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We all float at the California Institute of Abnormalarts!

Botchan is the story of a young math teacher from Tokyo whose first assignment takes him to a middle school in the country side. His arrival there is not very lucky: The pupils are bound to test his perseverance and cheerily comment every one of his perceived missteps. In the teacher's room, he soon finds himself in the middle of an intrigue between the jovial "Porcupine" and the fat "Hubbard Squash" on one side, and the effeminate "Red Shirt" and his follower "Clown" on the other.

Will Botchan choose the right side in the end? Botchan - with morality as its main theme - is still one of the most popular novels in Japan, and also required reading in schools. He ranks among the most famous Japanese writers and wrote a multitude of short stories, but best known abroad are his novels "I am a cat", "Kokoro", and "Botchan".

Download whole book MB. Very funny book, and it seems the troubles of teachers haven't changed much in the last years Bushido: The Soul of Japan written by Inazo Nitobe was one of the first books on samurai ethics that was originally written in English for a Western audience, and has been subsequently translated into many other languages also Japanese. Nitobe found in Bushido, the Way of the Warrior, the sources of the virtues most admired by his people: rectitude, courage, benevolence, politeness, sincerity, honor, loyalty and self-control, and he uses his deep knowledge of Western culture to draw comparisons with Medieval Chivalry, Philosophy, and Christianity.

He wrote "Bushido" originally in English for a Western audience; only later was it translated into Japanese. I was so excited recording this book - only after I finished I realized it had been on my shelf for years already The Chemical History of a Candle is a series of 6 lectures on chemistry presented to a juvenile audience in Taught by Michael Faraday - a chemist and physist, and regarded as the best experimentalist in the history of science - it is probably the most famous of the Christmas Lectures of the Royal Society. Taking the everyday burning of a candle as a starting point, Faraday spans the arc from combustion and its products, via the components of water and air oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon , back to the type of combustion that happens in the human body when we breathe.

The final lecture "On Platinum" describes a then new method to produce large quantities of Platinum. It was delivered before the Royal Institution on February 22, Every year a leading scientist is invited to introduce his subject to a young audience. Get free e-book from internet archive. A Color Notation is a method developed by A.

About the Noah Cotsen Library of Yiddish Children's Literature

Munsell in order to produce a unified system of color classification. The system identifies three color dimensions hue color name , value lightness , and chroma color purity and was the first to base the outcome on a scientifically rigorous method of testing humans' color vision.

The three dimensions are depicted on a color sphere with pure hue changing around the equator, value changing from light to dark from the north to the south pole, and choma varying on the inside of the sphere towards the neutral grey of the north-south axis. The Munsell system is still widely used today, for example to define skin and hair colors for forensic pathology, for matching soil colors, or for the selection of shades for dental restorations. How interesting that somebody tried to categorise colors decades before computers required such a system The Brothers Orville and Wilbur Wright made the first controlled, powered and sustained heavier-than-air flight, on 17th December They were not the first to build and fly aircraft, but they invented the controls that were necessary for a pilot to steer the aircraft, which made fixed wing powered flight possible.

The Early History of the Airplane consists of three short essays about the beginnings of human flight. The second essay retells the first flight: This flight lasted only 12 seconds, but it was nevertheless the first in the history of the world in which a machine carrying a man had raised itself by its own power into the air in full flight, had sailed forward without reduction of speed and had finally landed at a point as high as that from which it started. Orville - and Wilbur - Wright are the pioneers of aeronautics. Starting out from their bicycle shop, they became interested in flying.

After hard labour and many fruitless experiments, part of which they describe here - they finally achieved their goal on December 17th, The first flight of mankind. The paragraph above, describing the first flight, was one of the most exciting and touching things I've ever read Experiments on Plant Hybridisation is Gregor Mendel's groundbreaking paper in which he presents his results of studying genetic traits in pea plants, the first work of any such kind.

Already he differentiates between dominant and recessive genetic traits, whereas the majority of researchers at that time believed in an averaging of the parents' traits in their offspring. Charles Darwin, although searching for a solution for exactly this problem, seems to have been unaware of Mendel's work, and it was only rediscovered at the turn of the 20th century. Gregor Mendel - was an Augustinian monk in the St. Thomas monastery in Brno. His work was long ignored and even deemed controversial, however, at its rediscovery it made Gregor Mendel the "father of modern genetics".

The object being to set forth in an essay not longer than words the meaning of the term so that the lay reader could understand it. Despite the character of the subject, extraordinary interest was manifested in the contest. Competitive essays were received from almost every civilized country. Because of this unexpected interest in the subject, it has seemed advisable to preserve a few of the essays which were submitted. Henry P. Manning Brown Univ. This book contains 22 of the submitted essays, starting with the prizewinning one, followed by three that received an honorable mention.

