness going on there. She tells her native american neighbor that she'll watch over the baby to ensure that he does not get the sickness his mother has.

She kidnaps him. She then flees to PA and then to Europe. The baby's father spends many years searching for his kidnapped son. The woman meets a man in Europe and leaves the baby she is hiding in the attic by the lake on their property. The baby is then found by neighbors who are gypsies. The gypsies then raise the baby. The woman has two more children, both girls who are friends with this kidnapped little boy. After the mom dies, the girls start unraveling what happened. One of the woman's children and the kidnapped boy now a man start a relationship What is this book, I'm loosing my mind?!

All help is appreciated! I've been trying to think of the title and author of this book for months. I've gone through lists of books by authors I usually read but can't figure it out. The book was 4 stories in one. It was based around two sets of sisters that are cousins. Each story is for each sister. The first story starts with one set of sisters coming west to live after the civil war.

The older sister's husband died in the war. The late husbands best friend comes to live with them and of course the two fall in love and marry. The second story has the cousins, another set of sisters coming to live with them. The older sister of this set ends up falling for the sheriff and they marry. The next story is the younger sister of the first set of sisters.

She marries the rich guy in town after she lost a bet to him in a horse race. This guy was originally interested in the older cousin, but he was only interested in him because of his money. The last story is about the last sister. Her name was Meg I think but I can't remember what her story was.

If anyone can please help me. It's driving me crazy.

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Hope this helps! I can't remember this title, or author! Published late 80s, early 90s. Setting: Scotland, s, the year leading to the second Jacobite rebellion, and right after. Marriage of Convenience between I think a Campbell woman and a rebellious highland clan. The eldest daughter was to marry the man, but she fainted at the alter, so the younger daughter married him.


The man she married was the only remaining son on the clan laird, who was a scarred, womanizing, jerkface. The woman stood out for being practical and smart; before marrying she demanded concessions like having soldiers periodically check on her to make she is ok. This has ramifications later because the English officer who checks on her becomes a friend, and she uses him to save her husband. The woman ended up in the highlands at the castle, made friends with the old cook and her young maid, but lived separate from her husband who was sleeping with his father's redheaded mistress, Fiona?

Eventually, they go to a highland wedding, the husband gets sucked into Bonnie Prince Charles' rebellion, and the wife returns to her father's estate. At that wedding the h beloved cousin is killed by the H's father. Eventually the rebellion fails, the wife finds the husband, her father captures him, he is sentenced to hang, and she uses Rob Roy I think?

They sail to America. Not a lot of sex, and a lot of historical detail, in the book. There are a lot of secondary plot points. I honestly remember almost everything except the name and title. Cover, I think, was a castle in the distance, blue sky, green hills. I'm looking for a book that I do not know the title or author to. I know it was published before The heroine travels to the Yukon, I think looking for her father I believe. He works in the gold fields in Dawson City.

If I'm not mistaken she ends up marrying his younger partner or something like that. His name is Logan not sure if its his first or last name, It might have been O'shea or that could have been the girls last name. I think she also ended up leaving him and going back down to Dawson. There was also I think a Mountie that was vaing for her affections as well.

I just remember his name being Logan. I have been looking for this book forever and have been trying to locate it with no such luck. They end up in Scotland, at her birth father's. It doesn't sound perfect, but the kidnapped h helps heal the H's little sister who was raped by h's stepbrother or something. Part of a series, though. Hi, I have being trying to rememeber the name of a book.

The basic synopsis is that a florist is dropping off flowers at her brother and his new wife's house only to find her sister in law flirting with a man. The man wants revenge on the family because of something her father did so he decides to break up the marriage. The sister in law is young, bored, her husband is always away and she is feeling neglected. No doubt she would be easily seduced. To protect or brothers marriage she suggests the man use her for revenge instead. He agrees and says they should get married. The woman is in a relationship with a man and breaks it off to marry the virtual stranger.

They get married, with the women wearing jeans to her wedding. After the wedding the groom finds out that the father disaproves of the daughter and it is no big deal that he married her. They all in love etc etc with him building her a greenhouse and buying her a car I think there was a line in there, like "you're the typre of man who'd by his child a train set and then end up playing with it yourself. I think there was something in there about her always wearing clothes with flowers on them. The sister in law gets jealous. There is a jealous scene where the groom thinks his new wife is getting lunch with an ex.

There is a happy resolution. It is a contemporary novel written in the last years, it may have been a country setting, I think there was a mention of a cowboy hat. Hello I'm looking for a book that I read years ago. I'm pretty sure that it was written in the 80s or early 90s. It's a Regency romance book. It's a bout a young redheaded girl who becomes the ward of an English Lord. I think he's of Spanish or Italian descent. He hates that he is attracted to her because he's older than her.

He hates that she has beautiful red hair and makes her wear hats anytime she's outdoors. She's very feisty and sometimes immature because of her age. I think someone tries to kidnap her. But he thinks that she ran away and when he finds her it's pouring down rain they make love and he doesn't realize, because of the rain and all her skirts, that she's bleeding to death because she's been cut on her leg.

She gets pregnant, they get married, and she has a baby boy. I can't remember why but she ends up leaving him and he doesn't know where she's at. When he finds her she's a governess, they get back together. She leaves him again this time for his best friend and she's pregnant. He finds out where she's at and kidnaps her. She ends up giving birth to their little girl on the ship. And after that I really can't remember anything else. Thank you ;. I'm so glad I have found this site.

I have found many books to add to my "to read" list. I have read a book some years back. This is what I remember about it. The hero is a cowboy -in texas, perhaps? The son had interfered with mail even then -I think it was the late s, but don't hold me to it- it was a crime and the boy roughly aged 8 has admitted to it. If I remember correctly, he said the that he liked the picture the heroine of the story sent; his father had no idea of it.

The heroine is a woman with a small boy. He is approximately the same age as the hero's son. The boys don't get along at first, but as the story unfolds they practicaly become inseparable. The hero's son admits near the end of the story that he was jealous of the other boy because the heroine's son had a mother who wanted to protect him. See, the story begins in front of store -feed store, maybe- and if I remembert it right, the woman was concerned about her son getting her. The heroine is from Ireland and is on the run.

