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We never have sex after 1 have been punished. I am not spanked for petty things, as so many husbands are, and it strikes me that petty punishments are nothing more than an excuse ibr sex later. For example, 1 should have paid the car money into the bank a couple of weeks ago. My wife w r as furious, she hates receiving those sort of letters.

That was no help to me of course, and 1 had to be punished with a good hard spanking. Fora crime of such enormity I had to be thrashed until my wife's arm ached, 1 took my jacket off, dropped my trousers, and leaned with my hands flat against the wall. My wife stood by my side and hit my bottom as hard as she could six times until my flesh was stinging.

Spanking, Ages 3 to 6

Then she sat down on the chair and I lay across her lap while she smacked me until 1 was gritting my teeth together, 1 can assure you 1 feel no sexual stimulation from my spankings, my cock does not erect, in fact it seems to shrink into my body, and 1 do not feel like sex. It wouldn't make any difference if I did, because my wife would not let me screw her after a spanking. For the car episode 1 was spanked four nights on the trot, and you can be assured 1 will not forget again. Soon I will have her across my lap, her hot body pressed into my groin, and when she comes back downstairs lam already in a high state of excitement.

She stands while I walk around her, lightly tapping her with my hand, Mer black knickers are pulled tight across her round bottom, so tight that the cheeks are bulging below the elastic. Then 1 sit down, my cock erect, and she lays face down across my lap, so that my cock is pressing against her belly. The moments when 1 gaze at her quivering bottom are fantastic, then the first slap comes down on the nylon covered flesh.

I slap every inch of her bottom, then along the inside of her thighs, not so hard there. When my arm is aching I stop, and gently caress between her legs. By now she is a warm river of desire, and she is breathing heavily. She gets from my knee, I stand up and we kiss passionately while she squirms against me, her hand unzipping my trousers.

There is no need for any foreplay, she is as desperate as I to screw. She always orgasms when 1 do after she has been spanked, and 1 can assure you our sex is superb, sometimes we make love time and time again after a spanking. It seems to make me more virile, and it certainly turns her on. Frankly 1 cannot understand why she is so sexually stimulated when I spank her, because being spanked does not stimulate me. She has tried it, slapping me gently at first, then harder, but my cock never erects and I am pleased when it is over. And she has told me she is not stimulated when spanking me.

Are we an odd couple? Dear A If and Kwen, No, I cion V think you are an odd couple at all , what turns one person on doesrt f t always turn am ther person on, but 1 will admit that what you say is unusual! In that case she means it, she is not trying to stimulate you , she is bloody annoyed and sex is far from her thoughts.

A Collection of Six Spanking Stories

When you spank her it is for the express purpose of stimulating her sexual desires, and you are both aware of that. She dresses sexify, and you are stimulated from the beginning , and no doubt her wriggles help! Have fun Alf and Karen , you sound to have a marvellous sex life together. Although I have re ad some of your publications, namely, Obey, and your spanking special, 1 have only just recently spanked my husband for the first time.

I had often thought about it mind you, but had been rather timid about doing it. I mean, how could a five foot four lady hope to chastise her six foot Scottish husband in such a way? He will complain about the rising cost of food, but think nothing of paying the world for a bottle of Scotch. My patience ran out when he did the Saturday shopping for me, and came home with a pound of mince meat instead of the usual joint of beef.

He said the price was too high, yet in the same shopping bag he had a bottle of malt whisky that he had paid over five pounds for. So there 1 was, minced beef for Sunday dinner, while he sank his bottle of malt whisky. To top it all he had the temerity to complain about his dinner. He was laying face down on the bed, wearing only his tartan underpants. I placed my hand in the small of his back, and brought my other hand down on his bottom with an almighty wallop.

You should have heard him yelp when the blow landed, that woke him up! When I had finished his bottom was a rosy pink and 1 was exhausted. I went back downstairs, wondering what sort of retribution Duncan would have in store for me. When he came downstairs he was very subdued. That night in bed he made love to me very tenderly, not the usual hurried way. The photographs show in superb and realistic detail the disciplining of very wayward and naughty girls.

