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DE Three times in a year shall all thy males appear before the LORD thy God in the place which he shall choose; in the feast of unleavened bread, and in the feast of weeks, and in the feast of tabernacles: and they shall not appear before the LORD empty:. DE And Moses commanded them, saying, At the end of every seven years, in the solemnity of the year of release, in the feast of tabernacles. Yes Susan. Males are required to 3 times per year but you can give on the Sabbaths any time of the year. Yes I begin to learn about the feasting and I really want to know more about new moon and also feasting.

Celebrate the feasting. Yes,love your site,as member of sabbatical community, I run a local Ministry here and the is Grace Sabbath Ministry. As a new ministry we need your support. Shalom Mark Sorry for taking a while to reply to your comment on my comment about the sabbath or feasts not taking place throughout the whole world at the same time.

There is a lot to tell for better understanding in your comment about information. If you are still interested you can contact me at stellatc xit. Hello Stella…I grew up in an Seventh-day Adventist home and went to their schools through my senior year. His Word is eternal. Everything we need to know about family, marriage, worship of our creator, ethics, morality, integrity, etc. May you put me in contact with people who use the biblical mosaic Jewish calendar to determine the 7 th day sabbath.

The biblical sabbath is not fixed on Saturday but changes every month depending on which day is the new moon. Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of baptizing a gentleman named Douglas from Ghana in the Jordan River. Thank you I am Jewish And know alot about the feasts. There are Jews who do not keep feasts There are those who do not like their Jewish religion. I am not a Jewish Messianic but am Jewish. However I am a believer of the Messiah filled with his holy spirit and therefore I am strictly a follower of the Messiah lead only by his spirit. I came out of the religion of the cult of Judaism to know my L-rd and my salvation The L-rd stripped off the veil that kept me blind from seeing the real truth in the Messiah and his redemption by his own sacrifice and the shedding of his own blood making atonement for my sins.

Everything in what I was brought up to believe was a lie handed down by our fathers rabbis were lies. They themselves deny the Messiah and hate his name, they will persecute anyone who believes in him. Beware of false teachings I did not receive his holy spirit by the fact of doing my own righteous works or rituals ; but, by faith in him alone.

This was the faith once being delivered to the saints Yah true people. This is what is known as their oral law. Thank you for sharing your story, Stella. May HaShem bless you for your commitment to follow him. I am just beginning to learn the feast days of the Hebrew calendar.. I was raised using the Gregorian calendar so you might imagine how confused I am right now..

I want to learn the feast days, what I should do to celebrate them… I would also like to to attend nearby messianic gatherings..

I am in Sevierville Tn.. Mary, First I recommend this calendar , but if you do not have it, you can just use the Gregorian dates listed on this page. All of the commands for observing them are included on this chart. If it is too long a drive to join with a Messianic congregation for these feasts, I recommend one of the resources on this page. These will walk you through how to observe the feasts and what the steps represent for us today.

Take small steps, just do what you can your first year. My first year I just marked the days on my calendar, and on those days I took the time to study what that specific feast meant and how to observe it. God will honor your desire to obey him and draw near to him on his special days, and He will reveal more of himself to you.

Hello, this is my first encounter with this site. I am trying to follow the Jewish calendar, not sure how and where to start. I would also like to follow daily bible readings for messianic Jews, can you recommend a site? Lastly, are the seventh day adventists then right about their worship system? For commentary on these weekly readings, I recommend Restoration of Torah downloads. They are perfect if you are coming from a Christian theology.

I am not familiar with all of the 7th Day Adventists teachings and beliefs, so I cannot comment on that. You will have the truth and know it, and any errors in their theology will come to light. Ask YHVH to share his deeper truths with you directly vs. May he bless you on your journey and reveal himself to you as you draw near to him alone. Mary, I have been learning a lot from Dr. Lots of good info. Yeah same here. Micheal lake is really really God -ordained I believe.

I had been listening to Sunday preachers my entire life when I was just a church goer. But when I got truly saved and truly yearned for God, HE led me right to him. Almost immediately my whole theology changed and I saw the word of God not just Mathew to revelation but Genesis to revelation. It is a lot to take in. You may be interested in attending River of Praise, a messianic congregation meeting at W.

