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Just go to his Goodreads page and you will find the link where you can sign up. Oct 05, Kelly and the Book Boar rated it really liked it Shelves: nutters , whodunit , liburrrrrry-book , road-trippin , creepy-books , pretty-on-the-outside , read-in , stabby-stabby. You go Glen Coco Goodreads! Between the cover art, title, blurb and the fact the weather forecast was calling for cloudy with a chance of meatballs I was ready to dig in to a nice scary story. You got me good.

Because of the aforementioned bait and switch things could have went really notsagreat. Surprisingly, I ended up quite enjoying this. Alright, so the story is that Daniel and Laura are thinking about settling down and having children. While traveling through Romania a poorly timed nap in an unlatched sleeping car lead to Daniel and Laura waking up to discover their passports have been stolen. A woman who the couple met briefly attempts to intervene and explain the situation to the authorities, but unfortunately that only leaves all three of them kicked off the train in the middle of the night.

And that is only the beginning of a tale the two will never forget when they discover a house in the middle of the forest. And before my frenemy chimes in, of course the plot contained moments that had me saying. The only thing Ron 2.


View all 6 comments. Aug 04, Babydoll rated it did not like it. This was almost a DNF but I had to know what was the big bad thing that happened to Laura and Daniel that they swore to never tell. It takes over half the book to find out and it's disappointing. I skimmed the last half to see how it all plays out. At this point I still didn't know if I was reading a story about horror, the supernatural, or a crime thriller.

The writing is amateurish, the plot implausible, and the characters aren't likeable. Backpacking in Europe, a last hurrah before returning to London and settling into married life, jobs and babies, Daniel and Laura board a night train in Romania bound for Sighisoara. Upon discovering their passports, train tickets, and money have been stolen from their backpacks, they are unceremoniously thrown off the train in the middle of nowhere. A nightmare of gargantuan proportions is about to commence. What Daniel and Laura experience will follow them home and affect their relationship an Backpacking in Europe, a last hurrah before returning to London and settling into married life, jobs and babies, Daniel and Laura board a night train in Romania bound for Sighisoara.

What Daniel and Laura experience will follow them home and affect their relationship and the lives of those around them. An old man, a monster. A dark forest, an old house with a 'rotten ambiance'. Straying off the beaten path is not always what it is cracked up to be. I thought the ending was terrific and fitting.

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For the sake of all that is holy, next time buy the sleeper tickets! View all 13 comments. Laura and Daniel are on the trip of a lifetime around Europe, supposedly their last blow-out before they settle down and start a family. But the trip ends abruptly and disastrously in Romania, an ending that we only see the build up to at first, with the complete story gradually being told to us in teasing little snippets throughout the read. Three months after their return to London, and their relationship is in tatters.

But what exactly happened? What evil happened so traumatised them that Dani Laura and Daniel are on the trip of a lifetime around Europe, supposedly their last blow-out before they settle down and start a family. What evil happened so traumatised them that Daniel is in therapy and Laura has left him, a shadow of the girl she was at the start of the book. They have made a vow never to discuss it, to themselves or anyone and it is a vow that they seem determined to keep. It is a story stuffed full of drama, danger, secrets and lies.

There are characters who are creepy and sinister and you never really know just who can be trusted. As strange things start to happen to Daniel and Laura in London, you quickly realise that there may just be a link to what happened to them in Romania, and you really are just waiting for the penny to drop with Daniel and Laura to see what they will do. As their story starts to unfold you start to get an inkling of what happened and, believe me, my imagination was working overtime but every time I thought I had it sussed, the story twisted in a very complex and detailed plot that is at times quite audacious and ambitious.

Now, I absolutely loved the story and heartily recommend it, but I do have serious doubts about their reasons for keeping their secret. Many thanks to the publisher for the review copy. View all 8 comments. The more I read of this mans work the more I love it. This author is one outstanding thriller story teller. From the very start to the very end you are so engrossed in the story that my house roof could cave in and I'd be annoyed its interrupted my read.

