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Of course the real challenge was coming up with a consensus of what the problem was. We need an upgrade to the arsenal.

A few paint rollers can set us right! All their plans made sense but they were temporary measures. Finally, their fearless leader cleared her throat, plopping down on a crate as she commanded their attention. Felicia's Surprise Morrigan soared through the cloudy night sky, observing the kingdom below her, lit up only by the full moon above. She had been quite bored all day, looking desperately for something new, to do or see, to occupy her time. Disappointed once again, she flew back towards her castle for her rest. But before she could enter, she noticed a figure perched in the courtyard.

She cautiously observed the person for fear it might be another attack on her, but was relieved to discover it to be none other than the catgirl, Felicia. She dropped her guard and descended down to where Felicia was sitting. Felicia was crouched down, observing a hanging bat on an archway, her cat-like instincts wanting to jump up and grab it, before being surprised by a swooping figure appearing in front of her. She jumped back and mounted on all fours before realizing it was Morrigan.

Morrigan flipped back her hair and softly welcomed her guest. She wrung her hands in her apron as she entered the rather large abode. She gulped; the place was enormous, which meant much more room to mess up. As she gulped, she felt the inner lining of her stomach grow tighter. As the mistress came down the large staircase, she noticed the maid's trembling.

She smirked to herself, knowing that whoever she was, she was going to be an enjoyable little handful. She led her to the large living room, where two large sapphire blue drapes covered up the presumably large window. Violett nodded and took the device from the woman, and began her work.


That is, of course, until she slipped, dropping the nozzle of the vacuum. The nozzle began to wiggle around, like a cob. The magical balloon stand story edition Don't try to buy a balloon here. Normally, it's just a normal balloon stand, until it just happens to runs low on inventory. First It fires latex at your feet before you even have time to think, rendering you incapable of escape.

Then, It slowly envelops you in it's rubbery, special balloon goo. The weakest-minded even find themselves wishing for the process to go faster, trying to rub the goo all over themselves. Your sense of smell, too, can be easily exploited by the magic balloon stand. Your nose is soon and quickly overwhelmed by the intoxicating fumes the goo secretes, and you can do nothing more than quiver feebly as you are encased by the magical latex.

You're too happy to resist, although since yo. Violet smiles as she's rolled, looking very chipper despite her new body.

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This girl was a gum chewing professional who was in Willy Wonka's Golden Ticket Tour of his chocolate tour, however she chewed on an experimental gum that blew up into a blueberry and was removed from the tour. However, she was enjoying herself, actually liking the feeling of being swelled with sweet, warm juice. The Oompa Loompas roled the blueberry girl until they reached a door to a certain room. Lifting Room? The Oompas open the door before rolling the blueberry girl inside and bubbles floated out from the room.

The Oompas reac. Stories by jerms Brooke's Shower Accident 5 Brooke and Allie both were laying atop their massive bellies, still with hoses in their mouths, being consistently filled more and more with water when they heard a voice. Brooke was facing the opposite direction but Allie turned her head to the voice and just froze, not knowing what to say or do while in her current state in front of the stranger.

It was a girl, about Brooke's age. She had short, brown hair, a thin figure, and a freckled face. She walked between the girls and in front of Brooke. The girl spoke again with widened eyes. This is your belly?! No way! Brooke's Shower Accident 7 Brooke leaned her head back and her torso forward. The nice, warm water came out of the faucet in a steady patter. Each drop felt heavenly when it landed onto her still icy, cold bloated belly. She still felt quite full. With all the ice cream inside of her, she still felt as if she was pregnant with a bowling ball.

Eventually, she got used to the warmth of the water and turned the temperature up some more. The heat of the water began melting the ice cream within her, causing Brooke's stomach to gurgle in response. The heat seemed to be a bit much after a while, so Brooke went with both hot and cold water at full blast. However, it wasn't long after she turned the faucet that she started to hear a creak followed by a loud groaning noise.

She looked down. Suddenly a loud PING sounded through the shower. Brooke looked down to see a bolt fall to her feet. She then l. Brooke's Shower Accident 6 Brooke was still caught off guard by what Maria had told her after seemingly saving her sister and herself from living life as water balloons. School had started back as usual and Brooke even saw Maria on a day to day basis. She never brought up what happened but Maria didn't bring it up either, not even when they were alone sometimes.

After a week, Brooke even noticed that the one thing that seemed to resonate with, being her slightly larger breasts, her seemed to go back to normal as well due to it just being water retention. Allie was the most displeased by this, due to the fact that she tried to flaunt hers around, only to have them go away in a matter of days. About three weeks after the incident was Brooke's birthday.

