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All Feature Film Share this Rating Title: Alternate Endings 7. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Edit Cast Credited cast: Maurice G. Russell Anita Finlay Susan John MacKane Max Dan Hicks Hank Stephen DeCordova Bob Courtney Andresen Toby Larry Sands Brian Ward Roberts Christopher Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Joe Hendrix Additional Voices John Henry Whitaker Edit Storyline When a hotshot director is murdered, it's up to security guard Russell Bingham to solve the crime before the killer strikes again.

Taglines: laugh. Language: English. Color: Color HD. Add the first question. Director Hood explained the choosing of the ambiguous ending in the following way.

Clyde Phillips reveals how he would have ended the serial killer drama.

The process of the alternate endings on the film, both the one where he gets shot and the one where he gets away, is that neither of those led to the same debate, believe it or not, as the ending that we finally ended up with. Instead of cutting to the plane, we see Lecter walk casually to a van, as though this was all part of his plan, before waving to some mothers and their children and then driving off. Director Ridley Scott has stated this is meant to show the symbolic corruption of the boy. In the U. However, in the UK and Australian version, as well as the U. This has Mike dying during the destructive fire and hotel manager Olin being the one to hear the recording, before ghost Mike reunites with his ghost daughter.

How sweet. An ending to debate over, this one. Best Horror Movies on Netflix. The ending of In The Mood for Love is beautiful, elegiac, and heartrending. Almost removed from the rest of the film, a heartbroken Chow goes to Angkor Wat to lay to rest the memories of his ephemeral affair with his neighbour Su Li-zhen. In this alternate and impossible ending, Chow bumps into her while in Angkor Wat. A subtle change this one, and one that was in the end jettisoned for the more magical, and somewhat uncertain ending for Elliot, but one that ultimately rewards both his and the audiences faith in the film.

We've been on this journey for many days. We are adventurous, searching for experience, and if we don't got any, then we're not going to be able to survive in this world. Goodbye, E.

It gives the film far more closure, and shows Elliot adapting and getting on with his life, but in doing so sacrifices the sense of wonder that the real ending engenders in us. He is also able to help out a client he swindled for the firm and warn his buddy Vin Diesel to get out. However, in the slightly more homicidal alternate ending, the swindled client Harry decides to get a little revenge on the firm, including his chief tormentor Seth, by packing a gun and heading on down to their offices. On his way in, he bumps into Seth and drops his stuff, including his gun, only for Seth to help him and go on his way — the two had never met face to face, sparing Seth the oncoming shoot-out.

X-Men: The Last Stand had a number of different endings. The theatrical cut of Donnie Darko is an ace film, which leaves things unanswered in an entirely satisfactory way, as well as showing restraint in its often beautiful imagery.

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Similar to the above Butch Cassidy ending, the iconic finale for this film was nearly ruined by showing just a little too much. Instead of their death dive off the cliff being cut off in glorious flight, we would have seen the car crash down the mountain in a fiery blaze, confirming their deaths. Not surprisingly, considering its troubled production history, Game of Death features a couple of alternate endings. Originally shot in the early 70s, but interrupted by Bruce Lee leaving to make Enter The Dragon and then his tragic death, the second version of Game of Death was pieced together using footage from the earlier filming, stand-ins, and other footage of Lee.

In the international ending, Lee defeats the evil Dr Land, and rescues Ann. In one alternative ending, the emergency services arrive after, with the police arresting Lee, and the ambulance taking away Dr.

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Land, while in a more poignant ending, Lee takes Ann to the harbour to say goodbye to her, and the final scene is a boat sailing away and a picture of the great man. One of the most famous recent alternate endings, this had a much trumped new finale filmed and inserted on the suggestion of Steven Spielberg , which despite the hype, amounted to a cheap scare of a demon flying at the camera. When the police arrive, they eventually shoot a spaced out knife wielding Katie.

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In another twist, Katie again kills Micah downstairs, before returning to the room, walking up to the camera and slitting her own throat. In this Hong Kong crime classic, Triad mole Andy Lau is able to waltz away scot-free from his crimes such as murder and being a mole , thereby providing a moral dilemma for the audience as well as a gut punch for their expectations, and setting up Lau for the sequel Infernal Affairs III.

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Written into the script, and only changed at the last minute, instead of our heroes Peter and Francine deciding not to kill themselves and instead fly off into the sky in a partially fuelled helicopter, they actually do commit suicide--Peter by shooting himself, and Francine by putting her head into the helicopter blades. The end credits would then show the blades slowly shutting down, as the helicopter ran out of fuel, showing that they would have been doomed anyway.

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  • A bleak ending to a already bleak film, there remains much foreshadowing of their potential fate left in the movie, but perhaps Romero felt it would leave the audience feeling there was no hope at all for humanity? An ending here which would have put a different spin on the entire trilogy, The Bourne Identity could have had an amazingly cheesy Hollywood ending where instead of sharing a quiet embrace after reuniting with Marie, Matt Damon 's Bourne instead goes full on teen romance with a huge make-out session beneath a beach sunset and romantic backing track.

    Kudos to Sly Stallone for choosing the right path. I place this in here as an example of the utter insanity that exists in Hollywood. How could anyone genuinely think this would have been a good idea to put on screen? They then ask for a slow dance and everyone lives happily ever after. The original ending of Dodgeball was darkly hilarious. The scene is set for a triumphant victory for the Average Joes, only for White Goodman to spoil the party at the last second and win it for GloboGym. Cue anguished shots of the defeated Vince Vaughn and a slow-mo homoerotic close-up of the celebrating victors, and then bam, straight into the credits.

    Good guy wins, bad guy loses. Quite simply, this is the ending that should have happened. Setting up the sequels, and leading directly on to the barnstorming Terminator 2 , the alternate ending has a group of company suits hiding the Terminator remains from the police during the clean-up at the factory. The film ends by showing the camera panning out from the factory to show it was owned by none other than Cyberdyne Systems. Editing help is available. Main article: Video games with multiple endings. Retrieved 9 June — via www.

    Der Hund von Florenz in German. Wien: Herz-Verlag.

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