Bernard Avenue, Greeneville, TN Having visited there, I found it a warm and welcoming place. I wish I lived as close to it as you do. May God Himself bless you in your journey. Thank you.. I feel foggy — headed with it all, if you know what I mean!! Never give up, thats what the enemy wants u 2 do and he got you. The most High is not the author of confusion. A clear breakdown of our true Hebrew calendar. Shalom, you forgot to mention end of year on 17 March , which is first day Nissan after New Moon and begin and first fruits is on april Tuesday 3rd Nissan.

What’s going on

So as of Sunday, March 18, , we are now in the Hebrew year of The father of lies wants us to be lost in time John So for now, concerning where we are in time, there is no agreement about this. So as of sunset, March 18, , we are now in the Hebrew year of Thank you for such an in depth post.. Dear Rachel, you are very welcome. Thank you for your kind words too.

I greatly desire to know the Truth of God, especially in the face of this land of confusion we all live in. I am thankful God the Father is blessing me to understand more and more each day; at least, this is what I hope for and believe in. Greetings William Thank you for your detailed information about the creation calendar. I thought the Hebrew calendar was from the Creator…decieved. Would you recommend one publisher of the creation calendar please? Thank you. Thank you for writing me as I appreciate hearing from you. To start, I came to a decision about this subject last year from reading the Bible and studying certain writings from websites that published information on this topic, so believe we are in the year , and this lasts until the First Hebrew month in in the Spring.

The Jubilee year is from the Day of Atonement until the next Atonement in , which is still Hebrew year At the end of the sixth millennium the Messiah will grant the gift of eternal life — the Age of Life to all who believe and obey Him. This is true; however, I have found no Creation Calendar based website that show the actual Hebrew year. One big reason probably stems from what happened in Many proclaimed was a Jubilee year, and made all these predictions only to be embarrassed when the year was over. They even show how 17 AD was a Jubilee year. Based on this belief, they created a chart that lists all Jubilees, and lists in part , , and For basic calendar reliability that also includes the correct New Moon, I rely on renewedmoon.

I have not read this entirely, but you may want to look at it to learn about the whole subject better. Thank you for inquiring. Let me know if you have additional questions or comments. Awesome, but they are not Jewish. Blessings in Yahshua. The day according to Scripture begins at dawn, in Genesis Please do read the NLT version of the Bible and it will inform u that the day begins at dawn, not at dusk.

Thank u for allowing me to comment on the post. Benny, the best way to get to what was actually written is to go back to the original vs. I recommend this site to read the Hebrew translated to English verbatim. Here is Gen. I think you may have misunderstood the verse. I hope this helps. In His hands always! The Administrator is very humble in her comment. The reality is she may be right but some versions of the Bible are more corrupt than others and the NLT and the NIV head the class of corrupted Scriptures.

Do not ever read them thinking your getting truth. ISR Scriptures is a great translation, but the bottom line is this. The day started at evening throughout history for the Israelite people and then the Jewish people and it has never been questioned…… except until recently by pagans living in exile using gentile Bible translations.

Hannukah this year is Dec. I sometimes question myself about the creation of day and no answer. When observing time in different Countries there is always a difference. If you check your time where you are now and someone from another Continent, the time is not the same, some continents have a day light while another continent has a night. Galatians 4:…9But now that you know God, or rather are known by God, how is it that you are turning back to those weak and worthless principles?

Do you wish to be enslaved by them all over again? Romans One man regards a certain day above the others, while someone else considers every day alike. Each one should be fully convinced in his own mind. Colossians Therefore let no one judge you by what you eat or drink, or with regard to a festival, a New Moon, or a Sabbath. Mathews, I understand your question. One beautiful thing about the 24 time zones is that every hour of a Sabbath, for instance, someone in the world is just starting the Sabbath. If all believers practice Ps. Galatians is a letter Paul is writing to a certain people known as Gauls.

