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When Karis first sees the victim, she has two shadows — and Karis soon realises that one of them belongs to the murderer. Homecoming by Carolyne Aarsen: Her heart was broken twice by love and family. Can a trip to the ranch she ran away from all those years ago give her a second chance with both? Will her infatuation with Matt keep her from meeting Mr. Right, or can a one-night stand really lead to true love? The characters stand out and the plot grabs your interest. It is the product of a skilled storyteller and a really good writer.

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Unless you are able to lay a good book aside, plan to be entranced! All he needs is help and he gets it from the local beauty he calls Rosebud. A busted-up bull rider at the end of his career.

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  • Manhattan South (Thorn Savage NYPD, book 1) by John Mackie.
  • She needs a ranch hand. He needs help with his toddler. It could be a recipe for disaster or the beginning of something beautiful. Nothing matters except the love they feel for each other. But when the unthinkable happens, she has to try to build a life without him. Is it possible? Kindle A Hundred Weddings by Jessica Schreave: Kimberly Roberts goals are pretty simple to finish school, marry someone whom she genuinely loves, and live happily ever after.

    When one harmless wish her life suddenly hits a major plot twist. Quite complicated now, right? Follow Angie Prouty as she unravels a murder mystery on Nantucket! Get the freebie today on Amazon. Thriller Fast paced stories that just might have you keeping the lights on at night. Tales rife with action, intrigue, or psychological suspense, thrillers rarely keep the gritty details hidden.

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    Tag: Kobo. Kindle 3. Share this: Facebook Reddit Twitter Google. This book is Free on July 9, Kindle. Now operating far outside of his comfort zone with a Belgian Malinois for a partner that attracts attention wherever they go, Reed is forced to unravel the murders, taking him across the city and back in time, to an event some very influential people will do anything to keep buried… This book is Free on July 9, Kindle. The Bug Out: A Post Apocalyptic EMP Survival Thriller by Nick Oetken: If you were in the middle of a major city with two of your two best friends when the grid went down from an electromagnetic pulse attack, what would you do to escape?

    Curses and Crowns by Cortney Pearson: These fourteen spellbinding tales will lead you through worlds teeming with magic and adventure. This book is Free on July 9, Kindle Nook. Faer by Trevor Elder: On the planet Faer, dragons are surfacing and burning everything to the ground.

    This book is Free on July 8, Kindle. Highside by Lizzie A. This book is Free on July 7, Kindle. The Haunting of Riley Watson by Alexandria Clarke: When Lucia Star, a fake psychic and desperate for cash, takes a job at a ski lodge in the mountains of Vermont, she ends up in the middle of a real-life haunting.

    A teenager is shocked to discover his beloved dad is a gangland assassin. Elliot Silverstein. A celebrated painter who has been locked away in a mental asylum tries to reclaim his identity. David Lowell Rich.

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    In the shadow of Yankee Stadium a desperate criminal holds his aunt and her neighbors hostage as the police close in. The deliberate electrocution of a wiretapper eavesdropping on phone conversations by his partner reveals a tangled web of romantic obsession and corporate espionage. The owner of a company manufacturing linings for fur coats has second thoughts about his plan to rob his own company.

    When a man is found shot to death at a gas station the paroled convict working at the station fears he will be arrested for the crime. The pressure of managing his late father's corporation drives his young son to madness--and murder. William Graham. A murder and robbery involving a woman dressed as a policeman leads to a deadly rivalry between former Nazi SS officers.

    Note: There is no opening narration to this episode. Gilbert Ralston. The hunt for a robbery ring targeting valuable items stored in waterfront warehouses leads to a conflicted Italian family. An out-of-work actor resorts to murder to support himself when his career stalls. Four young men murder derelicts and don Nazi uniforms to "make a statement" about society. David Chantler, Howard Rodman. A lawyer turns delusional and refuses to believe his wife died in childbirth, embarking on a crime and gambling spree to pay for the deluxe hospital accommodations he imagines she deserves.

    A man trained in karate uses his skills to murder a gangster threatening the elderly owners of his favorite restaurant. An elderly couple trying to locate their daughter in Communist-controlled Hungary are swindled by a con artist pretending to know her whereabouts.

