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In the future, it may be possible to use synthetic glycans and glycomimetics to replace natural polysaccharides. Aryl and alkyl phosphandiides , stabilized by complexation with a borane group, were synthesized and their structure in THF solution is reported. A new method for the detection of protein interactions by visualizing a color change of a cyanine dye MTC is reported. NMR studies suggest that the hydrophobic nature of the protein surfaces drives MTC into different types of aggregates with distinct color changes.

This in vitro method has the potential to become a rapid tool for the confirmation of protein—biomolecule interactions. Analysis in a blink : Kinetic analysis based on the control of fluorescence blinking utilizing redox reactions rKACB was investigated for various fluorescent molecules and for different oxidant sizes see figure.

TON values of up to 87 with respect to the organocatalyst have been observed. DFT studies elucidate the preferred mechanisms see picture. The nanoparticle structure may influence the efficiency of organic synthetic reactions run in aqueous nanomicelles through facile exchange of reactants, products and catalysts. One more done!

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Subsequent derivatizations provide an entry to relevant amino alcohols, oxazolidinones, and derivatives thereof. Are you interested in out-of-equilibrium self-assembly, chemical networks and chemical ensembles with emergent properties, such as movement, communication and collective behaviour, working together in minimal metabolisms, artificial cells and self-synthesising chemical factories? If you do not receive an email within 10 minutes, your email address may not be registered, and you may need to create a new Wiley Online Library account.

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Issue Volume 24, Issue Previous Next. Cover Pictures Free Access. Free Access. Frontispiece Free Access. Cover Profile Free Access. Concepts Structural Biology. Reviews Synthetic Methods Reviews Showcase. Minireviews Synthetic Sugars. Communications Heterocycles. Inorganic Complexes Very Important Paper. Cage Compounds. Protein—Protein Interactions. Coordination Chemistry. Redox Blinking Hot Paper. Homogeneous Catalysis Hot Paper. Computational Chemistry.

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