The man, and later his family, accused her of kindapping to separate her from her son. And she saw the ad for a teacher as a chance for escape as far west as possible. The offer I think included the room and board. Anyway, the matter came before a judge and that is how our heroine came to live on the ranch and became a teacher to his son. Thanks for you help!

I am desperately trying to find a book I believe I read in the mid to late 90s not totally sure. It would most likely be Harlequin or Silhouette. It is about a man who is after the person who killed his wife and twin daughters in a car bombing. Then a few months later she discovered she is pregnant. She has three identical triplet boys and she tries to find the man she spend the night with but with no luck.

Then she runs into to him like three or four years later. I think at this point the triplet boys are around three years old and he then protects her and his sons because the man she had been dating for the last six months is the one who initially killed his wife and twin daughters. I think the triplets names were Ryan, Sean and unsure of the other one. If anyone one remembers this I would greatly appreciate it. I loved this book and would love to read it again. I scanned through the last post but not these ones yet.

So if someone has already asked about this book just point me in the right direction please. I mostly remember scenes ant he plot and I think it was a Harlequin. But it was about a guy, who used to be a surfer I think and now he works for or owns a magazine and is doing a photo shoot of the new swim line. Back when he was still surfing he met a girl had an amazing night with her but was so drunk he only remembers the tattoo on her back and not her face.

She owns a shop now that sells organic fiber? Very hippy. I remember the part where she, I think, bets him that her swimsuits are better and she can make the models look better in the shoot than he can. He makes her wear one of her own suits and realizes that she is the one he was looking for and when he asks why she never said anything she tells him that she already knows who he is. Please help me find this book. It's driving me nuts!

I read this 4 or 5 years ago and think it was a fairly recent publication. It's historical European, maybe early s. The hero is in London with friends. His wife is there. It was a marriage of convenience, and they had never lived together. She was struggling to hold the estate together. She nurses him and they fall in love. The villain ends up trapping them in the same mausoleum, but they escape and live HEA. Author or title? This is it. I have been looking for this book for so long. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to let me know.

Thank you so much. Hi dear Hi am new to this site Ariel discovers that Robin is a girl and persuades her to dress as a girl in a blue gown borrowed from Louise Robin cannot walk properly in a gown and Ariel sends her up on deck to practice walking with her blonde hair loose Hero Cannot remember the name is drunk and sees her, thinking it's the governess Louise she's also blonde for whom he has the hots One day hero sees Ariel return the blue gown to Louise and thank her for lending it to Robin I am new to this and just moved my solo write up to this section.

I read a novel a number of years ago maybe between - It likely is medieval England. He takes them with his men. The friend ultimately finds out she is pregnant. One of the hero's knights is married to her. Ultimately the hero and heiress end up together. This is much of the detail I can recall. I would much appreciate the author and title if anyone out there can remember.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you! Hi I'm looking for a book I believe it was a harlequin presents don't remember the title I read it I think 10 years ago or more. The book was about a heiress whose father made a man marry her because she liked him but after they were married he left her alone for years she thinks she loves someone else but her husband showed her he was only after her money.

Sorry it's been awhile but I remember I really enjoyed this book I also believe the cover had a woman in a blue silk dress hopefully someone can help. Hi everyone I've also posted before and I'm getting kinda desperate. I can't remember why. I do remember something about a seduction in a chair on the way to London. Also it was definitely published before Yes that is the book thank you so much starlight genie it was driving me crazy trying to remember what it was called.

I believe that book has a chair scene but I don't remember the rest. Its a long shot but thought I'd mention it. I am new to this site and any help with a title or author would be much appreciated. I read a paperback novel a number of years ago maybe between - He takes her and the friend with his men. The friend ultimately finds out she is pregnant from the rape. One of the hero's knights marries her. Can someone please help me name this book its been driving me nuts for years! It is right after the Civil war in America. The heroin is of raven hair and they make mention of it that its so midnight black.

He plays and gambles away her horse to a rich handsome horse breeder. She runs away but eventually goes to him because he threatens to place her father in jail. She becomes ill and he nurses her back to health after which she agrees to become his mistress. He then takes her to France and she finds out she is going to have his child.

She fears he wont want it after a misunderstanding and so runs away. He searches for her and finds her. She rejects him. He and her then finally reunite at his big house. I read this many years ago. I want to say that there is a woman with black hair on a horse in the cover but i could be wrong. It may also have the word raven or midnight or dark angel in it.. Hi everyone, I would appreciate the help if anyone knows of a book that I've been searching for a few years now. What I remember is that she has been betrothed already. She's really good with her bow and arrow.

When the hero meets her to marry her, she's being attacked at her house in the woods as he meets her. She believes she's in love with a friend she's known since childhood. But she starts to be really attracted to her hero. She freaks out of how attracted she's becoming of him so she convinces her twin sister to say that she's feeling ill in her bedroom and she escapes in either a rug or trunk I vaguely remember and then goes on horse back to her childhood friends house.

Without realizing that's she's being followed and she's the one who's been the target this whole time. Sorry I wrote a super long post. Thanks Kate Hi, I've been looking for a particular historical romance for weeks now. I read it at least 6 or 7 years ago, maybe more. It is similar to 'Flowers from the Storm' by Laura Kinsale in that the Hero is struck down by something that makes everyone believe he has become an imbecile.

I think he might be a Duke or an Earl? It is set in England maybe regency or just before. There is something about all the other family members dying or being killed by the French? I'd be most grateful if anyone knows what this book is. I'm new to librarything and I'm really hoping someone will recognize a book from a very brief description because I can't remember more than the basics of the plot really.

Years ago I read a romantic mystery about a cold, cruel twin who convinces her twin sister to take her place. The cold, cruel twin is in a very unhappy marriage and has a daughter who she doesn't seem to care about at all. The nice twin goes along with her plan for some reason and falls for the husband and the little girl. The husband at first is baffled by her new, kind behavior because he was used to her gold digging, heartless twin and unaware she had a twin. Eventually he starts to fall for the new twin still thinking its his wife. Sorry, that's all I can remember. I know its not very specific.

