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Post a Comment. So why are details surfacing, piecemeal, only now? The Obama administration sat by doing nothing for seven hours that night, ignoring calls to dispatch help from our bases in Italy, less than two hours away. It has spent the past seven weeks stretching the story out, engaging in misdirection and deception involving supposed indigenous outrage over an obscure anti-Muslim video, confident that with the aid of a docile press corps this infamous climax to four years of misguided foreign policy can be swept under the rug, at least until after Tuesday's election.

The Obama administration was warned. They received an embassy cable June 25 expressing concern over rising Islamic extremism in Benghazi, noting the black flag of al-Qaida "has been spotted several times flying over government buildings and training facilities. Stevens sent a cable Aug. But these requests were denied, officials testified before the House Oversight Committee earlier this month. Based on documents released by the committee, on the day of the attack the Pentagon dispatched a drone with a video camera so everyone in Washington could see what was happening in real time.

The drone documented no crowds protesting any video. But around 4 p. Washington received an email from the Benghazi mission saying it was under a military-style attack. An email sent later that day reported "Ansar al-Sharia claims responsibility for Benghazi attack. The official explanation for the inadequate security? This administration didn't want to "offend the sensibilities" of the new radical Islamic regime which American and British arms had so recently helped install in Libya. The official explanation for why Obama administration officials watched the attack unfold for seven hours, refusing repeated requests to send the air support and relief forces that sat less than two hours away in Italy?

An open discussion of these issues, of course, would lead to difficult questions about the wisdom of underwriting and celebrating the so-called Arab Spring revolts in the first place. While the removal of tyrants can be laudable, the results show a disturbing pattern of merely installing new tyrannies - theocracies of medieval mullahs who immediately start savaging the rights of women including the basic right to education and who are openly hostile to American interests.

But from the moment that he logs in, Marcus finds himself separated from his friends and thrown into a remote village under attack by a horde of goblins. Forced into battle, Marcus rallies the beleaguered villagers and, with their help, manages to drive off the invading creatures.

With the village in ruins and their supplies spoiled, the villagers turn to Marcus for help in rebuilding the village. Raised and trained in seclusion at a secret fortress on the edge of the northern wilds of the Kingdom of Ashai, a young warrior called Rezkin is unexpectedly thrust into the outworld when a terrible battle destroys all that he knows. For eons, conquering dungeons has been the most efficient way to become a strong adventurer. Although not everything is as straightforward as it seems.

Several questions have always plagued the minds of those who enter these mythical places of power: why are there so many monsters? Where do the amazing weaponry and heavy gold coins come from? Why does the very air fill with life-giving energies? Cal has all of the answers to these age-old questions, for a very simple reason.

He is a Dungeon Heart. When Edward is swept into the world of Ivalis as a Dungeon Lord, the Dark's most powerful servant, he has no servitude in mind. He'll oppose the evil plans of the Dark god, Murmur, whatever it takes. Through only his wits and his guts to help him survive a weakened arrival, Edward must rise to power if he is to earn the right to live another day.

But in the battle between Dark and Light, what can Edward choose if both sides are cruel, uncaring monsters? Minalan gave up a promising career as a professional warmage to live the quiet life of a village spellmonger in the remote mountain valley of Boval. It was a peaceful, beautiful little fief, far from the dangerous feudal petty squabbles of the Five Duchies, on the world of Callidore.

There were cows. Lots of cows. And cheese. For six months things went well. Then one night Minalan is forced to pick up his mageblade again to defend his adopted home from the vanguard of an army of goblins bent on a genocidal crusade against all mankind. And that was the good news.

When Gunnar Long is transported into the first fully-immersive virtual MMORPG, he finds himself in a new world filled with magic, mystery, and adventure. No more 9-to-5 job. No more studio apartment. No more reality TV. Finally, he's in a place where he can call home, a place with people he can call friends. But as more people want to trade their real world lives to get inside Eden's Gate, the government of the outside world wants the "game" shut down at all costs.

The decision to start a new life is never an easy one, but for Joe the transition was far from figurative. Becoming a permanent addition to a game world, it doesn't take long to learn that people with his abilities are actively hunted. In fact, if the wrong people gained knowledge of what he was capable of, assassins would appear in droves. In Alorin One man holds the secret to reverting this decline: Bjorn van Gelderan, a dangerous and enigmatic man whose shocking betrayal three centuries past earned him a traitor's brand.

But first he'll have to find him Gryff never knew he was the most powerful summoner in the world until a rogue monster attacked his village. Now he's been recruited into the top magical academy, beautiful women are breaking down his dorm-room door, and the headmaster has big, big plans for him.

Instead of summoners being maligned by society, Gryff is in a position to make them revered and honored. Jason logs into Awaken Online fed-up with reality. He's in desperate need of an escape, and this game is his ticket to finally feeling the type of power and freedom that are so sorely lacking in his real life. Awaken Online is a brand new virtual reality game that just hit the market, promising an unprecedented level of immersion.