Listen to Introduction min. Get free e-book from Hathi Trust. Even after reading this book, I'm still not sure I understand the fourth dimension A lively picture of the origin and completion of the Suez Canal built between and and his architect, Vicomte de Lesseps. This is the translation of a lecture given before the Societe de Gens Lettres in Paris, in April by de Lesseps himself.

Listen to Preface min. Download whole book 46 MB. A very entertaining first hand account of the building of the Suez Canal, interspersed with anecdotes of a personal nature At a very young age, she becomes the wife of Pinkerton, an American naval officer who promises her to return "when the robins nest again".

In his absence she bears his child, whom she names "Trouble", and waits longingly and alone for his return, for Pinkerton has arranged it so that she will not go to see her family. Finally, when Pinkerton's ship anchors in the harbour, Cho-Cho San will see him again - but it is not the reunion she was waiting for This is a short story by John Luther Long - , an American lawyer. It is the basis for the famous opera of the same name composed by Giacomo Puccini. Listen to first section min. I apologise for the strange accent of Cho-Cho San, it was entirely the author's invention When he returns and tries to initiate small reforms in the strictly Catholic country, he quickly becomes the enemy of Padre Damaso, the former local curate.

Padre Damaso soon strives to destroy Ibarra by any means possible. The novel, while superficially a love story, is meant to expose the corruption and abuse of the clergy towards the Filipinos. It was banned in many parts of the Islands, and Rizal was finally executed in Manila for inciting rebellion. Paulownia is a collection of seven stories by three Japanese authors from the late 19th and early 20th century. Taketomo Torao, the editor and translator of this volume, translated many Western works into Japanese, for example the Rubayat, the Divine Comedy, and works by Shakespeare.

He was also a writer in his own right. His most famous work is The Wild Geese Gan. Here, his stories The bill-collecting and Ukiyo-e are presented. Listen to first story min. Download whole book 68 MB. Get free e-book from archive. I loved reading these stories that describe an old Japan which is mostly forgotten today All of her research carried out at the Sorbonne that led to the discovery of the new radioactive elements radium and polonium is described in detail: from how she dissolved the minerals out of the rocks, to the measurements of the half life of the elements.

Marie Curie - was a French physicist and chemist famous for her pioneering work on radioactivity. She was the first person to be awarded two Nobel Prizes - and the only one so far to have received them in two different sciences, for physics and chemistry As the risks of working with strongly radioactive materials were not known at the time, she died of a disease most likely caused by radiation poisoning.

Marie Curie's chemical experiments are described in some detail, but the thesis is still comparatively easy to read From childhood on he goes there to watch the sea and to find ways of improving the dikes. Only 24 years old, the son of a small landowner becomes the new diekaster - because of his knowledge and hard work. He begins to improve the old dikes, and also works on a new one, despite the misgivings of many of the town folk.

For years all is going well, but when a big storm threatens people, land, and dike, the price for a small negligence will be higher than he thinks. This story inside a story inside a story is considered the masterpiece of Theodor Storm - , one of the most important authors of German realism in the 19th century. He wrote mainly short stories and novellas set in the places he knew from childhood on. A beautiful, haunting story - one of my favourite books -is worth bringing to an English speaking audience The nine stories in this selection tell about hard times in Eastern Europe, especially in Hungary Jokai was involved in the Hungarian uprising of , as well as of ancient superstitions and folk lore.

I reminisce about before fans in my home stadium for the first time walking barefoot along the Havana coastline in was the proudest moment of my life. Then, six the tropical warmth. I talk about the many hours months ago, talent scouts from Canada saw me spent playing dominoes and eating shellfish with playing at the 'Estadio Latinoamericano' in my family. I joke that it's not all politics and Havana and were impressed enough to offer me cigars! They say they realise this and joke back.

I didn't think twice about 'J But then we also chat about the many shared accepting the offer. Within the month I was on a experiences that we have here in Canada. A He welcomes the attention. Try reading only the questions, not I the answers, and underlining the B He wishes people weren't so curious. I key words. This will help you read C He believes it will help him make new friends. D He believes it reflects human nature. What do we learn about the writer's love for baseball while growing up?

A It made him feel like a foreigner in his own country. B It developed over time. C It wasn't encouraged by others. D It caused him to miss out on certain things. What does the writer mean by the phrase 'my obsession had paid oft' in line 35? A His love for baseball was now bringing rewards. B His talent would at last bring financial benefits. C His dream had become a reality. D His passion had led to more than expected. The writer decided to study law because A the course allowed him plenty of time to play baseball.