If you can think of any plots that fit, please let me know! That's it!!!!! I'm so happy I could cry! Thank you Anna :. Check out the old thread "name that book" Allright gals and? Something like temptation or scandal I think this is the most likely please please help. Posting again in the hopes that someone will end my torment! I'm looking for a Harlequin, probably for the 80s or 90s. It's about two brothers and one woman. The brother the woman is married to dies. The other brother comes back into her life.

Turns out the brother she was married to was gay. That's all I can remember. Hi, I am looking for a romance book I believe it may be from the 80's or 90's. It was about a tree sprite or nymph who awoke from a long sleep to a man coming to this very old house in the winter. They end up meeting and falling in love.

I cannot remember the name of the book because it has been so long since I read it. I think the title may have had the word rose in it, but I'm not positive. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!! Or possibly Fires of Winter by same author? I'm going crazy trying to find this book. I think its a harlequin superromance from the 90's. It's about a lady who is pregnant, there are two little kids involved and a surly rancher. It takes place in either montana, north dakota or colorado. The cover has a lady in a blue dress and she's pregnant.

Please help!!! I've read both of those books and they're not the one I'm looking for. Thank you, though. Please HELP! I don't remember the name or the author, but I remember that its about a woman who walks in on her husband and he's having a threesome with his secretary and another man. She feels horrible because he was horrible to her and made her feel horrible about herself I think he called her fat, etc. I don't remember what happens after this but eventually she meets this like super hot rich entrepreneur guy, who's like in computer technology or something and she ends up living with him for a bit and they fall in love.

I think it takes place like in Washington, I remember fog and water Thanks! Hello Everyone - hope someone can help me. Last year I read a book and did not put it into my Excel sheet - now it is driving me nuts: Taks plase in England - - or so. Lord X's father dies I think he killed himself Money is very tight so with the help of his mother Lord X opens a gaming hell he is very good with cards No one knowes he's a "Lord" He restores the family money.

He meets a woman, falls in love - but if they marry - he then needs to become Lord X and everyone will know he has two identies. This is in reply to post 66 cmboyd This sounds familiar to a Sandra Brown novel I read some time ago. However, in the book the heroine was not a twin but a look-alike and she took the evil look-alike's place after a plane crash. I don't know if this could be it The first I do believe is a Harlequin or Silhouette. The heroine arrives from the country to net a husband.

She has her old nanny and a younger sister who is very beautiful, but has intellectual disabilities. At some point, someone tries to kidnap her sister. The heroine eventually gets married to a reformed rake who is ashamed of his past. The second book is actually the first part of a trilogy. It was also an historical set in England. All I remember is that there were three sisters who somehow became separated and they belonged to a theatrical family.

The third is more recent and is the first of a trilogy of three sisters. Also an historical, the sisters are fashionistas and set up their shop in London. This story is about the oldest sister who has a daughter. There is a fire started by a rival that burns down their shop and they move into the love interests home.

If so, you might be interested in knowing that the third book in the series is due out this month. I loved it! I've been finding this book for years!!! But she went nevertheless, but ultimately she came up and went back to the shack where they made love. There was another scene where she felt someone staring at her from the woods. Please if someone know the book title help me out!! Thank you so much! I think my hero is an Earl. Again thanks - I'll get there yet. Everyone have a Great Thanksgiving! Thank you 82ktleyed! I've being going quite mad, especially as I'd like to read the sequels.

Gonna to ask again. I'm looking for three books now. Is the heroine goes to Dawson city then to the goldfields to locate her father Hero's name is Logan I believe. She ends up marrying him and they leave to go to his claim by dog sled. She still ends up sleeping with him and gets pregnant. She then ends up being employed by the hero's wife who is also pregnant, making her dresses. The wife discovers the other woman is pregnant and does not know its her husbands and shames the woman. The wife also ends up trying to kill her own child with a pillow but is stopped and I can't remember if they put her in a home or what but the hero ends up with the Heroine and finds out she has his baby as well.

This one takes place in Australia on a sheep ranch. He is supposed to be engaged to her sister. She offers to marry him in her sister's place. Also they're father wanted the sister to marry the man so he could pay off the family's debt. Hi I am looking for 3 novels. I think there may be more. They might be half brothers. There mom has remarried. One of the books there is an art gallery and the woman who runs it gets kidnapped by her brothers drug running friends.

The other book one of the sons has a daughter. Help me please. Hi first I want to excuse myself. I am looking for a novel. I just remember there was kind of a bet about a mansion going on between the hero and the heroine because of the heroes brother. I was kind of just looking through the book, I haven't really read it. Hi everyone. Just found out about this place, this looks great. English not my first language, so sorry for any mistakes.

I read some posts from the previous thread and I recognized a couple books that I'm also looking for I think Can't remember the author, much less the title or the characters names. The 1st was posted in ' It is set in England near the Thames. In the beginning the heroine is a highwayman dressed as a boy and is in charge of a group of orphaned boys. She tries to rob a nobleman and he captures her and takes her to his home to be punished.

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When they go to spank her they figure out she is a she and he decides to keep her and train her to be a lady. In the end she ends up being or looking like someone important that they were looking for all along. Some other random things: I think she had her first "tub" bath and compared it to bathing in the Thames. I believe she had long red hair. During regency time in London, somehow the heroine is passing as a servant boy in the hero house, I think that she tried to rob him, but the hero was sorry and gave her a job instead and then the hero some lord starts to have feelings for the 'boy', when he finds it's a girls instead, he makes her his mistress and in the end eventually they get married.

I think that she also was someone important who was kidnapped and got amnesic. I'm starting to feel that I'm mixing 2 stories The 2nd was posted in ' I think he was drunk or something and she tries to rob him and his friend and he catches her and forces her to marry her. Shes actually suppose to be an aristrocat who got kidnapped when she was young. I remember then the heros father teaching her how to be a lady and then launching her into society and shes all beautiful and witty and successful. The hero falls for her without realising shes his wife and i remember how she kept visiting the streets to feed some orphans or something and the hero meets her there again asking for a divorce or something along the lines Hi- new member - : I am looking for a futuristic romance from the 80's or 90's.

