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Never Love a Stranger

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Into The Blue 4. Spider-Man: Homecoming 5. Imitation Of Life 6. The Wizard Of Oz. Later, after joining a major crime syndicate , he reconnects with Julie, finally deciding to join Martin, now a district attorney , in shutting down the syndicate.

Never Love a Stranger by Harold Robbins

Robbins' novel was published in The book was one of a number banned in Philadelphia as indecent. In August it was announced that Barrymore would star and Robbins would write and produce. The Los Angeles Times called the part "the usual Barrymore role". The film was made through Caryn Productions, Robbins' own production company.

Never Love A Stranger

Filming started in the Bronx on 9 September. Robert Stevens agreed to direct and Steve McQueen was given an early role. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Never Love a Stranger Film poster. By Harold Robbins.

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From that confused and belittling start, Frank works his way up, choosing the wrong side of the law to make a name for himself. At a young age, he becomes one of the city's most dangerous men, indulging in his passion for power, sex, and the best things in life-whether or not they can be purchased. Twenty-six pot-boiling novels later, he proved the power of his words.

Never Love a Stranger takes an unflinching look at a New York that's long gone by-exposing life during and after the Great Depression, when the syndicate ruled the city without mercy.