    Bronx Justice: A Novel Straight from the NYPD Files

    An absent-minded chemistry professor creates a batch of nitroglycerin--and forgets where he left it. An alcoholic derelict with a strong resemblance to a foreign leader is trained to be a stand-in for the man to help spark a revolution. In a moment of passion a lonely woman stabs the man dating her when she discovers he's married, then goes on the run believing she's killed him.

    William Conrad. A criminal gang commandeers a yacht to hold well-to-do business executives hostage for ransom. Notable location: an extensive scene photographed in New York City's since demolished Pennsylvania Station. A father and son both claim responsibility for killing a watchman during a jewel robbery. The only witness to the brutal murder of a convention-goer is the security guard who committed the crime. Arnold Ellis, Howard Rodman. The mastermind behind the jewel robberies that keep a once wealthy, now impoverished upper-class family afloat Howard Rodman , Anthony Spinner.

    Parker pressures a mentally unstable man to once again inform on his criminal brother. A man living a fantasy world of chivalry becomes a menace to those he sees as dishonorable. An illegal immigrant smuggling racket and a drug ring are exposed when a man in a coffin turns out to be very much alive. Filmed inside and outside of Lanza's Italian Restaurant opened in and closed in on 10th Street and 1st Avenue and along 1st Avenue. When the head of a fashion studio is found shot to death, almost every one of his underlings had a motive to kill him.

    Howard Rodman , Jerome Ross. The au pair looking after a wealthy family's son fears for the boy's safety after overhearing his parents' violent arguments--and has a secret of her own. A domineering wife convinces her reluctant husband to kidnap a little girl for ransom. A man scheduled to be executed for murder gets a new trial after a tumor is removed from his brain, erasing his memory and changing his personality. Shimon Wincelberg. An unbalanced young man accompanies the woman he is obsessed with on an odyssey to find shelter for a homeless elderly woman.

    Notable Location: 79th Street Boat Basin. A middle-aged shoemaker struggles to understand his much younger, and very unhappy wife. Jo Pagano, Howard Rodman. A frustrated, ignored man vents his anger against society with anonymous letters to the newspapers, and bizarre--and increasingly dangerous--pranks. An elderly man challenges a railroad company when they refuse to honor an agreement made long ago with his family.

    Lou Shaw, Peggy Shaw. An unbalanced World War II hero unable to put his life back together goes on a killing spree. Mel Goldberg, Howard Rodman. When an artist awakes and finds his wife murdered, he believes he committed the crime. When a young Chinese woman is found dead, both her suitors claim responsibility for her murder.

    Inside Matt Lauer's Portfolio of Million-Dollar Real Estate

    A gangster tries to bribe, then intimidate a teacher into giving his son a passing grade. Note: this episode does not feature an opening narration. Frank R. In an episode inspired by Charles Starkweather 's killing spree which is mentioned in the episode , a backwoods couple leave a trail of murders behind when they arrive in Manhattan and shoot Sgt.

    A hit-and-run attempt on a beloved neighborhood figure suffering from agoraphobia reveals a web of suspicion and unfaithfulness. A meek man confesses to embezzling money from his employer to pay for his mother's healthcare, and offers to pay it back - but everyone wants him to keep the money!

    Howard Rodman , Kenneth M. A patrolman suffering a nervous breakdown takes the precinct hostage. An hit man on the run from the police and the mob takes a gambler on a hot streak hostage in the hope the man will win enough money to finance his leaving the country.

    A petty theft at an orphanage leads to a man with a troubled - and violent - past. A sailor seeking revenge against the captain responsible for his brothers' deaths kills the man's wife by mistake.

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    Joel Carpenter. An American Indian, just released from prison, travels to New York to convince his army buddy to give up his criminal lifestyle. Did he fall or was he pushed? The death of a show biz agent casts a shadow on an egotistical actress, a philandering husband and the chauffeur who witnessed the incident. A Rumanian uses his wedding as a distraction to rob an old rival.

    Roland Wolpert, Howard Rodman. A sculptor refuses to stop working on a statue of his homeland's dictator, even when threats are made against his life. Note: There is no opening narration in this episode. The detectives are confounded when they discover a mild-mannered office worker is simultaneously leading four secret lives.

