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Usborne Very First Reading helps children develop the skills and motivation they need to read with confidence and enjoyment. Sample spread from Book 1: Pirate Pat. Home Books Parents Teachers Resources. Very First Reading Usborne Very First Reading is an exciting series of books for children who are just starting to learn to read.

Choose Books for Your Child (Grades 1-2)

It offers: the appeal of imaginative rhyming stories and irresistible illustrations the support of a well-researched framework the enjoyment of shared reading with an adult This is the US website for Usborne Very First Reading. If you want a great set of reading books for little'uns who have just started learning to read, look no further. This is inspired. They love watching themselves! You can also take a picture of them during the school day and use that picture in small group to create a story. Let your beginning readers bring in a book they love reading at home to re-tell, or bring an item from home that begins with the letter you are studying to share during small group.

Mirror it! Give each student a hand-held mirror when they practice letter sounds. This helps them see that they are creating letter sounds by themselves and that there is learning going on.

A Dog in the Fog: Sight Word Fun for Beginner Readers by Tanja Russita

They also love looking at themselves. Discuss book illustrations during small group. I brainstorm with the students what the words could be based on the illustrations. The kids love to take time to examine the illustrations and discuss their own thoughts. Get excited about sight words!

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Create weekly sight word lists for your beginning readers. I keep mine between new sight words a week.

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When they master their weekly list, celebrate the victory! Strengthen correspondence! Throughout the day you can strengthen this skill by having your beginning readers pass out one item per student pencils, paper, name tags! It is also fun to make up silly alliteration stories with the sound objects in the box!

How to Teach Children Sight Words to create fluent readers

Mush Mush Readers! With minimal teaching, these 10 early sight word readers give beginning readers an opportunity to read from actual books!

Dolch Sight Words List

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