C he felt it would be useful if he failed in sport. D he was respecting his parents' wishes. B lonely. C excited. D anxious. A They wanted to understand why he had left his country. B They were curious about something they knew very little about. C They enjoyed the stories he told about it. D They were eager to get to know him better. At the end of the passage, the writer concludes that A he would prefer to be living in his own country.

B life in his own country is very different to life in Canada. C people from different cultures may be more similar than they realise. D he still has a lot to learn about the Canadian people. What was the writer's main purpose in writing the text? Seven sentences have. There IS one extra sentence which you do not need to use.

Here 's what she dlscovered. Way back in , the world's first modern though deal with learning all about the modern police force was created by Sir Robert Peel. The scientific methods now used in crime detection. Metropolitan Police Force of London made its Once our future Sherlocks have completed their home at the famous Scotland Yard and quickly initial training, they begin life as detective' became the model for police forces around the constables and start working on unsolved crime world.

But it would be another decade before the cases in the CLD. Most of the work they do is not Detective Branch of Scotland Yard was set up. D Not exactly enthralling, but essential duties all the same. Apart from having to do painstaking investigative work, detectives also have a lot of paperwork to deal Becoming a plain clothes detective in the CLD is no easy task.

Firstly, a police officer needs to with. Most detectives find have served for at least two years as a uniformed the amount of clerical work they have to do the most officer. However, there's no Nonetheless, it can be a very rewarding job; a detective gets great satisfaction knowing they have guarantee they will be accepted. They also need to be highly observant Then there's always the next case to tackle, of course.

III0 An officer In many ways the detectives of today are similar to with all these skills could more than likely find I. III 0 The main difference is the technology and modern science now available to help the really hard work begins once they get to the them. Whether it be using computers or looking training school. In the end, just like the detectives we avidly handy when they are questioning- suspects and watch on TV, they are heroes doing everything in witnesses.

Perhaps the most difficult subjects their power to get the bad guys off our streets. F Detectives still have to ask questions and find B During this time, the officer learns all the answers. G Typical mundane tasks include going house C In addition to catching criminals, they have to house asking questions or searching to give evidence in court. D Last but not least, a high degree of patience is an absolute must as, believe it or not, crime H There the officers receive intensive investigation can often be a very lengthy and instruction in all areas related to solving boring process.

When more than one answer is required, these may be given in any order. The texts contain similarities. Keep in mind the key words in the questions. I just find that reading is such a guess it just feels like a waste of time to me. You know, or whenever I have a spare minute, really. I admit almost guaranteed to get a good read. And I that in the past they, could often be a bit tricky guess I'd have to say that my favourite kinds of to read, but that has all changed now.

These books are modern crime thrillers. I just love "it days, plenty of them are written in quite an when the plots are really cleverly constructed, entertaining style and in a language that any especially when you can tell the author has reasonably educated person can comprehend. Then, you get into it more easily world by reading those kinds of books. The very best ones are those that keep you guessing right up , I Henry Crawford until the end. It's so disappointing if you manage to work everything out half way through. I most enjoy reading when I know I can sit down for at least a couple of hours without being disturbed.

Sunday mornings are the best time.

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I guess some would say that I read a fairly Emily Hawthorne narrow range of books. I do read the occasional modern novel, when something particularly I used to read a lot of romantic novels, but I catches my attention, but generally, I prefer guess I sort of grew out of them. Now, I'm the classics, by authors like Dickens and Eliot, hooked on biographies. I've read about so for example. They are both wonderful , of many different kinds of people: historical course, but in my opinion, no one compares to figures , politicians, celebrities, you name it.

Jane Austen! They're all interesting in their own way, but People are often surprised when I tell them 'when I'm not in the mood for anything too. Her books do deal with love and famous, for example! I Ab nature. And they're hilarious at times, too, mean, when you're writing about yourself, it which makes them incredibly entertaining to must be tempting to leave out anything that read. I've read all of her books, some of them shows you in a bad light. You're probably more several times over. They are like old friends likely to get a more rounded picture of the you need to meet up with every once in a while!

Read Jerry's email and the notes you have made. Then write an email to Jerry, using all your notes. I know you are in a group that plays traditional music so I was wondering if you could send me a copy of your latest CD before the end of June. Could you please suggest some places I could go to listen to music from your country? What's the best way for me to do that? Keep the target reader - e. This will help you keep to an appropriate style and register. Plan the structure and make notes before you start writing.

This will ensure that you don't run out of -deas halfway through the task. You have seen this announcement in an English-language magazine. A Perfect Day Write and tell us what your perfect day would be like. We will publish the most interesting articles next month! Your English teacher has noticed that many students in your class have been handing in their omework late, and she has asked you to find out why. Your teacher has asked you to write a story for the school magazine. The story must begin with the - llowing words: I was walking in the park when suddenly, I heard the most terrible sound.

