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Es ist eine Reise zu mir selbst, mit allen Emotionen.

Du lachst, du weinst, du fluchst. Sie zeigen, dass ich lebe. Stelter: Derzeit gut. Ich habe am eigenen Leib erfahren, dass Depression gut behandelbar ist - wenn man sich Hilfe holt.

Alleine schafft man es nicht. Ich spreche aber ungern von Heilung. Leiden Sie auch unter Depressionen? Montag, Zur Person. Thorsten Stelter, Jahrgang , litt selbst jahrelang unter einer Depression.

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Zur Startseite. Diesen Artikel Verwandte Artikel. Mehr zum Thema. Was Herr Stelter beschreibt, ist leider [ Was Herr Stelter beschreibt, ist leider nicht selten.

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Bei mir ist es sogar Arthrose. Das baut die Psyche nicht gerade auf Es ging erst mal nur ums Laufen. Ich habe mich wieder [ Immer wenn ich mit Leuten spreche und sagen ich gehe Schwimmen, dann meinen die: das ist mir zu [ Immer wenn ich mit Leuten spreche und sagen ich gehe Schwimmen, dann meinen die: das ist mir zu monoton.

Action habe ich genug im Alltag, den brauche ich im Sport zumindest dem Ausgleichssport nicht auch noch. Es geht um aktive Erholung. Was mit bei Hr. Der Ehrgeiz bzw. Da kann ein Ausgleich bzw. Wahrnehmung der Emotionen und Auseinandersatzung damit sehr gut helfen. Auf jeden Fall beeindruckend dass er sich gut gefangen hat und anderen versucht mit seiner Art zu helfen. Ohne Marathon ist man wohl nichts wert? Es klingt vielleicht etwas abgedreht: Aber ich [ Die Angst, die selbst gesetzten Ziele zu verfehlen. In der oben beschriebenen Art und Weise laufe ich seit ein paar Jahren.

Ich brauche keinen Wettbewerb. Sonst brauche ich nichts. Ihr Kommentar zum Thema. However, the human seeks and here and there finds the path to the reality of the truth despite all evils of one and another. Der Mensch sucht; doch wonach sucht er? Er sucht nach Wahrheit, nach dem wahren Leben und dem Lebenssinn.

Das Suchen der Menschen geht dabei wie ein gewaltiges Brausen durch die Welt, obwohl der Mensch nicht weiss, was er eigentlich als wahres Leben und als Lebenssinn sucht und sich auch nichts darunter vorstellen kann.

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Rund um die Welt ist das Feuer der Warnungen und Verheissungen entflammt. The human seeks, and here and there floats a soft whisper, a faint whisper of growing anticipation of something that corresponds really more to the truth than to any empty gibberish. If the human is ready, then he anticipates the arrival of that which makes every nerve within him become fidgety and unconsciously brings his yearning for the effective truth, for knowledge and wisdom as well as for true life and harmony, to its peak. In the human, it begins to seethe and surge, while within him, however, are still doubts that rampage, gloomily brooding, numbing and calamitous, in the thoughts and feelings as a result of the fear of having to endure punishment if the old and nonsensical things are discarded.

This is the moment in which it is important that the path of reality is courageously followed and the truth is acknowledged, otherwise it brings forth confusion, faintheartedness and disaster if the dark, thick veil is not torn once and for all with full strength. If strength and courage are not summoned up, then the thoughts and feelings are again pulled down with powerful tenacity into the filthy morass in which all efforts for soaring thoughts of illumination are nipped in the bud.

Therewith, a frightening silence with respect to the effective truth then sets in because all well-wishing is suppressed, stifled, undermined and destroyed in the swampy morass, whereby a possibility to once again find the path to freedom hardly exists anymore. The chance for this is vanishingly small in such a way that it can hardly be grasped anymore and be useful again if the situation is not changed for the better again through a tremendous influence of one's own.

If this does not happen, then the cry of longing and seeking for light and truth, love, knowledge and wisdom is diverted and goes unheard in the all-consuming morass, which is deliberately created by all those false prophets, saviors, gurus, esoteric ones, masters, sectarians, enlightened ones and lofty ones as well as by misleading false assertions of uncomprehending and wrongly interpreted spiritual sciences, and they pretend to help, to bring the truth and salvation but, in truth, teach horrendous nonsense.

Their teaching material is false, wrong, dishonest, hypocritical, irresponsible, misleading and unreal. They do not teach the truth but rather lies; their words are hollow and their desire is only power and profit, a life like a king as well as in arrogance, virtueless and without honor and dignity, because they do not bring love, harmony, peace and freedom to the seeking human but rather misery, distress and fear. As false prophets and saviors, etc. Als falsche Propheten und Heilbringer usw. The false saviors and prophets fatigue the consciousness of the human through their nonsense, their wrong and false teachings as well as through their deceit and their lies instead of enlivening this through truth, true knowledge, wisdom and love.

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Actual truth refreshes the consciousness directly because it invigorates and enlivens. The human who seeks simply the truth, knowledge and wisdom, love, harmony and inner freedom as well as inner peace is shocked by the untruth and pseudoexplanations. This shock is, on the one hand, the fear created by the false teachings and assertions and, on the other hand - due to complete incomprehension - the misinterpretation, inevitably connected therewith, of the real truth, which absolutely diverges from the lies of the false prophets and saviors.

