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Add to Cart. An earlier version, featuring a middle-aged bald man saying, "Thanks, but where's the beef? After the Peller version, the catchphrase was repeated in television shows, films, magazines, and other media outlets. First airing in , the original commercial featured three elderly ladies at the "Home of the Big Bun" examining an exaggeratedly large hamburger bun.

The other two ladies poked at it, exchanging bemused comments "It certainly is a big bun. It's a very big bun. It's a big fluffy bun. It's a very big fluffy —". As one of the ladies lift the top half of the bun, a comically minuscule hamburger patty with cheese and a pickle is revealed prompting her to finish the sentence "—bun. Peller immediately responds with her outraged, irascible question.

Sequels featured Peller yelling at a Fluffy Bun executive from his yacht over the phone and approaching fast food drive-up windows including the "Home of the Big Bun" and a restaurant with a golden arch that were slammed down before she could complete the line. The advertising campaign ended in after Peller performed in a commercial for Prego pasta sauce, saying "I found it, I really found it", [4] a phrase alluding to the beef in the listener's mind.

There were many "Where's the beef?

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In , Wendy's revived the phrase for its new ad campaign, finally answering its own question with "Here's the beef". William Welter, the executive vice president of Wendy's International, led the marketing team at the time of the campaign. Five webinars are available at the ASAS webpage :.

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  2. At Home in Diaspora: Black International Writing (Critical American Studies).
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A great deal of new research has been published during the past 20 years and there was a large amount of new information for many nutrients that needed to be documented and evaluated. New chapters were added to this revision, including US beef cattle production; anatomy, digestion, and nutrient utilization; carbohydrates; lipids; and environment.

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  • This revision builds on previous editions and provides the latest cutting-edge scientific knowledge of beef cattle nutrition. Revision History Tedeschi et al. The first revision of the beef NRC publication was released in The third revision in NRC, The fourth revision in NRC, The fifth revision was released in NRC, The sixth revision was released in NRC, The NRC had major changes in the energy requirements section and included the concepts of ruminal protein degradation and bypass. These versions of the beef NRC included more complex and mechanistic nutritional models.

    Previous versions can be downloaded from here. Noel Andy Cole, Clinton R.