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What would you do, to protect your world? Director: Denise Channing. Writer: Denise Channing as Jaq Hawkins. Movies I Want To See. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Paul Greg Draven Kahjak Rachel McNally Lolari Cherry Dani Graeme Sands Count Victor Wendy LeFay Edit Storyline Many scientists believe that about every , years, a magnetic pole shift flips the axis of the earth, resulting in sudden and devastating climate change and planet-wide devastation.

Genres: Fantasy. Edit Details Official Sites: Official site. Country: UK. Language: English. Color: Color. Edit Did You Know? Trivia The goblin society in the novel 'Dance of the Goblins' was based on the author's experience with the London squat party scene. A trip to Japan added a little formality to their social customs, but the goblins still operate with no hierarchy. Add the first question. It is then up to the two friends to try and avoid the catastrophe that a war between the two species would cause.

It is fairly clear all throughout the book that all sympathy is on the goblins' side; they are peaceful creatures who live in harmony with nature while the humans are rather seen as defilers of nature. I quite like this aspect. I gives the story a certain uniqueness. The story takes quite a heavyly scientific view on the world and nature.

The goblins seem to comprehend these things very well, the humans, however, are portrayed as partly blind and disillusioned in that regard, prone to superstition. I absolutely adore Jaq D. Hawkins for this. I love the idea, I love the story - I am just really sad that there aren't more details, a little more colour.

It is as if it is only brushing the surface of the issue.

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It is only pages long, it would not have been a problem to expand a little more upon the depth of the story. Of course I do keep in mind that it is only the first book in the series, the next books will hopefully be going into more detail about everything. Furthermore, I found that there were some slight inconsistencies within the book. It is nothing major nothing so big I can actually remember it to offer an example , but again a little more attention to the details could have made this book just that notch better. I have to be honest here, I have not become a particularly big fan of Jaq D.

Hawkin's writing style after having read this book. To be fair, she started out by telling me that this was a first edition and that later editions have been improved upon. I do not know if it is only the typos that has been fixed or whether any more extensive improvement have been done, but I strongly suspect the first to be true.

There are a lot of typos in this edition, but to own the truth they were not what bothered me most; the whole language seems to be lacking flow somehow. Now, it is of course a possibility that it is just me that is being picky here I do tend to be overly attentive to the language and grammar of the books I read. It did seem to get better towards the end and I am now finding myself unsure of whether it really did get better or whether I just began to get used to the unfamiliar writing style.

If anyone decides to pick up this book, though, I would definitely recommend getting hold of a more recent edition. In the end I would rather apply the term 'interesting' than the word 'good' to this book. I was actually on the verge of giving this book only two stars, but that would not have been fair.

I ended up asking myself wether I would read the next book in the series; to that my answer is definitely yes. My curiosity has been awoken. This is a very original piece of work as far as I am concerned. If for nothing else, read it for its originality. Three stars is not a bad rating.

May 13, Nic rated it liked it. The goblin race has been known to only a few and survived in secrecy. An accident of timing soon changes the world forever, brining the goblins and the humans on the brink of war. Of course that doesn't change the fact that Haghuf and Talla will try at everything to save their race's identity.

With the help of their fellow human magician, Count Anton, they are brought to the surface of the Earth and are thrown into numerous conflicts they cannot keep at bay! Oh this wonderful fantasy novel, I do The goblin race has been known to only a few and survived in secrecy.

Oh this wonderful fantasy novel, I do have many mixed opinions and feelings towards it. Of course I have to hand it to the author. The world that she has created was breathtaking. It was clearly thought of for a long time and the history behind it was splendid. It's really nice to get a novel, especially a fantasy novel, which will tell you it's race's history throughout your reading. The goblins themselves were very amusing and I'm really sad we didn't see much of them. By that I mean different goblin characters.