It was a fairly normal party. A few friends showed up, there was cake, gifts, music, etc. But Maria was nowhere to be found. She didn't show. Brooke decided to sit down and text Maria after the party was all cleaned up to see why she never came. She took out her pho. View More. This story contains weight gain, stuffing, and some slob elements. He did not have many friends throughout his school years. During most of high school, he was tormented by both the jocks and even some of girls. They mostly picked on him looking ugly. He was a short 5'4 man who was also very skinny.

He only weighed a pounds which made him a very easy target to pick on. Also, he had a large amount of pimples on his pale face. His entire life had been hell except for when he was at home playing his favorite games. Our story starts during Senior Year a week before Prom. It was an ordinary day in school for him. He was simply trying to do his work and stay hidden from the people who usually made fun.

Brooke's Shower Accident 4 Both sisters decided to get up around 7 the next morning. They knew what was ahead of them for the day and knew they would need at least a few hours to recover from it. Brooke had agreed to fill her belly once more, only this time would be with Allie doing the same with her.

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Brooke woke to the sound of her alarm clock and got out of bed. After undressing, she quickly put on a pair of black spandex shorts and a matching sports bra. Allie was already awake and dressed in similar spandex shorts to her sister along with a light blue t-shirt and her hair tied up in a ponytail. She sat on the sofa with her one hand holding up her shirt a little and the other feeling her once again flat stomach with a worried look on her face.

Brooke walked up behind her and put a hand on her shoulder. Clara and the Blue Gummy Clara was just a typical girl. She was 19 years old, just started college, and lived by herself in an apartment near campus. She had long, blond hair and hazel eyes, a slim figure, and a lightly freckled face with glasses. Waking up on her day off from school, Clara got out of bed and took a nice, warm shower. She had nothing planned for the day and that was perfect for her. School had been quite stressful lately. She needed a day or two off. Upon finishing her shower, she got out and wrapped a towel around herself before stepping out of the bathroom.

Clara made her way to her closet and picked out a simple white tank top and a pair of pink spandex shorts. She got dressed and exited her room before heading to the kitchen and fixing herself a bowl of cereal. Right as Clara was about to take her first bite, she heard the doorbell ring. Today is Saturday, August 22nd, A. Pawing a strand of curly brown hair from between her eyes, she mumbled curses under her breath and gingerly let her eyes flutter open.

Though the Sun's rays were gentle and only lightly filtering into bedroom, she wasn't nearly enough of a morning person to tolerate it, and she was forced to squint. The relief that it was Saturday was enough to ease most of her disgruntlement, but she was still groggy from staying up late the night before, captivated by yet another Netflix series she'd spend one night binge watching and then completely forget or move on from.

What's more, she had completely forgotten she had set an alarm at all for Saturday - or maybe she had done it. Balloon Belly Breakfast Three-day weekends were an oxymoron for Ashley. Consecutive days off were rare enough, so a full Friday-through-Sunday break? Neeper is also the author of the SF musical U. Place Beyond Man, A A frog-like alien recruits a female biologist to help save Earth from environmental pollution.

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Nelson is also the author of Dimension of Horror as by Jeffrey Lord , the 30th book in the Richard Blade adventure series. Alternate names used: Jeffrey Lord, Ray Nelson, and variants. Also published as In the Footsteps of the Abominable Snowman Alternate names used: Kris Melville and Henderson Starke.

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Meanwhile, the last surviving adults of her species travel dejectedly from one star system to another, searching for an intelligent species with whom they can relate, but encountering instead an unending succession of homicidal nasties. The bucolic settings are reminiscent of the folksy tales of Clifford D.

Simak, but written as if the author were recovering from a fit of major depression. An unremittingly morose story which drowns the reader in angst and melancholy. A readable, but naively implausible tale. Galaxy , February An incomprehensible story with an idiotic premise. The nonchalant reaction of the U.

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IF, September Smoothly written, but unremarkable. Alternate names used: Jack Yeovil. Meanwhile, a series of blood-sucking prostitutes turn up brutally murdered and a member of the Diogenes Club joins forces with an ancient vampiress to track down the killer. The first book in the Anno Dracula series. Night Mayor, The A private investigator, living and working in a city populated by characters out of vintage detective movies, becomes the prime suspect in the murder of a corrupt mayor.

Guinevere Young Lady Guinevere seeks refuge from marauding Saxons in a mysterious forest inhabited by unicorns. The first book in the Guinevere trilogy. Novels Chrome A race of extraterrestrial warriors vie with humans and androids for control of an embattled future Earth. Novels Deception Well The son of a charismatic leader spearheads a rebellion against the ruling elders of an orbital city Silk situated at the top of a giant space elevator, then attempts to find out what happened to his father who disappeared, years earlier, on the quarantined surface of the world below.