I kid you not. We have this couple who are travelling around before they settled down, marry and have children. The thing is, they unknowingly get caught up in something that is a double dealing. They don't know it though. I'm chatting like a The more I read of this mans work the more I love it. I'm chatting like a mad woman to my Kindle "how did that happen? My nose was firmly stuck inside this absolutely well laid out book. I don't have the best of long finger nails at the best of times, but I need to tell you this When the couple were approaching a house in the woods [not giving anything away here other than how it made me feel] I was so tense even my bum cheeks tensed up.

Creeping up over the stairs, I didn't realize I was holding my breath. Mark Edwards always leaves a little bit at the back of his book [which I LOVE] telling us what inspired him to write the story. I really enjoy that bit because I often wonder how on earth an author comes up with such brilliant pieces of craftmanship that keeps us readers begging for more All of this applies to this wonderfully nail biting, gasping enthralling piece of work.

View all 16 comments. Dec 07, Gary rated it really liked it. Mark Edwards is an author I have only started reading this year but I am yet to be disappointed with any of his novels. I find his books gripping from the start and instantly engaging making them very difficult to put down. The books I have read by him are full of surprises with lots of twists and turns that keep you reading to find out more. He sets high standards with his writing and this one was again up there with the others I have read.

This novel was full of action and so descriptive I felt Mark Edwards is an author I have only started reading this year but I am yet to be disappointed with any of his novels. This novel was full of action and so descriptive I felt I was watching a film. When I finish reading his books, I always feel like instantly starting another one of his novels straight away. This book features Daniel and Laura who are travelling around Europe when their lives are changed forever when they are thrown off a night train in Romania.

What follows is a terror that will haunt them for ever. Once they get back to London they refuse to talk about what happened and they try to resume their lives, but this is just the start of their nightmares. A clever plot that instantly draws you in and takes your mind on a journey. As the story goes from present day to what happened in Romania the truth starts to unravel. Well written characters and a fast paced action filled psychological thriller that makes you read faster and faster to try to get to the explanation.

Highly recommended and if you haven't read any of Mark Edwards books what are you waiting for. View all 3 comments. I am now a Mark Edwards fan i liked this one his combination of thriller, horror throw in a bit of psychological it worked i found myself struggling in the beginning i was engrossed by the middle. This book had everything drugs madness mayhem a thrilling novel by Mr Mark Edwards. May 01, Judy Collins rated it it was amazing Shelves: netgalley-arc , new-releases , haunting , thriller , adult-fiction , mark-edwards , psychological-suspense , books-read-in , european , contemporary.

An innocent European backpack adventure, a night train ride, mysterious strangers, a haunting forest, and a strange house; meets evil, greed, violence, corruption, and revenge. Readers will not be able to put this one down—I read in one sitting! Note to self. Never sleep on a train. Never enter a mysterious house in the forest. Check backpack often.

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Daniel and Laura, a successful couple in their early thirties, introduced by mutual friend, Jake a musician—with a bright future. Daniel a tech developer of a new app for Skittle and Laura works in marketing for a non-profit. Her biological clock is ticking, with plans to marry and start a family soon.

She has not had an easy childhood; however, hopes she will be a better parent. However, before they dive into their adult responsibilities, as many of us have doneTake the time while young to travel, see the world, and backpack around Europe. The overnight train to Sighisoara due to leave Budapest at eleven was running late, and they were tired and exhausted from their travels.

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Instead of the cozy, private sleeper compartment accommodation, Daniel was trying to save money, staying on a budget; by purchasing seats in the standard accommodation section half the price. Soon thereafter, their happy, and enjoyable trip turns into a nightmare. Laura is tired, so she is urged to take a quick nap and they will keep a look out to let them know before the guard come aboard to check tickets and passports. When they are awakened from a deep sleep by the guards, they discover their passports, tickets, and money have been stolen.

When Alina tries to translate, on their behalf, the three of them are thrown off the train in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere. When Alina steps into the forest to use the restroom in private, and does not return, the couple desperately seek to find her, so they can get to the next town by daybreak. While in search for her, they stumble upon a haunted house in the middle of the forest, with a baby crying. They enter. It is so shocking, they do not want to speak about it ever again. Evil follows them home and everywhere they turn.

