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Poetry about Vikings in America

If we are referring to America broadly—meaning North and South America —there is a possibility that Polynesians got there first.

The Vikings in America

Genetic analysis of the sweet potato , which is native to America, has led scientists to conclude that Polynesian explorers had an early encounter with South America and took the sweet potato with them to Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands. Scholars are convinced that this exchange took place before the time of Christopher Columbus , but they do not know whether it preceded the visits to North America by the Vikings.

Asking whether the Vikings were the first Europeans to encounter America sets the stage for the Vikings-versus-Columbus debate, but first the legendary voyage of St. Brendan has to be reckoned with. It has been argued that Brendan reached North America, and a modern experiment proved that it is possible to make a transatlantic crossing in a curragh, but there is no archaeological evidence of an early Irish visit to North America.

Poetry about Vikings in America

But why did the Viking presence in North America not last? This is another source of endless debate.

Perhaps the indigenous peoples, or skraelings, proved more than a match for the fledgling pioneers, and beat them away. Whatever the reason, the alternative history of the New World — one in which the Vikings stayed and created a Norse America — remains a tantalising vision to ponder.

Norse colonization of North America - Wikipedia

The Real Vikings. The Vikings headed all the way to North America.

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The Viking Explorer Who Beat Columbus to America

His name was Leif Ericsson, also known as Leif the Lucky. Mistaking seasonal berries for grapes, Leif called the area Vinland.

He spent the winter in the new land and then left to take over the family business, which was running colonies in Greenland that his dad had founded. His brother Thorvald visited Vinland the next year. Thorvald got into a fight with the local inhabitants, and he thus gained the distinction of being the first European to be killed by the natives in North America. The next Viking visit was meant to be permanent. The Karlsefni settlement lasted three years.

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  7. They sailed back to Greenland, and, by , most scholars agree, the Vikings had given up on North America.