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True Peace

And for those of us who know her, we have watched in awe as she has done amazing and sometimes superhuman things to get her son the care and help he has needed. Now a year later, he is a lot like other 4 year old kids. And she loves it.

He Shall Be Called

The dailiness, the ordinary, the joy she finds in being able to get her kids up, feed them breakfast, and then send them off to preschool, has been amazing to witness. It forms a sentence, God is with us in sorrow. Eem anu el. He is with us in rejection, in judgment, in every circumstance of life; so that we can say at all times and in all places and in every circumstance, Imm anu el — God is with us always. He did not accomplish salvation by removing evil from the world, salvation came through His presence, by Him coming into the world and becoming God with us.

He did not take the problems away, or remove them from the world. He did something better, He gave us the answer. He poured the answer into the world as He poured out His own life. Salvation is not the absence of sin, it is the presence of God. When His light is present, the darkness is driven away. Salvation is the incarnation of God by and in His very presence. He came in bodily form to show us, by example, the way each of us is to live and to minister.


We overcome emptiness by dwelling on His presence, by dwelling on the answer to the problem not on the problem itself. We overcome sorrow by the presence of His joy. We overcome hate by the presence of His love and evil by the presence of His good. So we need to be-being filled up with His Holy Spirit. He died in our place, He became sin. He made Himself the focal point of all judgment so He had to be separated. The one saying it is God Himself.

The one saying the words is eem anu el Emmanuel, God with us. So the one asking why God is not with Him is, God is with us. This is so amazing because when we come to the darkest moments in our lives and we feel God has forsaken us, even then, He will be with us. When you feel infinitely far away and hopelessly separated from God, He will be there with you feeling just as infinitely far away and hopelessly separated from God with you. For He too experienced it and understands what it is like. That it was God Himself saying those words in our place means that, even if you were forsaken by God, God would choose to be forsaken with you and so you will never be forsaken.

Gospel Tract – True Peace – Moments With The Book

If God was with us even when He was separated from God, then there is nothing in this world or beyond, nothing in this age or the ages to come, that will ever separate us from the love of God. We are in Him, who is the love of God and who will always be eem anu el Isaiah Matthew Matthew —20 Romans —39 However, Jesus is not a baby in a manger anymore… Neither is He still on the cross… Nor is He in a grave and apparently although He is in Heaven now, He is not staying there forever either! During this season celebrating new birth and new life. Let the reality of hope, that dependable anchor for our souls, flood our lives with a fresh faith.

A deep inner knowing that we are safe and secure in Emmanuels hand and He truly is the hope of the coming glory to which we are securely fastened. They are the ones who pay the price of laying down their life for others. The ultimate self sacrifice and many do so on a daily basis. They come in all guises and sizes but their goal is the same and their heart motivation is one to be both admired and emulated. We will never know or comprehend the true cost of your service.

Resurrection Moments

In Europe, the poppies of the Flanders fields, highlight the overwhelming number of lives lost in the struggles for victory. Only His blood can redeem the sinner and wash us white as snow, so we can be acceptable and presentable in our Heavenly Fathers presence. Let us never forget to whom we owe our freedoms and our futures, both in this life and the next. While we remember with hope, that one day there will be no more war.

For then our King will reign and all tears will be wiped away and in His presence, His true Shalom shall be all we know and experience.

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We Remember and Thank You. Fear is the opposite of faith, so when we trust in Him, our faith is also protected and we are enabled to stay strong in our walk as a believer. However we see the effect they have in individuals lives. Declaring the promises over ourselves and our loved ones is a very effective way of counteracting the attacks by the enemy of our souls. How do we take scriptures and speak them over precious lives? Heb says, that the Word of God is alive, powerful and effective. How Is The Word Alive? Because it contains within itself the energy of His Holy Spirit which causes His Words to come to pass and be fulfilled according to His will and plan and purpose in Jesus name; and to accomplish that which He sent forth His Word to do.

From this promise in Isaiah , we can claim to be safe, far from oppression and fear and know that fear is not able to come near us. However with every promise there is a condition. Trusting someone comes from spending time with them and getting to know them and its the same with our Heavenly Father.

When we know Him, we can trust Him and His Word. Then we know that when we ask according to His will 1 John ,15 and that we have the petitions that we desire.


Below is an example of HOW to put scriptures together to make a positive confession of faith over ourselves and those we love. Thank you Father that because I am part of the body of believers in Jesus the Messiah, satan has no power over me, for I overcome evil with good. I am of God and have overcome the adversary. For greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world. The second section of this book invites us to consider a variety of Bible characters who experienced divine peace.

Among others, we meet Joseph, who suffered the cruelty of his brothers; Ruth, who had to make life-changing decisions; Hannah, who found peace amid her heartbreak; and Paul, who knew peace even when deserted and facing death. In each of these encounters, the author leads us beyond the stories to broader principles that relate to life today. We continue with a progression through the story of the coming of the Prince of Peace.

This naturally reaches a climax with the study for Christmas Day. This excellent and realistic book takes its readers on an unusual Advent journey that offers no trite answers. Its author draws on his vast mission experience and knowledge to both challenge and encourage us. I commend it. It is used with permission.