A female pilot or law enforcer of some type crashes on a prison planet. The decedents of the original prisoners are living there and have formed a somewhat barbarian like society swords, etc. She and the hero fall in love and eventually leave the planet. There is some political strife, as the decedents of the original prisoners were being kept on the planet even though they hadn't done anything.

I can't really remember the details. The heroine had a vine tattoo that wrapped from her foot, around her leg, across her back, to "bloom" on her chest. I think she had red hair. I kept thinking this book was by Elizabeth Lowell or someone mainstream but I can't find it anywhere. Anyone have a clue what book this is? Thanks for any thoughts!! The first book was Warrior's Woman. I know the female lands on the heros planet when her planet is invaded.

The hero's planet is a barbarian planet where woman are second class citizens. He ends up going back with her to help her planet out. I don't think she had a tattoo but maybe its another book in the series?

Name That Book cont. Part II

Hi all. Im new to this and its all because im desperate to figure out this book. I do not have a lot of information but it starts in London. This woman who is living with her aunt and uncle is sent to live with the aunts brother. The aunts brother makes advances towards the woman. She tries to escape and the brother is killed in the fray. She runs from the house and is snatched up and taken to a ship captain because she is mistaken for a prostitute. After that night she goes back home to her aunts and uncles she ends up being pregnant and they make the captain take her with him as he was leaving to America after they collected money from him.

He thinks he was tricked and makes it hard for the woman. She becomes very ill on the ride to America. He lived on a plantation of sorts with a woman neighbor he was intimate with. The neighbor is very jealous of his wife they were married in a quick ceremony before they left london the thought of the murder of her aunts brother follows her and she believes she is at fault. I think there was another character that was rhe brothers accomplice he was a creepy, slight kind of man. I hope someone can help me and I get the chance to help someone else!

Thank you. I would never have found it. Even the brief description on amazon would not have jogged my memory. I had to try a sample just to be sure. Thank you wadcb3! You are amazing. Please help!! There were twins: a boy and a girl who lost their parents and were left in guardianship of a Duke.

The boy ran away to sea to become a sailor and have a great adventure. So, the girl dressed up, pretending to be a boy and went to meet their newly appointed guardian. The Duke, trying to "man up" his new feminine looking ward took him her to a bordello very comical and that was where he found out that he was actually a she!! He ended up marrying her and then had her twin brought back from the ship he was on. I think the girl's name was Alyssa and her twin was Nicky. There is more to the story but any help you can give would be appreciated.

I've been looking for this book for a while but couldn't find it. I don't remember a lot of details. It's about a model coming back to her hometown. The book starts with her speeding when she's going into town. The male character is a cop and they went to high school together. Any help finding this book would be greatly appreciated! I'm looking for a book about a woman who is married with a small daughter. She is hit by a car, I believe, and dies while in the hospital.

But, she decides that it's not her time yet and takes over the body of a single woman who was also injured. She recovers from her new body's injuries and finds her husband and daughter to check up on them they end up becoming friends and more. In the end, the husband finds out or she tells him what happened and after a while they end up back together. I believe it was a Silhouette or Harlequin. Hey all I am in need of your help! I have been trying to figure out the title of a book. Here is a summary of what I remember of the plot Ringing any bells for anyone?

I am a newbie here The heroin however disguised herself as a normal girl and work at a ranch. She likes all the heavy machinery used at the ranch. The hero is her boss and owner of the ranch. He treats her like his other worker and has a girlfriend i think. The Iveagh Garden offers accommodation at four levels, city-pod rooms, standard rooms, Georgian rooms and suites, some of which overlook the magnificent threehundred-year-old Iveagh Gardens which are open to the public. The Georgian guest- rooms are located at first floor level overlooking Harcourt Street with the original magnificent tall windows affording tons of natural light.

Luxurious upholstered headboards and an eclectic mix of furniture create a attractive mix of new and old. However, this renovation was as focused on technology as it was on design. How to best to use technology to enhance the guest experience was the project undertaken by MJ Technologies at the Iveagh Garden Hotel. State-of-the-art Samsung mirror screens in the public areas combine to act as an attractive reflective mirror in standby mode, to promote the hotels facilities and offerings in signage mode and in TV mode allows sporting and other events to be televised.

Complementing these technologies, the audiovisual infrastructure is integrated into the I. Innovation has been central to this project and Iveagh Garden Hotel is the first and only hotel in Europe to develop a unique low energy system that creates the lowest carbon footprint possible. The revolutionary system uses natural energy that is harvested on site, with an underground river that flows 50 metres below the hotel acting as an energy reserve for cooling and heating the hotel without burning fuel.

The development team lead by Brian McGill and his son Barney set a target to create the lowest carbon footprint possible for the Iveagh Garden when compared to any hotel in Europe despite the building being 40 years old. This decision would require removing the refurbished heating and plumbing system from the building which ran on fossil fuel and replace it with a system to use natural energy and smart concepts.

Run by James Mullally, an IT professional with 20 years of industry experience along with an expert team of designers and technical staff, the company installs a wide range of AV and technology solutions from video conferencing, digital signage, interactive hospitality systems, meeting room design. Working across the hospitality, pharmaceutical , education and corporate sectors, MJ Technologies tailor-make solutions for each client looking to upgrade existing infrastructure or seeking a complete turnkey finish for new projects.

We operate nationwide and handle maintenance and training also. StoreAll, Cork Road, Waterford www. Iveagh Garden The entire heating, cooling and hot water systems were removed from the building and a development plan agreed that would raise the bar on every existing standard that is energy related. While this plan would add millions to the renovation cost natural energy at zero cost would repay the loan. The government energy agency SEAI got behind the initiative offering financial support on the precondition of performance testing when operational so that the system could become a flagship for new development.

To insure nothing gets wasted the energy transport network through the building is engineered to zero thermal loss allowing the pipework system act as storage in a unique design strategy. The road to creating this low energy hotel began with rigorous testing on site which was boosted by the discovery of a massive energy reserve in the form of an underground river. This discovery was inspirational in determining the mechanical design for the thermal energy system required for cooling and heating the building capable of using natural energy reserve. When the process of heating and cooling begins the system simply swaps energy from areas where there is too much to areas that require heat through an energy management system designed specially to eliminate wasting energy without compromising on comfort.

