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Please try again later. Won't be much use a year on. Verified Purchase. If safelists are your thing then this book may be of passing use to you. Safelists have an average response of 1 in a million or 0.

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So you have 2 dubious marketing methods and a book that implies it is only good for a month so it is probably hardly worth the RAM space it takes. See the review.

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Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. The author's claim is "Free Online". That is the only reason this thing got two stars. It's obvious to me that he just threw it together, without thinking about his readers. The statement, "works for me so it'll work for you" is never a good referral. Neither is immediately commanding his readers to sign up. These suggestions would make this title better: 1 Explanations, namely what he does to make each work for him, and his results; why he recommends each; the possible pitfalls of each; and whether he gets a commission as an affiliate for recommending them 2 Stop shouting.

Every statement is in all caps.

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I seriously considered one star, but he did come through with ten free sites. Such as they are. This is a brief but useful compilation of "Safelist" for April Of course, the "usefulness" is restricted to a very narrow group of those who already know what Safelists and Viral List Building is.

For others it would be worthless. Since the author has taken the trouble to produce a list, I strongly recommend that he add a detailed explanation of what these things are so that the book becomes useful for a wider range of readership.

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That chapter can then be added into each volume that is released. He gives a list accompanied by pics that make no sense and gives no explanation about list building or the mechanics of it.

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I will check out the sites but he really needs to add prose to flesh this thing out. He could have done it all on one page. This is why I give it 3 stars instead of 5. We are now in a lean period, when there are fewer people and businesses spending on advertising, so there are fewer ads to click on, and reduced earnings. stats and valuation

If you stick it out, you will be here when the tide turns, when there will be almost more ads than you can click on, your earnings will be looking great, everybody is joining, your downlines are growing, and the world is beautiful again. So with all the ebbs and flows, what do we do? SafeLists are a third source of traffic for your advertising and potentially the most powerful. SafeLists are a way to send email to other SafeList members, inviting them to join your programs your list, and your portfolio of PTCs.

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For every email you open, you can send , emails or more to other members. When you begin to use SafeLists, the most important thing is to realize you will begin receiving lots and lots of email! Both will get lots of email, but most of the emails will come to your LIST address. Then continue on with this teaching, because you are about to join two of the very best SafeLists in all of online advertising. Bweeble Earn cash while building traffic, building your brand, and building your list. You will not believe how many SafeLists there are in this downline builder!

Each of these traffic resources has a best-of-class Downline Builder. The 10K Challenge. PTC Professor.