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The adopted criteria provide vertical clearance values for the various highway functional classifications Table These criteria are set to provide at least a 1-foot differential between the maximum legal vehicle height and the roadway, with additional allowances for future resurfacing.

These clearances apply to the entire roadway width traveled way and shoulders.

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A formal design exception is required whenever these criteria are not met for the applicable functional classification. The specific standards for vertical clearance adopted for the Interstate System maintain its integrity for national defense purposes. On Interstates, the clear height of structures shall not be less than 16 feet 4. In urban areas, the foot 4.

Hayley Westenra - Bridge Over Troubled Water (avec le Cork Youth Orchestra)

On other urban Interstate routes, the clear height shall not be less than 14 feet 4. A post shared by hayley kiyoko hayleykiyoko on Aug 22, at pm PDT. You have a very busy life right now. What's your favorite escape when you get some time to yourself? I love nature. This is my first year really living on the road. I'm normally in my house, hoping someone's going to listen to my song. But I love walks, I love trees, I love water. It just kind of takes me out of my element. And when you listen to my album, you'll hear water throughout the album, because I find nature very centering.

And it kind of resets your emotions. That's what it does for me, and so I wanted to do that in my album. I'm really excited for the rest of this year, because I'm getting to tour Europe for the first time. For me, as an artist who had been unsigned for so long, [and recently] became signed, [I] wasn't really brought on tours, had to headline my own shows.

And so to be able to finally get across overseas to Europe, and get to reach those fans and get to know that I have fans over there is very exciting. So I'm doing my first European tour in the fall, and then I'm going to be, hopefully, doing as many music videos as possible with this album and continuing to push that and seeing where that takes me. It's interesting, because most of the time, people are like, "I don't know what's next for me, or what I'm going to say. Because for me, it was catching up with my life, and accepting who I am, and understanding that.

So I'm really excited for my sophomore album, and future albums. Because I have so much more to say, and I feel like this is just the beginning. In the case of Eat The Elephant , the band's fourth album, the wait was a full 14 years. Still, the new material was met with much anticipation, a testament to the art. Back in October, we premiered a video for the title track from the album-length film the band made for Eat The Elephant. Then I was gonna get back into doing some Tool music, and they weren't ready, so I was like [to Howerdel], "Hey, what's up?

The time passed since their previous album, 's Emotive , manifests itself on Eat The Elephant in the space within and around its songs, creating a new sonic environment from the band's previous work. It was pretty amazing," explained Howerdel. He wasn't in the room when I was working on the music, so we'd kind of lightly steer in that direction. And I think it worked out because he just had something in mind and then was able to throw the solid final performance on top of it.

When it comes to architecting a vocal, Keenan does it like no one else. The genesis of his genius instincts begin with responding to the music, as he revealed during the conversation.

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Keenan also named an intriguing roster of early influences, providing a glimpse into his stylistic DNA. A Perfect Circle has evolved, too. At its core, it's a dynamic collaboration, which means Keenan and Howerdel cannot say what will come next. That comes from the unknown of collaboration… Having collaboration is the magic of never knowing what's coming next.

If you haven't heard of Hayley Kiyoko , you will. Songs such as "Curious," "Feelings" and "What I Need" featuring Kehlani — and their accompanying videos, directed by Kiyoko herself — show a glimpse of what's to come from the rising star. Many will play, few will win. In this episode, Kiyoko delivers a record-setting performance, making it through a barrage of questions and revealing her favorite movie, the best advice she's ever received, her dream co-writer, her go-to party anthem hint: it's a Miley Cyrus song and more.

Roaming backstage at the Austin City Limits Festival, wearing a big cowboy hat and an even bigger smile, Elle King 's energy is contagious. With a new album, Shake The Spirit , on the way and several sizzling new singles teasing what's next, King is primed for a full-blown gritty pop rock takeover. Your latest single, "Little bit of Lovin'" came out just yesterday. Tell us a little bit about how that song came together.

It's my favorite song with the [new] record. It has like some of the most meaning to me and I wrote it on the first night of recording, actually. I stayed up late, and the guy who runs the studio in Texas, he let me stay up late, and I was really going through a lot. Somehow this song just like came through me, and it was the first song that I really thought about, like, what message I'm putting out into the world? I was really struggling with a lot of things personally. I had no idea or concept of what like self-love was, and for some reason there was just this message that had to come through me.

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And I'm really glad that it did. And I had no idea that I could write a song like that… I'd never been like, "Let's write a universal song about self-love and blah, blah, blah.

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  • But it came through me and it was a beautiful moment and that song made me snap back into my body, you know? It's kind of because of that song, which is how we got the title of the whole record. It's just a special, special thing and I hope that one person can hear that and be like maybe I should think about the way I feel about myself, and I should love myself.

    So it's an important song, I think. The special thing about "Ex's and Oh's" and Love Stuff was that, it really, it gave me a really magical platform. It gave me some say so on my own ideas, and I had no idea that I would be able to produce something, or make a record and have it be [my vision]. I didn't know that I had any kind of sonic vision at all. And so, I just asked my label, "Just let me make this with my band.

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    You know, you don't get what you don't ask for right? And there was so much freedom in it and it was just a really incredible experience. You've been such an impactful artist in today's industry and society on issues like gender equality, authenticity and self-love. How does it feel to have had that impact on music and on culture, all stemming from trying to write a song that mattered to you personally? I never, ever, set out to be like, "I'm gonna make a difference," and "I'm gonna do something," but I knew that I would be a different type of person.

    Because there really is only one me. There's only one of every type of person. You know? And that's what's beautiful and we should celebrate individuality in every sense of the word. So I never set out to do anything like that, all I did was wanna play songs and you know, it took a long time for people to listen to me.

    United Kingdom bridge heights

    So I fought louder and I sang louder and played harder, and then this theme came up with like people being like, "I agree with you. Currently, she is involved with a medical doctor whose name she is yet to reveal. After dating him for about one year, she was then spotted with Stephen Merchant — a writer, comedian and director. She also has fellow actor, Evan Jones on her list of boyfriends but like her earlier relationships, she got separated from him after about one year of dating. While talking about her new boyfriend, the star actress also hinted about settling down in marriage soon.

    According to her, she knew her boyfriend since she was ten years old and recently, he was reintroduced to her by his sister who is also an actress. As for when the wedding ceremony will take place, Atwell is yet to say. Hayley Atwell is an amazing young woman endowed with both beauty and talent. She has her height measured at 5 feet 7 inches and her body weight is listed as 68kg.