Copies of Name Add res s. When my wife canes my buttocks, although it is painful, J find it stimulating to my sexual desire, and afterwards beg her to let me have sex with her.

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Sometimes she does, but usually she refuses, telling me to 'play with myself if 1 need relief so much. This Ido in the solitude of the lavatory, rubbing my penis until 1 ejaculate. Not very satisfactory as you will agree.

However, on the night she spanked me it was very different. I had gone out to the local, telling my wife 1 would be back for ten thirty. She said she would have supper ready for me, and not to be late. Take your pants down and lie across my knees. She dragged my underpants down to behind my buttocks and squeezed the cheeks rather viciously 1 thought. The first blow made me cry out, it stung and seemed to travel right through my buttocks, Fd never realised just what a heavy hand she had.

She was spanking me squarely across the two cheeks, four times in all, 1 know that, because 1 had to count the blows, as 1 did when she caned me. Then she started on the backs of my thighs, spanking me with a rhythm that sounded like a slow hand clap!

The Punishment List: a collection of spanking stories

A tingling started in my loins, my penis began to get erect, it was pressing against her leg. I heard her breathing alter, and she stopped spanking me and began to caress my inner thighs and around my scrotom, making nay erection even stronger. Her hand went underneath, I raised myself slightly, and she caressed the root of my penis lovingly. I managed to move one hand between her legs and to my surprise and delight, the gusset of her knickers was slippery. She sensed my urgency and asked me to stand up.

I did and she touched my swaying penis again, and said she wanted to make love at once. She took her knickers down and I mounted her passionately, sliding in deep with the first thrust. Then she started to spank me again, while I was having intercourse with her, and each slap made it more sensational for me, so that when 1 did climax it was as If my loins had burst. My bottom was tender of course, as was my penis, I had never made love to her twice like that before. She told me that spanking my bottom with her hand had made her sexy, and she was sure that had she carried on she would have orgasmed with me on her lap!

She now spanks me with her hand for minor misdemeanors, such as being late etc, but for serious misbehaviour she still uses the cane. When she uses the cane 1 have to lean against the wall, with my pants down by my ankles, but when 1 am being spanked by hand, I have to lay across her lap, my penis pressing against her leg, and the close proximity of our flesh excites us so much we have to have intercourse when she has finished. Dear Ted, I guess some of our readers would spank you so hard you wouldn 7 be turned on!

As far as I am concerned there is only one method to smack a bottom efficiently—right over my knee! And tipped over until his face rests on the floor—both legs up in the air! To be smacked with absolute authority! I insist on complete and firm authority when correcting a cheeky male bottom!

The colouring, and the quality of printing and paper, are of course excellent, but if my naughty young husband was being spanked like that—merely leaning forward a few inches- -he would very soon wriggle free! If only to annoy me! Even if his bottom is only getting smacked in fun, he still goes over my knee properly!

And the further and lower I get him stretched over and downwards towards the floor, the higher his legs come up! He can never resist doing this! Go oh! I always make a point of taking briefs or shorts right down to his ankles before I start getting to the bottom of things! I find that having the bottom firmly over my left knee, with him hanging right down to the left of me of course brings the legs up high 33 34 enough for him to relieve his feelings by waving them so very saucily without affecting my control.

He has a chubby boyish bottom that just begs to be smacked! And, as you can probably tell from this, my first letter to you, the spanking of my young husband is regarded as a bit of fun by both of us. What spoil sports! It is far better than nagging him all the time, and much more enjoyable! However, even the not so playful spanking can often be excused in my oipinion! When one considers that naughty boys are often spanked at an age when they are not really fully aware of their naughtiness, why should husbands, quite old enough to realise when they are acting wrongly or childishly, not get reprimanded— and smacked!

