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One-one-one time with trusted adults is healthy and valuable for a child. Ensuring that those opportunities are safe is important as well.

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If you eliminate or reduce opportunities for children to be in isolated, one-on-one situations with adults or other youth, you dramatically reduce the risk for abuse. Children often keep abuse a secret, but barriers can be broken down by talking openly about topics like body safety, sex, and boundaries. One of the best defenses against child sexual abuse is our relationship with children and open, age-appropriate conversations. Signs are often there, but you have to know what to look for.

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Disclosure, discovery, and suspicions of sexual abuse provide opportunities to intervene on behalf of a child. Be prepared to react responsibly. Darkness to Light announces third annual child abuse prevention conference. The conference brings together sexual abuse prevention leaders from across the country around the common goal of making communities safer for children.

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You make sure your kids are prepared with helmets and swim lessons, but have you thought about how to prepare them to be away safely overnight and have safer sleepovers? Charles Gardner is author of Israel the Chosen , available from Amazon; Peace in Jerusalem , available from olivepresspublisher. Next Article Previous Article. December 11, Israel Today Staff.

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The Games Our Children Play. Signup as a Member! A figure …. Irel felt tears land on her shaking hands as she floated, helpless.

23 Quotes about Darkness and Light to Help You Appreciate Both

The nightmares touched by the light screamed, writhing in agony as they burned. Argenport , Irel realized, that came from Argenport! Are you alright? Her head throbbed, and the vision burned in her mind.

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I can still smell the ash, Irel thought as she tried to sit up. Lie still. In the blink of a moment. Irel took a trembling breath.

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A warning, bright and true. Irel nodded, and felt fear stir in her stomach. What can we do?

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A world consumed…. That is what she had always taught. Irel set her jaw.

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Gather them here, in the Citadel. Reyna frowned, confused, but a thunderous look from Irel silenced any questions.