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My thoughts: "Commanding a starship is your first, best destiny; anything else is a waste of material. Sure, we got hints here and there about his time at the academy; we know he was tormented by an upperclassman named Finnegan, and that he was considered to be a "stack of books with legs," deadly serious, focused on his studies and excelling at the Academy. But what about Jim Kirk, the boy? How did he get from his youth in Iowa to become one of the most famous captains in Starfleet history?

Kirk, given what we learn of the future captain's troubled youth. Rebellious and unfocused, the young Jimmy Kirk is on a path that his parents fear will lead to an unfulfilled life at best and an early grave at worst. His father, George Kirk, takes Jimmy on an adventure in space in a last-ditch attempt to put his life on a different course. The experiences he lives through during this mission will serve to shape the man he will become in the future.

I was certainly not headed down a dark path like Kirk in this novel, but it still influenced me as a young reader to take stock of what is important in life and the effects that early experiences can have on one's future. As an adult, re-reading this book now has allowed me to appreciate it even more; Diane Carey's ability to tell a vivid and compelling story is showcased quite expertly here. Pocket Books published a similar omnibus edition, which included all ten volumes, for the United Kingdom market the same year. Published as part of Star Trek 's 30th Anniversary celebration.

A serialized essay by Foster was included, as well as corrections to the original text. Penguin Random House is the present owner of Bantam, Ballantine, and Del Rey Books, all of whom have previously published licensed fiction.

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Four-page children's pop-up books published by Random House's merchandising imprint. Fully-illustrated children's chapter books published exclusively for libraries in Gibraltar Library Binding format. NOTE : Imprints may vary by book line, series, edition or printing, or market where a book is distributed e.

NOTE : Numbered novels are organized according to book line. Non-numbered novels, novelizations, omnibus editions, and anthologies, are organized according to series, miniseries, crossover series, etc. Many novels below are listed more than once. Star Trek is based on the television series of the same name. Paperback releases were numbered from to Hardback releases were not numbered.

From to , Titan Books reprinted original novels for the United Kingdom market using a different numbering scheme. Novels published after have frequently included The Original Series subtitle. From until , the subtitle rarely appeared on book covers. Based on the Star Trek film series. Three novelizations were published as numbered novels.

Published as part of the Signature Edition —04 series.

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An essay studying the work of Harve Bennett by Terry J. Erdmann is included. Star Trek: The Hand of Kahless is an omnibus edition of two thematically linked novels. Published by Archway, then an imprint of Pocket Books. Written by Diane Duane and Peter Morwood. An interview of the Reeves-Stevenses, by Kevin Dilmore , is included.

Spock's World is also linked to the Rihannsu — miniseries by Duane. Star Trek: Starfleet Academy young adult miniseries explores the lives of the Enterprise crew as Starfleet Academy cadets. The novellas were published by various Pocket Books imprints. Starfleet Academy , a video game novelization by Diane Carey, is unrelated. Written by Michael Jan Friedman. The plot continues in Chainmail The series was developed by Cox and John J. Written by L. Star Trek: Errand of Vengeance miniseries is a retelling of the five years mission from a Klingon agent's point of view. Written by Kevin Ryan.

Written by Josepha Sherman and Susan Shwartz. Star Trek: Mere Anarchy miniseries explores the effects of an off-world disaster over a thirty year period. Inspired by " The Second Coming " by W. Published as ebook exclusives. A print and ebook omnibus edition was published in Written by David R.

George III.


An omnibus edition with new material was announced in , but was cancelled. The omnibus was an ebook exclusive published by Pocket Star. Star Trek: The Original Series novels are a rebrand and soft relaunch of the book line. The novels, beginning with Allegiance in Exile , are more tightly plotted with the television series and films, and contain interlinking elements and shared characters, similar to other relaunched book lines.

Each of the novels includes The Original Series subtitle on the book cover. Star Trek: The Next Generation is based on the television series of the same name.