I did enjoy their abilities that help them survive, or however you want to explain it. Hawkins did a wonderful job with her characters. Well let's put Tala to the side for now, Haghuf and Anton's relationship was very relatable. They made me think of best friends actually. Both of them knew each other quite well and they always seem to have a hint of inside jokes or some kind of teasing at their disposal. Talla for some reason didn't stand out too me as much as the other 2 characters. For one, she made me think of a helpless princess most of the time, and she didn't possess the wisdom or knowledge that Haghuf and Anton had.

The fantasy magic wasn't too much explained and it wasn't fairy-tale like, also the loose ends urged me on to read the next book. My biggest pride in this novel is how they related the "human world" so well. They described the humans as ignorant creatures who seek comfort in materialism because they have forgotten they were creatures of magic. I'll post the full quote at the end of the review but I found it quite exact to a degree.

As for my disappointments, this novel seemed like a big documentary. Yes I did enjoy the history of the goblins, but it just became overly complicated for myself. The action was never present in my mind. The first few hundred pages lacked the engaging paragraphs that a good fantasy novel needs. I had a hard time passing that great brick wall of boredom and of course once the so called "action" arrived, I just couldn't feel it.

I'll be very contradictory in this review, so I apolagize for that. As far as the romance goes, I thought that the author tried to put it in there but might have failed miserably. The goblins society has a mindset of surviving, and as for "couples" it's mostly only business! They sink into the decline of routine for the sake of a safe and comfortable life, yet it is one without adventure, without that spark which makes us what we are. They seek comfort in materialism because they have forgotten what they were meant to be, creatures of magic, who perpetuate the chaos as we do.

Now they are nothing. They destroy all on the earth without thought for any species but their own because they have sunk into the depression that should have led to their extinction centuries ago, and they refuse to die because they have too much intelligence to allow it to happen. They invent ways of continuance, and entertainments to give it some meaning, yet waste their potential in everlasting toil and the pursuit of an illusory dream of leisure which they deny themselves for the very sake of working towards its possibility.

Jun 30, C. Houghton rated it liked it. Dance of the Goblins is the first in a series of books by Hawkins that follow a storyline predominantly told from the point of view of humanoid creatures self-identifying as goblins. There are some interesting concepts in this book, most of which I feel should have been better executed. I enjoy reading books or passages written from the point of view of a beastie with fangs, but that wasn't enough to salvage this novel. It failed, at least for me, because of the fundamentals. The frequent pov shi Dance of the Goblins is the first in a series of books by Hawkins that follow a storyline predominantly told from the point of view of humanoid creatures self-identifying as goblins.

The frequent pov shifts, grammar issues, and repetitive, unnatural exposition really prevented me from forming a strong bond with any one character or the story in general. The style of the narrative also frequently knitted my eyebrows together; there is a tendency to exaggerate, either through the careless choice of overpowered nouns and verbs unwarranted by the actions they are describing or a general tendency of the omniscient narrator to pontificate. As a case in point, the events within are described as world changing and presented as an escalation towards war between man and goblin.

In truth, we are observing a local scuffle centered around a seemingly isolated human settlement. I'm not suggesting I wanted to read something epic. What I wanted was to see the author trust in the power of character revealed through action. Trust yourself and trust your reader. It took me longer to understand why I did not connect with the characters. Anton is likeable enough, Talla's a free-spirit, and Haghuf deserves my admiration.

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Here's what I came up with: the characters do not progress. There's no observable arc. By the end of the book they remain as cast when we were first introduced to them. I suspect the issue might be mitigated by abandoning all the unnatural exposition. Let the characters reveal themselves to us naturally.

Allow the reader to be surprised. Once again, trust the reader. The real shame of all this is that so much of this can be fixed. It really can be fixed. I've seen far less well-written pieces shine after careful editing and revision. The grammar is unacceptable.

There is no real rhyme or reason behind the author's use of the comma -- it is used more as a caesura than anything else. The author could also go through the text and switch the narrative to limited 3rd person, which would probably clean up most of the show vs. Note that I really feel this deserves a 2. Feb 18, John Ford rated it liked it. Goblins, magicians and shapeshifters. Inter-species love affairs and prophecies. Misunderstandings, bigotry, war, and the threat of extinction. Sounds like like the perfect fantasy novel! However, in this story, the goblins are the good guys, trying to simultaneously avert war with — while still protect their homes from — the bloodthirsty humans.

