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Importing goods can help your business meet its goals and provide goods to customers that may not be available locally. Exporting can open a business to new markets, spread risk by reducing dependence on the local market and increase your competitiveness. To ensure your importing is successful, you'll need to be aware of government regulations, including clearance by the Department of Home Affairs and duty taxes. Whilst there is no general licence required for importing , Australian Customs will need to clear your goods on import.

You'll need to know:. If you don't follow the correct steps and regulations, you will risk breaking the law and not receiving your imports. All goods imported into Australia must be cleared through the border. Depending on the type and value of the goods or products you import, there may be costs involved. These can include clearance fees, customs duty, goods and services tax GST and other taxes. Some goods may carry special restrictions or may even be prohibited from being imported.

For example, if your goods contain industrial chemicals like cosmetics, solvents, adhesives, plastics, inks, printing and photocopying chemicals, paints, household cleaning products and toiletries, you will need to register your business with the Australian Government's National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme NICNAS and pay registration fees.

If you're considering importing goods because you can't find a local supplier, search the Industry Capability Network to see if there is a supplier in Australia. Successful exporting takes careful planning and commitment. You'll need to make sure you meet exporting requirements and regulations and that you have a solid export plan in place.

Understanding and preparing for risks associated with exporting before you get started can be crucial. These risks include foreign exchange, political, shipping, quarantine and legal issues. Integrating risks into your business or export plan can help you mitigate them. State and Territory government also offer financial assistance to Australian exporters. The Global Business Support Finder beta has information on the things you need to know about doing business outside Australia. Find tailored information based on the service you offer and the countries you are doing business in.

Your feedback will help us to improve it. You also need to know what restrictions and export regulations apply.

Beginner’s Guides on Importing Products from China 12222

Read more about customs requirements for exports. These goods and technologies include:. These goods and technologies cannot be exported, supplied, published or brokered without a permit or legislative exemption. Read more about Defence Export Controls. Up until that point, I had tried to find products in the way that most people do. I was simply looking for products that I could buy for much less than they were selling for online. But clearly, that was not working for me. What I realized is that sourcing products is not the tough part.

The tough part is finding products that you can sell consistently. Instead of simply looking for cheap products from China, I was now searching for demand in the marketplace that I could sell into — and then worrying about sourcing the product later. From there, I was on a roll. When the Allies invaded the beaches of Normandy, they secured a foothold in Europe and then expanded throughout Europe. For me, my first beachhead product was a specific airsoft gun. I stumbled over the product and sold a few, as they seemed to be popular. Immediately after selling these airsoft guns, I had customers emailing me asking for more.

As I sold more, my relationship with my supplier kept developing and my prices kept getting cheaper. I had finally done it — and it all snowballed very quickly. Hundreds of hours of frustration finally worked, and it worked fast. Your goal is to find a dream supplier for ANY product you are making money on, because then you can focus on growing the sales of your business rather than on customer service and shipping.

Your best friend in the importing business is AliBaba. I have used it for every single product I have ever imported. I use it for my own businesses, I use it for clients, and I know a ton of people that use it. It is an awesome resource.

I made the mistake of trying all of these when I first got started, and just ended up wasting hundreds of dollars for little to no value. Just stay away from these, trust me. With AliBaba, you will be looking at only Gold members. Any other certifications or whatever are just icing on the cake. You really want to find a supplier that will do cheap samples, offers PayPal payments even at an increased rate, use PayPal , and seems to respond to your communications quickly and effectively. Open up AliBaba for now, as you will be jumping back to it frequently while researching product to know if you can make a profit.

Just keep looking through the market data on those sites and comparing it against what you can get from Alibaba. It may take some time, but eventually you will naturally learn what works and you will start finding great product opportunities left and right. If you really have issues finding a product, comment below or email me and I will see if I can help [will at startupbros dot com]. The next step is to start talking to suppliers and getting your hands on some samples. Now that we have a product, we can start sorting through suppliers and contacting the ones that look promising.

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The minimum order they list is generally not concrete, and is most of the time their average or desired order size. There is no way to know for sure without messaging the suppliers directly, which is why I go for initially. In my experience, Chinese factories will go through many hoops to work with you on order sizes, unless they are a MASSIVE factory that only ships via sea.

If they use normal air shipping at all, they shouldnt mind sending out even a single item via air which is what they do with samples anyways. Again, with some items it will be different than other. I skipped over that one. Another option is AliExpress. You will generally get better prices for the same amount on Alibaba if you are willing to put in the effort to communicate with suppliers, but AliExpress is always an option.

After all of this, you should have at least one solid supplier for a product you know will sell. At this point, you are going to have to make a decision about your inventory. If it were me, I would invest the couple hundred bucks and buy pieces of my product to get started.

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You can certainly buy one at a time to start and that will work, it will just be a slower start. I guess now is a good time to mention that I have not found drop shipping to be a viable option for somebody just starting out with a new supplier.

Do your Research

The only times I have ever had successful drop ship relationships with suppliers is after a long and prosperous history, at which point they work with me to get their American distributors to drop ship. Notice I did not say spam your friends on Facebook and every forum you can find about it.

Step 1 – Find a Good Product to Import & Sell

That is a ton of work and will produce very little result for you. Not once have a I tried to sell things to my Facebook friends, I barely even tell them what I am working on unless asked. It is relatively easy to set up shop on all of these — I would just look at what the top sellers of your products are doing and then try to improve upon that. Most of the time, the copy text used in eBay and Amazon ads is free domain from the manufacturer, so you can get a lot from other sellers and simple Google searches. Within a day or two after getting your product up, you should begin making sales.

This is when things start to get really exciting.

How You Can Make Big Money Importing From China - The Rise and Fall of My Empire

Just ship out your products at the closest post office and wait to see what happens. Make sure you ship immediately, and make sure you pack it up well. I would also suggest throwing in a thank you note with a website or some way to turn these guys into recurring revenue see below for more on this. Within a month it should be painfully apparent if you need to find a new product or if you should scale up your current product.

After I had my airsoft guns up on eBay and Amazon, all I had to do was keep track of inventory and shipping.

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My 20 order per day average quickly swelled to 30, 40, 50 sales per day. Hopefully from reading this article, you can skip most of those mistakes and get right to the success. If you are unsure about a marketing method you are thinking about trying, just comment below or email me and I will tell you what I know about them…. Keep in mind that the only money I was putting into this was reinvested earnings. If you follow this tutorial, you will eventually be where I was — making a solid 50 orders a day. At this point shipping and inventory are going to really start taking a toll on you and your time.

If you get past this point, it is really up to you where to take it. I preferred to keep it at this level automated cash flow , but you could certainly grow this as large as you wanted to. There is no real limit on how much money an importing business can make, and you have built a solid foundation to build off of. At this point, there was very little that could go wrong. For over 3 months, I couldnt get any airsoft guns out of China. I searched around for a replacement supplier from anywhere I could, but the prices had just skyrocketed. With many new projects sprouting up, and being only 16 at the time, I refunded everybody and moved on… I did make enough money to invest elsewhere, most of which was lost on other ventures.