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  3. Information Development Using MIKE2.0.

Basecamp of Inspiration. ISPO Brandnew. Jury Sponsors Contact. This talk of Alexander Sander, FSFEs Policy Manager, will provide a brief overview of the FSFE's previous and ongoing activities to foster software freedom in Europe on the levels of politics, legal work with enterprises, and general public awareness. Mit Hilfe der Kampagne Public Money? He will look at the pros and cons and use concrete examples to illustrate why security and openness are not contradictory.

It's an yearly event always taking place on the fourth Saturday of April.

Dr. Axel Berger

The entrance is free of charge, and the main goal is to promote the use of Free Software spreading its philosophy, scope and development. During the event you can get Free Software installed on your computer and also take workshops and talks covering local and national issues around Free Software. It is therefore all the more important to make others aware of the problem.

Therefore, we offer a workshop on self-hosting. If you want to participate, please register in advance. Interessierte sind immer recht herzlich Willkommen. Details zum link. This often happens in the form of lectures or demonstrations, and this time RA Dr. Michael Stehmann will present and discuss with us Free Software Licenses.

The meetings are free for everyone interested in free software. The event is organised by our associate Barcelona Free Software Group and without entrance fee. Sander and Albers will be available for further discussions after the panel. Marcus Moeller, the FSFE Coordinator in Switzerland, will give a presentation about promoting the sustainable use of electronic equipment for educational purposes and thus also promoting free software.

Furthermore, the FSFE is represented with a booth table. The conference is aimed at teachers, responsible persons for school informatics or people interested in education, who would like to introduce or promote Free Libre Open Source Software, Open Content or Open Hardware at their school.

With a wide range of lectures, workshops and short presentations, the free of charge conference provides knowledge and experience on open source technologies, open content and IT skills for teachers in Switzerland. The demand to support Free Software is also important for the open data debate.

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More and more administrations make open data available, which is used by different actors in different ways. However, these actors often resort to closed source solutions, which contradicts the idea of openness. At this event the FSFE Policy Manager, Alexander Sander will discuss challenges and contradictions with this model as well as provide ways forward on how to shape the open data debate in a way that systematically promotes the public interest.

It is a longstanding event for educating about Linux and Open Source. The event includes workshops, lectures, and beginner talks in the central building of the Technical University in Chemnitz. Come, have a chat about Free Software! The meeting is for people interested in Free Software and would like to champion the ideals of Free Software.

If this is your first participation at this meeting, you would be asked to introduce yourself shortly beforehand. Mehr Informationen im Link. Komm' vorbei, wir freuen uns auf Deinen Besuch! On Wednesday, Katharina Nocun und Basanta E. Wir treffen uns am The "Winter Kongress Digitale Gesellschaft" is an annual meeting about the digital society in Switzerland. On Saturday, February 23rd, hackers, programmers, activists and other interested parties will meet for the second time at the Karl der Grosse Center in Zurich to exchange views on information technology and its effects on our society.

Our monthly meetings serve as a way of communication and lively discussions on current Free Software related topics. People who are interested in Free Software and who want to champion the ideals of Free Software are welcome to join. The Monthly meetup of the Zurich Local Group is changing locations every month. Please check the wiki page for this time's location. Da in diesem Jahr der ilovefs Day und unser lokales Gruppen-Treffen auf den gleichen Tag fallen, wollen wir die Gelegenheit nutzen und euch einladen, gemeinsam mit uns diesen Tag zu feiern.

Wann: Am kommenden Montag, den Das Treffen findet am Copyleft Conference brings a host of experts, professionals, activists, and students together to discuss copyleft as a method for advancing software freedom around the world.

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Eurocities is the network of more than governments of the major European cities. Barcelona will host the meeting of the thematic group Knowledge Society and will focus on Digital Ethical Standards, Technological Sovereignty and Responsible Artificial Intelligence in cities. Alexander Sander will be on the panel to discuss not only the whys of the actual situation, but most importantly, how to move forward and how cities and public administration can foster FLOSS and involve the local ecosystem in developing digital services based on open source software and open standards.

The FSFE assembly will be part of the cluster "about:freedom" and running its own track. In this track the we have Susanne speaking about her self-made "smartphone" video , Katharina Nocun about data collecting Amazon video and Erik Albers about the best of Fdroid video. Dieses mal im Cafe Sternchance.

The FSFE will also be present with a booth both days and is looking forward to discuss with you sustainable aspects of Free Software. If you are around, do pass by: we look forward to meeting you. Stefano Costa will talk about "Libera il tuo router! The event will be located at University Bicocca Milano, Building U7 with free entry and no registration needed. For more info and questions about logistics, please refer to the event website.

The talk will start with an introduction of Free Software Foundation Europe, going on the state of the art of Free Software for "Microservices, devops and silverbullet".

[12222-05-14] Canyoing in Greece

There will be a booth of FSFE, so pass by and get to know us! FSFE's president Matthias Kirschner will give a talk at the Kernel Recipes conference about the importance of Free Software for our society and it's role in protecting democracy. It will also be followed by a charity auction in favor of the FSFE. This year the conference will take place on September in Mozilla building in Paris. Entrance to the conference is free of charge but with prior registration required.

In the evening social events will be held to have some more discussions with attendees and speakers. BalCCon is one of the largest events on Free Software, hacker culture and technology in the region. We are looking forward to explore new communities and meeting up with you. Time: Da der Workshop etwa 90 Minuten dauern wird, beginnt das Treffen bereits um 19 Uhr zum Ankommen und gemeinsamen Abendschmaus. Visitors will be offered an exciting program with talks and workshops for visitors of all ages.

As usual, the FSFE will be present with a booth. We are looking forward to have a chat with you about Free Software, technology, and politics. A detailed agenda and more information to come soon. FOSS Backstage intends to become a platform to discuss and learn about all non-technical aspects of open source development. FSFE's president Matthias Kirschner will give a talk at the TU Darmstadt about the role of software in the 21st century society and who exercises control.

The talk will start at hrs entry starts at hrs. No entrance fee. There will be a discussion about the topic that will also cover the "Public Money, Public Code" campaign.

Max Mehl will give a keynote talk and attend a panel at OW2Con about modernisation of public digital infrastructure with Free Software, following the direction of our Public Money? The conference takes place on 7 and 8 June. From June 6 to 7 there is the Open Expo in Madrid.

Erik Albers will speak about Public Money? On Friday 25 May, Maker Fair is open for school classes and their teachers, free of charge. Maker Fair is a come-together of makers and visitors interested in various DIY-ideas. Matthias Kirschner wird am Mittwoch den While technology and innovation can be key factors of progress, they can have undesired implications such as increase of inequality, exposure of personal privacy, consumerism etc.

The digital revolution needs new paradigms towards sustainability and Erik Albers will join a panel of experts in betahaus Berlin, to explain how Free Software is key for this. Opening is at and the panel starts at No entrance fee but it is recommended to order tickets in advance. We are happy to see Munich's FLOSS community growing, and we feel honored to be part of a group of like-minded organizations together with digitalcourage e.

Pass by our booth, we're looking forward to meet new people as well as old friends, to thought-provoking discussions as well as nice conversations.

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Pass by to pick up merch and promotion material and get to know the peole behind FSFE. Einleitend dazu wird es einen Impulsvortrag als Diskussionsgrundlage geben. We'll be there from , with agenda related discussions starting at We're looking forward to seeing you there! It will be in La Ingobernable , in the hacklab, room 3.

We'll meet new people, inform about FSFE, debate and plan new activities. No entrance fee and no registration.

Pass by for a chat and get to know the people behind the FSFE.