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How to recover an ex who does not react to anything?

Getting down to what's under the surface.

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Considering that the word indifferent is so often concerned with neutrality and a certain lack of variation in sentiment, it is puzzling that it should have such a wide variety of meanings. But no one ever promised that the English language would make sense. You can usually tell which sense of 'indifferent' is meant from context. Indifferent has been a part of the English language for a fairly long time, since the 14th century.

And the stewarde is bounde by lawe and conscience to be an indifferent iudge bytwene the lorde and his tenauntes…. By the early 16th century to word began to broaden, and be applied to the concept of justice itself rather than the people who designated it , as well as being employed in a manner that is more familiar to those of us who use the word today, used in reference to things which are viewed as having little consequence.

Why Does 'Indifferent' Have So Many Meanings?

When one spends too much time examining the myriad senses that many of our English words can have it can become confusing, and leave people worried that no matter which meaning of a word is chosen it will in some way be wrong. In most cases the intended meaning of a word will be made readily apparent through the context in which it is used. We are collectively not at all uninterested in the semantic drift of uninterested , yet are completely indifferent to the changes in indifferent ; yet another of the endless mysteries of the English language.

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    How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts. The awkward case of 'his or her'. It's a bird?

    Examples of “indifferent”

    It's a plane? No, I'm really asking. However, there may be a more insidious cause. There is good evidence that people are gradually becoming more narcissistic.

    Why success and happiness require a good measure of indifference

    We find a growing sense of selfishness in the world. Our pride and unrestrained egos cause us to place ourselves first and everybody else a far second. The result of this self-indulgence is that we are indifferent to everything else that may be going on around us.

    We end up not caring about the suffering of others. In summary, the causes of indifference can vary and they are powerful.

    indifferent - Dictionary Definition :

    Pope Francis recently expressed his concern about a growth of indifference not just in Western cultures but all around the world. Christ challenges us to be passionate, not lukewarm see Revelation When we read the lives of the saints we may learn that they did what seemed like small good deeds, but many of these small actions have had a big effect over time.

    Consider the impact of the humble nun Sr. Maria Kowalska who became known as St. Faustina, delivering the simple message of divine mercy that has now spread around the world.

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    Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta probably at times was overwhelmed by the suffering sick and poor all around her, but she did what she could for them with what she had. We just need to do our part. We need to believe that helping the poor and sick and marginalized is important.