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Don't use trash bins to store your objects. They get emptied periodically. Do use trash bins to "throw away" objects you don't want your party members to pick up. The easiest way to hear all the rumors for a town is to talk to a bartender. You can get into a conversation loop and keep asking for rumors until there are no more to hear. If you need to pick up a large object, but you don't have enough room in your inventory and you can't tell how big the object is and therefore don't know how much room to create , try to pick up the object, and when that fails, drop an object.

You'll create a "junk pile" with the large object, and you'll be able to see how big it is. If you click on the sign or plaque identifying a building, the name of the building will appear on the area map. If you wear heavy gloves, they'll adversely affect your pick pocketing skill. Save your game before entering bars. Patrons will randomly bet you gold on trivia questions, insult you, ignore you, or even attack you. When traveling on the world map, you can set waypoints any place on the map, not just on known locations. To identify an object using a scroll: select the scroll, move it to the hand icon on the right side of the inventory screen, and then select the item you want to identify.

At several points in the game, you'll receive a note or a book, and a quest will only be triggered once you read the item. So even if you've played through the game once, be sure to read everything that comes your way. Non-obvious items you should hang onto: shovel, kathorn crystal, Molochean Hand amulet, mithril, scroll of shrink, offerings for the altars quest. The goal is to allow you to do as many quests as possible, and see as many things as possible, but stay on the side of good when there are conflicting options.

I'll touch on some evil activities, but the story doesn't work as well when you take the evil path, and performing evil acts has overly negative consequences, like turning towns against you. For the most part I'm assuming characters have average intelligence and charisma, but don't be surprised if your game doesn't go exactly as I've described. That's part of the beauty of Arcanum, that no two games are exactly alike. You should also find the wreckage of one of the planes that shot down the zeppelin.

Note that an ogre was piloting the plane, and that the plane came from Maxim's Machinery in Caladon. Something isn't quite right about all this. If you're confident you can take on the enemies yourself, tell Virgil to back off F5 so you can get more experience. On the northeastern edge of the area, on the far side of the lake, you should find a cave.

Inside the cave are some sewer rats that you should have no trouble killing, plus some more gadgets to pick up, plus a spirit to talk to. Agree to kill the wizard to break the curse. Then exit the cave, finish exploring the crash site if you need to, and head southeast. Eventually you'll come to a shrine with an inscription on it. Conveniently, the inscription is the prophecy that Virgil couldn't quite remember before: "And his spirit shall be reborn on wings of fire in hills shrouded in fog.

Once you walk a little past the shrine, you'll be approached by a hooded man. The man is a bad guy, and if you let Virgil do the talking, he'll scare the man away. However, if you do the talking, you can provoke the man to fight and pick up some extra experience. So try fighting first, and if that doesn't work let Virgil talk. If you kill the man, notice that he was wearing the same sort of amulet as the ogre pilot.

It's a Molochean Hand amulet. A little past the confrontation, you'll finally be able to access the world map. Virgil will tell you about it, and you can also tell by the blue globe that shows up on the upper left part of the interface assuming you're not in fullscreen mode. Don't go to Shrouded Hills yet; instead go to Arbalah's House. Notice the two fresh graves outside the house, and then go in to talk to Arbalah. If it's night you'll have to wait for morning. Arbalah is the one telling the truth, so agree to help him get his artifact back, and then go back to talk to Brehgo.

Inform Brehgo that you talked to Arbalah, but then lie to him and say that Arbalah will lift the curse if he gives back the artifact. Brehgo will take about two seconds to give up his partner and point out the location of his shack on your map. So exit the cave and head for the shack, but don't tell Brehgo you lied to him when you leave. At the shack, you can kill Fahrkus, rob him, or lie to him to get the artifact.

It doesn't matter which you do, but killing him gives the most experience, so try doing that first. I bestow my blessing upon you. You'll get the reward for the quest, plus you'll be able to keep Arbalah's blessing. Then proceed to Shrouded Hills. Agree to help him get rid of the brigands. Then head north and talk to the gnome. So don't give him the ring, and don't worry if the encounter seems incomplete. You'll run into him again later. Talk to Ristezze and show him the ring. If you want to make some extra money, take the following dialogue options: ask who G.

