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I will come to the forum because I have a concern that is not new: no pressure in Krita with my Wacom tablet. And suddenly, I neither pressure nor inclination, as if I clicked the mouse with my pen.

Before I made some adjustments in the tablet preferences not the Krita preferences in particular to short cuts and I did some tests. Another bug: when I want to test a tool in the white area, Krita crash. Do you have a solution?

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Un autre bug : lorsque je veux tester un outils dans la zone blanche, Krita crash. Avez-vous une solution? Bonjour, La version 2.

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Putting your MacBook into its sleep state is a convenient and useful option when you need to step away for a moment. Provided you have an account password set up, sleep lets you lock your MacBook without shutting it down so you can quickly resume your labors upon your return.

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There are a number of ways -- seven, by my count -- to put your MacBook to sleep. The first five require you to set up a log-in password, while the last two let you lock your Mac without needing a log-in password, which is convenient if you want to be able to close your Mac's lid, for instance, without needing to enter a password when you open it back up. Before we get started, let's first go over how to enable a log-in password.

In the drop-down menu, you can set timing of the password, from immediately to up to 8 hours. Just close the lid and when you open it next, you'll need to enter your password to log back in. Both sleep and lock will turn off your display, but sleep conserves more energy by putting the CPU into low-power mode, spinning down the hard drive and stopping background tasks, among other things.

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This one takes a little work, but you can add an icon to the Dock that starts your screensaver and locks your Mac. These last two methods will lock your MacBook, whether or not you have enabled a log-in password. This adds a lock icon to the menu bar.