Several British hopefuls are working hard Like the other contestants, Marcus Inman is excited to have an He says that it's every boy's dream to perform for his country at the Marcus adds that he believes the contest is the most important music event of the year and that he feels he has a Marcus isn't a newcomer to the music business, though.

He was His band's first album sold hundreds of thousands of copies and as a After his huge achievement, Marcus However, he assures everyone that his new 'PlanetSong' ballad means he's well and truly back! He says that he is hoping that the judges will like his unique singing Whatever happens, though, he has We've got our fingers There may be more than one correct answer, but do not write more than one word in each gap. Pi is making the e from India to Canada on a boat full of zoo animals, his boat sinks. Being the Ll survivor, he finds The writer has come up Read the sentence carefully to see which one you should choose.

Something Different If you are looking for a holiday w! While some agencies send their clients off to admire the North Korea. Nicholas Bonner, of Koryo Travel, admits the trip is But he insists that the positives outweigh the negatives. Mount Paekdu is a paradise for The stadium is home to the 'Arirang Festival', a With all these magnificent and You must use between two and five words, ding the word given. I Make sure you use between two and five words.

You might get tired walking so you should wear comfortable shoes.. CASE Wear comfortable shoes He hasn't played tennis for five years. UP He There's no sugar left. RUN We've It's not worth saving this left-over food. You mustn't miss this opportunity to study abroad. She watched a film at home and didn't go to the cinema with him. Peter was eighteen when he started driving. BEEN Peter Sally is as tall as John. SAME John is To the west of Weymouth stands the 80 lans.

Since the landscape just west of Weymouth is not particularly memorable, I took a taxi to Abbotsbury, and began my walk midway along Chesil Beach. I don't know what. Chesil Beach is like towards the Weymouth end, but along this stretch it consisted of small pebbles worn to a uniform smoothness by years of wave action. They are nearly impossible to walk on since you sink to your ankle-tops with each step. Therefore, I took the coast path which is on firmer ground immediately behind the beach, but that left ,me unable to see over the stony dunes. Instead, you just hear the sea, crashing into the shore on the other side and sending endless successions of pebbles clattering along the water's edge.

It was the most boring walk I've ever had. By the time I reached West Bay, early in-the afternoon, I was ready for a good sit-down and something to eat. It lacked any kind of logical arrangement and had something of the air of a gold-rush town, as if it had been built hurriedly, and it looked poor and grey and battered by the sea. I hunted around for some place to eat and happened on a surprising establishment called the Riverside Cafe. From the outside it looked nondescript, but I opened the door and found myself in the most extraordinary setting.

The place was buzzing, the air thick with extremely loud chatter. As for the customers, they all looked as if they had just stepped out of a Ralph Lauren advertisement. They all had jumpers hanging casually around their shoulders and sunglasses perched on their heads. It was as if a little piece of London's Fulham or Chelsea had been magically transported to this little comer of the Dorset coast.

Certainly I had never seen this kind of tempo outside a restaurant in London. Waiters and waitresses dashed everywhere trying to fulfil what appeared to be an inexhaustible demand to keep the customers fed. As I stood there, trying to remember where I was, Keith Floyd, the celebrity chef, dashed past. I was impressed. I'm not usually much of one for lunch, but the food smelled so wonderful and the atmosphere was so extraordinary that I found myself ordering like a king.

I had a starter of lobster terrine, an exquisite fillet of sea bass with green beans and a mountain of chips, and rounded it off with coffee and a generous piece of cheesecake. The proprietor, a jolly nice man named Arthur Watson, wandered among the tables and even called on me. He told me that until ten years before the place had been just a normal cafe doing roast lunches and burger and chips, and little by little they had begun introducing fresh fish and fancier foods and found that it was very popular.

Now it was packed out every mealtime and had just been named the Good Food Guide's restaurant of the year for Dorset, but they still did burgers and they still did chips with everything, and I thought that was just wonderful. Itwas gone three when I emerged from the Riverside with a light head and heavy everything else. Taking a seat on a bench, I pulled out my map and realised with dismay that I was still 16 kms from Lyme Regis, with the m of Golden Cap, the highest hill on the south coast, standing betWeen me ' and it.

My blisters throbbed, my legs ached, my stomach was grotesquely full and a light rain was beginning to fall. As I sat there, a bus pulled up. I g9t up and put my head in the open door. He nodded. Impulsively, I jumped aboard. The trick of successful walking, I always say, is knowing when to stop.

A He was too tired and hungry to appreciate it. Underline parts of the text where you expect to find the answers to B He hadn't expected it to be so noisy. Write the question C He wasn't able to walk along the beach. I number in the margin if it helps you. D He found the landscape of the area very dull. What is meant by 'higgledy-piggledy' in line 11? A characterless B strange C unattractive D disorganised What.

