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Some Japanese names use archaic ideographic characters, or characters that are no longer used in modern Japanese. The pronunciation of these characters may not be recognized. Because of these issues, Japanese people will commonly provide a phonetic version of their name using a non-ideographic Japanese kana alphabet along with the normal written version. The information above uses only simple cases to describe a number of significant divergences in the way people construct names.

The reality, even within a single culture, is typically even more complicated. It is recommended that you read more detailed the information accessed via the following links.

As mentioned above, one possible approach is to localize forms for a particular culture. In theory this should allow you to tailor your forms exactly to the needs of the audience. Unfortunately, there may still be a number of possible disadvantages to this approach:.

In what follows we propose some general guidelines that may help. Unfortunately, this is a complex topic and the suggestions here are for the very general case, and don't address all the issues.

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If designing a form or database that will accept names from people with a variety of backgrounds, you should ask yourself whether you really need to have separate fields for given name and family name. This will depend on what you need to do with the data, but obviously it will be simpler, where it is possible, to just use the full name as the user provides it.

Full name. Bear in mind that names in some cultures can be quite a lot longer than your own. Make input fields long enough to enter long names, and ensure that if the name is displayed on a web page later there is enough space for it. Also avoid limiting the field size for names in your database. In particular, do not assume that a four-character Japanese name in UTF-8 will fit in four bytes — you are likely to actually need Family name. For some cultures this is still problematic for example Icelanders, who don't actually have family names , but, short of very localized customization, this is probably the best we can make a generic form.

In some cases you want to identify parts of a name so that you can sort a list of names alphabetically, contact them, etc.

Why don't I see a student's name in the list on the Students tab?

Consider whether it would make sense to have one or more extra fields, in addition to the full name field, where you ask the user to enter the part s of their name that you need to use for a specific purpose. Sometimes you may opt for separate fields because you want to be able to use part of the name to address the person directly, or refer to them. Or perhaps it's because you want to send them emails with their name at the top. Note that not only may you have problems due to name syntax here, but you also have to account for varying expectations around the world with regards to formality not everyone is happy for a stranger to call them by their given name.

It may be better to ask separately, when setting up a profile for example, how that person would like you to address them.

How to See Computer Name in Windows 10

What should we call you? This extra field would also be useful for finding the appropriate name from a long list, and for handling Thai nicknames. By the way, for sorting Japanese names you will need an additional field for them to type how their name is pronounced, since you can't always tell how to pronounce it from the ideographic characters. Such pronunciation information is used for sorting Japanese names.

Also, if you have separate fields for parts of a person's name, ensure that you label clearly which parts you want where. For example, don't assume that the order they will provide names in will be given followed by family. Be careful, also, about assumptions built into algorithms that pull out the parts of a name automatically.

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You should be as clear as possible about telling people how to specify their name so that you capture the data you think you need. Don't assume that a single letter name is an initial.

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People do have names that are one letter long. These people can have problems if the form validation refuses to accept their name and demands that they supply their name in full. If you want to encourage people not to use initials, perhaps you should make that a warning message, rather than block the form submission. Similarly, don't require that people supply a family name.

In cultures such as parts of Southern India, Malaysia and Indonesia, a large number of people have names that consist of a given name only, with no patronym. If you require family names, you may create significant problems in these cultures, as users enter garbage data like ". Don't forget to allow people to use punctuation such as hyphens, apostrophes, etc. Don't require names to be entered all in upper case — this can be difficult on a mobile device. Allow the user to enter a name with spaces , eg.

Rose Marie.

Guess the country by emoji! - Emoji puzzles

Don't assume that members of the same family will share the same family name. It seems obvious, once it is said, but it has some important consequences for designers that are often overlooked. If you are designing an English form you need to decide whether you are expecting people to enter names in their own script eg. What people will type into the form will often depend on whether the form and its page is in their language or not.

Name in your alphabet. Latin transcription if different.

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This could lead to a third field in the example above. UTF-8 in your pages, your back end databases and in all the software code in between. This will significantly simplify your life. Lists of names are not always sorted by family name around the world. For example, Thai and Icelandic people expect lists to be sorted by given name instead.

In another example, it is possible that sort orders can also be different in different parts of the Spanish-speaking world. The treatment of small words such as "von", "de", and "van" brings additional complexity to sorting. Sometimes the prefixes are significant, other times they are not. Different levels of formality apply in different cultures. Save a trip to the thesaurus and see words related to your idea. Sometimes exploring a connected concept can generate fresh thoughts or steer brainstorming down a productive path.

For instance, cool picture might seed a few attractive ideas if you're inventing the next Flickr or Instagram. We also simplify domain name checks. Enter a domain like dancepanabee. Want to search with a different default extension like.

What can you learn about your name?

Unlike most sites, when you search with a domain like panabee. App Name Availability. There are nearly 2 million apps, making it difficult to find a great name. We could check Microsoft and Blackberry stores, but are the extra 28 users worth the hassle? The answer is, "No. No way. We designed the site to support popular international domains like. Most other sites focus on dot-coms, but more and more entrepreneurs only need domains in their home country. Whether you're from China, Canada, India, Australia, or elsewhere, we can help find a domain name in your home country.

Social Media Usernames. Entrepreneurs and startups today can't afford to consider only domain names and websites.