When I catch him for instance forgetfully dropping his cigarette ash over the carpets—or naughtily using a cleanly laundered handkerchief to give bis shoes a quick polish I wonder how many husbands are guilty of this boyish trick! And, as 1 have said, I insist on complete authority then! At the earliest opportunity he goes right over my knee—briefs only being worn!

It may still be a game to him, but I make the rules! And my maxim is: the bottom must be higher than the face! And then how his two legs kick and wave as my palm is applied with indignant feelings to the cheeks of his bottom—SMACK!

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This is the only way to smack a bottom! My first letter has been a mixture of congratulations and criticism and rather long, I suppose, but at least my criticisms have been well intended, and not ridiculous like those silly. For instance, first depicting a naughty boy in brief shorts, secondly showing him pulled over the knee, then the shorts being removed, down to the ankles, and finally the bare bottom presented for smacking! And if photographed from say over the shoulders of the spanker, a very realistic and different angle would be demonstrated, I have noticed of course that you get plenty of suggestions from readers, and also that you consider them all honestly.

Yours sincerely, Mrs D. Dear Mrs. I know what you mean alright! Fd kill him! Ever since I can remember, I seem to have had this one and only ambition—although during childhood it was more the desire to be chastised on the bare bottom by a lady. Women in authority always excited me whether the lady in question was a schoolteacher, doctor, nurse etc.

But I never had much luck though— apart from a spanking on the seat of my trousers at my primary school. The only real pleasure was supplied by a girl of my own age, although she was much taller than L My relationship with Carol lasted several years—on and off. Carol certainly enjoyed it as much as me—maybe even more so, because it was she who took the initiative.

Very many happy afternoons were spent, either at her house when her parents were out, or at our secret place in the woods, Over the years we progressed from hand spanking to the use of a cane which by then 1 could accept without distress. I have much to thank Carol for, because her careful cultivation of my backside enables me to take the sort of punishment which satisfies the desire in most women, to punish males with force for a lengthy period. At my last place of employment, I was so besotted with masochistic lust by Miss Charlotte—who is now my mistress, that I am sure it would have not been long before I was dismissed for incompetence.

I very nearly climaxed in my trousers when she scolded me, as she frequently did, and I probably made deliberate mistakes just for the pleasure of being upbraided by her. In recent years, I had developed this great desire to be a male domestic servant in the service of a stern mistress, who, naturally, would whip my bare bottom for incompetence. I had not previously thought about being dressed like a maid, but after seeing the photograph and the accompanying letter, 1 decided that this is just how I would like to be treated.

I shoved it in my drawer when someone came and I forgot about it. Wile I was away.

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Miss M. I was soon to discover that she was just as desirous of administering correction to my bare backside as I was to receive it and my welcome to the M's home was celebrated with a slipper spanking which left my rump as scarlet as a ripe apple. M to be a very interesting person and I soon lost any sense of embarrassment in her presence.

She had spent a very interesting life as the wife of a senior Civil Servant, mostly abroad and she was very worldly-wise and enjoyed telling outrangeous stories. She had become very fond of me and my arrival has improved her health enormously so that she can now occasionally come downstairs and perhaps sit in the garden. Miss Charlotte soon had me fitted out in feminine garments which 1 find very comfortable and adds enormously to that delicious sense of subjugation I have always desired. The photograph I have referred to might well be me being spanked, although 1 wear panties and a nylon blouse—the panties are of course lowered for correction!

I work hard and try my utmost to please, so to be truthful my conduct leaves little cause for the treatment I crave and that which gives Mistress pleasure. However, in my situation, just cause for punishment is not necessary—it is enough that Mistress finds castigation of my bare bum amusing, so 1 must bend over her lap several times a day. M always enjoys watching and sometimes 1 get it for her amusement only. Miss Charlotte now has six canes, three tawses; six spankers of various designs; a long thrashing strap and a kind of birch made out of about twenty very thin canes—so my bottom is well catered for.