Thus, also, in regard to the Beyond, a wall is put up for the human by the false teachings and the related false spiritual sciences, that cannot be broken through and that allows no glimpse into the reality of the deathlife. And on the other hand, who among the humans who really seek the truth should understand the confused talk and all the strange words of the so-called "scholars" who put their explanations that are truly insufficient and, as a rule, completely contrary to the truth into complicated sentences and incomprehensible modes of expression?

Here it is really questionable whether the concerns about the Beyond and all that pertains to it should be valid only for these false teachers and "spiritual scientists". And in relation to this, countless nonsensical books are written, in which are written a lot of empty phrases or fantasies that have nothing to do with reality in the slightest concerning this, see Billy's work: "Reincarnation, Life, Dying, Death and Mourning" , Aquarian Age Publishing House FIGU. Wahrhaftige Wahrheit erfrischt das Bewusstsein unmittelbar, denn sie erquickt und belebt.

The false prophets, saviors, "spiritual scientists" , esoteric ones and all who are linked with religions and to sectarianism as well as with philosophies all speak of God, and, at the same time, their intelligence is not so far developed that they could recognize that the Creational is not a God but rather alone the unpersonifiable universal consciousness and is just simply named Creation. A university of truth surely must be established for them all so that they can define the term Creation as universal spirit and universal consciousness and not correlate God with a Creator God and God the Father and learn to understand that, since time immemorial, God is only a title of a human who is advanced in wisdom.

Must really all these God-believers first gain the ability to recognize and to define the term Creation through arduous learning?

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Is it actually such that the terrestrial human, through his search for religions, sectarianism, philosophies and other ideologies, finds the true path of truth and the true truth only if the world or the universe collapse around him and his ambition in regard to the belief is destroyed?

Due to the belief, the human is constrained within himself, uncertainly and one-sidededly instead of many-sidededly, comprehensively and farsightedly oriented, and because he has strayed from the path of the actual truth and the teaching of life as well as the teaching of the spirit and therewith also the Creational directives and laws, he staggers, intoxicated by the belief, from one religion, sect or philosophy to another. But this is no reason for despair because, human, only look up if you are an earnest seeker of the real truth: The path to what's higher, to evolution of the consciousness, to the fulfillment of the Creational laws as well as to the true life, compassion and to your inner freedom and harmony as well as to inner peace, to knowledge and to wisdom lies open before you.

In order to follow the path of truth, you must become free and open, face the effective truth neutrally and without any expectations, think about it by yourself and find the truth within yourself. You do not first have to discard your belief and be afraid of divine punishment for that, but you can, in fact, discover the truth if you are still clouded over with the belief. It is only necessary that you occupy yourself with the reality of the truth internally with your very own thoughts and feelings and seek the explanations and logical results within yourself.

And if you recognize the reality of the truth within yourself, then your belief will slowly disappear, and you will devote yourself more and more to the truth and eventually detach yourself from the belief that feeds on religions, sectarianism, false philosophies and other false ideologies and can free yourself from that.

Inner seeking and searching as well as inner learning is the gateway to knowledge and wisdom, to the true life as well as to inner peace, harmony and inner freedom. The teaching of the truth, the teaching of life and the teaching of Creation's laws as well as the teaching of the spirit is an all-encompassing, unique work, developed in simplicity and plainness, without religious and sectarian empty phrases, without the threat of punishment and without the constraint of praying and having to believe. Therefore, through adherence to the teaching, one does not have to struggle against fear, untruths and error; and the teaching is also not arduous and difficult to learn because it makes no demands whatsoever, as this is the case with religions and sects, etc.

Only the adherence to the laws and directives demands effort and patience because the adherence signifies a fundamental change of the human in regard to his negative thoughts and feelings as well as to the removal of all bad habits, vices and qualities, etc. The contrary, as the religions, sects and philosophies convey it, is false because it is not simply, plainly an untruth but rather a blatant lie.

Therefore, distance must be obtained from this, in which this distancing, however, must be voluntary and without fear. But this can happen only if the human leads himself to the truth and is fully seized by it. The human must, according to his own will and from his own reason, abandon the religious, sectarian belief because the being God as well as angels, demons, religions and sects correspond to a work of human minds and are only an unreal fragment of an unreal reality.

Gegenteiliges, wie es die Religionen, Sekten und Philosophien usw. Deshalb muss Abstand gewonnen werden davon, wobei dieses Abstandnehmen jedoch freiwillig und ohne Angst sein muss. The teaching of the truth is not arduous and exhausting; only its realization gives the human trouble, namely because he must make an effort to become a real and truthful human.

He must make an effort to acquire his capabilities like tolerance, patience, love, honesty, all virtues, etc. This means that self-knowledge and self-discipline must be translated into reality, as also modesty and all other values through which the human distinguishes himself as human. This is the arduousness but not the teaching itself, because this is simply and clearly understandable, because it corresponds to the Creational-natural laws to which it is imperative to adhere. And these laws are values that the consciousness can grasp even if it is bound to space and time and it, in regard to the current evolution, still cannot comprehend eternity and infinity but rather only exactly that which is visibly, directly connected with Creation.

The consciousness is not quiet in the stream of inconceivable energy and power that springs from Creation and from BEING as well as from all beings and flows through everything; consequently, it develops, evolves and more and more is able to comprehend in knowledge and wisdom.

From Creation itself, from BEING and from all beings, the human consciousness draws its functioning, even the energy and its power, which are absorbed and used every second. The human thereby learns, with also his reason, to rationally and consistently comprehend and grasp everything.