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Adumbratio — Lexicon Morganianum (Morgan-Owens Lexicon)

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A Dictionary of Medical Science. Philadelphia, Duval, Jacques. Paris: Isidore Liseux, Original edition Rouen, The work is principally in French; but a few passages — those potentially most shocking — are in Latin. Egger N. Latinitas viva: tabulae imagineae numero nonaginta. Opus epistolarum Desiderii Erasmi Roterodami. Oxford: Clarendon Press, Erasmus, cited from North Holland ed.

Colloquia Familiaria. Holzhammer Mainz, Horatiana prosopographeia. Amsterdam, Fabre, Pierre Jean. Myrothecium spagyricum sive pharmacopoea chymica. Toulouse, Forcellini, Egidio.

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Totius latinitatis lexicon. Padua, Fracastoro, Girolamo Opera omnia. Fraser, Angus. The Gypsies. Oxford: Blackwell, Frisius, Andreas 17th-c. Dutch printer. Prefatory letters. De arte gymnastica. Fuss, Jean Dominique, trans. Ioannes Laurentius Lydus. Lydus was a sixth-century government official and antiquarian living in Constantinople, a contemporary of Justinian.

Pars prior Febr. Gentian, Hervet, trans. Theodore Balasmon 12th c. Commentaria in canones sanctorum apostolorum, conciliorum, et in epistolas canonicas sanctorum Patrum. PG, vol. Gerard of Cremona also known as Gerard of Sabionetta or Sabloneta, 13th c. Liber canonis medicinae cum castigationibus Andreae Bellunensis. Gesner, Johann Matthias, translator. Luciani Samosatensis opera. The translations through page are by Tiberius Hemsterhuis; the rest by Gesner , the renowned classical scholar, Weimar librarian, and friend of Johann Sebastian Bach. The original edition containing Hemsterhuis' and Gesner's translations was published in Gevaerts, Jan Caspar Casperius Gevartius , text.

Peter Paul Rubens, illustrations. Pompa introitus honori serenissimi principis Ferdinandi Austriaci Hispaniarum infantis. An extraordinarily sumptuous, lavishly illustrated festival book. The Flemish humanist Gevaerts worked with Rubens, his close friend, in framing conceptually the elaborate iconography of the archduke Ferdinand's "joyous entry"; Rubens made the drawings from which the book's engravings were executed. Gildemeister, Johann. Scriptorum Arabam de rebus Indicis loci et opuscula inedita. Giraldus Cambrensis. Gossrau, Gottfried Wilhelm, ed. Publii Virgilii Maronis Aeneis. Quedlinburg and Leipzig, Graesse, J.

Grellmann, Heinrich Moritz Gottlieb. Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm, and others.

Vocabulaire Marin

Leipzig Hagen, Friedrich Heinrich von der. Hahn, Johannes David. Oratio de usu venenorum in medecina. Utrecht, Hardy, E. Plinii Caecilii Secundi epistulae ad Traianum imperatorum cum eiusdem responsis, edited, with notes and introductory essays. Page citations refer to Part I of the volume, unless otherwise noted. Commentarius de Ioanne Lydo. Hawley, Richard Maddock. Morborum definitiones. Edinburg, Herwerden, H. Nova series, vol. Hessler, Franciscus, tr.

Murray, Hoeven, Cornelis Pruys van der. De historia medicina e. Historia morborum. Hoeven, J. Philosophia zoologica. Holste, Lukas Lucas Holstenius. Montpellier, Hutten, Ulrich von , and others. Epistolae obscurorum virorum. Ideler, Julius Ludwig. Meteorologia veterum Graecorum et Romanorum. Jamieson, John. An Etymological Dictionary of the Scottish Language.

Edinburgh, John Bostock and Henry Riley, translators. Kant, Immanuel. Kants Werke. Band I. Georg Reimer: Berlin, Katterfeld, T.

Kepler, Johannes. Frankfurt: Kiel, Cornelis. Etymologicum Teutonicae linguae. Kircher, Athanasius and Johann Stephan Kestler. Physiologia Kircheriana experimentalis. Kestler, who was Kircher's student assistant, compiled this work from descriptions of experiments, concoctions, and stunts found througout the works of the irrepressible polymath. Koenig, Georg Ludwig, editor and annotator. Junii Juvenalis sexdecim satirae. Lambeck, Peter Petrus Lambecius , trans.