Ristezze will give you 50 gold. Also, you can sell the ring by asking how much it is worth, and Ristezze will give you more gold. He'll decide that he needs something back for the information, and he'll ask for a camera or an item of Bessie Toone's. The camera is actually useful for something else later in the game, so hang onto it and get back to Ristezze when you find something of Bessie Toone's. Then wander around the town, talk to everybody, and sell the stuff you found at the crash site.

The general store gives better prices than Ristezze, so start there. The magical reward is a sword, the tech reward is a gun, and the indecisive reward is an axe. Accept all of the quests except for robbing the bank. That's the kind of quest that can get the whole town after you, even if you do it right. When you go there you'll find two dead assassins and a note.

The note will tell you to look for a telegram when you get to Tarant. The easiest place to go from here is the mine, so head west and find it at the western end of town. Inside you'll find some spiders and wolves to kill, a sprocket with " If you're not lucky, you'll either have to make some yourself or have Magnus make it for you if he joins your group in Tarant , find it lying around somewhere, or get some in the mine in Bessie's room after you put Bessie to rest.

The blacksmith will make a fine steel dagger for you when you give him the ore. Also in the mine, on the western side, you'll find Bessie Toone's ghost. If you click on her you'll hear her mumble about "Sara, my dear Sarah" which is a clue about why she's there. Also in the room you should find a metal can, and inside you can pick up one of Bessie's boots for Ristezze. So head back to town. When you talk to Percival he'll let you know that Sarah is his sister and that he doesn't like her very much.

He'll also let it slip that Sarah is living in Dernholm and that the new owners of the mine are living in Tarant. Then talk to Ristezze and give him Bessie's boot. He'll let you know that P. The sheriff can also mark Tarant on your map, once you have a reason to go there. If you want, immediately buy back the boot for a few coins. You'll be able to sell it for a profit later. Then save your game and talk to Doc Roberts next to the bank. If it's daylight then the robbery will start right away, and you'll have to do some fighting.

Otherwise you'll have to wait for morning. Once you do get to defend the bank, you'll find three robbers inside. Sometimes Doc will help you in the battle and it will go easily, and sometimes he'll get stuck at the door and you'll have more work to do. Depending upon how you've been developing your character, the battle still might be easy, but if you have problems, keep trying. When the robbers are dead, loot their bodies for some good stuff, and be sure to talk to Doc to get your reward. Depending on what you said to him before, you'll receive an enchanted sword, a revolver, or an axe.

If you're feeling evil, you can now help Jongle Dunne. The steam engine is located in the temple, and you'll find it "guarded" by a dwarf technologist named Hervor. Move your mouse cursor over the engine, and you'll find that part of it -- the control box -- highlights when the cursor is over it. That's the part you need to destroy. You can either attack it outright go into combat mode and then alt-click on it or you can use dynamite on it and then attack whatever is left if anything.

You should kill Hervor while you're there he'll probably attack you anyway to prevent him from telling the sheriff about your deed. Go ahead and pick up the quest, if for no other reason than Dunne will mark Dernholm on your world map if you do so. When you talk to the sheriff next, you'll get a quest to fix the steam engine. He'll want a sprocket the " Doing so will upset Dunne, and then you won't be able to complete his second quest. So instead head out of town to the northeast, wave to the gypsy on the way past she can identify magic items for you when you find them , and then approach the bandits at the bridge, but save your game before talking to them.

You have a few options to get past them: you can pay a fee of coins, you can talk your way past them if you have a rank of persuasion, or you can kill them. If you hadn't agreed to help the sheriff to get rid of them, you could also have done a quest to get past them. I am Lukan! Lukan the Witless! Where I roam, the masses quabble in pertubisiveness and trepidunction! So ask to cross the bridge, say the "persuade you" dialogue option, and then pretend to be with the Thieves Underground, but don't mention leaders or handbooks.

If you do everything right, the bandits will even pay you gold before departing. But don't let them leave.

Murder in the Magick Club by Lorrier Esq, Byron A. | eBay

Instead, immediately start combat mode and attack them. There are two reasons for this: their equipment is useful especially if you're a half-ogre or have Sogg Mead Mug with you , and you can get a "bonus" fate point for killing them. You should already have received one for convincing them to leave. But killing the bandits can be difficult. If you're a melee fighter, you might be able to just wade in and kill them, but otherwise you'll have to use some strategy -- or at least some heavy explosives. Along the way you should have picked up some grenades in Brehgo's cave, for instance , and this is the perfect opportunity to use them.