Their background was Druidism they never kept Torah or the laws of God before. In Druidism you have days and sabbaths that you keep as part of that pagan religion. Hope this helps you understand, it helped me. Always look at what people Paul is writing his letters to, same with Romans. Some people were vegetarians and did not eat any meat. But you read it and assume he is talking about pork. The saying that people keep the Sabbath or feasts all in the same day is not so. The first to keep the feasts are those in the east. As the earth orbits around the sun , day and night appear.

Go back and read the book of numbers chapter 2 order of the tribes. South hemisphere — Reuben, Simon, Gad. North hemisphere — Dan, Asher, Naphtali. The tabernacle was in the center as Jerusalem is the center of the earth. Everything is done in order of the camps of Israel. First the first fruits and then each according to their order. Yah G-d dispersed the northern kingdom to the nations of the whole earth. Yah G-d will gather his elect from the 4 corners of the earth east, south, west and North.

The coming of the L-rd will come from the east. As the lightening strikes from the east to the west so shall the coming of the L-rd shall be. G-d is a G-d of order. Can one imagine when the L-rd comes as Lightening from the east to the west he will come in full brilliance of light and darkness shall be no more as he is Light. The earth shall be in full light throughout the whole earth at one time that every man shall see him. In the beginning the earth was in darkness and G-d said let their be light and it was so.

Greetings Stella Christ coming from east to west is what came to my mind, as I am researching, no coincidence, Aviv and if there is any parallel with Christs coming. To storm; by implication to shiver, fear- be afraid, be horribly afraid, fear, hurl as a storm, be tempestous, come like a whirlwind, take away as with a whirlwind. Christ harvests the wheat from the tares. G to remove, revolt, depart, draw, fall away etc.

I believe falling away is Apo Stasia in Greek. God is amazing!! I am so blessed. Note: definitions are incomplete. If I am unintentionally incorrect, I pray not, but please correct me. Stella, Sorry, forgive me I meant to include 1thess then we who are and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air…. Strongs G caught up: Harpazo to seize, catch away, pluck, pull, take.

The falling away apostasy then Christ taking us away. This year that is December on the Gregorian calendar.

What's Happening to Israeli Messianic Jews? - Revive Live - S2 E18

Am a 63 yr old male from Coimbatore , Tamilnadu , India. Have been guarding the Sabbaths and feasts from end I live in a place where there is no messainic congregation. Am the lone believer in my family. Will it be sufficent if I pray and read the Bible on the feast days. This is what I do usually on the weekly Sabbath. Am like a sparrow on the roof top. The fact that you are keeping the Sabbaths and tracking the Feasts brings joy to Yehovah. I know He will honor the time you set aside to acknowledge His times and instructions.

May He bless your time in His presence. Pray harder and keep repenting. God bless you brother! YHVH bless you. Many of your brothers and sisters here in the USA are on the roof, alone also. But he does not leave us comfortless. I pray you will find another believer with whom to walk this way. Amen to the 24 hrs of worship to our Father Yehovah thru Jesus our Lord and King ,for after all it is by his will that we sing His praise.

Over the centuries the Hebrew calendar has been calculated in various ways. I know of 3 ways that could all be right. I have chosen the one I use for the sake of unity among our congregation. I recommend you seek the Lord, then choose one of the calendars, but remain changeable as Yehovah teaches you. According toLeviticus 23 passover is always on the 14 Abib 15 Abib is start of fest of unleavened bread for 7 day the sheave is wved on the 8th day the day after the sabbath,that means sabbath will always fall on 15 Abib and 22 Abib so its impossible that sabbath is every Saturday.

Dear Administrator, You are correct. If that causes Trumpets to fall on Sunday, Wednesday, or Friday, Trumpets is postponed an additional day 2 days total. There is a great plan and purpose for all this, even allowing man to go astray for a certain time, but one day soon, God will correct everything in His way and time. Thank you for your help with all this. Sincerely, William. William, thanks for sharing your research and information.

I believe most people are trying to do what YHVH asks regarding the feasts, but over time, things get convoluted the further we get from His written word. May he bless your diligence and continue leading you in truth. Sabbath is traditionally set from Friday evening to Saturday evening. We are new to these celebrations and just observed the Yom Teruah Feast of Trumpets. The day and date of Yom Kippur is specified in Lev. From the evening of the ninth day of the month until the following evening you are to observe your Sabbath.

