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Siroe, re di Persia (Perez, Davide)

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Thank You for Your Contribution! Uh Oh. Baldassare Galuppi - Siroe - titlepage of the libretto - Rome Gennaro Manna - Siroe - titlepage of the libretto - Venice Gioacchino Cocchi - Siroe - titlepage of the libretto - Venice Giovanni Battista Borghi - Siroe - titlepage of the libretto - Venice Leonardo Vinci - Siroe re di Persia - titlepage of the libretto - Venice Metastasio - Siroe re di Persia - Herissant Vol. Pietro Metastasio - Siroe - Paris Tommaso Traetta - Il Siroe - german titlepage of the libretto - Munich Metastasio accepted, but kept his authorship secret. The Roman prima donna, Marianna Bulgarelli , who played Venus in this opera, spared no pains until she had discovered its author.

Bulgarelli persuaded the poet to give up the law, and promised to secure for him fame and independence if he would devote his talents to the musical drama. Here too he studied the art of singing, and learned to appreciate the style of such men as Farinelli.

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Metastasio wrote quickly and his plays were enhanced by being set to music and sung by the greatest singers of the day. On paper, his plots may seem conventional, his situations absurd; he takes liberties with historical fact and is obsessed with the topic of love. Yet the music helps negate these criticisms [ who?

Metastasio lived with Bulgarelli and her husband in Rome.

Moved by an affection half maternal, half romantic, and by admiration for his talent, she adopted him more passionately even than Gravina had done. She took the whole Trapassi family — father, mother, brother, sisters — into her own house. She fostered the poet's genius and pampered his caprices. These dramas were set to music by the chief composers of the day, and performed in the chief towns of Italy.

But meanwhile Bulgarelli was growing older; she had ceased to sing in public; and the poet increasingly felt his dependence upon her kindness irksome. He gained scudi for each opera; this pay, though good, was precarious and he longed for some fixed engagement. In September he received the offer of the post of court poet to the theatre at Vienna , succeeding Pietro Pariati , with a stipend of florins. This he at once accepted. Bulgarelli unselfishly sped him on his way to glory. She took charge of his family in Rome and he set off for Austria.

In the early summer of , Metastasio settled at Vienna in an apartment in the so-called 'Michaelerhaus'. This date marks a new period in his artistic activity. Some of them had to be composed for special occasions, with almost incredible rapidity: Achille in eighteen days, Ipermestra in nine. Poet, composer, musical copyist and singer did their work together in frantic haste.

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Metastasio understood the technique of his peculiar art in its minutest details. The experience gained at Naples and Rome, quickened by the excitement of his new career at Vienna, enabled him almost instinctively, and as it were by inspiration, to hit the exact mark aimed at in the opera. In Vienna Metastasio met with no marked social success. His plebeian birth excluded him from aristocratic circles. She had lost her husband, and had some while occupied the post of chief favourite to the emperor. Metastasio's liaison with her became so close that it was believed they had been privately married.

Bulgarelli tired of his absence, and asked Metastasio to get her an engagement at the court theatre.

Siroe, re di Persia (Vinci, Leonardo)

He was ashamed of her and tired of her, and wrote dissuading her from the projected visit. The tone of his letters alarmed and irritated her. She seems to have set out from Rome, but died suddenly upon the road.