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Any element that accepts phrasing content , or any element that accepts flow content. Meaning "inferior in degree or amount" is from late 13c.

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Meaning "trivial, unimportant" is from midc. Sense of "having little property or trade" is from That of "characterized by littleness of mind or spirit, base, low, mean" is from As an adverb by late 14c. Small fry , first recorded s of little fish, of insignificant people. Small potatoes "no great matter" first attested ; small change "something of little value" is from ; small talk "chit-chat, trifling conversation" first recorded in Chesterfield's "Letters.

In article number , Juan Li, Xiaolong Liu, Huanghao Yang, and co-workers develop a thrombolysis approach for noninvasive, on-demand and sustained antithrombotic therapy with bioengineered cells, which could be noninvasively and precisely controlled to produce urokinase plasminogen activator uPA in situ via an NIR laser to significantly enhance the thrombolysis therapeutic effects by spatiotemporally controlling the local temperature.

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The study also establishes a new formulation of glyburide that can be translated into clinical applications to improve clinical management of brain injuries. The results indicate that the lasing modes can be sustained in the NPLs as thin as 60 nm. Kershaw William W. Yu Andrey L.

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They promise a wide range of novel biological applications including bioimaging, optical biosensing, drug delivery, and theranostics. Compton SonBinh T.

The mechanical and electronic properties of these materials are highlighted. These complex interactions are primarily dictated by the surface ligand shell present on nanoparticles. This Review focuses on how the nature and structure of synthetic and biological ligands on the nanoparticle surface impacts nanomaterial interactions with lipid bilayers and cells.

The highest PCE of a laboratory cell was Recent issues.

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