When in doubt, I always recommend going only by the Bible and start with doing only as it says. Imagine you were the only one doing it and the Bible and the Holy Spirit were all you had. It is meant to be simple enough for anyone to do. I had heard a bit before but not has detailed sharing has this program. I has really blessed. I came the next day and logged into Google and found your link.

It is really a blessing to read the minds and thoughts of you all that is strikingly amazing about the feasts of Israel and how it really binds the church and world to it. Is it a sin to goto church on Sunday????

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I desire to follow the bible and our creators commandments… Also I just recently found out about feast days, what specifically are we to do on those days. I would encourage you to seek out the origins of Sunday church services vs. Pack a video. The beginning of a new day on the Hebrew calendar starts at sundown, so the Sabbath by our modern calendar begins Friday evening My Jewish friend told me that on Friday evening the family goes to the synagogue to study the Torah and worship together. After they go home, according to their teaching, the husband and wife put the children to bed and have close fellowship with each other.

Saturday is a family day and they are not allowed to work or go anywhere. They share time of worship as a family unit and share time together as a family. Saturday is a day of total rest until sundown. Scripture never calls Sabbath as a day to go to a worship service.

It calls it a total Day of Rest. Going to church is NOT a total day of rest. God calls the seventh day a day of REST. I believe that God intended for man to rest our bodies and minds on the Sabbath and to spend personal time with Him, not a day run to and fro and wear ourselves out. Yes, every person should have a day of rest. Worship and study as a church group should be on Friday evening, the beginning of Sabbath.

Over the years we have had a Friday night gathering for praise, prayer and Bible study in homes. We attend a church on Sunday as a celebration of the Resurrection of our Risen Lord, but Saturday my husband and I rest from our business and have a nice family day, not simply because of the input from our Jewish friend, but because we believe this is what the Bible actually teaches.

Perrin, i totaly agrees with u, i wonder why the christians tries to complicate issues. In the book of Daniel …The beast speaks words against the Most High, intending to change appointed times and law. You said the Feast of Trumpets begins on the 21stnd of this month, at sundown. Does that mean the feast starts on the evening of the 21st or the evening of the 20th? It starts at sundown on the 21st and ends at sundown on the 22nd.

I hope you will be blessed by it! Some say when the moon is black and there is no light just before the first crescent is the New Moon. I observed it tonight on the 22nd, beautiful it was. Not the first night of the crescent, but the 2nd. It was such a controversy that women made it a part of the marriage contract that they could observe according to conscience. Why did this controversy die out by ? In the Crusaders professed Christians went through Jerusalem and killed Jews, and the Karaite Jews by the thousands. So we can come back to the Torah, and the true calendar that our Lord says he is the author of.

If God expects each person on the planet, the common person, to do this, how is this going to happen? Thank you, Nicole. I do believe YHVH is drawing back those who have ears to hear. I love that there are people from all different countries and cultures commenting that they are being called to walk in the ways of YHWH, keeping the Sabbaths and Feasts. Surely YAH is opening eyes and drawing peoples all over the earth!

Amen Amen Amen! Father God Most High forever and ever completely. You will see in these scriptures those of non-Jewish descent are to keep the same laws as Jews especially Num. Those coming out of Egypt and given the Torah were a mixed multitude. They were not only Hebrews. Why would we not be able to keep them now? But, I encourage you to seek the Lord and His word for the consistent themes and confirmation of His leading. Do you have a list of places in Oregon that are celebrating the Feasts?

In I am looking to celebrate His appointed Feasts here. But if he chooses to go his own way, and not, then you are to run him out of your midst. Elsewhere, it says, if you love Me, you will obey my commands. He who is not for Me is against Me. But look for it yourself as well, test everything. Looking forward to meeting you and your family. Glad to find this web sight! I agree! I am blessed to see people come together during these disasterous hurricanes.