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This means there are no emissions or harmful pollution created on site, only a small amount of energy is required to pump natural energy that already exists, and the standby system is only being used during servicing. The entire building envelope has been sealed and insulated and existing glazing replaced to modern conformity with ventilation continuously monitored to insure clean fresh air for comfort living and energy exchange to prevent waste. The Iveagh Garden hotel electrical design minimizes electrical power consumption on all equipment that requires energy, lighting systems inside and outside were designed using LED low.

So far, the response to the design and innovation at The Iveagh Garden Hotel has been whole-heartedly approving and we for our part wish all involved every success in the future. As part of an effort to increase the overall quality of breakfast on offer to visitors nationally, a baseline survey was conducted with accommodation providers to determine quality baseline and increasing practises with which to measure improvements over time. A high proportion of breakfast. Quality experiences are now a major contributor to increasing holiday satisfaction, creating positive memories and driving positive word of mouth.

Georgina Campbell Awards prepare and serve food to the public. How often have you had a wonderful dinner in a hotel, only to be disappointed by breakfast? Our winners can inspire others to up their game and ultimately, we hope, lead to everyone being able to enjoy an authentic breakfast experience that reflects the locality. These Awards recognise the quality Irish Breakfast Foods that can lift this simple meal into an expression of the local land - and seascape - and we want to see more of them on Irish breakfast menus.

Dalata chefs will benefit from their own dedicated community on chefnetwork. Creating greater connection and collaboration between chefs can inspire and encourage them. This partnership between Chef Network and Dalata gives our chefs the chance to make these connections and to upskill and train. This unique machine can steam at degrees but also vacum at the same time. Steam is the eco way to clean but more importantly all germs are killed.

The steam cleaner produced by Novaltec in Italy can clean all floor sufaces, walls, stainless, pipe work, cold rooms and much more. It clean can clean and vacuum at the same time leaving the floor dry and safe to walk on. If your serious about cleaning then take advantage of a free demo at your hotel, supermarket or factory. Having operated in the refrigeration and dispense service industry for over 60 years, they recognised that the future of water is now.

Emer Water offer superior taps and bottlers which dispense unlimited mains-fed filtered chilled still, sparkling and even hot water; filters for the improvement of water for applications and premium quality branded glass bottles. These systems are available from Emer Water Ltd now. Emer Water Ltd. Over the course of the week, we focused specifically on new innovation and current trends within the culinary industry. On the first day, we were delighted to welcome along Rational and Sous Vide to help us look into Modern Cooking concepts.

This fantastic day helped demonstrate new cooking techniques with the top equipment, along with dispersing expert advice to all in attendance. As the focus shifted to cocktails and the impact cocktail trends can have on your business, and prospect of profitability so high, the success of this day two was only to be expected.

We were proud to host a fantastic cocktail. At Excellence we are very proud of the great service we provide to the Irish Catering Industry and also of the portfolio of products we have to offer. We have been involved in the catering and hospitality industry in Ireland for over 40 years, during that time we have built our business offering quality choice and value with all of the brands that we supply. Enjoying such market-leading brands as Schwartz, Heinz, Philadelphia, Kenco, Maxwell House and our own-brand offering, Newforge, we offer a one-stop shop when supplying products to the foodservice industry.

We are continually investing in our operations to ensure we maintain our service levels and we talk directly to our customers, the people that use the product therefore establishing key relationships with chefs up and down the country. What we can offer are products that offer fantastic taste, quality and value; for a fraction of the cost of assembling from scratch, offering a larger mark up for the customer. Our customers understand that our products go a long way in helping to deliver consistency and quality on a plate time after time.

We source our range of products worldwide from our global manufacturing partners, all of whom hold premium BRC and IFSaccredited manufacturing standards, with approved HACCP systems, ensuring the highest quality and standards are accessible to our customers. This provides a framework of globally recognised principles of quality management and shows that we are continually striving to improve our customer service on every level.

Our dedicated Hospitality team provide permanent and temporary staffing solutions, for some of the biggest and most prestigious hotels, restaurants and venues around the country. The key to our success is our team of expert consultants who each possess extensive, hands-on experience within the industry they recruit for. For more information on how Excel Recruitment can help with your permanent and temporary recruitment needs or if you want to make a move, please call , visit our website www.

Alongside the help of Federico and Ciaran from Catch Events we where able to look into these top trends, while Paul Utterson from Artis was also there to discuss the importance of glassware and allowing for the durability a busy bar would require. This practical V. P Culinary event allowed us to provide an introduction to Molecular Gastronomy, a new technique used to create wonderful innovative dishes. Chef to Waiter Communication The Wireless Waiter system is a simple, bulletproof piece of technology that improves efficiency and productivity at a low entry cost.

A simple button can hail for service via a vibrating watch that tells the service provider who is calling and what service they require. The single most common application of the system is a chef-to-waiter model which allows the kitchen staff to alert the waiting staff that the food order is ready for presentation. In many hotel and restaurant buildings the kitchen is situated inconveniently. Of course the other major application is in meeting rooms, where staff that are dedicated to serving the business clients can be deployed on other tasks while waiting for that call and can be contacted without involving reception.

And last but not least, the customer, who can call for service from areas like the lobby and tucked-away locations which can be expensive to service throughout the day. The Wireless Waiter gets you ancillary sales that otherwise slip away. For info see www. Guidelines advise that dry ambient foods need to be decanted from bags into sealed plastic containers in order to ensure optimum health and safety standards. These tubs are certified food grade quality, resealable and stackable for guaranteed food safety, freshness and ease of storage in a busy kitchen.

Each tub will provide x 40g servings. Waterford for over years. Creating our unique, naturally creamy taste starts with sourcing the finest quality oats within a 60 mile radius of the family mill in Kilmacthomas. Like the return of the swallows, early days of the tourist season seem to augur well, with bustling cafes, busy booking desks and a proliferation of tour buses on city streets and country roads. Yet like the serene swan madly paddling beneath the water, hoteliers and caterers struggle to maintain standards while desperately seeking staff to fill key positions.