A its extraordinary location B the lively atmosphere inside C its appealing name D its ugly exterior The writer tells us that the customers in the restaurant A made him feel unsuitably dressed. B reminded him of the type of diners found somewhere else.

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  3. Yiddish Children's Literature | Yiddish Book Center.
  4. Head Over Heels.
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  6. Adaptation (Book 3 in the Witchs Inheritance series)!

C seemed like they were enjoying themselves very much. D were extraordinarily demanding. The waiters and waitresses in the restaurant seemed very A efficient. B tired. C busy. D professional. The writer uses the phrase 'it all rather til went to my head' line 24 to help explain how the atmosphere in the restaurant caused him to A do something unusual.

B feel confused. C make a bad decision. The owner told the writer that, despite the restaurant becoming more successful, A the style of the food it served had hardly changed. B it was little known outside of Dorset. C it was still very popular with! D some of the food it served was the same as it had always been.

B complete the rest of his journey by public transport. C end his journey there. Alex Schwartz talks to us about his love for the sport. I will never forget the year After seeing the amazing stunts, I started degree twist, when I landed badly on my hand and dreaming about riding bikes and performing stunts pulled several tendons. It took me out of the sport myself one day. After all, I would need to get some practice if I was going to be The current popularity of extreme sports has meant like my hero! Mostly -we just copied the that BMX has seen a recent revival.

III We level. III The atmosphere raise its profile and encourage more people to take was magical, with over 1, riders at some events. Old tracks are being renovated and new ones F For once in my life I was nervous. G There were no real rules, but that's what was C The way I see it, the sport finally got the so great about it. H We organised our own events and fed off The risks, though, are really no greater than, each other's tricks. This rmation can provide clues to the correct sentences. For questions , choose from the hotels A-E.

The hotels may be chosen more than once. The hotel has a new look. The rooms are clean. You get exactly what you pay for. A free meal is offered each day. Right Hotel These days more and more people are booking holiday by booking a hotel you don ' t know their holidays on the Net after reading anything about!

Perhaps, though, there's no better advice than first- There are two sides to every coin, of course, and hand advice! This year, my wife and I are going we did find someone who had enjoyed their to the Greek island of Santorini for our holiday. Henry Porter stayed at George's Villas holidays -but before choosing our hotel, we for four nights. The service was the best we have ever Choosing the right hotel is not always simply a experienced. The staff are wonderful and they question of looking for the nicest pictures on a think of absolutely everything, from the tour of website, as one of my friends, Barry Roberts, the hotel on arrival to the little box of chocolates found out.

He booked a room at the Captain's you receive to welcome you. This hotel is a little Resort online last year and explains how he was more expensive than most in the area but worth deceived: "You are led to believe that you will every penny. We would definitely stay here be staying at a small, elegant hotel. I was so again and recommend it to anyone who wants to disappointed. Don't be fooled: what can look relax and take in the beautiful scenery in style.

The view from my room was of a burned- Another happy customer is my wife ' s boss, out car. The place is a hostel, at best, and there Debbie Graham, who stayed at the Clifftop is an awful smell that wafts through the hotel. It Hotel. However, everywhere," she explained. The truth is, it is stay. The bathrooms are newly renovated and second-rate. The location of the hotel is perfect! Although it doesn't have direct My neighbour Kate Smith also had a bad views of the cliffs, you only have to walk two experience after booking a room at the Odyssey minutes for-one Of the most amazing views on Hotel online.

It is supposed seven-day holiday! Two other couples had the to be one of the best on the island, with two same problem and while we were leaving I saw swimming pools, a gymnasium and a tennis the same thing happening to some other new court. The staff has a reputation for being the arrivals. They obviously constantly overbook! It has Then once we got our room, we found it was large rooms, each one with a balcony and a sea damp due to the air conditioning unit leaking - view.

Sounds great, but after talking to our not exactly what you expect from a member of friends I've realised that you just never know the 'Small Luxury Hotels of the World' group. Read Clara's email and the notes you have made. Then write an email to Clara using all your notes. Make sure you have covered all the points in your answer. I haven't heard from you for ages - what's been keeping you so busy? Apologise for not I really need your advice because I just can't decide what to do this writing say why summer!

The thing is, I've been offered a job organising activities for kids at a summer camp in July and August. I think it would be quite easy. I Not true! When could also save up some money and it would be good expenence, [worked at a too. There's just one problem, though! I've also got a place at a youth orchestra summer school.