Sadden by the trauma that it has left, especially to the very old and very young. You are definitely doing the right thing. It is actually a sin not to keep the proper Sabbath and not to celebrations and keep the feasts because Almighty YHVH actually commands us to keep them. It is an act of obedience. Especially if you know about keeping Sabbath and the feasts. It is not a coincidence that you now know as our heavenly Father does not work through coincidence but by what HE has ordained from the dawn of time.

To each one of us whom Abba Father has revealed and in so very many cases has called to keeping Sabbath and feasts, Abba Father has a purpose, for us to tell and share and to teach others and show them the fullness of ALL scripture. Put aside what so many ministers, pastors, catholic fathers and reverends teach and start searching and studying the scriptures yourselves and be baptised with the Holy Spirit if you are not yet baptised with the Holy Spirit.

From Prophetess Dezsi. Yes, keep the commandments. Read Rev. Email me and I will send you a book. The commandments for still valid today. I praise Jesus Christ completely! I praise Jesus Christ completely and forever and ever completely. But you recognize him, because he lives with you and will be in you.

God Bless in your journey. What is called the Noahide laws are the same laws the Jewish people are commanded to keep. Do not eat blood,. Note: the blood is to be poured on the ground. People buy meat with the blood still in the meat One has to wash the meat in salt water until all the blood has been removed then you salted with salt and cook it,.

Not to eat strangled animals. This one is being done in the slaughter houses everyday sold to the groucers stores and people buy the meat in groucery stores every day not knowing that it is strangled meat. There is more to it than calling them the Noahide laws. These laws were given to the children of Israel as commandments to obey. When they say you have to keep the Noahide laws, In reality by them accepting you is to keep the same laws given to them Jews When you keep what is called the Noahide laws then you will be accepted by the Jews and Rabbi, your house or home will be considered a kosher home for them to dwell in.

Because my friends are going by the California barley, I am keeping the feasts about 1 month earlier by following Jerusalem than they are which causes division among the Believers of course. I feel that I need to keep the Feasts according to the barley in Jerusalem because that is where the entire Bible takes place is over in the holy land area as well as Egypt and the surrounding areas of Mount Horeb and Sinai.

Do you have any light on this? Should we all be keeping the Feasts according to The Barley in our region wherever we live on the planet? Please reply to my email with your answer, which I would hope is based on the Bible. That is a tough one, Nicole. Ideally you could both follow the Bible and stay in unity with your congregation. My opinion should only serve as confirmation of what you are already hearing from him, not supersede it. Because there are various ways to calculate the Hebrew calendar and new moons, I would stay in unity with your congregation, while also lovingly discussing the issue as the opportunity arises, unless or until they are explicitly sinning in their practices.

The same phrase is used in reference to Passover in Exodus Also, we are commanded to be at the temple in Jerusalem for the Feast of Unleavened Bread, Pentecost and The Feast of Tabernacles, which would be another reason for staying on the Jerusalem dates. But as I said, at this point unity with your congregation is important. I hope this helps shed light on the issue. Hi Nicole keep the feasts according to scriptures and according to the Israelite harvest as this is scriptural not according to what your friends suggest. This is awsome BC I want to know that I am following the laws and commandments of The most high corrections….

I just heard for the first time that there is a Feast of Return following the Feast of Trumpets. Could someone please give me some info about this? Thank you so much. Read this. They say there is a great sign in the heavens this year the day after the Feast of Trumpets. Many believe this will be the day that Yeshua returns to take His Bride. That could be what they are talking about. Almighty father Yahweh started creation on the first day called yom Rishon, and on the sixth day called shishi, He finished creation nd rested on seventh day, yom Shabbat, of weeks not on any of the new moon or special appointed times of holy feast.

To my understanding, i advise or prefer to keep Shabbat on weekly yom Shabbat to be in a safer side than to count lunnar, maybe the person may not know how to count…. Am very happy seeing the children of Almighty father YHWH searching with eager to know the truth, infact, am overwhelmed with joy. I read about my fellow brethren opinions and contributions about this divine tradition Torah and the holy day Shabbat, is very interesting and i bless the name of the holy one of Yisrael YHWH for this wonderful work, May His name YHWH be praised forever.