To conclude, I wish to thank you most sincerely for your wonderful journal which has helped so much to make my dreams come true. I wanted Mrs. M to take a photograph of Miss Charlotte spanking me but she would not allow it. To illustrate my letter, perhaps you could print a similar photograph, but this time the male should be wearing a blouse as well as a skirt and also panties which should be pulled well down. Lots of stripes too please!

Yours most sincerely, Robin B. Hants 1 have just arrived home to discover Robin not only wasting time, but also using my typewriter without permission—so there are indeed going to be lots of stripes'. He is now bare- bottomed over my desk holding the chosen cane between his teeth like an obedient doggie! Before attending to him however, I too would like to offer my congratulations on your public- spirited outlook which should go a long way towards providing more women with male domestic slaves.

Frankly, I am delighted with mine who I can trust to look after the house properly and also make life much more enjoyable for mother. Charlotte M. He is a fairly slim eighteen year old. Very likeable really, but dreadfully untidy in his room, which irritates me, and this was actually the reason for me to promise him a good smacked bottom one night! He just giggled! He stood there in his dressing gown which was untied and hanging open, and I could see he had only a pair of white cotton briefs on underneath, and he giggled cheekily!

He was as good as daring me to spank him—and I did! It is not much of a problem to pull anyone across a knee really. The most difficult thing is to keep him there!

Spanking Story 6 pt 1

And even though he did not seem to care very much whether I spanked him or not, he still wriggled once he found himself face down! Not too much though, I noticed—at first anyway!

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  • The first thing I did was to pull up his dressing gown, right over his head in fact! It was rather comical really, as the thing completely covered his shoulders and face, down to the floor! T hen 1 hoisted him well over my knees—and gave him a resounding smack across the very tight briefs! A pair of really saucy bottom cheeks popped up—and l found the palm of my hand tingling! And 1 will not trouble to deny that I thoroughly enjoyed smacking that bottom!

    It was very much like spanking a naughty boy! As I slapped his bottom smartly, and Smack! I took him in hand very strictly indeed then! He had asked for it, and I was far from finished w r ith that impudent bottom yet! Could you blame me! He looked so comical, trying to free himself from his dressing gown which w f as still over his head, and at the same trying to rub his bottom that I had to giggle myself! Which was the best way to conclude such an incident of course—with no hard feelings. Not that I had really expected any resentment from my cheeky young lodger—there was little doubt that he had got what he wanted!

    Which brings me to the main reason for my sending you this letter—I have my own theory about the spanking of male bottoms by female palms! I think possibly it is that a female disarms the young male—he will accept this kind of treatment, especially in a playful manner, from a 36 37 female, more than from another male. Deep down, most males will not consider fighting a woman, or girl for that matter.

    What alternative has he, apart from resistance, but to accept his fate! Or that he is unwilling to display his boyish bottom—even if it means having it smacked! I have noticed a number of letters in Obey from males very cheekily boasting of their impudent bottoms! They obviously deserve to have their bottoms smacked for their cheek! My cheeky lodger was not surprised to be warned by me that my palm would be applied to his teenage bottom again if he continued 'to ask for it! Down in my kitchen I had just the thing—a very high stool, with cushioned seat and tubular steel legs.

    Learn from Mistakes—Including Your Own

    And I can heartily recommend it to those desiring to smack the bottom of some cheeky young man! Even the sauciest bottom is more temptingly displayed when a naughty boy is stretched over such a stool on his tummy! If you want something to happen, and believe it will happen, you can make it happen. Lisa doesn't know exactly what she wants, but has faith that she'll find something wonderful and exciting. And she gets it, in the shape of the leather-clad biker and an afternoon motorcycle ride into the country She is led to a night club where she gets to know the suspect.

    They attend a party where she is trapped by the wife who tells her she knows what she's up to. Lucy is punished, after which the pair have passionate sex. Lucy now knows what to tell the client who booked her services. Select number of records to display per page: 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 Select All Add selected items to basket. Six of the Best Electronic book text a collection of spanking stories By: C. Margery Kempe, Shashauna P. Thomas, Congressio. Xcite Books, an imprint of Accent Press Ltd. Your basket is empty.