Shortage of trained chefs and kitchen staff has been a critical issue for some years but operators like John Brennan of the Park Hotel in Kenmare report that staffing has grown increasingly difficult and now extends across all areas. Earlier this year RAI chief executive Adrian Cummins was quoted as saying that Irish training colleges are producing new chefs each year but the industry needs at least annually. In an attempt to address the shortage, the RAI engaged recruitment agency Global Force to bring in chefs from Italy and it is hoped to increase the intake to from Italy this year.

In the past, the government barred hiring chefs from outside the EU, with the exception of. Following lobbying from industry sources, restrictions have been eased in recent weeks with work permits allowed for hotel and restaurant workers from non-EU countries. Requirements state that jobs must be advertised for at least two weeks before applying for an employment permit for an eligible candidate. In addition, executive chefs, head chefs and sous chefs must have five years experience at that level and the number of permits is limited to two per establishment. Workers can be attracted by higher wages than are general in many countries, but arrive only to find there is no affordable housing.

Where hotels may have provided staff accommodation in the past, that property has become too valuable and has long since been sold for apartments. Patricia relies on a combination of on-line marketing, social media and word of mouth. Local newspapers can be effective too, in winkling out staff looking for part time work -- often older experienced workers who can usefully relieve pressure on full time staff.

She has found it helps to keep good team members by being able to be flexible with hours, weekends off and scheduling during school holidays. Staying open year round while others around him close for the season is a major factor in retaining the kitchen brigade of 12 and a total of 50 staff. The addition of a purpose built crab processing unit has meant there is continuity of employment through the year. At the five star Lough Erne Resort, executive chef Noel McMeel oversees a brigade of 39 serving six catering units ranging from fine dining to casual, bar and functions.

In demand as judge for many young chef competitions, Noel keeps an eye out for promising local talent. He admits the remote location and seasonality of business has been a challenge and after finding himself solo in the kitchen had to re-think a sustainable way of carrying on. As the one time bar grew in popularity, the no- reservation policy had to be abandoned and bookings taken. Pressure on the kitchen was relieved by eliminating daytime food.

Dinner service is now 5 -9 p. The RAI has recommended the reconstitution of CERT to address shortages in the hospitality industry by producing more graduates and attracting a broad scope of young people to rewarding carers. A Terrible Beauty is born. The devastation afflicted on Irish hotels in the period is now largely consigned to history, although scores of hotels whose business models were devastated at the time, continue to struggle with overhanging debt.

A much changed sector has emerged with some of the high-flying hoteliers of the early 20th century removed from the industry and new, ambitious, well-funded investors now controlling their assets and looking to future expansion. Many of the victims of the Crash were companies which emerged during the Nineties and Noughties. During this time, a whole bunch of new hotels began to appear on the map of Ireland.

The most significant newcomer of was Tom Moran from Athea, Co. He sold his hotels to Dalata in , and still retains the Red Cow Moran Hotel which he has recently expanded. The hotel was notable for its enormous banquet hall which could accommodate up to 1, diners. Eventually the enterprise went into receivership and is now under new ownership and operated by Tetrarch Hospitality.

Recovery Dalata as the operator. Blackstone also owns the Conrad and three Hilton hotels in Dublin. Yet another entrepreneur stepped onto the hotel stage as the final year of the Millennium opened. Sean Quinn built a very large hotel in a very empty corner of County Cavan. The Slieve Russell Hotel was set on acres of which 50 acres are lakes and it included two golf courses, spa and conference centre. He added a second hotel, the Hillgrove, alongside his offices in Cavan and went on to buy several others including Buswells in Dublin. Most of these hotels are now controlled by IBRC.

Hotels were still being opened in the mid Noughties. The first signs that the hotel sector was in severe difficulties emerged late in when a number of applications for examinership or receivership came before the Courts. The sudden change of fortune was caused by a catastrophic banking situation. The hotel market became oversupplied and as profits dried up, some hotels encountered difficulty in servicing their loans. NAMA bought up the debts of developers and financial institutions at a discount and took control of the assets, including many hotels. It would take some time before NAMA could assess the value of its hotel assets and find the right market conditions for sales.

In the meantime it appointed hotel management companies to run the operations. By January , 82 hotels were under the control of NAMA, many of which were managed by specialist companies. The hotels sector began to show signs of recovery late in thanks in large part to a number of pro-tourism policies by the Government. At this time, interest in acquiring Irish hotels increased among overseas investors who recognised value when they saw it.

The sale of prime Irish hotels also appealed to local investors, notably Tetrarch Capital, which emerged from Brehon Capital Partners. In , Pat McDonagh, founder and owner of Supermacs entered the hotel sector with the purchase of the Castletroy Park hotel in Limerick.

The timing could not have been worse. The economic crash which followed in resulted in a rapid decline in all property values, including hotels. Dalata won contracts from banks and receivers to manage distressed hotel businesses and over the following years restored many of these to the stage where they could be rescued or sold to new owners. As the economy recovered, Dalata launched the Clayton brand and embarked on a programme of expansion which included the acquisition of the Moran hotels. Today Dalata operates 38 hotels with a total of more than 7, rooms, in Ireland and the UK.

The past decade has seen more hotels change hands than at any point in the history of the industry. It remains to be seen how the new owners will fare in a postBrexit Ireland. This a rebellion against the state of coffee in Ireland. It was decided that enough was enough. It was time to put an end to unethically sourced beans, lowquality roasting and inferior blends.

In the last twenty years, Java Republic has gone from strength to strength. These are the people that make it all happen: experts, passionate and conscientious. It starts with the experts who source the best beans from the best farmers. It takes in the dedicated crew who receive the green beans at the warehouse door — and those who will pack and deliver the finished product.

It includes the experienced artisans who hand-roast each bean varietal, and the service and training expertise to make sure you serve it perfectly. Finally, the Java Republic team includes people who know how to make a great foodservice business even better — not just with coffee and tea, but with a truly memorable experience. Every Republic, at its core, is founded on freedom, respect and equality. Java Republic also supports the communities that enjoy its coffee here in Ireland. Java Republic is passionate about our environment and sustainability. It also spends real money to buy carbon credits from developing countries.