Do you think it would be worth missing this opportunity to work at the summer camp? And what about you? Write soon. Tell her Clara Write an email. Write your answer in words in an " Write a letter to your adian penfriend, describing the day and explaining which part you enjoyed the most and why. She has invited students to write a report making some recommendations. Make sure you do not use contracted forms. Exploring the Pantanal Photojournalist David Rafferty was The Pantanal is In fact, Rafferty was amazed to learn that it is bigger than many small countries!

His adventure began in the state capital of Campo Grande, where he took a short plane Once there, he 3. For David, the Pantanal was a photographer's paradise. He says that the area boasts a wide It was enough to David's During his expedition, he also Use only one word gap. The truth is in there? It has been reported that photographers who get So, Remember that the prompt word may need to be changed into a noun, adjective, adverb, participle or occasionally verb.

Read the sentence and try to decide what part of speech the missing word is. Very Big Brother Big Brother has seen great success throughout the past decade. Shown in over 70 countries The With audience figures higher than ever before, there is little chance that the show's incredible The show has received Of course, this is often the reason the audience finds the show so The producers' HELP hand, therefore, simply aims to Whatever your opinion, the You must use between two and five words, "'-I U g the word given.

AS Remember to make all necessary changes to the Bill said The heavy rainfall caused floods in the area. AGREE " They postponed the match because of the bad weather. PUT The match I wish I had listened to your advice. PITY It's I can't really tell you what he is like as I haven't seen him. At the end of the race he had very little strength left.

Here's how they wedged an evil clown into the Trump-focused American Horror Story: Cult

I had dressed quite nicely for my first day as a student. At 16, I had been upgraded from lowly pupil to proud student upon enrolment at St. Anne's College of Further Education. I would be spending the next two years on a drama foundation course, which I hoped would pave the way for me to become one of the great actresses of British theatre. In celebration of this new beginning and higher status, I had swapped my usual ripped jeans and sloppy jumpers for a pair of clean dungarees with a neatly pressed white shirt and, much to my mother's shock, I had actually brushed my hair.

Like many young people my age, I was under the impression that the best way to show your individuality and creativity was by wearing the kind of clothing that my despairing mother claimed was not fit to be seen in public. But for my first day as a student I had made an effort to look what my mother called 'respectable'. There were fifteen of us, sitting in a large circle on wobbly old chairs in the theatre hall, while the head of the drama department, Mr Wilson, gave us a warm welcoming speech and told us all about the course we were about to start.

To my horror, he then invited us to say a little bit about ourselves and why we had decided to do a drama course. I had no idea what I would say in front of all these people, which was a bit embarrassing for a would-be actress. The truth was that despite a taste for unusual clothing, I was painfully shy. My alarm grew as it came closer to my tum. My mind went blank and my mouth dry in dread of making a complete idiot of myself within the first hour of my new life.

One by one, the new students line 19 enthusiastically explained their reasons for their longing for the stage. Then it was the tum of a girl who I hadn't really noticed until that moment because I was too busy panicking about what I would say. While all the other students, including me, looked fresh-faced and eager to please sitting bolt upright line 22 on the rickety chairs, this girl stood out like a sore thumb.

She was slumped down so low in her chair and her jacket collar was pulled up so high that you could hardly see her face at all. All that was visible was a mop of untidy short brown hair and extraordinarily large, furious blue eyes. She briefly poked her chin above her collar and grunted, "My name's Tracy and I'm from Blackburn". She then retreated like a turtle back into her shell leaving only her wild blue eyes on show and added no further information about herself.

Everyone smiled politely in stunned silence but I was both impressed and relieved: I was impressed at her bravery in saying almost nothing even under pressure, and relieved that you could get away line 30 with saying so little about yourself. After Mr. Wilson at long last let us out of the hall to go to lunch, I managed to find the courage to go up to Tracy.

She was sitting alone at a table in the cafeteria still slumped in her chair, eating a bar of chocolate. She looked very unfriendly and unapproachable. To my surprise, she looked up at me with her huge eyes and gave me a very bright, sweet smile. She was responding to pressure from her mQther. Remember that the answers will be found in the text in She wanted to look like a great actress.

She was not as extroverted as she may have seemed. She was unsure of her reasons for wanting to do the course. C Her clothing differed to the other students'. She was afraid that she would find the course too demanding. C she began to wonder if she had made the wrong choice of career. A their decision to do the course their determination to act C their enthusiasm about the course D their strong desire for an acting career en the writer tells us that the girl she had just noticed 'stood out like a sore thumb' line 22 , e means that she seemed as if she was in pain.

C looked very uncomfortable. C she totally ignored her and carried on eating. D she seemed surprised that anyone had spoken to her. What was the writer's main purpose in writing the article? Seve sentences have been removed from the article. Al Gore has made a film he hopes will help to change the way we view climate change. AI Gore has been concerned with climate change, or whole cities such as San Francisco one day be 'climate crisis' as he calls it, for the majority of his submerged in water due to rising sea levels? As the years passed and he became III0 As the title of the film suggests, however.

