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Marc C. Conner

Life is short and Gabi could lose JJ at any moment. The fact that JJ is a police officer makes that possibility even more likely.

Gucci Stories: The Myth of Orpheus and Eurydice

Days buzz hints that JJ could have a big secret. His deception could come back to bite him with Gabi and some of his other loved ones. Talk about a TBT! I love the Ozark flint simile! Orpheus is bleeding - thanks buddy I was raised in the Ozarks.

Dec. 9: 92Y Presents Cellist Steven Isserlis in Orpheus Chamber Orchestra Debut

Funny thing about ozark flint, the more you try to wear it down, the sharper and more dangerous it becomes. Hazim Haemoglobin - Sorry for the late view and comment. There weren't a lot of entries do people NOT like the Oscars?..

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BUT I have read this. I have watched Winter's Bone Jennifer Lawrence is incredible AND I was blown away. I would quote this poem but every line is practically quotable. Amazing read.

Orpheus is bleeding - Ahh, thats no problem Hazim, this is all supposed to be fun, right? Poetry, like everything else has its place and timing.

Orpheus Rebound: The Voice of Lament in Joyce's Poetic Consciousness - Florida Scholarship

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