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Work Terms If you're not happy, we're not happy and that sums us up. Tested Skills. The last scene has the boy communing with the life on the planet, and he makes a promise that he will remove the buildings when he is older. The regular customers loved it. How about it? Dick, his bald head gleaming in the overhead light, would start his stately descent into the cellar, until, step by step, the bald head had disappeared from view.

Just wait and listen.

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Nobody knew, or cared to inquire too closely, just what it was Dick had rigged under the bar for his sound effects, but they were good. Some hesitation then followed while the customers imagined Dick selecting the wine asked for, then they heard him crossing the stone floor. They heard again the click of the light switch and the door closing behind him with a hollow booming sound, the rattle of the lock, and Dick a heavy man was climbing the stairs, puffing a little. As he gradually came into view, one often saw a wisp of cobweb trailing across the bald head, and in his arms he cradled a dusty bottle.

If this sounds like a rather obvious metaphor, all I can say is that I was impressed nevertheless. There are a handful of other good, if perhaps minor, stories in the issue. Hartley World Review , January starts off with a novelist getting a strange postcard from someone he assumes is a reader. Over the following weeks he continues to get these cards, each more unsettling than the last. Then he realises that the sender is getting geographically closer and closer to his home with each card.

The policeman, if such he was, seemed to be moving towards him and Walter suddenly became alive to the importance of small distances—from the sideboard to the table, from one chair to another. The Tooth by G. Gordon Dewey begins with a pianist who has lost his hands in a railway accident being taken to a room in a building called the Tooth. He is told to visualise his hands while he sits in front of a red crystal. His hands reappear and he later performs a concert.

The rest of this story—with sections that telescope back in time—has an interesting structure.

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These sections are mostly about the couple who discovered the crystal, Mike and Helen, and their discovery of, experimentation with, and use of it. Even at the end, when it turns out spoiler that two aliens lost the crystal during an unauthorised stay on Earth, there is a clever last paragraph. The Soothsayer by Kem Bennett is an Irish tall tale about a deaf man called Tom who has a hearing aid fitted and later hears a voice asking him if he would like to be a prophet. The voice belongs to Ianto, a ghost in heaven.

Tom had discovered that he only had to think his questions and Ianto the ghost would answer them. Life would be very dull for the boys without a bet now and again. It is not right.

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I shall give no more winners. It seems to me that being a prophet is a complicated business. I would not know. Being a ghost is very simple. A pleasant tale. He mentions he is suffering from cancer and throughout his talk he struggles and his speech starts to wander. At the end of the talk he collapses.

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A doctor in the audience spoiler confirms he has died and, indeed, has probably been dead for a week. There is a sombering last line. The Gualcophone is narrated by the owner of a firm that makes unusual instruments: oversized piano keyboards, left-handed violins, that sort of thing. One day a man called Gualco offers to work for him for free—all he requires is a soundproof booth he suffers from extreme sensitivity to sound and permission to work on his own projects after hours.

After a demonstration, he asks his boss to demonstrate it to the world.

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Matters rapidly get out of hand. The other stories include The Ancestral Amethyst by L. The former never seems to show any adverse effects, and he credits this to an amythest he possesses that prevents drunkenness. Needless to say the Irishman exercises his old pickpocket skills as he gets drunk, and the Dane, relieved of his amythest, catches up instantly and falls over. Slight but pleasant enough.

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Nine-Finger Jack by Anthony Boucher Esquire , May is a light-hearted tale of a serial wife-killer who, when he tries to drown his ninth bride, finds she starts breathing through her gills. The rest of the story concerns a number of further murder attempts that fail. Eventually spoiler he succeeds. The science aspects mention Rhine a lot but are otherwise pretty hand-wavey; the picture drawn in the story of southern politics is the stronger aspect. Nor Iron Bars by Cleve Cartmill and Dan Kelly has two men discussing the disappearance of a man from a psychiatric cell.

The doctor in charge hands over an account written by the man who states that he was dreaming his existence in this world. The one occasion upon which we regret our policy of no interior decoration is when we introduce some of our authors—especially a few of our discoveries. Physical beauty is not we are devoutly thankful! Garen Drussai, whose first story we present here, is Hungarian and stunning; she is an impassioned and articulate debater on such topics as pacifism and Forteanism; and she has a refreshing ability to come up with new variants on science-fictional notions.

The story itself gets off to a very promising start when a women talking to her baby suddenly finds that it is talking back to her using adult language. She took a sip of her drink and laid her hand across his, squeezing his fingers. He shook his head feebly. There is a final section with a female scientist that is less convincing the language is more gobbledegook than advanced before it unfortunately resolves spoiler as being the actions of a time-travelling child from the future.

The Hour of Letdown by E. White The New Yorker , 22 nd December has a slick start that has a man taking a box-shaped robot into a bar, setting it in the counter, and ordering two drinks. The bartender takes an exception to the robot, even more so when the man pours a drink into one of its hatches. This trundles long pretty well until it gets to its weak ending, exemplifying your typical slick reprint: all notion, no substance. His Lunar Landscape continues a trend to more orthodox paintings.

It is also the first partial wraparound cover the magazine has used. Recommended Reading by The Editors is another interesting, wide-ranging column. They cover a lot of books in three pages, and comment a lot along the way:. It is one of the strongest pieces of real science fiction to be published in years. Yet, plotwise his novel is tritely melodramatic, wholly devoid of characterization and rather flatly written. But we think it is to be strongly recommended, not only for its thinking, but for its brilliant understanding of the essential problem behind the superman thesis, the necessity of integrating superman with humanity.

Another fine specimen of early van Vogt story-telling has just been republished: the I novel The Weapon Makers Greenberg. Science fiction is starting to boom again in the land of Jules Verne, and the French presses are busily turning out both originals and translations—unfortunately largely on the lowest level. Which poses a problem for French critics, since their language has never developed any term equivalent to space opera.

Igor B. This magazine is still being published! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. These are, it would seem, short spoken passages from a beggar: Can you spare price of one cup coffee, honorable sir? The beggar who has provided the italicised quotes finishes the story with this: Can you spare price of one coffee, honorable sir?