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It seems unlikely that the U. What help? The authors present a considerable amount of material detailing how US foreign aid maximizes the profit, scale, and influence of US-based multinational corporations and even military industries p. Chapter Does the U. Really Care About Human Rights? The case of Libya is central to this chapter. Exceptionalist assumptions about human rights have rendered the U. After all, how many times have we heard politicians call the U.

To this, the authors respond:. This narrative is incredibly convenient for the U. After all, it becomes much easier for the U. The immediate target may have been Donald Trump, but the larger target was a Russia that had revived as an independent power capable of countering US foreign policy in a number of strategic areas. Sirvent and Haiphong also underline how the Democratic Party, having become the party of austerity, free trade, and dismissal of the working-class and the poor, has nothing left except the tools of the Cold War to try to shore up its declining legitimacy.

As the authors explain,.

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The U. Or, if the devastating conditions produced by U. That the U. They rightly call Obama a Trojan Horse of the American imperial system p.

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Obama was also a Wall Street candidate if there ever was one, with a record-breaking level of campaign contributions from the biggest financial firms. The range of ways that Obama actually escalated the worst aspects of the Bush administration is laid out in extensive detail, too great to even summarize here. If correct, it would seem that Obama was at least successful in blackwashing US imperialism. This chapter also offers a deservedly severe critique of Hillary Clinton as the personification of American exceptionalism.

The authors quote a part of her speech to the American Legion, which I reproduce here:. The United States is an exceptional nation. Everyone who works harder, dreams bigger and never, ever stops trying to make our country and the world a better place. Hillary Clinton, p. Chapter Flags, Flyovers, and Rituals—On Giving Your Body to the State This chapter focuses on the militarization of citizenship: the military occupation of nationalism, and the appropriation of bodies of citizens to bring the exceptional state into reality pp.

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Their focus is also on rituals, celebrations, holidays, entertainment, sports, movies—revealing a public culture of militarized nationalism that supports American exceptionalism. With ritualization, normalization follows, and Americans thus feel invited to participate and to take ownership of war and exceptionalism p.

The remastered version of the hijab depicted it as an American flag—the same flag that some anti-racism activists had strongly denounced as emblematic of white racism p. Thus an Arab woman, and a Muslim photographer, were both recruited into solidifying support for American exceptionalism.

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Chapter Questioning Borders, Belonging, and the Nation-state This is a complicated chapter, a nest of interconnected issues and critiques. Sirvent and Haiphong then tackle the criminalization of immigrants in the US, as an extension of the criminalization of Blacks and the poor. However, as they point, it was American imperial warfare and intervention that generated waves of migrants, such as the recent rise in migration at the southern border:.

When Central American migrants from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador came in the tens of thousands in , few commentators connected the development to U. They stress that social movements cannot afford to be of the single-issue kind that emerge like successive fads—and those that neglect to fight US empire will inevitably fall short in achieving social change p.

Having analyzed the problem incorrectly in the first place, the solution can be nothing but a failure. The book ends with a detailed series of suggestions spanning options for dismantling US militarism, to unlearning the ideology of American exceptionalism, to effectively undoing the American nation-state as such.

An Overview of American Exceptionalism and American Innocence

It is a study of the everyday, of empire at home and abroad. No other book like it has been produced in recent times. The 21 essays, and the four major themes of the book result in a text that is certainly very timely, and it is absolutely saturated with references to current topics of debate, key moments and events, and processes whose nature has come to light in recent struggles. The authors are perceptive, and have clearly deliberated a great deal about an enormous mass of material, both from the experience of living as Americans in the contemporary US, and from a large and diverse literature.

Yet, the book that results is neither abstract, nor typical academic theorizing, and it should therefore be attractive to a wider range of readers—it is explicitly intended for activists and public intellectuals. It shows the rest of us, outside of the US, how it is possible that persons immersed within a system can think beyond it, and develop a critical awareness of the system they inhabit.

We cannot know if this book will help, but we can certainly hope it will. Reblogged this on The Apocalyptic Revolutionary. The views presented here are clear and supportable, and will assist any responsible, interested person see the nation more clearly. While there is a copious lack of balance that could be met perhaps by a broader analysis of causation and circumstance, especially using comparisons with other nations — currently and historically, it is a valid enterprise for the authors to concentrate on pure criticism.

The favoritism based on ethnicity and religion that the Americans embrace in the Middle East seems to be a hard position for the US to explain. Why would Hamilton be supported white supremacy. Hamilton opposed slavery. Also, I disagree with the American Revolution being made to preserve slavery. Lib Dems. US Politics. Theresa May. Jeremy Corbyn.

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Loading comments Please try again, the name must be unique. While on the mission, Robie suddenly refuses to carry out his orders and — after a second unseen shooter finishes the job — Will is immediately on the run, becoming a target himself. Meanwhile across town, a smart young girl named Julie witnesses the murder of her parents and is being hunted by their killer. What follows is a page-turning series of twists and turns that will leave Will and Julie wondering who they can trust, how far up the conspiracy goes and trying to stay one step ahead of those who are targeting them.

My primary complaints were that the ending was a bit predictable and cliche…but still satisfying and that the book would drag on unnecessarily through certain chapters with very little resolution or new information that would bring Will and Julie closer to the truth. Eventually, the pieces do start coming together, but I venture to guess that the author could have easily cut out a few chapters without it having any real or negative effect on the overall story. Nitpicks aside, I was quickly engrossed in the story and am looking forward to reading the next Will Robie story.

It definitely satiated my desire for a good spy thriller, and I would recommend it. By: Dana Sciandra.