My contribution is, we should not forget that darkness was there before light, when Almighty father created the earth, it was full of darkness and sea and the spirit of Almighty father was hovering upon the sea. And Almighty father separated the light from the darkness. Bereshith-Genesis So darkness is older than light. And days begins with sunset evening to evening to make one day not sunrise…. Shalom lekulam….. Very well done up and helpful website. Thank you for taking the time and putting forth the effort to do this. I am sure that God is pleased because your work helps put eyes and thoughts on God.

And that is always a good thing to do. Thank you, Patrick, very kind. I thank the Lord for bakers like you, also glorifying God with your talents! There are various ways to reckon the Hebrew calendar. Our congregation considers Passover sundown April 11 to sundown April I have a deep hunger for Yahweh. I am glad to see people like me. Thanks to God. I wish to learn more on the true Doctrine and be in a position to teach the lost in my house.

This is going to be vary helpful. No, Abib usually falls in March or April on the Gregorian calendar. YHWH reaching new places and people. We must keep the Sabbaths of F. These statutories serves as a reminder. There is nothing available to remind them of the second coming of the Messiah.

This shows you that you cannot love the 2nd witness New Covenant and hate the 1st Old Covenant or try to divide them. We must be careful of our day of worship or Sabbath. Remember, YHWH did not name the days, he numbered them. The 7th day is the Sabbath, not Saturday, named in honour of Saturn nor Sunday, named in honour of the Sun. We were warned not to pay homage to the Sun, moon, or the luminaries. If the modern calender has days in a year. How then do you justify Saturday always being the 7th day?

It does not pan out.

What holiday do Jews and Christians have in common?

I do agree with you sir that day begins at sunrise. It ends at sunset which gives 12 hrs in a day. John He gave the Sun to rule the day and the moon to rule the night. God knew we will also work, so He set aside that one day that He also rested from His work after creation for us to observe and rest according to Heb Whoever is in this site be very careful on what you post to the children of God so that you may not either add nor subtract from the scriptures according to Rev Josiah, could you say more about why you think this?

What did you see? Can someone please tell me when do you believe that the Biblical New Year begin. We must first know this in order to determine when our true Sabbath and Feast Days are. Thanks for your time. Based on Exodus, it is the month of Abib called Nisan today : Ex. And nothing leavened shall be eaten.

On this day in the month of Abib, you are about to go forth. Is Saturday of the Gregorian calender the true sabbath? I Was a Catholic but have now moved to a 7th day adventist church to observe the correct sabbath. I want to find out the true day of our Lord so I can observe it! Ciaron, I appreciate your desire to seek and follow the truth. The Hebrew calendar is the closest thing we have to what would have been the calendar during those centuries.

May the Holy Spirit lead you in to all truth. May God bless you all the days of your life. You know the truth as it stands, it is simple yet wise. HE has given it to us in abundance and speaks through his appointed. Be well, Joseph. Do your research very carefully. Yes, they do observe the correct sabbath. My husband and I attended meetings with them, the more we listened, the deeper we researched and were astonished at some of their beliefs.

As I said, please, please do your homework. PS: I was also brought up in the catholic religion……however, when I learned the truth about that, I also left. Thanks for the advise carol. Yeshua tells us to study to show ourselves approved unto YHWH. I do not agree that Saturday is the Sabbath. The Sabbath is the 7th day. That is the position of the day in the week, not the name of the day. So what happens if Saturday is not the 7th day of the week. Does it not matter, as long as the day is called Saturday. And yes, the SDA celebrated that as the Sabbath.

See a Problem?

They tell us the the year has exactly days. NOT or or any other amount. They tell us that the moon brings in the months, but that it is sometimes erratic so it does not determine the Sabbath. The Biblical year ends on the Spring Equinox. This is the last day of the year. The very next day, is the 1st day of the New Year, you must count 7 days from that day and there you have your Sabbath.