Java Republic has a simple name for this philosophy: Coffee with a Conscience. Java Republic is built from the ground up to be open and transparent. Its unique Roastery has floor-to-ceiling glass walls so every stage of our process is visible. That makes its commitment to quality visible to all. Not only can Java Republic help you find the roast and blend that best suits your customers tastes, our staff can also show you the potential of a truly engaging coffee and tea experience. They allow Java Republic to demonstrate best coffee preparation practices, test product innovations and to gather consumer insights — which it then shares with its clients.

No matter where your business is based, Java Republic makes it their business to be nearby. These are the people who will tailor-make your Java Republic service — and they have been selected as carefully as our coffee. They are smart, capable and passionate about what they do. They are also industry experts with years of experience, and spotless track records in responsiveness and reliability.

They will take the time to sit down with you to work through every detail of your business before they design a solution for you. They will train you and your people thoroughly and service your machines regularly. We are delighted to be leading the way in tackling the issue of waste caused by regular disposable coffee cups. This means we provide a closed loop system from growing the crop to bringing it back to nature again by creating compost that can be used on Irish land. This process creates compost which can be spread onto local agricultural farm land benefiting and improving soil crops in Ireland.

While others may claim to use eco-friendly cups, Java Republic, is leading the march toward a truly greener, more environmentally responsible coffee community. Jade successfully fought off the challenge of six other young chefs to claim the top prize with her two dishes. The students had to prepare, cook and present a vegetarian starter and a main course celebrating sustainable Irish seafood, while against the clock. I wanted to carry over many of the same characteristics while adding a new twist. With my fish dish I decided to use.

Knorr education centres. I had been a journalist, then I was a stay at home Mum of three for a number of years. I knew that if I was going to be leaving my kids to go out to work I needed to do something I really loved. I had always had a huge interest in food and a real love of cooking. My family were getting dishes like slow cooked lamb shank with Moroccan spices, homemade dumplings. I spent huge time on meals and cooking was always a pleasure for me. I was always the one cooking for family gatherings.

My sister-in-law is involved with a theatre company here in Galway. They had an event coming up and the caterers let them down late in the day.

She asked me if I would cater for the event. That was my first foray into professional catering; cooking for big numbers, presenting all of the food on big platters…it completely lit a fire under me and it gave me the confidence to think that maybe I could do it professionally. You can only learn so much from books.

I had huge passion but I wanted to get some training. I planned on lying to them in the interview, I was going to tell them I had experience in a professional kitchen. In the end I came clean and told them I had none but promised to get some before the course. Obviously my passion and commitment came across because I was accepted. GMIT were so supportive of me and still are.

Then Jess Murphy [of Kai restaurant in Galway], who was with Bar 8 at the time, was looking for someone for baking and I got the job. I was lucky; the fact that I had children was. But after a while I saw that the chefs who worked Saturdays were getting the adrenaline buzz of a busy service and I wanted that too! I was blind going into it. It was like a crime of passion. We opened up with myself in the kitchen, one person front of house and a part-time kitchen porter. We had 6 or 7 dishes on the menu, everything prepared entirely from scratch. I had a 2-ring cooker, I rented the furniture from the previous owner, my mother went to IKEA to buy the plates.

It was insane. I was lucky I had great support, lots from our neighbouring businesses and others in the industry in Galway. What is the most important ingredient in your success to date? We have such a fantastic team — and it one of the main reasons that I love coming to work. Somehow we are managing to attract great people. I have an amazing head chef, Gavin, who has been with me for 5 years and another chef, Louise, who is about to go on maternity leave but has been with me for 6 years.

We have such an incredible team, many of whom have come through GMIT. It is so important to truly work as a team. We are all in it to win it! Everyone has an input, front of house and chefs; they all have the chance to input creatively. We have one front of house person who made all these beautiful paper flowers to decorate the restaurant — the staff are really into the business, they are invested in it.

We really do try to have a mix of different kinds of people and we have huge diversity on our team. We have staff that come from lots of countries and backgrounds, and they all contribute new things and particular skills to our food and our business. We currently have slightly more women than men in our kitchen, generally it is about half in half across the restaurant.

Funnily enough, having people who are so different actually leads to less conflict. It is important to be truly openminded — all we ask is that you be a team player. This was the first and really only time I saw the bad side of professional kitchens. Sadly the whole culture of that kitchen was affected by a head chef who was jaded, tired and sick of the job to the point where he had no respect for the food, the customer, or the staff.

It is so important that we are all committed to creating a learning environment in our kitchens. If I had gone in there as a year old I probably would have left and never gone back to the industry, but because I was more mature and focussed on what I wanted, I stuck with it. Treat the head chef the same way you treat the kitchen porter. Treat your supplier as you would a customer. Treat everyone with equal respect and it will filter down. I am surrounded by amazing young people, who are full of energy and creativity, they all bring something to the party…and everyone of them needs to feel valued.

The biggest challenge is…staying on top of costs You want to have decent ingredients, but people are only willing to pay so much for their lunch. And you want to pay your staff well; my accountant keeps telling me my staff costs are too high, but I argue that this is a service industry, the staff are key.

I have learned that… Having a good accountant is really important. I had the passion and sheer stubbornness to make it happen but made a lot of financial mistakes. You really have to keep on top of that stuff. What I love most is…the delight of when someone takes their first bite of something delicious. What makes me most proud is…that this is where lots of chefs around the city come to eat. The most difficult thing I have had to face is…. You have to try and diffuse situations, but conflicts do arise. Try to get the staff members the chance to sort things out.

You need to be both passionate and level-headed, and they are sometimes at odds. I nearly always follow my heart. Being able to manage people is massive…. You can create a better workplace by being willing to compromise. Please contact ruth. For years, The Ritz London has been the benchmark by which other hotels are measured.

The iconic hotel has long been the hotel of choice for Royalty, aristocracy, dignitaries and countless other discerning guests and is the first and only hotel to have received a Royal Warrant from His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales and, though relevant to guests needs today, it still retains the luxurious Louis XVI style interiors, meticulous service and the exquisite bar and restaurants for which The Ritz name is synonymous.