So as soon as you start combat mode, immediately use an explosive grenade on Lukan and a stun grenade on one of the ogres. If you're standing close enough, you should always hit your targets, and with Lukan dead or badly wounded, and one of the ogres stunned for a couple rounds, you should be able to win the battle. If not, make sure your group has the best equipment possible and try again until you succeed. Then collect your reward from the sheriff, and head out of town. When you get past the gate, you'll meet up with the gnome "William Radcliffe" again. This time you'll have to fight him, but he should be easy to kill.

Once he's dead, loot his corpse and discover a note from "G. Then exit the area and head for Dernholm. She'll also tell you that the new owners of the mine are the Stanton Importers, and that they can be found at 25 Lion's Head Circle in Tarant. Agree to help Sarah get the mine back. In particular, she'll let it slip that King Praetor isn't the rightful king. It has to be some value greater than 5. Archibald will yell at you and say he'll never give the ring back. Don't kill him although that's one way to get the ring. Instead, go southeast a bit and talk to Bernard.

He'll tell you how Gladys sends somebody after Archibald every month or so. Go back and talk to Arcihbald again and suggest that Gladys is attracted to him. He'll then give you the ring, and you can return it to Gladys. This will mark Black Root on your world map. Give Dunne his package to finish that quest, and then give the sprocket to the sheriff to fix the steam engine. Then head off to Tarant. You'll likely discover Torg's Altar along the way, but ignore it for now. So cross the bridge to the northeast and make your way to the main part of the city.

Tarant is a large city, but it is organized nicely, and so finding your way around shouldn't be too bad. A river cuts the city in half, and the "rich" side with residences, shops, and the university is to the north and west, while the "poor" side with docks, warehouses, and factories is to the east and south.

Explore the rich side first. She'll ask you to steal an elven funerary stone from the Elven Ruins, and she'll mark the location on your map. If you're persuasive, you can get her to increase her payment to gold. If you found out about the Thieves Underground from Lukan in Shrouded Hills, you'll be able to talk to the man. See section However, she'll tell you that her husband might have mentioned the painting while drunk, and the newspaper article will say that the husband frequents the Wellington Gentleman's Club.

Inside the club, you'll meet a dark elf noble who will ask you to deliver a note to 36 Low Dervish Road. You're not supposed to look at the note, but if you do you'll find it says "57 Mulligan Bone Alley," and so there are two ways to find out the address. Note: If you're female, the doorman won't let you into the club. So you'll have to find Wendell Wellington near the university and convince him to let you enter.

The only way to avoid his "fee" is to kill him or steal an invitation from him.

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Since his ogre bodyguard is only level 1, it's easy to kill him. You can also steal the key to the club from the doorman, but he seems fairly alert, and so it's easiest to deal with Wellington. He'll ask you to retrieve his wedding ring, which he lost in the sewers. Go ahead and solve this quest right away. The entrance to the sewers is right next to you a manhole , and the ring can be found on the ground in a room with a few sewer rats in it take the western tunnel at the first fork you come to. If you don't see the ring, check your companions to see if they picked it up. You can also explore the rest of the sewers if you want, and pick up some extra loot and experience.

Go ahead and do it. Not only will you get the gold from Wright, but from now on random townsfolk will sometimes give you money when you talk to them. Wright will also pay you 75 gold to deliver a note to MRS. Do that as well. The Halster residence is only a couple of blocks away to the southwest.

If you have at least two ranks of persuasion, you can talk to Gar about tea and coax him into showing his real intelligence. If you then talk to Parnell, you can get him to release Gar from his contract by pretending to blackmail him. Now Gar will join your group, but you can also release him to get a fate point but note that Gar won't ever rejoin you if you release him. The second thing you can do at the museum is sell Parnell Bessie Toone's boot for gold. But if you go there you'll only find a matchbook for the Wellington Gentleman's Club in their tomb. He'll give you some clues on the Ancient Gods Quest.

Lastly, you'll find the university bookseller. He'll offer to sell you technical manuals, which will improve your technical expertise by the same amount as your intelligence while they're in your inventory. He'll then ask you to talk to the local stonecutter whose shop is on the poor side of town , so he can make arrangements for Wilhemina's tombstone. Also on the rich side of town you should find the P.