The name of the day does not matter. Remember, the Sabbath is the 7th day, which is the position and that has nothing to do with the lineup on this flawed Gregorian Calendar of the day in the week and not the name of the day. It is Pagan, so is Sunday, named in honor of the Sun, Monday in honor of the moon and so on. Please, if you want to fill the gaps in the modern bibles, research and read the books that have been left out to keep the truth from us. Enoch, Jubilees, Jashar, Wisdom, etc. My name is Charity Njeri Githui from Kenya. I am so very happy to find your website as I was looking up to confirm the dates of Feasts of The Lord.

Only God took me away from the distraction of my family problems in Kenya to Israel where on the night of I recommited my life to God, got baptised by immersion at the River Jordan on the Day of Firstfruits Bukkrim and since then Ive had an amazing journey of faith. When I asked why they do not use the Hebrew calendar they were very shocked at my ignorance of wanting to go back to the Old Covenant Judaisim just like most people do when they hear I celebrate the feasts and use a prayer shawl. I believe God cannot deny himself therefore I have decided to be patient and keep growing in my faith.

It is therefore a joy for me to discover others like me. Yes, Charity, you are not alone. It is hard to settle for less when your eyes have been opened. Even if you have to study and worship alone, YHVH will feed you directly and reward your diligence in seeking his ways. Am in kirinyaga county and I would like to be connected to the true worshipers of yashua who accepts in these new WHYH revelation.

Praise God. Excited to come across your website as I was looking for Feasts of The Lord dates. Look forward to learning from your website. God bless you all. Hi Charity, am in Kenya too. Am a believer of the Most High. Not in any denomination as the Lord opened my eyes to his truth, I have grown in faith. My children and I do Bible studies at home, since there is no congregation around that is not denominational or keeps the feasts. Am glad to know am not alone, it was not easy when I stopped going to church. Even family members thought I was being brainwashed, but after reading the lost books of the Bible and much prayer.

I have found true faith. Hoping to one day have fellowship with believers here. The sabbath is a set day. It is Saturday the 7th day and only the feast days revolve around the lunar calendar. Try New 2 Torah Zachary he explains all of this very well. I believe yes. This is what Yeshua was doing in Matt. You are on the right track, Zachary. It is most unlikely that Yeshua was born in December on the Gregorian calendar.

Even in Israel shepherds do not graze their sheep in the fields in the dead of winter, etc. Colossians chapter and Romans chapter 14 says that born again Christians are free to choose whether or not they wish to observe feast days. None of us is to judge the other on our personal choices. Just because someone did something in Scripture does not mean we have to copy the pattern. As Christians we are not under the law of Moses. We are under the Law of Christ. We cannot pick and choose which laws we want to keep. We cannot pick out the feasts and say we must keep those, while ignoring the commands to have a levitical priesthood and offer animal sacrifices, but of course for Christians, that would make the cross of our Lord null and void.

Out of the commandments which Israel had to keep, only 9 of them are repeated in the Law of Christ which Christians have to keep. All 10 minus keeping the sabbath are enjoined on Christians. As Paul said in Colossains 2, it is up to the individual to decide whether or not they wish to observe feast days and sabbaths, but none of us must force other people to join with our decisions. Those chapters Romans 14 and Colossians 2 make an interesting and enlightening read.

Much love to you in our Yeshua. Many people espouse and believe this. I do not, but will show it here as one of many perspectives on the issue. Many people choose to follow Paul, I choose to follow Yeshua. The only laws he completely fulfilled are those related to the priesthood, as our once-and-for-all sacrificial lamb Heb.

Otherwise he did not come to change or do away with the law and none of it shall pass away until it is all fulfilled Matt. Regarding the feasts specifically, we will continue to commemorate them in the Millennium ex. Why not start now?

Messianic Spring Holiday Helper by Margaret McKee Huey

I am an Apostle of the Remnant Assembly of F. We are still a small Assembly of about We have two branches in different areas of our country South Africa. I am so happy to hear of you, as our brothers and sisters who have the sign of F. YHWH willing, may be we will meet one day. Keep on the righteous work of F. YHWH, expose the deception and restore the truth. Thank you for your kind note.

