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Sirens' Serenade Demo. Wild Pixies Demo. Vikingdom Demo. Throne of Gold Demo. Story: Dora has kidnapped you Swiper the Fox in your sleep, and brought you to this warehouse of some sort. You must find a way out of here, but beware, Dora wants to kill you and take your legs. But what did you ever do to Dora that would awaken her from her grave to hunt down and kill you?

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So this is a pretty random ass horror game I came up with. I bet you're wondering why I'd make a horror game based on Dora. Well, I was sitting on my chair brain storming ideas and I was like, "You know, I don't think anyone has ever made a horror game about Dora the Explorer. Yes, this is the perfect idea! Just in time for the month of October and I guess Halloween too.


Log in with itch. But, i'm from Indonesia so i'm commenting your game with my native language. This was great! It was honeslty so fun to play :D I made a video of it, I'd be so happy if you wanted to check it out The game can't launch because Ah, that pesky error. I've seen this occur for some users, but thankfully there's a solution. I have found myself unable to play. I have to say that this little inde game genuinely scared me. I really enjoyed how this game took a dark spin on a beloved cartoon character amongst those who watch it. I definitely recommend anyone to try this one out.

I cannot make a Mac port, it is literally impossible for me to do. But it is beyond my control. I just cannot make a Mac port. I do hope you understand man. My childhood has been resuscitated!

Is Artifact a dead game?

It's alive! For sure, this has got to be the scariest game I've made to date, lol. Glad you enjoyed it! This game and your Scooby Horror games are not scary to me but more funny and enlightening, especially the Scooby Horror ones because of how it plays into my childhood. I probably would've liked it better if the performance was a bit better on my computer but hey My older games weren't always the scariest, lol so I get where you're coming from.

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And I wish the performance could've been better for you. I wish the performance was better too but blame my year old computer that is surprisingly still working to this day. I found the menu screen music the creepiest parts of the video lol, but the monsters were just a laugh! I need to check out Sesame Street and the other "recent" games of yours, nevertheless the performance.

I think my newer games might run better for you, as some people have told me that my newer games play better than my old ones. I use Unreal Engine 4. Much easier to use than Unity. Unity requires you to know how to code but Unreal Engine uses a blueprint system instead of coding, though coding is an option. This was a great game, really enjoyed the simplistic style yet amazing spook that left me with shit in my pants and tears in my eyes.

It shows that not all great games have to be made with a large amount of money put into it or a massive team. It doesn't need to be a Triple-A game to be fun. Great job! My earholes can't even with Dora. Even though I may be deaf now I still loved it and had a blast! Keep on rockin!


Jeez this one got me good. Really cool design and idea, and the chasing is pretty terrifying if you dont pay attention. Thanks for making it. Well here is my take on your game : thoroughly enjoyed my time playing it. I hope my next game a courage the cowardly dog horror game doesn't disappoint you! I tried to contain myself but i get scared by such little things QQ.

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  4. Bruce Campbell himself confirms that a new game is on the way but that's all we know about it..
  5. Still i quite enjoyed your little game :D. Dora Is Dead. A downloadable game for Windows Download Now Name your own price. Dora the Explorer meets the horror genre! For some reason Remember, let me know if you encounter any bugs, and if you make a video, let me know!

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