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Boston Aims to End Homelessness Among Elderly

See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview Based on the personal journal written by a 23 year old who spent a year attempting to help a couple rise out of homelessness. Inspired by the Jesuit ideals ingrained in him through his Catholic education, he invited the homeless off the streets of Baltimore to live with him in his rented row house. He coached them on job interviews and encouraged them to reconnect with their estranged family.

Balancing his days in corporate America and nights with the homeless created continuous conflict. Read this true story about what it takes to break the cycle of homelessness. Product Details. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. A Mega Blast. Alan and his team have been assigned the task of View Product. Candy Cane. Candy Cane: The biggest star on the planet. You've bought the t-shirt. You've downloaded the album. You know the song - that overplayed and exploited piece of her soul which has lost all meaning. In order to move forward, and re-love Come Back to Me. She thought she was over him Leesh has only loved one person Leesh has only loved one person: Dev, the international student who broke up with her--and broke her heart--when he returned to England after graduation.

I know two things about the person or persons who made it. They could really use a hug and a joint. They need to learn photoshop. Someday you may have a kid that drops out and the only way to talk to them is on a cell phone that you purchase.

Your child may need the communities tolerance next. Here is my problem with the difference between trolls and homeless. Why does it matter if they are old homeless or cell phone carrying kids with rich parents who want to drop out for a while? People have the right to live how they want. If that involves violence or crime they will eventually be out of society and have a prison to call home.

Why be specific about calling out people with young children as the ones who judge and harass. Got any evidence to support this position? Not all homeless are trolls — not by a long shot.

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Individuals have the freedom to align themselves with one class Hypothesis or another Antithesis with the result Synthesis being progress or the mutual ruination of all. Honestly, why bother with the font chopping style of flier….. And who has this kind of time…. Shame, shame, shame on you Lisanob. Is this really the best you can do when you disagree with someone? Take a chill pill, apologize like a decent human being, and start again. Maybe you should RE-read the article by Finnegan posted a while back.

Seems to be the theme of the month for whatever reason. If the fliers are valid…. If NO….. Either way…. I think that a previous poster was correct…. For the record…. Get out on the street and ask a few people. Someone was bound to have seen it last weekend. Pretty much everywhere else on this blog, there are legitimate discussions going on that involve multiple points of view.

There seems to be something incindiary in your presence that pisses other people off. Sorry to state the obvious. Using obvious differences to sow disunity amongst the people is as old as history itself. We live in a microcosm of the bigger picture. Chose your sides wisely and come out fighting. Wallis Budge. And to my point: The people we are talking about here are the young crowd that has chosen OB as a stop off point for some sort of cross-country drug-binge road trip, they are rude, violent and inconsiderate.

Often times when I have encountered them they are drunk or drugged out to the point where they no longer make sense in there attempts to persuade me to give them some of my hard earned money. I am going to protect MY home, all the shops are part of MY home, all the restaurants are part of MY home, and all the people are part of MY home, and if some one was in your home doing damage and making you uncomfortable I am willing to bet you would call the cops and hand out some flyers, at a minimum.

We are a community, and as such, we have the right to determine when some phenomenon is a detriment to our lives and to effect non-violent but swift change. Thanks for reading and I am glad I found this Site. Very cool! And yet no one is worried about those kids coming to OB, drinking to capacity in our bars, then terrorizing people who live here, in OUR hometown. Not to mention the drunk-driving issues…. I am just SICK and tired of everyone trying to blame a group of people for the actions of a few.

The judgmental OBceans who think the world revolves around them would do well to look at themselves, at their neighbors, at the non-OB friends that they invite into town, and assess what THOSE people are doing to our community. For example, yesterday I saw a couple, looked very hippie-like, probably home-free or living out of an RV… anyway, they were walking their dog. My boyfriend followed him, and sure enough, the dude lives in OB. I guess my point is… if there are true problems of people breaking laws, let the proper authorities deal with them. The town has been the same before you, and will, god willing, be the same after you.

If the primary business in OB is going to be bars we cannot tell people not to get drunk and act like assholes, however, the rudeness of this crowd is offset by the money they pour into our businesses, if the same could be said about the transient kids we are talking about I would have no complaint. This doesnt change the fact that we try to minimize the amount of douchebaggery we allow by taking peaceful action, perhaps your boyfriend could have picked up the poop for the guy and returned it to his mailbox or his car. I, however, do not have the time to teach them manners and so I just want them to move on.

My opinion is not based on the fact that I believe the world revolves around me, my opinion is simply based on concern for my community, if at the city coucil meeting it was determined that we would open up a shelter in the parking lot behind South Beach, then so be it, I will volunteer to help build it, but I can almost guarentee that the solution will either be to ignore the problem or to involve the police in a more active role.

In which case this entire discussion about the horrible flyers was moot and only served to inflame a group of people to rail agaisnt each other and do nothing about the issue, however, I am wrong at least 3 times a day, so maybe this is one of them. Does any one know the outcome of the meeting last night?

What about all of the rest of us who live here and support these businesses and restaurants? The residents permanent AND transient matter too. I think the business owners would not be pleased to know that violent, angry, NON-homeless kids are partying in our town and terrorizing locals. Because as a long-time local, those are the ONLY people that have scared the shit out of me.

