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Donate via PayPal. Teile dieser Seite funktionieren nur mit aktiviertem JavaScript. Impfung - shot s. Source Language Term Impfung Correct? Es gibt zwar mit dem Vermerk "med. Oder ist der Begriff lexikalisch so nicht belegbar?

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Comment "Spritze" ist mE weiter gefasst als "Impfung", zweites wird ja nur dann verwendet, wenn es sich um eine Immunisierung handelt. Es ging mir auch nicht darum, die Bedeutung "Spritze" in Frage zu stellen.

No, a "shot" isn't just a vaccination. It refers to any type of injection you receive with a needle or similar see above from M-W. Thus, we say "flu shot" to refer to a vaccination against influenza we might also say "flu vaccination" -- but that's more technical than we would speak about it in everyday life , but we can also say "allergy shot" to refer to a desensitization injection see above from Mayo Clinic , you can get a shot of cortisone, etc.

I could also say "my dog needs to get his shots again" to refer to the whole group of vaccinations that a dog gets just about every year.


Summary: If we say "shot," it's just a short form of referring to whatever sort of shot you're getting. However, translation isn't just about translating the words -- it's more about conveying the same meaning in a register similar to that of the original text. So, if an American uses "shots" and means "vaccinations" but a German-speaker would not use "Spritzen" in this context, then "Impfungen" or similar would be the best translation.

Nein, auf keinen Fall.

Impfschutz - English translation - German-English dictionary

That is my point. Comment Germans say "Heute wird sie geimpft"; Americans say "She's getting her shots today". The American is undoubtedly informal; the German is not. That doesn't mean that "Impfung" is not the same as "shot", but the AE should still be labelled as the slang that it is. The same applies for "jabs" in BE, incidentally. Comment I tend to doubt that "shot" should be considered slang when in AE it is the nearly universal way to say it.

I would be more inclined to give a special label to "injection," which is mainly used only by medical professionals--and not all of them. Why is he stopping the safari parks from vaccinating to prevent disease?

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  7. Other Europeans who were vaccinated at the same time were admitted to Belen. You must be vaccinated against rabies. You don't vaccinate a few children. To be inoculated, however, is probably not enough.

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    Hey presto, thousands of people are invited to be vaccinated. Schwupps, Tausende werden aufgefordert, sich impfen zu lassen. Synonyms for "impfen". PROMT dictionaries for English, German, French, Russian, Spanish and Italian contain millions of words and phrases as well as contemporary colloquial vocabulary, monitored and updated by our linguists. Please email us if you notice inaccurate or missing translation.

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