Magnus will give you some background on the establishment, and he'll even join your group if you want him to. No, I think that just about covers what I know, my friend. If you're persuasive, you can pretend to be with the authorities, and he'll give you the key to the basement. Otherwise he'll just give you the run-around when you talk to him, and you'll either have to rob him or kill him to get the key.

Then explore the areas under the shop. You'll find some zombies to kill and some loot to pick up, and eventually you'll come to the Schuylers. If you talk to them you'll learn that they're a family of necromancers and that they built their shop on top of some ancient dwarven ruins. Plus, you'll get to talk to dead Pelonious Schuyler, who will tell you that the ring was made for Gilbert Bates.

However, the Schuylers are just a little bit evil, so you might want to kill them instead. In fact, if you have Magnus with you, you won't have any choice. He'll decide that the dwarven zombies are really his kin, and he'll demand revenge. Fortunately, the Schuylers are spellcasters without powerful spells -- and two of them are only level 4 -- so they'll die quickly. Then you can pick up the key to their file cabinets on Winston's corpse and find a telegram from Benjamin Bates commissioning the ring for his son, Gilbert.

The first will be to retrieve a necklace from the Mooreland residence. She'll want a reward for it, and you can pay her, threaten her, or persuade her to give up the necklace. If you persuade her to join Madame Lil's, she'll give you a "freebie" later as a reward. That sounds pretty good, but you won't face many spellcasters in the game, and all the necklace will usually do is cause heal spells to fail. In any case, you can steal it back from Madam Lil later if you want.

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For the second quest, Madam Lil will ask you to collect gold from MR. He won't have the money on hand, so you'll have to wait five days to get it. Since time doesn't matter in the game, just advance the clock five days and pick up what he owes. For the third quest male players only , Madam Lil will ask you to deliver a package to Mrs. Halster and tell her it's from Mr.

It seems Mr. Halster visits the brothel more often when he's getting along with his wife. For the last quest, Madam Lil will ask you to find a Medallion of Beauty. Sometimes you can find one in the closed part of the city sewers, but sometimes you can't. Pick Madam Toussaude's side she gives the better reward , and she'll give you a crystal ball to give to Beston.

Note: Don't do this quest before finishing the Garringsburg painting quest. If you do, Toussaude will only give you the location of the painting, which you can find by other means. It's as I always say, traveler -- the future is inevitable. You'll face lots of rats, but they shouldn't pose much of a problem. Clear the western smaller warehouse first because that's where you'll find the key to the other warehouse.

Once they're clear, you can use the warehouses for your own storage. They're conveniently located between the junk dealer and the gypsy, and they're right next to a stealrail station. If you didn't look at the note, you'll receive experience for the job. Otherwise you'll have to fight the trio of bandits you'll find there. You can fight the bandits regardless and pick up some armor to sell, plus Rorry Limes' passport.

If you didn't get the guest list from the Wellington Gentleman's Club's doorman, you can use the passport to get an address for Limes from the Hall of Records. He'll ask you to destroy a prototype steam engine at the Bates factory to prove yourself, and then he'll ask you to sneak into the Bates mansion and find some incriminating evidence.

The evidence is Bates' journal, located in his bedroom on the second floor. Reading the journal is essentially the same as talking to Bates. However, the story flows better if you work with Bates instead, and, in terms of the walkthrough, that's the method I'm going to assume you're going to use.

You can also find the Jewel of Hebe, a quality neutral-aptitude necklace. The Garringsburg painting is in the closet, and you can either kill the half-ogre or steal the key from him to get it. Then you just need to return the painting to the Garringsburgs to complete the quest. Answer that you do you should have met him at the Wellington Gentlemen's Club and agree to deliver a message to him. When you get to the club, you'll discover that the message was just a ruse to allow an assassin to follow you and find de Cesare. De Cesare will kill the assassin and then go outside so you can talk privately.

When you join him, he'll ask that you to find the skulls of the Ren'ar Siamese twins and suggest that they might be in a warehouse somewhere in town. The correct warehouse is at 17 Quilton Bend near Simon Plough's warehouses. It has locked metal doors, and if you can't pick them, then this is a good place to use dynamite if you have it. Plus, inside you'll find a wererat and a half-ogre, and dynamiting the doors might kill them at the same time. If you have to kill them in normal battle, though, concentrate on the wererat first since it is the much more dangerous of the two.