On many occasions. If a rich college kid is starting a fight or attempting to rape someone, they need to be busted. He confirmed his suspicion that this was a LOCAL, and not a transient who was literally shitting up our neighborhood. And for the record, both my boyfriend and I are very active in OB cleanup efforts that come up every month or so. I have to chime in on this one! This reply is a bit late in the game but I feel quite strongly about this crappy issue. I live in the War Zone.

Have for 11 years. I have picked up dog crap left on our lawn. I have,on numerous occasions,picked up human crap from the same lawn. And from our garbage area. Or come on down to the grass by tower 2 at 6 am and help me pick up the trash all over the place. When I see homeless people with dogs it makes me sad. Ian — I think in some way or another, your point of view is one of the more prevalent ones in OB. Maybe it is because I am used to a more crime filled environment after living in other places, and OB to me is a safe haven. It offends me as I am a working class 20something, live in a small one bedroom apartment just like you, but feel very differently about this issue than you.

I can judge intolerance, and I can find realistic similarities in our differences. The flyer is intolerant; feeling threatened and demanding better from fellow OBecians is a feeling we share. What I will be advocating tonight at the meeting is to collaborate as a community to find a solution to this. There are a number of labels that need to be checked at the door in doing so, and it will be up to everyone to do it.

I may be overly compassionate about this, but it is because I am more aware than most of the lack of help out there for people who really need it due to my day job. I can also understand a point of view that is less compassionate and as such, I would expect the same understanding from those who disagree with me. If we cant do that, then nothing will change and this debate will continue on for another 40 years.

I am all for being compassionate but there is a limit. Your apology is notable because most people make blanket statements and dont care whether or not its true. Clearly, youre not like that. The goal is not to divide, but to find some understanding in disagreement and use that common ground to find a solution. There must be a solution of some kind that would work. I hear your concerns loud and clear as my wife and I actually put up a family of homeless people once.

StandUp For Kids, the largest national organization for homeless and street kids has been working with the street kids in OB for many years. They cannot do it alone. They need your help. Homeless people need shelters — safe beds, job skills, and a willingness to help themselves not hand outs.

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Leaving a youth on the street with a food pack only allows them to stay on the streets longer and make more unwise decisions. They just say that to give them credibility. Just an attempt to state some facts so that those of you that do decide to do more than just talk about the issue can hopefully make wise decisions on who to volunteer with. I live on the beach and am a VERY tolerant and giving person. That does not mean I should have to put up with having my belonging stolen if left outside, drug deals constantly going on in my front yard, being asked several times a day for money and many times feeling unsafe at night.

There is a connection to these things and the homeless population. Undoubtedly it is not solely their doing.

"I never imagined the State would use such underhanded tactics to try and shame a private citizen"

But instead of just preaching about getting them out of OB — which I most definitely want to do! Bringing the homeless and homeless teens to resource centers that can help them. Which OB has none of! And please — just because I want the homeless out of OB does not mean I am intolerant! Try living with them yourself and you will most definitely change your mind!

I feel for them — and would be all for helping them — but am not willing to put my safety at risk by ignoring this problem! Lock your fucking doors and close your windows. The homeless youths are your biggest concern. Be afraid. Once their gone you are next. They have convinced you and your neighbors that your home and neighborhood is not safe. I am not being convinced by anyone that these people are dangerous, this is my own experience I am basing my bias upon.

I am not talking about discriminating against anyone based on prejudice, I am talking about protecting my community from a potentially dangerous and definitly negative influence that I have witnessed and have personal experience with. You can exagerate the point in order to make it seem ridiculous but its not moving the disscussion forward in any productive way.

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If these people dont cause you any strife in any way then at least respect the cares and opinions of the people you share the community with and default to their level of tolerance on this issue. Although there is no established purpose for projection of the dark side onto other the mechanism of it is quite clear. Psychological projection allows the undeveloped ego to maintain a sense of well being when confronted with new or unintelligible information. Id be interested in grabbing a cup of coffee or a beer and talking about this in person….

If thats something you would be interested in, contact the OB Rag blog and they can give you my email address or they can pass yours onto me. Its probably a lot more conducive to have this discussion in person, out in the community. Why on earth should that have to happen? They will take appropriate legal action. If any of these transients that you vilify are seriously criminals — you need to be communicating with the police, and not with the OB Rag.

FYI, for those who feel that the Compton Cookout issue and ensuing racial disharmony is not an issue of hate, but rather expressions of free speech…. Theres no free speech involved in this. A noose is meant to terrorize and is the most offensive symbol of hate….. Not to have a discussion on free speech. I remember reading this thread a long time ago before many of the comments had appeared. I knew back then who made those posters, or who had come off as having produced them.

Why I did not comment back then back-fired today. This morning I removed a letter-size poster collaged with the same ransom-note style with strange imagery. Donna Frye was in there as was someone please tell me I am wrong… Benito Mussolini. For the record, I strongly oppose violence inciting and support the recent inclusion of homelessness in a hate crime bill. I removed the poster from a wall outside an establishment where I work. I folded it up and put it together with another piece of paper with my name and eye prescription on it.

The papers and the objectional poster was in a paper box with some contact lens supplies. If the center imagery was indeed Mussolini, I would go on and post my findings. Now I have to. And I will analyze the security camera footage to confirm my suspicions. Inciting animosity is reckless, inclusion of fascist imagery if it indeed was Mussolini is more serious. In any event, I deem this new poster to be hateful.

I am going to provide the copy to the OB Rag. Are you able to scan it and send via email to obragblog gmail. Want to be notified of follow-up comments by email?