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Floor lamps are about more than just the type of lighting they provide.

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Floor lamps are about style, too. Now, we know we can't tell you what you should or should not like since style is a very subjective matter. However, most lamp designs fall into a few categories. We researched buyer reviews and expert opinions on floor lamps to find the best floor lamps you can buy online. We tried to select a number of different styles and types of floor lamps to suit most people's needs. Read on to learn more about our top picks. You should also consult our light bulb buying guide for tips on how to choose the best bulbs for your new lamp.

The torchiere design of the Brightech lamp aims the light upward, providing light that spreads through the room. As Hooked To Books points out in its review, the small base and thin pole mean that the unit won't occupy much space in your living room, either.

It's a simple, minimalist lamp that fits in anywhere. Brightech's lamp is also very practical and has smart design features that make it easy to place in your home. One Amazon buyer liked this LED floor lamp so much he purchased two more for his home.

Although this is a very popular model among Amazon reviewers, one customer reported problems with the power switch not working after a few days. If you run into problems, contact Amazon or the seller right away. Additionally, the thin LED segment at the top of the lamp can pivot to an angle, allowing you to direct the extremely bright watt LED light wherever it's needed.

It's available in four different finishes, black, brushed nickel, silver, and white. Pros: Extremely bright torchiere-style floor lamp, minimal design that doesn't occupy much floor space, available in four finishes, offers four dimmer settings, head of lamp can slightly pivot to redirect light. Cons: Some customers report problems with power switch, doesn't use a lampshade. The thin stem of the Utecht floor lamp splits into three smaller branches that each hold a drum-style lampshade and a socket. The lamp shades have a inch diameter, and the lamp measures inches tall.

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It's in an antique bronze metal finish. You can decide how bright or dim you want the lamp to be based on which bulbs you choose. For help with choosing a great light bulb for your lamp, check out our light bulb buying guide here. As far as downsides go, there aren't many. Some buyers on Wayfair said the lamp's assembly was difficult, while others didn't like the quality or had issues with damage. However, the product has received 5 stars from more than 2, commenters. Both lamps are similar in style and function.

Pros: Nice-looking design, simple drum lamp shades provide a great look, four-way switch for turning on individual lamp sockets. Cons: Price is a little high, some customers complain of difficult assembly and workmanship.

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If you have an image in your mind of what a traditional floor lamp should look like, there's a good chance the Barnes and Ivy Florencio Antique Gold Floor Lamp matches the image in your head. This classy lamp makes use of an antique gold finish with black accents to look classy and traditional in any room. The top of the lamp contains a torchiere style light socket, which directs the light upward using a 5-inch height and inch diameter amber glass shade.

One Amazon buyer appreciated the sturdy build quality and feel of this Barnes and Ivy floor lamp , which weighs more than 40 pounds. You shouldn't have to worry about knocking this lamp over. Another Amazon reviewer liked the style of the Florencio floor lamp, even though it was more bright gold than the antique gold color they expected. Pros: Ornate design on the base and near the light socket, antique gold and black finish looks stylish, torchiere light design aims light upward, up to watt bulbs accepted, traditional design looks great. It has an aged dark zinc finish that looks sharp to match almost any room.

It works very well as a task floor lamp because of the slight curvature at the top of the lamp pole as well as a hinge on the socket, which allows you to direct the light onto someone sitting in a chair when the lamp pole is directly behind the chair. The design lets you raise or lower the lamp socket bar by several inches, too. Several Wayfair buyers said it was a great lamp for reading. Some others appreciated the ability to adjust the height and angle of the lamp socket. However, some Wayfair reviewers did not like the way the power cord hangs from the adjustable socket bar, leaving it dangling a few feet off the floor.

A few other reviewers questioned the longevity of the Kaibab floor lamp. You can drop the height of the lamp to as low as 56 inches with the adjustable socket bar. The base has an inch diameter, giving the lamp plenty of stability. The lamp shade has a 9-inch diameter.

Pros: Stylish lamp with aged dark zinc finish, adjustable lamp socket and height is great for reading, slight curve in lamp pole helps direct light, all-metal design, sturdy inch diameter base, good price point. Cons: Only a watt socket, can't use 3-way bulbs, cord hangs from socket bar. The four legs provide a sturdy base to the lamp, and there are 14 inches between each of the legs, meaning the base occupies a little more space than a typical floor lamp.

Each shelf is square in shape and sturdy. Home Generosity appreciates the unique look of the Catalina floor lamp with its practical shelves. For example, you can put a book and reading glasses on a shelf for easy access or place your mug down between sips. One Amazon buyer loved how easy assembly was with this lamp, and another liked the shelves, even though they are small. Pros: Great looking lamp, small shelves are handy to have inside the floor lamp base, accepts 3-way bulbs up to watts, works well in the corner of a room, good price point, sturdy base at 14 inches wide.

Cons: Lamp is shorter than average at 58 inches, square shelves are very small. If you're terrified of Medusa-like multi-headed snakes, you may want to pass on this arch style lamp. But if you want an arch style floor lamp that'll fit into a room's contemporary design, the Artiva USA Micah Arched Floor Lamp offers five arms that arch over a chair or couch, providing a great source of light … even if it does look a bit like a multi-headed snake. The Artiva USA floor lamp is huge, measuring 88 inches in height, so it won't work in low ceiling rooms. Roughly halfway up the silver lamp pole, the pole changes into five arms, each of which have a round lamp socket at the end.

Each socket features a degree rotatable shade, helping to angle the shades so you aren't looking directly at the bulbs. Each shade measures 5. Some Wayfair buyers said assembling the Micah Arched floor lamp was tricky, especially when it comes to putting the base together. Another buyer loved the ability to dim the light with its dimmer switch, as well as the overall look of the lamp.

Here are the best floor lamps you can buy:

The Artiva USA Micah Arched Floor Lamp weighs 40 pounds with a inch diameter base, which provides a sturdy build quality, according to the Home Lights review, but it does occupy more floor space than other floor lamps. You can use 5-watt LED bulbs in each socket, equivalent to watt incandescent candelabra bulbs with an E socket.

One Wayfair reviewer decided to replace the incandescent bulbs that shipped with the lamp with LED bulbs to minimize heat buildup. We recommend you do that for energy efficiency as well. My boys are my biggest fans. I have to take it with a grain of salt. When Everybody Loves Raymond became a hit, did your fellow comedians resent your success? Everybody has their own experience, and it depends on the person who becomes successful.

I did my share of getting drunk with my friends.

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I never did anything hardcore bad, like stealing a car. I went to three different high schools because I got kicked out of two. Every now and then, when my kids make me worry, I feel like I want to apologize to my mother, because I probably did way worse stuff than them. I think one day I might pull that trigger, but right now, that does scare me.

Improv is what really scares me, to this day. People have asked me to get in there one night and do a guest spot with an improv troupe, and that scares the hell out of me. Jill Abramson weighs in. Looking for more? Sign up for our daily Hollywood newsletter and never miss a story. Was sexual harassment rampant in the 80s New York club scene?

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Were you ever an angry young man? Did you ever stay out all night partying? Read More. Funny People. By Mike Hogan. Kiwis Take Flight.

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