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The happy warrior : political memoirs

Only Robarts earns MacDonald's admiration as the leader most responsible for modernizing the Ontario government. The print is large and the table of contents provides good information on the main topics.

There are notes to identify sources and the index is extensive. Numerous photos of family members and political personalities add to the value of the book. Over the years, Green frequently went toe-to-toe with William F. Buckley, Jr. These were roles Green seemed born to play.

3 Political Memoirs [2018 Reads #4]

But a candidate in a tough race? Not so much. He recounts his failed runs for Congress and Senate in the s, for Gotham mayor in , and for state attorney general in While he acknowledges missteps, much of the memoir is devoted to settling scores. Cuomo helped both men behind the scenes, but publicly stayed neutral.

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Reporters hectored Green about that. You should listen to the organ grinder, not the monkeys. Green dishes on his relationship with the Cuomos and a panoply of New York political figures. The candidate, raised a Jewish boy on Long Island, claimed ignorance of the old-time ethnic slur against Italian Americans.

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This was the second time Green had angered the governor. Things only got worse. Green secured the nomination, but it did him little good.

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