Free of charge, he explained to his Gore's book of the same title contains additional audiences that the world is facing a 'planetary information and scientific analysis to further support emergency' and that it isn't too late to stop it if appropriate action is taken now.

His main hope is that people accept managed to persuade him. Gore's own life story with horrifying predictions about the future of our planet. Gore leads by example. For this would be walking along the red carpet at the Cannes reason, he has also been working hard to encourage Film Festival and later collecting an Oscar for 'Best Documentary'. II0 Advertised as 'the scariest large shops to sell more environmentally friendly products. For example, is there a link between the something that will, literally, change the world.

Why was the hottest year ever recorded? Which person has returned to a destination they have been to before? John went 'dune bashing' in the Dubai Desert. Elena joined local traders on a camel trek into the vast Thar Desert. John Harper spent his teenage years trying his hand at various extreme sports. My a possib le travel destination when 1 came cousin had suggested 'dune bashing', something across an article about it in a newspaper travel he had heard about previously but had never supplement," Elena tells me.

Jaipur which borders this vast desert. He loved the risk and "And they were what 1 had really come for. Even now 1 can smell those wonderful "We spent the night camping in the desert, but combinations of aromas. This was surely even before the guides could get the fire roaring travelling at its very best! Desert, 'the entertainment capital of the world '. Jane Edmonds began her journey in Douz, a Harry Clarke had spent months trying to decide Tunisian town known as the gateway to the here to go for his 'dream holiday' and finally Sahara.

She took the same route as ancient settled on Las Vegas after reading about it in a Arabian tradesmen and their camel caravans. The terrain can be harsh but the desert's spending quite a lot. Harry finally Jane admits that it wasn't all hard work. She opted to stay at one of the most expensive casino often sat down for long breaks with her guides hotels in Las Vegas, the famous Bellagio. Read Robert's email and the notes you have made. Then write an email to Robert using all your notes. Let me know when your flight arrives on the 15 th and I'll come and meet you - at the a;ort.

I hope I recognise you - it's three years since we Give details last saw each other! Tell him what you I know you've never been to England before so I was look like now wondering if there was anything you'd particularly like to see o! Tell me if there is and I'll see what Yes! I'd love to I can do! Reply soon. Robert Would like to bring them a gift - any ideas? Write your email. Both parts of Paper 2 carry the same number of marks, so spend the same length of time on each one. Write your answer in words in an priate style. Tell Us What You Think! In reviews of books, films, etc you should Have you read a good book recently?

If so, we want to know all about it! The writer of the best review that we publish will win a weekend away for two during the Hay-on-Wye Book Festival. Your teacher has now asked you to write an y giving your views on the following statement: Shopping on the Internet has both advantages and disadvantages. Food to fear We all know that eating too much junk food is bad for our health, but did you know that eating some kinds of health foods could be Michel Simon, who Whilst they are often high in fibre, some of them In addition, some of the foods we have Although they look and sound nutritious, in most 8.

For example, some types of dried fruit were So next time you decide to cut down First came. Now, growing in popularity For those Many people just write about their daily lives Favourite subjects tend to be sports, politics, and gossip. One surprising development of! It is Bear in mind prefixes e. Being a teacher Without a doubt, Teachers must also be good communicators if they are to convey Language teachers in particular have to be aware of all the skills students need to communicate As well as being Perhaps most However, although it can be difficult when teachers find themselves You must use between two and five words, ing the word given.

They are building a new road through the town. TAKEN e The pie was so salty that I could not eat it. SUCH t was I could not eat it. She regrets not going to the party last Saturday. TAKE ainting SURE Sally was TO isn't The Master Puppeteer Peter Roberts describes what it is like to work in the world of puppet theatre and explains what is so special about this art form. Watching wooden dolls come to life may not be one anticipate and what you actually create in the end of the most popular forms of entertainment today, are two very different things, but I've made some of but with over twenty years' experience, talented my best puppets 'accidentally', as it were.

But while the Anyone interested in puppetry can be trained to exact origins of puppet theatre are unknown, it has assist, and not just with the actual puppet making. K are usually the very first kind of theatre," he explains. In his shows are highly original. Equally diverse is the audience he performs An important sideline for Roberts is designing for. This is a complicated and expensive line 58 entertainment crosses international boundaries and business - it can take a whole day to perfect can be appreciated by people of all ages and cultures.

Once captured on computer, however, received some beautiful glove puppets one it is there forever. Still, for Roberts it's traditional Christmas. He started putting on shows with these puppet shows that are his passion. Learning in. The puppets come alive and immediately the mostly from books and personal experience, he audience are in a magical fantasyland. It's just so continued with his 'hobby' while studying for a different from any other kind of theatre.