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Yet Jason quickly finds himself pushed down a path he didn't expect. In this game, he isn't the hero. There are no damsels to save. There are no bad guys to vanquish. Created to extend human lifespans, it quickly makes world-changing discoveries in health science. It also develops an advanced VR headset The game's time-dilation makes After an old gamer named Vincent joins the game an update begins that stretches the time-dilation to one year for every five seconds.

All John wanted to do was get away for his life in Kluane National Park for a weekend. Hike, camp, and chill. Instead, the world comes to an end in a series of blue boxes, animals start evolving, and monsters start spawning. Now, he has to survive the apocalypse, get back to civilization, and not lose his mind. Life in the North is book one of the System Apocalypse, a litRPG apocalypse series that combines modern day life, science fiction, and fantasy elements along with game mechanics. Sweeping from the majestic city of Ashoka to the perilous Wildness beyond her borders, enter a world where Caste determines mystical Talents, the purity of Jivatma expresses worth, and dharma may be based on a lie.

Rukh Shektan has always understood duty. As a member of Caste Kumma, the warrior Caste, nothing else is acceptable. He is expected to take part in the deadly Trials, to journey the Wildness and protect the caravans linking Humanity's far-flung cities. Though the mission is dangerous, Rukh's hope and optimism are undaunted. Karma, however, is a fickle fiend. Unless they do something drastic But when a daring plan to unseat the Tyrant King goes awry, Roark finds himself on the run through an interdimensional portal, which strands him in a very unexpected location: an ultra-immersive fantasy video game called Hearthworld.

Richter and Sion are at it again! Even more of what you loved in the first book. Leveling, world building, awesome items, and what's that you say? Why not? What's a little necrophilia between friends? Join your favorite Chaos Seed as he answers the call of adventure and deals with the invaders, greedy dwarves, and a wood elf that keeps telling him he has a pretty mouth. Welcome back, my friends!

Would you consider the audio edition of The Land: Forging to be better than the print version? It blended so seemlessly with the first book that I didn't really feel like it was a sequal, but a new episode in a miniseries with the same overarching story. So engrossed in the story, and so completely enamored with it, I honestly couldn't tell you know where the end of the first book left off and this one began.

And yet, the first book ended in a way that I remember being satisfied and that the book was over. I don't know exactly how the author managed to create an ending that felt like an ending at the time, but also now barely feels like a brief pause in such an engrossing story. What did you like best about this story? This book made me fall in love with the LitRPG genre all over again. In preperation, I've already set aside enough credits at Audible to purchase all the books in the series once they are released.

I'll be listening to each and every one the same day they are released. I haven't been so excited for a series since The Wheel of Time was still being written. Move over, Song of Ice and Fire. You've been replaced in my audiobook library as most anticipated! Which scene was your favorite? The author managed to either anticipate questions the reader will have, or writes so well, he leads you to ask the questions he wants in the first place. And then, he answers them! He doesn't keep us starved for more, he is generous and mindful enough to give the reader exactly what they want and in a timely manner.

Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting? Any additional comments? As one of the best male narrators in the game, I honestly couldn't have been happier with anyone else's performance. He is truly a master of his craft.

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Really enjoy this series. Read the books first as e-books and now I'm going back and listening to them as audio. Very much looking forward to the rest of the series coming to audible and the 7th book, which is coming out soon. Crossing my fingers that by the 8th book, ebook and audible version will release simultaneously.

Also, the author Aleron Kong, really churns out the novels, so as a reader, you have confidence it won't be years in between releases.

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It's more like months. The main character is evolving nicely, but I'd love to see some more deeper relationships evolve for him. His relationship with Sion is great and you really feel that sense of camaraderie. Eventually you get the same with Terrod and Krom but I feel like the relationships with the females are a bit more superficial and not well fleshed out mostly simple flirtation and so on.

But the series appears to be setting up for a lengthy run of novels, so here's to hoping those will come. Here's hoping for some strong and prominent female characters. Nick Podehl continues to be an outstanding narrator with a great range of voices that he lends to the characters. He also just has an excellent feel for pacing as he reads the book. Can't recommend him as a narrator enough. I personally feel the series rewards my continued investment as a reader and honestly, that's what I'm looking for anytime I start a book.

My son introduced me to this book and I picked up the audiobook for a long work commute. The narrator is probably the best I've ever heard. The book itself is a combination of Piers anthony punny humor, world building, and a dude encountering a plethora of "oh crap" situations.

I've read the series twice and don't plan on stopping. This book makes me giggle.


The RPG elements are something I never expected in a book. Every moment you think you know where the story is headed, another twist or quest to explore, but then the story shifts and presents you with a new thought or exploration! It is fantastic listening! The reading performance is well done with character voicing being consistent and spot on! What did you love best about The Land: Forging? Who was your favorite character and why? Which character — as performed by Nick Podehl — was your favorite? Did you have an extreme reaction to this book?

Did it make you laugh or cry? My only complaint is that the books are not longer.

Nick does an amazing job bringing the character to life. The story keeps me wanting more. Plenty of laugh out loud moments. I really hope the rest of the series gets here faster. Nick Podehl does an amazing job brining Aleron Kong's characters and world to life again making that just 5 more min before bed turn into hours.

I continue to love the sarcastic humor between Richter and Sion.