In this, Haghuff, a wise-goblin and pseudo-leader within the leaderless goblin society, must rely on his longtime human friend, Count Anton. But will t Goblins, magicians and shapeshifters. But will the Count be able to sway his people from their folly? Or will the folly lead to the destruction of human and goblin alike? Dance of the Goblins by Jaq D. Hawkins is a fun way to spend the weekend. Though the beginning is a bit slow — as is often the case with in the fantasy genre, particularly if the story is the first in a series — it quickly falls into a good rhythm.

The world-building is accomplished mostly through exposition, and characters are compelling. In particular, the story of the Talla, a curious female goblin, is quite intriguing. I hope this character in particular is developed further in future stories.

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As for The Dance itself, it feels authentic, almost becoming a character in its own right. As for the book's shortcomings, the story does drag in places, particularly in the exposition sections. But the most jarring weakness was not one of execution, but of story. The tale of how Count Anton and his like came to wield the power and status they posses simply did not ring true to me, so much so that it snapped the suspension of disbelief necessary to drive a fantasy story.

Though this particular section was not instrumental to the main story line, it was very much tied into the world building, and is the main reason my review is three stars instead of four. Still, it was an enjoyable read.

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  • I am hopeful that the future installments will build on the successes of Dance of the Goblins , while minimizing its flaws. A Lesson For Future Generations! Over the centuries many humans, possibly out of fear, have ridiculed, shunned or even sadly destroyed anyone who deviated from the norm. Hawkins has cleverly interwoven the prejudices of mankind into a thought-provoking fantasy story. Hopefully, this story will resonate with many readers and have a far-reaching effect.

    Jun 24, Tami Egonu rated it liked it Shelves: read-for-review-group. I quite enjoyed this story of goblins and humans interacting in a world that seems very familiar, and am sure those who like this genre will find this appealing. Dance of the Goblins. It took me some time to get into this book, something I would not normally do. If it takes perseverance to get past the first twenty pages, I normally give up!

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    The story is slow to unfold in an unknown world at a confusing time in history. Is it the future or the long distant past? I was never sure. The conflict between the Goblins, the good guys, and the Humans, the bad guys, is told in such a way that it describes a local conflict in a small tract of land somewhere far fro Dance of the Goblins.

    The conflict between the Goblins, the good guys, and the Humans, the bad guys, is told in such a way that it describes a local conflict in a small tract of land somewhere far from anywhere. Later we learn that this is a world conflict on an epic scale but the telling was not epic. I found the characters flat and had difficulty picturing them in my imagination. I am not sure if the parable about the ecological Goblins trying to save the world from the ruinously wasteful and idiotically religious Humans stands up well enough to carry the story.

    There is a lot of plotting and some extended descriptive passages but I found myself resenting the time taken to wade through them. The ending left me confused, annoyed and feeling cheated. I know it says Book One on the cover but I want a book to have a beginning, a middle and an end. This book has the first two, but no ending.

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    I regret to say I will not be reading Book Two. Feb 10, Kendra added it. Dude, are you in Lancaster? Anyway, yeah, it looks like crap, but I've seen worse, a lot worse. You hold my heart in your manly hands I wanna feel the throb of your handsome gland. I wanna hold you tight like a newborn kitten, against my flesh like a cashmere mitten. Tickly tick, I'm makin' skin bump heaven and all the way down it's lookin' cleanly shaven. Prickety pricks, it's stubble on stubble I better slow down or I'm in real trouble. Want you, touch you, feel you, taste you!

    Knick knack whacky whack 'till I see the man stew. I'm a tunnelin' in a like a short hair mole. Once I'm inside I'm gonna leave a trace, half in there and half on that face! One finger, two finger, there fingers gone! Mano a mano I love you John! Dance of the Goblins is not "independently published.

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