It looks like you have a far-reaching ministry. May YHVH continue to bless you and unite us all as we pursue his truth together. All praise to the most high for his people who are guardian over the commandments an the order love this site keep up the tov word. Why has the modern church of today forsaken the command in Genesis to keep the seventh day the Sabbath holy why has it been changed.

Colossians — Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days:. Here are some Proof Scriptures. Please read and meditate through the following, Genesis 2 vs 1—3 The Creator plants a seed. This is His-Story we have no option to change it. Exodus 20 vs 8—11 The Seedling is growing, to fail the fourth command is to fail at the first, which destroys the one who fails not the tree.

The fourth command cannot be changed to become the first day, it has already grown to become the heart of the Tree, the great trunk that holds up all the rest of the tree to come. Isaiah 66, the full sized tree, in the end times, still bears those flowers that the Creator takes pleasure in. Revelation 1 vs 10 was never written to be a doctrinal teaching on the worship of YHWH for all of us to follow, those who hold it up as the foundational verse supporting sunday worship are the ones trying to decieve you.

John was merely stating his activity on the Sabbath as per his understanding of Isaiah John was just one of those pleasing Flowers and YHWH blessed him with a clearer vision of His plans for the end times. Jesus tells us that He prays that our flight will not be on the Sabbath when we see the tribulation abomination, Matthew 24 vs 20, even He thinks that we will be worshiping on the seventh day the Sabbath and that refers to the end times that have not fully come yet.

These are the appointed feast of which we must observe rather than the Catholic paganist appointed feast. This past spring there were conflicting reports about aviv.. I wonder if that is why Yeshua said He would come when we do not expect. Because surely He comes at the last trump of the feast of trumpets. The dates are determined using lunar phase software. The first of each Hebrew month is synchronized to when the new moon would be seen from Jerusalem.

I do not believe the new moon is the first observed sliver. Ibelieve this tradition was observed post Babylonian captivity and there is no biblical proof of it…only religious leader dictating oral rules post Babylon. I believe it is the conjunction black moon that is the beginning of the month as proven in 1Samuel Because they were observing the final waning visible sliver. The new moon conjunction would be for just a few minutes anywhere in the two day period when the moon odds not seen.

I agree with you. Enoch also is very specific as to observing the final sliver on the 30th day at sunrise, making that sundown the beginning of the new moon. The new moon is on the day that it is completely black. How are we suppose to celebrate these feasts? Annelie, I always recommend you listen to the Lord first to determine what he is asking.

Read his word, Leviticus Then take a look at this chart that shows what each Feast involves — the Sabbaths, Gatherings, Offerings and other instructions. For ideas on how to participate in these activities on your own, read this post. For the first couple of years, I used my Sabbath time to study each Feast Day and what it was about. For that I recommend these posts , the resources on this page , and this book. Its really neat how God can direct you to a page. I am a pastor who has begun a new church plant.

I had a service covering the Jewish feasts and how we can enter into a deeper relationship with Jesus. I recently saw a calendar that was in a shape of a circle. Not linear like the Roman calendar. Would this help me relate to the church the Jewish feasts through out the year?

12222 Expected New Moon Dates

Or should I go about it differently? I appreciate your response. In Yeshua Jesus. The Feasts are certainly key to entering the deeper relationship you are striving for. I like that it is at-a-glance and makes the cycle of seasons clear with the feasts included. The one I use for every day planning, etc. As a rule, linear thinking is very Greek vs. Hebrew, so you may be right that it would be easier. I confess that I am not a Jewish but strongly believe that the Lord would bless me if I celebrate his appointed time. What and how do I do things that would be pleasing to God?

Thank you for your question, Anton. Leviticus tells us that these holy days are not Jewish, but belong to the Lord. They were given to all believers before Jews existed. Santa appears from p. Information: or Information: Reservation deadline noon Monday. Bring unwrapped gifts for children 16 and younger or checks made payable to Operation Vacation. Glenwood Springs. Start a dialogue, stay on topic and be civil. If you don't follow the rules , your comment may be deleted. Sunlight Mountain Ski Resort is working on adding new terrain, and plans to build a new chair lift in the coming years.

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