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Insane In The Brain. Insane In The Brain Last played on. DJ Target. Failbait Kendoll Edit.

Trouble (Cypress Hill song)

Failbait Kendoll Edit Performer. Remix Artist. Annie Nightingale presents Tequila Sunrise. Tequila Sunrise Last played on. The Tom Robinson Show. Hits From the Bong. Hits From the Bong Last played on. Trevor Nelson. Rock Superstar. Rock Superstar Last played on. Shaun Keaveny.

How we made Cypress Hill's Insane in the Brain

Cock The Hammer Album Version. Man Like Mobeen. I Wanna Get High. I Wanna Get High Last played on. Band of Gypsies.

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Band of Gypsies Last played on. Bobby Friction.

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When The Ship Goes Down. Steve Lamacq.

Cypress Hill - Insane In The Brain (Official Video)

Crazy Last played on. Nemone's Electric Ladyland. Band Of Gypsies Radio Edit. Vic Galloway. It went from being a slow groove to a club banger. The format of the song is similar to Jump Around by House of Pain. I wanted to do more with that sort of sound, so I packed Insane in the Brain with hooks. I assembled the track in my apartment, putting the horns together with the bassline. It took about a day to do the beat, three hours to write the lyrics, then about an hour to record it.

The Song of the Cypress by Tonia Parronchi

There was a lot of weed smoked but we were pretty prepared. I knew it was going be a big record but I never imagined how big. I was a millionaire at I guess everybody goes crazy at some time in their life. I went to a hip-hop nightclub in downtown Los Angeles. B-Real had this blue Cadillac Seville , a really-nice-looking car.

When I arrived, he was sat in it in the parking lot writing something. Insane in the Brain derives from gang talk in LA. Back then, the Crips and the Bloods — who I ran with — were at war.

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  6. You could have a shootout with the police or anyone. That lingo was reserved for the hardest homies. The song itself is about rival rappers who had dissed us. I did my lyrics in New York when we recorded.