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Georgius Codinus. Lambeck was a renowned scholar and court historian to the Austrian emperor. His edition and translation of Codinus was first published in Lapide, Cornelius a. Commentaria in Scripturam Sacram. Leges Cracov. Franciscus Piekosinski, ed.

Bulletin codicologique

Gesammelte Werke. Georg Heinrich Pertz, ed. Hannover, Lemaire, Nicolas Eloi, ed. Quinti Horatii Flacci quae exstant omnia opera. Bibliotheca classica Latina. Linacre, Thomas, trans. Galeni Pergameni Asiani excellentissimi semper post unicum Hippocratem medici ab omnibus habiti opera. Basil: Froben, Species plantarum. Vienna, Zagreb: Academia scientiarum et artium Slavorum Meridionalium, Leiden: E.

Brill, Vacciolarum nativarum historia. Kiel, Lyttleton, George William. Maffeius, Iohannes Petrus, S. Magri, Domenico. Hierolexicon sive sacrum dictionarium. Rome, Maiansius, Gregorius, ed. Manutius, Paulus. Epistulae selectae. This is one of a handful of versions believed closest to the lost original, which had probably been dictated by Marco to a prison cellmate.

It is undoubtedly among the oldest extant versions of the work see Yule 1, 90; 1, Marcus Paulus de Venecia de consuetudinibus et conditionibus orientalium regionum. Francesco Pipino. Gouda, Madrid: Testimonio, Citations are to book and chapter number; the edition has no page numbers. It was in this Latin version, executed during Marco's lifetime probably in by the Franciscan friar and chronicler Francesco Pipino — and in versions derived from it — that the work was most often read up to the 19th century see Yule I.

Georgius Helmreich Teubner: Leipzig, Massoch, Stephen. Practical Teacher of the Latin Language. Baltimore, Matthiolus, Petrus Andreas. Epistolarum medicinalium libri quinque. Melanchthon, Philip Opera quae supersunt omnia. Halle, Turin, The volumes are not paginated; references are to the names of sections of the works or individual maps. Mercuriale, Girolamo Hieronymus Mercurialis. Original edition: Venice, The celebrated illustrations are by the Italian artist and classicist Pirro Ligorio Meurs, Johannes van Johannes Meursius , translator and annotator.

De administrando imperio. Original edition Meurs was a Dutch classical scholar, unfairly labeled a "pedant" by the haughty Joseph Justus Scaliger. Meyer, Heinrich, ed. MHG -- Monumenta Germaniae historica. Milton, John. The Works of John Milton. New York: Columbia University Press, Munich: Beck, New York: Latin Press Printing, A journal published twice a year in Copenhagen, Morelli, Cyriacus. Fasti novi orbis. Muench, Aloisius Joseph, S. David Ruhnken. Newman, John Henry. Dissertatiunculae quaedam critico-theologicae.

Newton, Isaac. Philosophiae naturalis principia mathematica. Thomas Le Seur. Glasgow, Original edition Copenhagen: Munksgaard, Nonius Marcellus. De compendiosa doctrina. Wallace M. Oberlin, Jeremias Jacob et al. Julii Caesaris opera omni ex editione Oberliniana cum notis et interpretatione in usum Delphini.

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Obrecht, Ulrich, translator. Theophilus Kiessling, editor touched up translation. De vita Pythagorica. Obrecht's translation was originally published in Oribasius Charles Daremberg and Ulco Cats Bussemaker. Oslo: A. The Latin translation is believed to date to the 6th century. Otto and Rahewin. Gesta Friderici I imperatoris. Hannover: Hahn, Perrin, Yves. Philostratus the Athenian or the Sophist 3rd c. Amsterdam: B. PL -- Patrologia Latina. In Tullii Ciceronis orationem in Q.

Caecilium quae divinatio dicitur. Johann Kaspar von Orelli. Guy Demerson Seuil: Paris, Rambaud, Alfred. De Byzantino hippodromo et circensibus factionibus. Reiske, Johannes Jacob, translator and annotator. De cerimoniis aulae Byzantinae. Reiske , an autodidact who remained outside the academic establishment, was not only a brilliant Greek scholar specializing in Byzantine literature , but the foremost Arabic philologist of his age.