It will also have some gold on its corpse, so be sure to check it after it's dead. Also, at some point when you're in Tarant, newspaper vendors will announce the headline, "Anarchist Laborers Take Over Factory!

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He'll also give you a key, but this time you can go inside and convince Throgg to "surrender" to Wheeler. Both solutions will net you 10, experience, but the best thing to do morals aside is to get Wheeler's men to fight the orcs so you can loot their bodies at the end. You'll find things like a mechanized gun, a power axe, and lots of bullets. You've done the city of Tarant a great service! However, his door guard won't let you just waltz in.

If you're persuasive, you might be able to convince him that you're an old friend. Or, if Cedric Appleby asked you to destroy Bates' steam engine, then you can rat him out to gain entry. Otherwise, you'll have to complete a quest to prevent the steam engine from being destroyed. To complete the quest, go to the factory at 18 Ten Hands Alley.

The steam engine is in the back. It has a control box like the steam engine at Shrouded Hills. Stand by the door leading to the steam engine, and advance the time to midnight.

Murder in the Magick Club

Three low-level bandits will teleport in, and you should be able to kill them pretty easily. You'll find Bates on the second floor of his mansion. Further, Bates will ask you to investigate the clan, and he'll mark the location of their former home on your world map. You should probably be around level 20 before you try exploring the clan home, and a good place to get the experience you need is in the closed Tarant sewers.

The entrance is southwest of the gypsy, across a land bridge and in a house surrounded by water. Also, the thieves in the hideout are possibly part of a Thieves Underground quest I've heard it but never experienced it myself , so you might want to avoid them until you do the quests. When you're ready to move on, exit the city and head east to the Elven Ruins. They won't be thrilled to see you, and chances are you won't be able to talk your way past them.

So talk to them but don't rat out Cassandra Pettibone or you'll botch the quest and then get ready to fight. Don't you mean pillage and rape our ancient burial ground? Just grab it and then head back to Tarant to give it to Cassandra Pettibone. On the way, you might want to stop by the Forbidden Pit W, S to kill three spiders and pick up a ring of poison resistance. If you didn't persuade Lukan to leave Shrouded Hills, then giving the funerary stone to Cassandra Pettibone will finally allow you to talk to the man loitering next to the Pettibone residence.

There are several quests with the Thieves Underground, but if you're not a thief with about 3 ranks of pick pockets, pick locks, and prowling , you might want to skip them and head straight for Black Root.

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So he'll ask you to steal the sewer map from the Department of Water. There isn't anything tricky to the quest; just pickpocket the clerk to get the key and then get the map from the nearby safe. When you return the map to Mynor, he'll give you gold and let you know that you can fence items at 11 Low Dervish Road. After you talk to the fence, MR. If you have a high enough level 20 is enough , he'll offer you a new quest, to steal a golden idol from the barbarians at Kree, and he'll mark Kree on your world map.

He might also mention that Cedric Appleby is looking for a thief to steal something from Gilbert Bates, but that's just the evil method for finding out about the Black Mountain Clan. And, if you've already helped Gates, Appleby won't talk to you any more anyway. Kree features a lot of level barbarians, but they're spaced out enough so that you should be able to attack them one or two at a time and kill them easily. You can also try prowling past them. Eventually, if you keep heading northeast, you'll come to four barbarians standing around a fire, with an arcane chest next to them.

Inch towards them slowly, and then run away when any of them notice you. Again, you should be able to pick them off one by one this way. Beyond them you'll find the altar with the idol in it, and northwest of that is the Shakar altar. When you return the idol to Mynor, he'll give you gold. They look like regular citizens, but when you talk to them they'll mention the Underground. One such thief continuously circles the block around Mynor's house or loiters at Poone's Flophouse , and he's a good source for information. Thief jobs are rumors rather than quests and therefore show up in your rumor log rather than your quest log , and you can only have four outstanding jobs at any one time.

To complete a job, you have to acquire the object in question and you don't have to be subtle about getting it and then give it to Mr. Some items, such as the Ring of Virility and Jewel of Hebe, you might want to keep rather than fence. Here are the things to steal, their locations, and their rewards: -- Cassie's jewels; back room in Madam Lil's; gold, exp. Prowl around or kill Winno the maid. The rubies are in a barrel in front of the ship. Prowl around or kill Cassandra Pettibone. If you attack her, she'll call the guards. Parnell's; gold, exp. The warehouse is at 46 Mulligan Bone Alley.

