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In the distant future, sentient satellites watch humans playing football and speculate about what humanity has become.

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Very fun and humorous read. After reading the book I found out the cartoonist was completely fictional and I was doubly impressed by this. Children of Time , Adrian Tchaikovsky Science fiction story with a dual narrative that follows a rapidly evolving alien civilization and a space ship ark with the last of humanity. Volume two of this comic series impressed me so much, love the artwork and how the story has evolved.

It follows a young woman who has been infected? I also read lathe of heaven by ursula k le guin, and like. The Firebrand and the First Lady , Patricia Bell-Scott Bell-Scott tells the story of Pauli Murray, a Black civil rights activist, feminist, socialist, legal scholar, and Episcopal priest—and more specifically, focusses on her decades-long friendship-by-mail with Eleanor Roosevelt. I found it fascinating on quite a few levels—Bell Scott does an incredible job interweaving their ongoing debate over incrementalism versus more disruptive tactics with grounding practical details about the fight for civil rights in the '40s and '50s, following Murray into diner sit-ins and on inter-state bus trips.

This is interspersed with careful research on their private lives, presenting a very human look into how two women struggled with the strict rules—internal and external—imposed on gender and same-sex attraction around the midcentury. Steering the Craft. Ursula K. LeGuin If I had to recommend one book on writing, it would be this one. LeGuin presents an incredibly prosaic approach to thinking about writing and storytelling, always paying attention to what you want the work to do.

Also, the writing exercises she suggests are fun and challenging! City of a Thousand Festivals , Charlie Dart Charlie Dart has spent the past year writing daily festival descriptions from the fictional sea-side city of Buentiolle. He does an excellent job expressing the beauty of the things we gather to celebrate, while not ignoring how complicated and even ugly their contexts can be.

Also: 4. Season of Migration to the North , Tayeb Salih. I have not felt this as a book since I first read Camus. Truth be told, I probably need to give it another read before passing final judgment, since there is a historical context I am not very knowledgeable of. A poet who had been studying abroad in London returns to his home village by the Nile, and finds a stranger has moved into town.

There are a lot of layers in the novel and honestly you should just read if for yourself. The Summer Book by Tove Jansson. A girl and her grandmother spends their summers on an island in the Finish archipelago. The chapters are all separate stories covering events that happen to them in this period. Jansson has this ability to put very complicated feelings in very simple words with out losing out on any of the nuance, which comes in handy when she covers the relationship between the two main characters.

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Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Jered Mayer. Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. The constable's jaw dropped. I figure it's more of a civil service. The boy Salem has managed to escape captivity by way of a burning tower and has carried out his revenge on the predators responsible by utilizing predators of his own.

Now, in taking his life back, he finds new friendships, The constable's jaw dropped.

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Now, in taking his life back, he finds new friendships, the mystery of love and the tragic realization that the world is much bigger, more complicated and far deadlier than he could ever be prepared for. In Sandaria, Donovan Swan has managed to take full control of the city, but not everyone is happy about it. The new Council is dissatisfied with his allocation of resources, outlaw constable Nicolas Rubel plots his revenge and Swan's own companion - the monk Cale Farari - is growing increasingly discontent with his friend's tactics and attitude.

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Next in line is Emmet Granger, who's hiding out a long way south and slightly west of your location, by Flatneck Station. You'll find him alone, unlike Hernandez, with nothing but a little ranch of pigs to look after. After some conversation - you can approach him peacefully this time - he'll give you a lovely task to complete before he'll say anything about Calloway.

It's shovelling poo!

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You need to pick up the fork, walk into the pigsty and pick up three mounds of poo, conveniently marked on your map, and put them into the wheelbarrow nearby. Once you're done, there's another conversational cutscene.

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After that, you'll need to go place some dynamite in the nearby manure pile - simple enough, just follow the very short-distance waypoint - and then it's time for that inevitable duel. As with Flaco Hernandez, you need to take a picture of the body, and then Inspect the back of his photograph and then head to Rhodes Railway Station, which will be marked on your map for you once you've read the back of his picture. He'll instruct you to wait outside for a train and see if Midnight's on board - one should turn up just as he says that, so stroll outside and hop on board, then work your way towards the bar cabin, at the back of the train, where you'll find him.

He runs away when you approach - back the way you came - so chase him and eventually you'll face off on the roof of the train near the front, for your third duel. The last of the four Gunslingers that you received photographs of, Black Belle again isn't too far from the previous gunslinger, thankfully. Read the back of her photo and head to the area marked on your map once more - a cabin in Bluewater Marsh - and be ready for a fight.

death worth living for part one waypoint series book 2 Manual

As you approach, you'll enter another cutscene and, this time, you'll be helping the gunslinger instead of trying to kill her. Several waves of Bounty Hunters will attack. First, you need to detonate the bridge as they approach - Belle will tell you when, so just wait for the first Bounty Hunter to stroll up onto the raised walkway and press the button on her signal. You then need to fight off about a dozen more - some of which will attack the cabin from the rear corner as well - and soon enough they'll roll up with a genuine Gatling Gun mounted on a cart. Pick off the person firing it with a headshot.

Death Worth Living For Part Two (Waypoint)

Finally, some more will work their way onto the ramp - use the second switch to blow them up, and you should be done. There's no gun to take this time, but you'll still need to take Black Belle's picture as she poses for you. There's also a Cigarette Card on the table inside - and another in a Premium Cigarette Pack in a drawer in there too - plus, plenty of high-value gold and silver loot to be had from the bodies scattered around, so make sure you search them all! With that, your initial task is done - you've questioned, killed, and photographed all the Gusnlingers on your list - but the mission isn't over yet.

To finish it off, there's one last Gunslinger to hunt down, but it'll only trigger once you complete the Chapter 4 mission A Fine Night of Debauchery, too. Once you've finished A Fine Night of Debauchery in Chapter 4 then, you can pick up the final part of the Gunslinger quest - starting with a conversation with the bartender back at that saloon in Valentine.

Ask after Calloway and Levin and he'll tell you they went to Saint Denis. Head to the waypoint in Saint Denis and talk to Calloway and Theodore Levin there, and they'll send you off to go find someone called Slim Grant for Calloway to kill.