When they barely escape, it forever changes the course of their lives. Their nightmare has just begun and keeps on ticking for an adrenaline hide continuous ride. Gives new meaning to "being in the wrong place at the wrong time". Their life begins to crumble piece by piece with mind-boggling events, as Daniel fights to uncover the truth. However, there is more than one plot playing out here, much larger than you can imagine. They never knew what they stepped into which has the power to destroy their lives and endanger everyone around them.

From past Hungary-Romania , to present London, and flashes back and forth to the time surrounding the journey in the forest, you definitely will not fall asleep reading this one. One obstacle after another with many schemes playing out at the same time. Edwards keeps readers guessing as to what went down in this house. He brilliantly has crafted a suspense thriller which continues to build throughout, and never slows down for a breath. You cannot stop reading, as he holds your attention from the time they exit the train to the end, in this fast-paced riveting dark psychological suspense.

Would make a great film, crossing many genres from contemporary horror, supernatural, drama, ghosts, crime, mystery, suspense, psychological and thriller. If you enjoy scary things that go bump in the night…. This one is for you. My heart is still pounding. Have also pre-ordered the audio, as enjoy listening after reading, to get the full experience! I also enjoyed the inspiration behind the book. Mark, thanks for sharing as throughout the entire book, I was dying to tweet you to inquire.

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What a journey! If you have not read Mark Edwards, previously, highly recommend all his back list for a ride of your life. He has a talent for getting into the minds of his characters. View 2 comments. Oct 15, Janet rated it really liked it. The first being The Magpies and I can say that after reading this the writing has improved as we're treated to a pacy, rollercoaster of a thriller. The book begins with an English couple on a Romanian leg of an European tour they decided to take. A couple in their mid thirties that thought it would be a good idea to take a one last big holiday before they settle down and start a family.

Then something goes disastrously wrong in Romania and we cut to three months later when they're back in London. Now the once couple are in a place where they're fearful all the time. Daniel is seeking therapy whilst Laura is now living with friends and is reluctant to leave the house. Whatever has happened they have vowed between themselves that their secret will never be revealed. Slowly during the book we're given snippets into what may have occurred as sinister happenings start to arise.

Shady characters and strange events are taking place that don't make sense, slowly beginning to mount as they couple struggle to shake off this seemingly never ending nightmare. The book is tightly woven as it takes the reader on an incredible twisty turny journey that keeps the pages moving left to right constantly. Eventually I did manage to work out what must have happened, and why, but it's a heck of a thrill getting there and there were still surprises right to the very last word.

This is an accomplished book that was thrilling to read with shady characters and mistrust galore. My only quibble is I don't really understand why the couple felt the need to remain so secretive, I know the reasoning is revealed in the end If you're looking for a fast paced thriller that is full of surprises until the very last page An enjoyable ride! View all 20 comments. This is one creepy book. I'm not normally a reader of thrillers but this one had me on the edge of my seat trying to work out what had happened to a wholesome young couple in a dark forest in the middle of Romania.

Daniel and Laura, a young English couple are on a backpacking trip around Europe before settling down to have a a family when they are robbed on a train in the middle of Romania. With no money, tickets or passports they are thrown off the train by the passport inspectors in the middle This is one creepy book. With no money, tickets or passports they are thrown off the train by the passport inspectors in the middle of nowhere. On their journey to the nearest town something bad happens to them in a creepy tumbledown house in the middle of the forest.

Something so bad and evil that they can never talk about it afterwards, even to each other. Back home, both still traumatised, their relationship falls apart but evil has followed them home and is not yet finished with them.

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Mark Edwards writes creepiness and creepy characters very well. He builds the tension slowly with strange things happening to Daniel and Laura and their friends. When we do eventually find out what happened in the forest, it is truly evil and there are some very sinister characters involved. If anything, I thought that made the reading experience even better. It's a crazy, wild ride of a story and not even having the blurb to guide me made it all the more surprising.

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