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I'll probably update this later if I end up diving into the genre, but for now I'll say that this entire album is a massive earworm that I'm more than happy to have stuck in my head. I think I especially like that the vocals, while powerful, are a bit more relaxed compared to their contemporaries. A tad more familiar to someone who usually listens to metal where the vocals are mixed beneath everything else. Celtic Kings by Rocka Rollas. Wow what an astonishing good record.

I can't believe I've not heard about Rocka Rollas sooner, very underrated for sure. Everything on this album is top class. Fast riffs, fast melodic solos, epic choruses and not to forget those powerful Halford-like vocals.

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Sad to hear this is the last one, but what a finisher! Could not have go out with anything better. Now however, his father is gone, taken away by the Germans, and his big brothers are off somewhere fighting for the Dutch Resistance.

No Sign of Glory

Now Pieter is the man of the family and many responsibilities rest on his shoulders. Sometimes this means having to go out at night to find used cigarettes that the Germans throw away. The leftover tobacco can be bartered to get much needed food. Sometimes it means that he has to help Beppie, a girl who works for the Resistance, and these are the jobs that terrify Pieter the most for he knows that if he is caught he will probably be shot. Information starts to come through which indicates that something big is going to be happening soon and Beppie calls on Pieter more and more to be a courier for the Dutch cause.

A Traitor Among Us

So Huck goes to it, heading down into a much nicer metro station than any that actually exist in D. The only thing more unconvincing is that they took the elevator out of the metro, which is absurd, because everyone knows that the elevators are always broken. But with that information, Hucks decides to work with Rowan. Huck tracks her down, finds her with Jake nad Jennifer, and pulls a gun. He says that he thinks Quinn is the mole, and not one to be outdone, Quinn pulls a gun on Huck, too. She wants a face-to-face with Olivia.

A Traitor Among Us (Hellfire Peninsula)

Of course, the real question is… who is that inmate? She wants him to help find her baby sister, who is dying. Huck agrees, and in doing so, she reveals that blind spot. Huck, the absolute emotionless pit, is honestly the most emotional of them all. The end.

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Olivia is not pleased with Huck, but he may not be all wrong. Becky 2.

Meg, pops a squat with our new psychopath Sarah in the park, confirming that Meg is no good. So Huck goes back home and calls Meg to invite her over. He waits in his apartment with a shot to likely knock her out.