Riddle, Joseph Esmond. Florae Peruvianae et Chilensis prodromus. Rupertus, Georgius Alexander , editor and annotator. Sandys, John Edwin, ed. Tullli Ciceronis ad M. Brutum Orator. Cambridge, Scaliger, Julius Caesar. Poetices libri septem. Citations are to book and chapter. Schoff, Wilfred H, translator and annotator. The Periplus of the Erythraean Sea. Schopen, Ludwig , translator and annotator. Anna Comnena. Alexiadis libri XV. Schurig, Martin. Embryologia historico-medica.

Deipnosophistarum libri quindecim. Strasburg, Septuagint , "Praef. Vetus Testamentum iuxta Septuaginta ex auctoritate Sixti V. This is the Sixtine or Roman edition of the Septuagint, probably the most influential until the 19th century. Sinistrari, Ludovicus. De delicitis et poenis tractatus absolutissimus. A Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities. Somner, William and Thomas Benson born c. Oxford, Somner's original edition was published in ; Benson substantially expanded it.

Sophocles, E. Greek Lexicon of the Roman and Byzantine Periods. New York: F. Unger, Sorani gynaeciorum vetus translatio latina. Valentin Rose. Soulis, George C. Spanoghe, Emile. Synonymia latino-teutonica. Sprengel, Kurt. Historia rei herbariae. Springhetti, Aemilius Emilio. Lexicon Linguisticae et Philologiae.

Romae Stearn, William T. Botanical Latin. Timber Press: Portland, Stumpf, Karl Gottlob. Dissertatio inauguralis medica de cura dentium ad sanitatem proficua. Sydenham, Thomas. William Greenhill. Curiosiora et selectiora variarum scientiarum miscellanea. Trnava Slovakia , Thunberg, Carl Peter. Flora Iaponica. Trabkin, I. Caelius Aurelianus. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, Trappen, Jan Everard. Specimen historico-medicum de coffea. Flora Bulgarica.

Prague, Exercitatio linguae Latinae consisting of Vives' often reprinted colloquies or dialogues. Vulcanius, Bonaventura. De literis et lingua Getarum sive Gothorum. Walde-Hofmann -- Walde, Alois, and J. Heidelberg: C. Winter, Way, Nicholas. Dissertation medica inauguralis de variolarum insitione. Wilmington, Delaware, William of Tyre Guilelmus Tyrensis.

Historia Hierosolymitana. Wolf, Hieronymus, trans.

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Zonaras, Joannes. In PG vols. Hieronymus Wolf was a trail-blazing scholar of Byzantine history. His edition and translation of Zonaras was first published in Wolff, Christian. Oratio de Sinarum philosophia practica. Michael von Albrecht. Hamburg: Felix Meiner, Original edition: Frankfurt, Wyclif, John. Opus evangelicum. Iohann Loserth. Yule, Sir Henry, ed. New York: Scribner's, Hastings Robinson. Zwei Handschriten aus dem ehemaligen Minoritenkloster zu Bonn.

Pick, R. Heft Cologne, Zwinger, Theodor. Compendium medicinae universae. Basel, Schuler and J. Britannus, i m. Britannicus, a, um. Mela , Shetlandia, ae f. Anglosaxo, onis m. Celta, ae m. Gaedelus, i m. Zeuss viii; cf. Annals of the Caledonians, Picts, and Scots , ed. Joseph Riston [Edinburg, ], II. Celticus, a, um Plin. Zechorum princeps a Conrado imperatore rex dictus.

Hungari] gerebant bellum cum Germanis Polonis], Scythicae genti. Massiliensis, e CIC. Nemausensis, e PLIN. Parisiacus, a, um Ven. Hofmann s. Hugo Capetus : "Rex proclamatus est Novioduni, Remisque coronatus. Viciensis, e Dunglison Alsaticus, a, um all in WC. Arvernus, i m. Lotharingius, i m. Normannus, i m. Normannicus, a, um. Sabaudus, i m.

Rhodanicus, a, um. Gallus, i m. Teutonicus, a, um in antiquity, of a particular Germanic people; since 17th c. Dresdensis, i Sillig i. Mogontiacus, a, um Amm. Bavarus, i m.