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The Way to a Mage's Heart 8. Wash Out 9. Dressed to Impress Helping Xylem and his Apprentices: Shear Will Waste of Thyme Renewable Resource Manual Labor The Pinnacle of Learning Watch Your Step Xylem's Trials Xylem's Asylum Wasn't It Obvious?

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Easy is Boring Turning the Tables The Final Battle Fade to Black. Comment by Serkenarya Just did this with an 80 mage just for kicks. The dragon is currently 83 elite.

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Took out the orc and soloed the dragon. At level appropriate isn't Kalecgos supposed to show up? Anyway, love the Metallica reference. Azuregos for Aspect!

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Comment by Vadix For everyone having trouble with the dragon evade bugging, all you have to do is when you engage the orc don't kill her asap. You have to give the dragon a few moments to fly overhead then the event should happen as scripted. Comment by Tofino If you find the dragon is evade bugging as melee, just run around in circles while attacking.

Shifting both you and the dragon around like this will put you in range every second or so, which is enough to get off attacks. Did it last night as an 80 rogue. Comment by Tofino Note that there is a follow-up from this quest called Farewell, Minnow which gives you Faded Wizard Hat that turns you into a goblin! However, to get the quest from Azuregos you first need to complete the quests from the nearby goblins: Pro-liberation Ice Cold. Sad part you have to wait for respawns because Katrana despawns when Malicion dies.

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Comment by Icarui So, this quest is for shaman and priest only, yet the only equip rewards are leather and mail? Nice, Blizzard really loves priests, you can tell :P. Comment by N3ss3 The Reason for showing only shaman and priests is the people uploading the quest to wowhead and nothing to do with the real quest. This is open for all classes. Comment by Seyda Found the bug with the Dragon not capturing you: I was killing Katrana so quickly that the Dragon Malicion didnt have time to fly over. If you walk up to Katrana, give her a few moments to aggro, attack you and allow for Malicion to fly over to the alter.

Kill her then Malicion will take you captive. Comment by kialem It seemed to work on my 80 rogue, when I took my weapons off and didn't 1 shot the orc lady. Comment by edmeister Had to kill them both twice to get this done Jimmy Church Bio.

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