The patrolling guard has a key. The device is in a crate in the back room. Note: For some people the Heron Device is in the thief hideout in the closed sewers, but it's never been there for me. Prowl around or kill the priest. The vagrant should be circling Madam Lil's, stopping in at the flophouse every time he passes it. He's difficult to rob since he keeps moving, so you might want to just kill him to get the medallion. The potion is in the chest next to the bed. But note that Fitzgerald is the spot traps master, so don't kill him for the potion if you're going to pursue that skill.

You can bash in the safe and Appleby won't notice. Franklin is wearing the ring. The factory is at 18 Ten Hands Alley. Break in using the back, eastern-most door. The plans will then be in a cabinet in the room to the southwest. Bash in or pick open the cabinet when the patrolling guards aren't in the room. Prowl around or kill Tristan Fenwick. With Tarant effectively looted, head on to Black Root. Crosston is in Dernholm. I fear we are becoming a rare breed. Convince him that losing Hallaway would be bad for business, and he'll give you the strongbox for 50 gold.

Note: When you talk to Almstead, if you ask him about being a half-orc and then tell him you're sorry for his loss, he'll give you a pair of dwarven gauntlets for free. If you go back to Tarant to inform de Cesare that Tyron is no longer in Black Root, he'll just tell you to keep looking. She'll mark the location of the workshop on your map. Question him further, and he'll give you a quest to retrieve his ceremonial dagger from a group of thieves camped out on the outskirts of town northwest of the train station.

If you picked up the newspaper in Dernholm, you can use that to convince the mayor to give you the taxes, and bypass the dagger quest. Listen to his problems and then, if you want him, offer to let him join your group so he can help with the taxes and thus get back into favor with King Praetor. Now you can head out to the thief camp and talk to the thieves. You can buy it for coins, you can steal it from him, you can steal a statuette from the hedge wizard, you can buy poison from Grunwalde, or you can just kill the thieves.

If you're trying to keep your character good, then the best option is to kill the thieves. However, if you're evil then doing one of the quests is best, because the quests will net you alignment. If you decide to rob the wizard, you won't have to be subtle; you can just kill him and then bash in his chest to get the statuette. If you decide to buy the poison, you'll have to give Grunwalde the "infestation," "rat problem," and "big as orcs" answers before he'll sell you what you want for coins.

Regardless, once you have the dagger, take it back to the mayor and point out that the Tarantian guards couldn't protect him from petty thieves. The mayor will decide that Cumbria has something to offer after all, and he'll give you the taxes. But before heading back to Dernholm, first explore the coastline east of the mayor's compound. You should find a halfling wizard. He'll offer to let you play an ancient game, and you should agree. He'll then ask you a riddle, and once you answer it correctly clock , he'll tell you that the next halfling can be found west of the thieves camp. So trudge over to the new location, answer the second halfling's riddle spring , and then head north and answer the third and final riddle fire.

You'll receive experience and a mysterious gem as a reward. The gem will summon a level 50 halfling to help you out. If you have Dante with you, you'll have to make a choice. If you speak up for him, the king will take him back but you won't get a fate point or anything. If you don't speak up for him, he'll stay in your party. Also, if you tell the king the reward isn't enough, he'll give you 75 extra gold. Then head over to Sarah Toone's house to give her the deed to the mine. You'll receive exp and a filament sword.

You could also give the deed to Percival for experience and gold. If you still haven't completed the quest for the Shrouded Hills blacksmith, you can now go to the Toone mine and pick up some pure ore from the room where Bessie used to be. Lastly, talk to all of the elite bow guards. One of them should turn out to be Kietzel Pierce's lost student, Dudley Crosston. Crosston won't be thrilled to see you, but that's all you can do in that quest for now.

Drenched in whimsy and sometimes a shade or two of creepy ; laced with humour I literally cannot help it, I have tried ; and always, always a happy ending. Literary comfort food, if you will. Find them below. Konrad Savast is the Malykant: the most secret servant of the God of Death. His job? No mercy. No quarter.

When Verinka Tarasovna dies alone in the street on a cold, dark morning, her death looks like the tragic result of lingering ill-health. But not in the eyes of The Malykt.