Certainly the subject matter puppeteer. I realised I had long since abandoned will be expected to be light-hearted rather than all thoughts of pursuing any other career! However, Roberts is keen to point out The puppets are designed specifically for each that puppet theatre can often be used as an show, which is extremely time-consuming. Each one effective educational tool. It is gaining popularity. It is a highly skilled art form.

C make an audience feel personally involved. D attract large audiences. What would Roberts like people to understand about puppet theatre? A It can be educational as well as entertaining. B It's not just a thing of the past. D Its main purpose should be to educate. There is one extra sentence which you do not need.

Something's Cooking Chris Annstrong is a successful London chef who has recently opened his second restaurant. He tells us all about his journey to the top. My childhood wasn't easy. Both of my parents were The time spent working as a sous-chef was a in the army and consequently we never lived wonderful learning experience. It was very you're working under top chefs, you can expect to difficult for me to settle into the different schools I be on the receiving end of their world famous bad went to, so I didn't try as hard as I should have and I tempers a lot more often than you would like!

When I was sixteen, Once, Mr Duvalier threw a saucepan at me because I left school and signed up for a career in the army. I let a dish go out to a customer cold. Still, however I enjoyed the army training and really thought that 'heated' it got in the kitchen, I still thrived on I had made the right career choice. But then one working hard as part of a team.

Availle's free english audiobooks

Fortunately, I You see, during my recovery I'd started leafing was able to get the necessary repairs done without through some of my mum's cookbooks in the delaying the opening too long. Finally, about a year kitchen. I tried out a few of the simpler recipes, just after I'd first had the idea, 'A Cappella' was open to occupy my time really, but then I started for business!

I began substituting The restaurant was successful beyond my wildest and adding my own ingredients and even making dreams. There were some difficulties at first, but I up entire new recipes. Then a friend jokingly was determined to overcome them. I I O suggested that I should train to be a chef. I was recently approached by a TV company about the possibility of filming a 'fly on the wall' television I gained a lot of valuable experience in my first few documentary about the London restaurant.

IIID I liD This business certainly isn't easy, but if you are prepared to give it everything you've got, was offered the chance to train under the head chef at the world really is your oyster. Needless to say, I didn't agonise over my reply. F I was informed that I would never be fit ell, I just couldn't get the idea out of my enough for active duty. G It certainly had its share of difficult moments, After a couple more years, I returned to though. London and became head chef at a newly ened restaurant. H But it was only after moving to London that I felt that my career really started to take off.

It may be useful to go through each section of the text in tum and match the questions which refer to it. Which performer But what is it like to be em? John McGregor talks to four performers who have made a career out of entertaining others. The Ulusionist The Actor ho would expect to find England 's answer to Michael Webster has been an actor in London for H arry Houdini in the sleepy Lancashire village of almost fifte e n years. Well, thirty-one-year-old Matthew Tate theatre, he has also played many minor parts in TV seems to be exactly that. Undoubtedly, Matthew has films and series.

They watch wide-eyed, for example, as he performance, often under imperfect or unpleasant :Tees himself after being submerged handcuffed in a conditions. And then there is the constant worry ater-filled tank. He reminds his audience that about where the next job will come from.

It fills em, seems equally transfixed. My question - met with a cheeky grin and, of course, complete silence! They watch intently to see if I will blink, begin eight hours of tough physical exercises. Then when I'm on stage I. But balance on one hand for six minutes, which needs anding still for hours requires a great deal of incredible strength and endurance," Zhao says. I hysical stamina.

It's my aching feet that bother me ask her if she has any regrets. She answers me e most! You have been going to a local sports centre every day and have just been given this leaflet. Write a letter to Dave Thorsby, the manager of the gym, using all your notes. Remember to include Oakley Sports Centre an appropriate greeting e. Dear Mr Jones, We are about to celebrate our first birthday and would like to know etc and ending e. Yours sincerely, Adam Smith, etc in your Write us a letter and give us your opinions. We are especially letter. Crowded, not Is there anything new you would like to see?

International Book Fair Wanted: people of all ages to work at an international book fair taking Remember that letters place in London from 10th to 15th June. Accommodation and travel of application are costs will be paid for. Applicants must be: written in a formal - interested in different kinds of books. Do not write any addresses. The story must - with the following words: As Jeremy walked up to his front door, he just knew something wasn't quite right. Camping or staying in a hotel - which is best?

We are' looking for some articles on this subject. Write and tell us which you think is best and why. Accident prone According to a recent study, personality could determine how likely you are to be There is an example at the beginning 0 -. A number of the missing words are prepositions or articles. Tea ory of tea began over 5, years According In Japan, The IS