The novels are also linked with Stargazer — The omnibus was part of the Signature Edition —04 series. An interview of Friedman by Kevin Dilmore is included. An interview of David by Kevin Dilmore is included. The Best and the Brightest , by Susan Wright, has a similar concept. Based on the The Next Generation film series. Written by J. Novelizations intended for young adults.

Written by John Vornholt. Written by Greg Cox. An omnibus edition was published as part of the Signature Edition —04 series. Ordover and Michael Jan Friedman. An omnibus edition was published in Star Trek: A Time to… miniseries explores events prior to Nemesis Conceived by John J. Ordover, and edited by Keith DeCandido. Interlinked novels set after the film Nemesis Written by David Mack.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is based on the television series of the same name. The book line was relaunched with the publication of Lives of Dax , edited by Marco Palmieri. Based on select episodes from the television series. Call to Arms and Sacrifice of Angels are based on seven interlinked episodes from Deep Space Nine 's Seasons 5 and 6 , beginning with the episode " Call to Arms ". Emissary was published as Deep Space Nine , Book 1.

The novellas were published in children's chapter book format. Written by Dafydd ab Hugh. Written by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens. Interlinked novels set after the episode " What You Leave Behind ". Not to be confused with the Gamma miniseries, which has a similar premise. These Haunted Seas is a collection of Books 1 and 2. Created by Marco Palmieri. Only one novel has been published. Not to be confused with the Mission Gamma miniseries which has a similar premise. Star Trek: Spock vs. Q is a pair of audio dramatizations produced by Alien Voices, starring Leonard Nimoy and John de Lancie as the titular characters.

Crossover novels and series contain characters and settings from the various television series and films:. Star Trek: Invasion! The novels were thematically linked. An omnibus edition was published in containing additional material. The series was conceived and edited by John J. The series was conceived by Paula M. Block and John J. Star Trek: The Captain's Table crossover miniseries is narrated by various starship captains during their visits to a trans-dimensional bar called The Captain's Table. An anthology of related stories was published in The novels contain additional characters and situations created by the authors.

Star Trek: Section 31 crossover miniseries was inspired by the autonomous, clandestine, paramilitary organization introduced in the Deep Space Nine episode " Inquisition ". Cloak does not include The Original Series subtitle. The series concluded with the anthology What Lay Beyond An omnibus edition was announced at the Shore Leave convention in , but was never published. Star Trek: Voyager is based on the television series of the same name.

The book line was relaunched with the publication of Homecoming , by Christie Golden. Caretaker was published as Voyager , Book 1. Written by Christie Golden. Interlinked novels set after the episode " Endgame ". Star Trek: Voyager: String Theory miniseries follows the crew during a violent encounter with the Nacene. Published on the tenth-anniversary of the television series. The novels were intended to be the seminal work of the series.

Created by William Shatner , and co-written by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens , the series explores events following James Kirk 's resurrection by agents of the Romulan Star Empire after the character's death in Generations. Shatner outlined the first novel while filming Kirk's final scene in The colloquial name, The Shatnerverse , has been adopted by Memory Alpha and others.

Characters from other films and television series appear in the novels.

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However, continuity within the series is independent of other book lines. George Kirk takes his son Jimmy aboard the U. The events that Jim experiences are horrific and serve to mould him into a more thoughtful and caring person, and Carey does an excellent job of conveying this to the reader. The primary antagonist of the story is a foil to James Kirk named Roy Moss. He appears as a young man in the "past" section of the story, and as an older man in the "present" story as well.

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In many ways, he is a mirror of Kirk, growing up but leading a very different life. While Kirk became an honorable and principled Starfleet officer, Moss used his genius in the service of criminal enterprise, becoming twisted and corrupted.

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This was an interesting character, and it is somewhat unfortunate that his name inadvertently made me think of The I. I can't be the only person who thinks of these two when I hear the name "Roy Moss. There is a lot to relate to in the pages of this book, and Diane Carey writes her characters with a realism that is very much appreciated.

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Readers will be able to put themselves in Kirk's place in much of this story, which makes the conflicts that he faces feel very real and compelling.