    Notable location: the original Pennsylvania Station — A streetwise kid shelters a killer on the run from the police. Gene Roddenberry. Detective Flint finds his motives and behavior questioned at the trial of a wealthy young woman he's arrested for drug use and reckless driving,. A college professor, exposed to a dangerous chemical tries to separate truth from fantasy about his past. Notable Location: Freedomland U. A chauffeur kills the elderly woman he works for in order to marry her daughter--who is being blackmailed by the butler for supposedly committing the crime.

    Walter Grauman. The investigation into the murder of a Greenwich Village Beat poet reveals a life of tragic self-destruction. Note: The Marvel comics introducing The Amazing Spider-Man Amazing Fantasy 15 and Thor Marvel Comics Journey into Mystery 83 are displayed prominently in scenes taking place at a newsstand; these issues in all likelihood were actually on sale when the episode was filmed sometime in the late spring or early summer of An obsessed fan shoots the pro football star she's in love with. A rage-filled father tries to "protect" his daughter by attacking young men he believes are threatening her.

    Irvin Kershner. A disfigured man saves a woman from an attacker--but fears to show his face to the world. The detectives try to help a troubled woman after her suicide attempt. A gambler takes advantage of a boxer desperate for money to help his wife achieve her dream. Remake of season one episode 38, "The Canvas Bullet". Note: there is no opening narration to this episode. A "common man" drunkard with a grudge against Flint starts a mini-crime wave as a practical joke on the detective, then takes a "scientist" hostage only to encounter a man as common as himself.

    An informant finds his life and family threatened when his information prevents a robbery. When a son places his father in a retirement home against the man's wishes, he vents his rage by phoning bomb threats to abusive people he's read about in the papers. A vision-impaired, near-blind child flees his school outing and wanders the streets to prove his independence. Is an acting student performing when he portrays a psychotic menace - or is he revealing his true self? The murder of their chef doesn't stop the couple owning the restaurant from their bickering - or flirting with others. Two old friends express their friendship by brawling and drinking, at increasing danger to their lives.

    Alvin Sargent , Jerry Gruskin. The discovery of a body buried 25 years earlier reunites the friends responsible for his death - and threatens to expose their guilt. A married man's fling with a Las Vegas showgirl takes a bizarre turn when she follows him back to New York--and takes him prisoner at gunpoint.

    Howard Rodman , Sidney Boehm. A manipulative thief seduces a lonely maid in order to rob the wealthy family she works for. A liquor store owner risks his life to set a trap for the thieves who have been robbing other stores in the neighborhood and killing their owners. Arnold Perl , Lester Pine. An overprivileged young man and his buddies rob his parents' wealthy friends for kicks. An informant desperately tries to raise enough money to leave the city when discovers gangsters are going to murder him.

    A detective addicted to taking dangerous chances puts the lives of the other detectives at risk. Flint is unnerved when he is called upon to witness the execution of the violent criminal he arrested. Best For. Web, Tablet, Phone, eReader. Content Protection. Learn More. Flag as inappropriate.


    It syncs automatically with your account and allows you to read online or offline wherever you are. Please follow the detailed Help center instructions to transfer the files to supported eReaders. Continue the series. See more. Book 2. A frozen corpse. A missing witness. Strange voices that aren't there. Book 3. The mutilated body of a young woman. The town doctor lying comatose in the road. A hundred and fifty tablets of Canadian OxyContin.

    This is the havoc that a merciless killer has wreaked on a sleepy Maine seaport. Book 4. Two identical women. Two identical murders. Two lives brutally cut short years apart June June Book 5. From New York Times bestselling author of the acclaimed McCabe and Savage series comes an electrifying new thriller of taut and twisted suspense. Book 6. A Fatal Obsession is his finest to date: a ferocious live-wire thriller starring two of the most appealing cops in contemporary fiction.

    More featuring detectives. Fifty Fifty. James Patterson. Detective Harriet Blue is determined to clear a convicted killer's name. What are the chances that convicted killer Sam Blue is innocent of the serial murders of three young women? Determined to clear his name, no matter the cost to her career, Detective Harriet Blue accepts a risky reassignment to a remote town where a diary found on the roadside reveals a murderous plan.

    And the first killing, shortly after her arrival, suggests that the clock is already ticking. Meanwhile, back in the city, a young woman holds the key to crack Harriet's brother's case wide open. If only she could escape the madmen holding her hostage. Bob Leuci.

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    In the roughest parts of Brooklyn, a brilliant female detective goes after a psychotic loan shark Capt.