John Williams is perhaps one of the most famous names in the world of luxury dining and the son of a Tyneside fisherman. Ciaran Fahy, a Dubliner, who embraces his London home of 30 years but with a true passion for his hometown. Their mutual respect, patience and chemistry are rare, real and relaxed. They are also full of fun. The Ritz amongst the madding crowd, led to a chat that left a mark. Outside, Piccadilly is fighting every inch with people. Buses and taxis feverishly rushing about their hurried day, horns blowing, it is the centre of the centre of the world.

His staccato sentences rich with wisdom. For me, things simply were not in synch with the room because The Ritz has fundamentals that cannot be tampered with. For example, The Ritz must have silver and fine china. Probing this more, Fahy tells a simple story of retired ladies getting an early morning bus from Swansea to Piccadilly to enjoy the legendary Ritz Afternoon Tea.

For the ordinary people we all live amongst, touching The Ritz is as good as embracing it and even staying there. They theorize about market segments, demographics just a little too much. This means we represent and must always reflect the very best of British. This means, no matter what, we will not compromise on our produce, our curtains, our beds or our carpet.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Educating people is an intrinsic part of good leaders. Though surrounded by wealth, luxury and often the most famous faces on earth, their roots always come through and neither confuse who they are with what they do. These strong values give both a rare ability to understand what it means to someone to come to The Ritz. Great hotels know the difference and that means an essential and deep intuitive understanding of what discretion means.

Williams understands the role of The Ritz in society and for the people they serve. He also understands that iconic brands still need to deliver a profit but for Williams and Fahy, profit is simply an outcome. We do not talk about guests. Sometimes, luxury hotels can begin to believe.

Throughout my time with these two passionate professionals, we are served the finest tea in the finest china. Before long, discreet assistants are whispering reminders of other meetings and waiting guests. Each story sparks another but even the most pleasant of meetings must come to an end. John Williams sips the last of his tea from the most beautiful cup. The State too though must play its role - the Government has got much right on tourism taxes with the Vat rate aligned with the European average, but it has been found seriously wanting in terms of investment in tourism.

On behalf of the 20, businesses within the Irish tourism industry, ITIC will be reviewing Tourism: An Industry Strategy for Growth to on a 6 monthly basis to ensure that the policy recommendations within it are being implemented. Travels with a wheelchair. We try but we could do more! I am on a mission to find out how we treat people who need accessible rooms and accessible bathrooms in the hospitality industry and I have found the good, the bad and the very bad!

The Royal Marine has excellent facilities with four dedicated bedrooms, roll-in showers and lower beds but the best thing for me is the attitude of the staff. I have seen at first hand how they go out of their way to make sure that someone with a disability is given as much assistance as they need. We should be treating everyone the same. Aidan and his staff had met with their representatives to learn how best to orientate them, setting aside bedrooms close together and a special area for breakfast.

Most of the problems I have encountered are in the restaurant category. And, despite the building regulations which provide for access for people with a disability, older buildings are hedging their bets. On one visit with a wheelchair, the proprietor said the guest would have to go down an alley around the back of the building and enter through the kitchen! Not good enough! But move on and the kindness of the staff in Mao in Stillorgan was balanced by an excellent bathroom with plenty of space and even a bowl of fresh flowers! The positive attitude of the staff is also evident in Renvyle House Hotel in Connemara where the General Manager Ronnie Counihan showed me their accessible rooms and also their new suites which have been built with extra wide walk-in showers which would be suitable for many people needing accessibility.

But enjoying trips away and meals out is the preserve of everyone and access to the building and an accessible bathroom are essentials. These bathrooms have already proved lifechanging in the UK which now has of them. She herself has been a wheelchair user for over forty years so she is the real expert in the area of accessibility. She has since instances where the bathroom is used for stacking chairs. And this has now extended to travelling beyond Ireland where tour operators are seeing an increase in people with a disability booking holidays abroad.

For example one Spanish hotel which was offering accessible rooms had the shower inside the bath! But on the plus side, John says there have been dramatic improvements in many ways. Coach access varies, in the US they provide lifts at the side of the coach.

John also points out that with so many older people travelling that there are increasing accessibility problems. Some are better than others, the newer ships are excellent but you have to make sure that someone with a disability is getting as much out of their holiday as everyone else! Legislation is fine but we need a lot more monitoring. Deliver a solution for your customers without compromise. As experts in commercial catering design, we offer innovative solutions to the catering, hospitality and foodservice industries.

We started out as a small team of specialists in commercial catering design and have grown in numbers and knowledge, completing hundreds of successful and transformative projects in the UK and Ireland, through our designs, equipment and furniture. At Catering Design Solutions, we ensure our customers get the best, innovative solutions to give them competitive advantage.

This is why we place a strong emphasis on future innovations in the commercial catering industry, taking what we learn and putting it into developing the products and services that make up our solutions. Gender Pay Mind the Gap? The Ritz Attention to detail www. If you would like to visit the culinary innovation Centre for a consultation, to use the facilities or for trade associated purposes please email: gibsonlane bunzl. Avvio dines out on tech award Just Ask for Letterkenny eaterie Hotel technology expert Avvio has won an international award for its contribution to cutting edge technology in the hospitality industry.

Great National Hotels and Resorts Secondly, changes have also been made in the personal litigation arena. At its core, it ensures that companies consider GDPR questions? Haddington House appreciates the value of having women in the business from the point of view that most have the ability to multitask, and women bring a fresh new dynamic point of view to a male dominated industry.

Tipperary As that funding trickles or flows towards the Hidden Heartlands, just how will the spoils be divvied up? As is demonstrated in Figure 3 below, there was a significant drop in OVERALL Google traffic when the brand ads Bookassist stopped, with a recovery as soon as the ads were switched back on. So far, it has been so successful because they feel like they are in a restaurant rather than a Clayton Hotel hotel.

The entire building envelope has been sealed and insulated and existing glazing replaced to modern conformity with ventilation continuously monitored to insure clean fresh air for comfort living and energy exchange to prevent waste The Iveagh Garden hotel electrical design minimizes electrical power consumption on all equipment that requires energy, lighting systems inside and outside were designed using LED low So far, the response to the design and innovation at The Iveagh Garden Hotel has been whole-heartedly approving and we for our part wish all involved every success in the future.