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My goal is to open your eyes to new possibilities and make you aware of how important marketing is to your success in Hollywood. Being ex-military and a natural born warrior at heart, I see screenwriting from a unique perspective.

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I look at every story project I undertake as a battle plan. To accomplish the mission, I know I need to do A, B, and C, no matter how difficult, risky or time-consuming those tasks might be. I know what it takes to succeed in this crazy business. Writing a good movie, TV show, or novel is one of the toughest endeavors a person could undertake.

Guerrilla Warfare Screenwriter- Learn to Write from Beginning to End

When Script Magazine approached me to write some articles for them, I was more than happy to contribute to such a worthy publication. When I was first starting out in Hollywood, I devoured every issue I could get my hands on. I kid you not. Use whatever you have and use it wisely. The note pages and the composition notebook go everywhere with me.

The laptop I only carry if I think I have a chance at an hour-long interval somewhere. No car, so I have to think about how much things weigh. Who says a writing life is a glamorous life?! I carry a tiny notebook in my purse.

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It has everything in it: grocery lists, thoughts, lines, notes, etc. Very well done!! I loved this. It is very in line with my own erratic writing routine and lifestyle. So true! I have rarely had long periods of time to write … we must do what we must do! You are commenting using your WordPress.

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More science-fictiony is C. Interesting to note that the new edition of FM does not have a bibliography. I suppose this was either to forestall arguments and criticisms about what was included in the last one or what should have been in a new one, or a realization that most officers would not ever read more than two or three titles in it.

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Jay, I have one for you, and its an oldy but goodie. The dedication is informative: "For Lydia Mikhailovna Mitserva, who revealed the spirit of the Russian partisans. How did a naval officer come by this little gem? One of my Russian history colleagues departed our department and he bequeathed several of his books to the general population of the department. First come first serve, half of treasure hunting is knowing what treasure looks like.

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Kuehn, Ph. Everyone: These have been terrific additions to my hit list of guerrilla and irregular warfare novels. I'm in the midst of considering a course on war literature that included unconventional conflicts as well as more traditional fare of battlefield, grunt life, and the homefront. I also apologies in my long delay in thanking you.

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Regarding the guerrilla aspects of Germany's colonial wars in Africa, these two might be of interest:. Best, Jay Jason S. Ridler, MA, Ph.

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Categories: Discussion , Query. Hope that's helpful! Nicole Newton. If I can think of any others, I will post them. Michael Reynolds. Best, Olga Dror. Hope this is helpful. Cheers, Jay.

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